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So I finally DID it, yesterday was the BIG DAY!!!...

So I finally DID it, yesterday was the BIG DAY!!! Buccal fat pads are out!
I've had chubby cheeks my entire life, and I've always wanted to get rid of them. Im 5'3" and 120lbs at my heaviest, so weight was not the issue, is more of a family gene on my dad's side.
So, this was my experience so far...
I decided to have local anesthesia (save my self some $$$), I arrived at the surgical center at 5:45am and was on the operating room by 6:15. They cleanup my face and mouth, and cover me with warm towels. At around 6:30 Dr. Vitenas walked in asked me to open my mouth and the "fun" part started... He injected the anesthesia on both sides (it stings a little), then he began working on my left side (I could feel the pulling and twisting but not pain), the fat pad came out fairly quickly (5 min maybe!). Then he moved to my right side, not so lucky with this one! Again I could feel pulling, twisting, pushing but he couldn't get it out, this time I felt pain on a couple of times, so I moaned to let him know, he struggled for a while before he decided to make another incision, I started getting really scared my mouth was literally shaking, then it finally came out, that side took around 20min but it felt like forever.
I drove myself home and after 2 hours from surgery I could feel pain on my right side, it felt like a bad tooth pain, took a couple pain killers and went to sleep.
Then around 3pm I made the mistake of taking pain killers without nothing on my stomach (BIG MISTAKE), I started feeling nauseous, and then everything came out (important detail because), as I was throwing up I felt a lot of pressure on my right cheek, it swelled like crazy, i looked like I have a baseball in my mouth. We called the doctor and send him a picture, and he asked us to go back to the hospital (He was also out of the office and drove back to meet me). Then depression hit in, not knowing was was wrong and what would happen next, I cried on my way there and when I arrived and Stephanie (the nurse) told me that everything ready to take me back into the operation room to drain me, I started crying again (yes, I'm a crying baby). Then Dr. Vitenas walked into the room, looked at my face, touch it, and said "You're fine, is nothing, just swelling, not need to drain", he explained how throwing up caused my face to swell, and send me back home. They were great, so compassionate and understanding!
So I'm still swelling as much and been using ice packs to help. As far as pain, I haven't take anything today, and it only hurts if I touch my right cheek. I still can't eat solids as is very hard to chew and brushing my teeth is just as hard, specially my top molars and forget about the tongue, I can't open my mouth wide enough for the toothbrush to reach the back of it.

3 Days Post Op... And some bruises.

It's only been 3 days but I'm very anxious for my face to look (at least) back to "normal".
The swelling is going down slowly but surely, but today I woke up with bruises on both sides, it's not very noticeable (probably some make up will cover them up), but you can see it if you get close. I'm not surprised because I bruise very easily, I just didn't expect it 3 days later (probably it was there before and it's just getting darker now). I'm a stay home mom so I haven't gone out AT ALL, since my husband has been joking around, calling me "Popeye"! I would however recommend to all of you who work, to take a few days off maybe the weekend at least.
As far as pain... I haven't take ANY painkillers and/or tylenol, and I'm pain free! I started solid foods yesterday (tender meats only), I have to chew really slowly, since it's still hard to do so. Brushing my back/top molars and tongue is still really hard (still can't open wide). Oh! And it hurts to laugh too :)
And btw, the doctor's office has called every day to check on me, they've been great!

Day 6 :(

Yesterday (as the swelling is subsiding) I noticed a hard lump in my right cheek, it's about the size of a pecan and located exactly where the bruises are. Today (the lump) is a little bit painful, once again it feels like a toothache, and the pain increases if I do too much.
Also, while I was brushing my teeth (maybe to rough), I noticed my right cheek swelling up, then I stopped and it went back down.
I have my first follow up appmt tomorrow, and I will update.

2 weeks post-op :)

So the 1 week follow up went great! Nothing to be concerned about... Doctor says the lump is normal swelling.
Now after two weeks, the lump is still there, improving little by little. Also the bruise on that side (right) became more noticeable in the last few days.
And now I'm worry again, because the right side (wich was MUCH MORE swollen) seems to look slimmer than the left, and now I'm afraid I'm gonna end up with an obvious asymmetrical face!

9 months post surgery.

I'm still not sure if it was worth it... I have mixed feelings about it.
My face is now more asymmetrical than before... I can definitely see a difference in my right cheek, but the improvement on the left side is very minimum .
So, I would let you be the judge, take all the risks into consideration (asymmetry being of them) before making a decision.
If I could go back, would I do it? Yes, I would.
I absolutely disliked my cheeks, and any improvement is better than none.

9 month pi

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