Surgery Completed November 11th!! Houston, TX

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I just got my pre-approval letter in the mail; now...

I just got my pre-approval letter in the mail; now waiting for my PS to get the letter so they can schedule my surgery. I am so excited and nervous at the same time! Ready for what the rest of my life will be like without back pain walking in the mall, while doing my hair, or sitting in a backless chair! Ready for strapless sun dresses, looking normal in clothes and necklaces, ready to exercise well without two sports bras! I'm just READY!

Before pics

Before pics; 44DD-E

My Story

I'm 27 years old and since I can remember I have always had large breasts and always felt inferior to other girls my age who were smaller. Although I played sports I always felt like others were staring at me and especially when I used to be around my friends. When I got to college it was even worse when I had close friend who was very petite and I always felt huge next to her. Throughout the years I always had pain in my back and neck and indentions on my shoulder. I always looked forward to winter where I could somewhat cover myself up. I always suffered pain just browsing in the mall and especially sitting in chairs without a back. I never done anything about this because I always had insurance on and off throughout the years. I have a professional job now for the past two years with great insurance and I finally decided to go for it! All of my friends and parents are very supportive and that is a great plus! I'm so ready for the rest of my life after this surgery!

Date set!

So I got tired of waiting for the office to call me with a date and I called them! My surgery date is November 11th!!! Pre-op is November 6th! I'm getting excited!

Destin, FL Vacation

Me and a couple of my girlfriends drove to Destin, FL Wednesday night for a weekend girls trip! I looked through the pics we took and I am HUGE! maybe a couple of years ago I would've been so ashamed, insecure, and would've had on t-shirt! I would've told them to delete the pics or would've felt bad for myself since they are smaller then me. Thank God for my self confidence that have gotten the past year or so even while having big breasts. I know that I will have an even more confidence boost with smaller ones! Here are some pics from the weekend!


Just went for an evening run and it was almost unbearable but I pushed through! Mostly my shins were killing me, I wonder with the Breast reduction will it get better?

I'm getting impatient and I'm ready for this to be over with already! *sigh*


I was told by my PS nurse that the lipo of the side breast is not included with the procedure. She stated that if I wanted that it would be considered self pay. She said that on the day of the pre-op that I could discuss it further with the PS to see how much it would cost (depending on how much to lipo out)

That was disappointing news and now I am wondering how I would look with smaller boobs without the lipo. :(

From Houston to DFW

So I was living in Houston when I got my surgery approved but now I live in the DFW area. So I will be taking the megabus to Houston for my pre-op on the 6th and then for my surgery drive down there as I will be staying there for two weeks with my parents so I can have help and also go to any post surgery appointments. That next week will be Thanksgiving so I will probably be back in Houston and will have another follow up appointment hopefully the day after thanksgiving *fingers crossed*. After that I just hope I can work around getting to Houston for my other follow up appointments; possibly on Fridays so I can get just make a weekend out of it. Other then that I am very excited to be on the small side!!

One more week!

One more week of wearing these horrible bras!
One more week and I'll be back, shoulder, and neck pain free!
One more week and I'll be on the small side hopefully forever!
One more week (well a few weeks) I'll be able to exercise effectively!
One more week and I'll be able to look great in clothes, scarves, long necklaces, CUTE bathing suites and etc!
One more week and I would've made the best decision of my life despite the painful recovery time!

Pre-op appointment

I just had my pre-op appointment and my surgery is at 10:30 with check in at 8:30 and he's taking out 800 on each side but can tell him what cup size I want the day off.

I'm a little disappointed to say the least. I already knew he's not doing lipo but now he says he's not taking any off the sides during the procedure when he told another patient he would.

He told me not to buy bandages and gauzes and etc, but everyone on the forum has done this. I'm confused.

He told me no strenuous exercising in 3 months; 6 weeks minimum (6 wks is fine, 3 months is a long time)

He said not to put any bio oil or anything on my scars; he said time will tell if I will need that.

The only bright side is that if I develop dog ears over time that he will take it off with the insurance covering it.

All in all I'm excited about being on the small side! Just hoping I'm happy with the results!

Time has moved up!

Whoop! 3 more days! My PS office called and moved my time from 10:30 to 9:30! Excited!

Today's the Day!

I just got marked up sand waiting to be rolled in! See you on the small side!

It's Done!

It's done! I'm on the small side!!!! I didn't see the doctor afterwards but the nurses did an awesome job!! He told my mom in the waiting room that everything went well and he took a little more then he thought he would. He also said that for me not ever having a child I had some type of tissue, my mom didn't understand the name but he had it sent to the pathologist to get it tested.

Surgery was supposed to start at 9:30 but ended up starting at my original time of 10:30; I didn't know it started late until afterwards. I didn't leave the hospital until 8pm

It seems like I'll be a C but time will only tell. I have drains and they'll be in for a week and my bandages will be removed in a week; the doctors orders. I want to see them now but I'll follow his orders, but he said I could call if they look like they need to be changed and he'll give me permission to do so

I'm excited to be on the small side!

More Pics

Forgot to post side pics

Gauze changing

So my doctor said not to change until I see him in one week. The blood that was seeping through the bra made me change despite his orders! I really can not wait until these drains are removed; they are a headache.

Yesterday I hardly had any pain; just felt miserable because of feeling stuff and not being able to sleep on my sides or my stomach.

My mom just changed my gauze even though she didn't feel like they needed to (she wants to follow doctors orders) but I just felt like they needed to breathe.

I asked her to take a pic and she said "I knew you were going to ask" haha of course! So I have one pic for you guys until Tuesday after my appt.

Ice packs

My mom put these ice packs on me and said Thats how I was before lol ha. Hope the swelling subsides

One week and a day!

I had my first post-op with the office manager/nurse and she took my drains out! Omg I'm so happy those things are gone!!! One whole week with those things!

She said my breast were still very swollen and just because I feel good to not over exhort myself; sounds good by me lol; although I'm ready to work out!

She said everything looks great and that I can take a full shower and wear a sports bra whoop! Hopefully I can sleep on my side now without the drains.

At this point I don't have any pain unless I'm ready in the car and we hit a bump. I'm off the pain pills but have missed some antibiotics so will continue to take until finished!

I'm loving my new girls so far and wore one of my old shirts today they fit awesome!

I have to meet with my PS next week; will keep you updated!

3 weeks!!

It's been 3 weeks since my surgery. Although I love the size of my breasts; my left one is giving me the blues!

My right breast is healing fine to me but my left breast isn't healing well. The scab is open and I don't know what to do about it. Any suggestions?!?

One Month Down!

So it's been exactly one month since I have had the surgery!!

My breast are softer but still swollen in a couple of spots
My breast are slowly dropping (not sagging), I guess you can say taking their shape
Massaging my incisions has been working wonders!!!
My right and left trouble spots are healing better. My left is still pink but it's drying out wonderfully!
I can sleep on my sides; tried to sleep on my stomach but when I raise up it feels weird :-/
My incisions are healing but still are sensitive. I will probably start scar treatment in the new year. I want my incisions to heal completely before I start.
I think my breast are a full C/D.
I haven't bought any bras yet; I'm waiting until the new year to do so
I'm enjoying wearing shirts I have already have and seeing how to look on me now!


Made a mistake and hit update post before adding under my left breast
Houston Plastic Surgeon

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