36 Yrs & 34HH...Take Away My TaTas Journey - Houston, TX

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I love this website...it is answering so many...

I love this website...it is answering so many things that is pondering in my heart. I tend to be a joyous person but there is this lingering that I can't shake. I feel slightly ashamed because I couldn't "lose the weight" as a doctor told me when I went eight years ago just to ask about breast reduction. I am around 196 and a VERY VERY VERY active person. At this time, I am fine with my body but I need the lifestyle change. Meaning, I HURT....everything HURTS....every 1/2 marathon...crossfit class. I hate being dependent on pain meds. Burning my arms from breast tissue. And truthfully, I halfway don't care if the doctor took everything off and just left a nipple...I am just exhausted of being hindered. I don't see my breasts as part of me...they are a like an abstraction and I want to be whole.

I don't tell people I feel like this. I laugh and joke. But there is such a fear which people brush away. I know I have body weight to do when I get post op. I want to have a active lifestyle and not have to overthink a burpee so I don't pull my back.

There is such a vunerablity I am hitting by saying I need to surgery to help me. I tend to over think and over react but I am also coming to this thing naive. I don't know what I need to do to make my healing better...I am a baby....So that is my truth right now....less than a month away and I'm doing whatever I can do.

My Ego is Pressuring Me...

So question...did any of you find it easier to lose weight after the reduction or did your body stay the same. I am scared to death of having the big gut once the breasts get downsized. Like it is haunting me in my sleep. I know I have serious work to do post-op. How long before you were able to workout? What level of exercise? Can I get back to jogging or walking?

Two Weeks and Counting....

I am praying on this surgery...my down payment is $2000 and I am $600 short....but I am going to make a way to get it....HOWEVER this post is not about money (its about stress) but also, what do I need to get pre op to be prepared for post op? I have seen a couple of things but does anyone have a list?


what all do I need to get BEFORE surgery?
Houston Plastic Surgeon

The consult was awesome. It eased my fears of not being "worthy" of this help. I didn't know there was a lifestyle for me that was free of pain. He was and is very knowlegable and so is the staff. I feel safe. He said he would make me proportionate to my body so I was like (damn...get my waist down) and I visited him bloated on my period...but actually I liked that better than telling him what cup size I wanted. Truth is I really don't know those things...I just want to be able to live a normal life and not cringe when I take photos.

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