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I have had big breast almost my entire life and at...

I have had big breast almost my entire life and at 39 yrs old my body just couldn't take the weight anymore. I attempted to get relief thru physical therapy and muscle relaxers but neither really worked. I went to see a PS who submitted info to the insurance company and I was approved. I had my surgery on 5/21/2014 . Didn't have a lot of pain and absolutely no drainage which I thought was strange. 700 grams was removed from each breast. I don't know what size I am now but I still feel really heavy. Same pain on neck and back( maybe worse)I actually still look heavy also. I did this in hopes of getting pain relief . I honestly feel that enough wasn't taken off.

2 wk post op dr visit

So I went to my 2 wk post op visit and expressed to my PS my concern with the size. She say I'm still swollen and that she removed a lot of tissue . She says I won't be the size I am once the swelling goes down. I'm know my girls will go down but I'm eager to see the final results. I'm not in any pain. Just feel tightness at the incisions when I move around alot. I lost the scab off one of my nipples when she removed the steri strips so that looks pretty gross. When I saw that I cried. I wasn't prepared to see that. Other than I'm healing fine and I return to work on next Tuesday. Will keep you posted. Also I have added more photos.

20 days post

Not really much changes. Right nipple still trying to heal. When did any of you ladies start applying oil or cream to your scars?

back to work 3 wks post

Ok ladies help me out. I returned to work yesterday and OMG my breast got so swollen and tight. I know I'm not completely over swelling this soon after my reduction but why does it increase with activity? I'm allergic to pineapple so I'm not sure if I can take the Bromlaine since it's derived from pineapples. Also what kind of bra is good for support? I think that's why I'm having swelling

not a good day

My breast are still too heavy. I'm wearing two sports bras today and they are digging in my shoulders . I was hoping to get relief from this surgery but I havent. I know I'm still swollen but I don't think I'm that swollen to be feeling like this. I feel I got a lift with a small reduction and all the weight was just moved up. Had to take a muscle relaxer. I just don't understand how could this be

Better Days 27 days post

Hello everyone just a little update. I'm doing a lot better since my last post. Still have some swelling and tightness but a lot more tolerable since I ordered the Marena post op bra. Not much changes in the physical appearance of my breast. My right nipple is healing but still has to get color. I'm still pointy so I guess I will experience the "drop "that other ladies on this forum talk about. Do I get more changes in my breast at this point or is my final look and I can shop for bras? I'm starting to be more comfortable with my results and I'm working on weight loss at this point. I will update again soon.
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