Horndeski breast lift - big mistake

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In a couple of more sleeps, I will take the long...

In a couple of more sleeps, I will take the long journey from the Southern Hemisphere (Sydney, Australia) to the northern hemisphere (Houston, USA). I have chosen Dr Horndeski for his new procedure, hoping and praying to minimize my scaring and relieve my neck pain. My journey only started around the age of forty - up until then, I was a comfortable 30C after five pregnancies. For some unknown reason, around the age of forty, I gained 5kg; which mostly went to my boobs (I am suspecting menopause). I now have difficulty buying bras or swimmers as my frame is disproportionate to my breasts. I also began having neck pain and shortly after was diagnosed with vertebrae issues in my upper neck, associated with large breasts. I now live on pain killers and I am restricted with clothing choices, sports and many things I just took for granted - like sleeping through the night without waking with neck pain. After almost four years, my husband and I decided to find a solution. Well, here I am.
I reviewed Dr horndeski's method and thought that this procedure had some benefits, mostly neck pain relief and minimal scaring (as like any woman, I want to remain sexy and feel attractive. I want to wear swimmers and feel proud). So, I am chancing leaving my home country and traveling 22 hours in a plane, with no insurance (as travel insurance won't cover me, as I am having a medical procedure), paying three and a half times the cost it would of been (including flights, accomadation etc), if I had chosen the regular mastopexy in Australia. I am nervous yet excited. Up until this point, I have had a Skype meeting with Dr Horndeski and have had several email communications with his staff. They have been very professional and are experienced with international patients. I have reviewed several of his patients on this site and tried to educate myself as much as possible - thank you real self. I could not have even contemplated doing this without the support of the most wonderful husband, who will be beside, every step of the way. I am looking forward to my consultation with the Doctor, the afternoon before the day of the procedure. Following my consultation, i will be off to get some specified bras, as I am unable to purchase them in my home town. The office lady Shilo, said, she would assist with directions. Then off to bed early, for surgery the following day.

2 more sleep!!

I arrived in Houston late last night after 31 hours of travel, from my home to the hotel. The hotel is lovely with a little kitchen and a small lounge. I guess I better like it, seeing I will be spending a lot of time here in the next week. My husband and I brought some scented candles today to help me feel at home. We also picked up necesetties like food and water to get us through the next couple of days without leaving the room. Tomorrow is my first meeting with Dr Horndeski, apart from our Skype consultation. My appointment is in the afternoon and straight after that I will need to locate a shop to purchase the bra type he has specified. A little difficult with such little time, no transport and in a foreign country. But, I will need them for the following days surgery. I have noticed I am starting to feel nervous and a little snappy with my husband, I keep assuring myself - this will pass soon. It's like when your pregnant with your first child, you have educated and know what to expect, but you never really fully understand the experience untill the other side. You pray our creator will treat you kindly and your journey will not have any unexpected twists and turns. You try to cross all your T's and dot all of your I's. Now I have to rest and wait.

The night before

Today I meet with Dr Horndeski and his staff members. All went well and he was very professional. His staff were also equally as professional and I left his office with a prescription for necessary medication and information for tomorrow's surgery. The doctor went over the procedure throughly and was happy to answer any question I had. After the consultation, I went straight to the mall to purchase the required bras, after picking up my prescription. But unfortunately they did not have many choices for my size (currently a 30G going to 30D) I was left with two bras to chose from and they were not quite the type I required (not hire enough in the mid chest area). The width being a 30 apparently is not common with a larger cup size. Neither the less, I need a bra for tomorrow, so I purchased two of them and hopefully the office staff at the doctors surgery can give my husband some direction as to where to find my size. Not even Victoria.s secret, can you believe that. No food past midnight tonight, so we headed to The Chessecake Factory for my last meal. Tonight will be my last night with these boobies and tomorrow I hope a new journey begins with more freedom and less pain. I feel like - if only I had a fast forward button, so I would be healed and heading back to Australia, as I miss my children and my newly born grandson of only three weeks. But, I know, I will grow from this lesson and I will be forever grateful to the surgeon for giving me a second chance. Bless you all on the same journey and a many thanks to all that have gone before me, for you helped give me the courage I needed.

In the other.

Will tell the story in a couple of day's as I need to heal

Three days post op

It started at 6:30am on Tuesday when Dr Horndeski's staff picked us up from the hotel to drive to the hospital an hour away. The hospital staff were equally as professional as Dr Horndeski’s staff and all went smoothly. The following day Dr Horndeski came to the hotel room for the follow up visit. He removed my bandages and helped put on the bra. He said I could shower from that time onwards and he would most likely remove the drains on Friday. Dr Horndeski called on Friday and scheduled the removal of the drains for Monday. The most painful part so far is the excessive swelling above my chest to my neck, the worst is the sternum which feels like it’s going to rip off the bone. Painful! The doctor has re-assured me that the swelling is normal and I have read other posts on this site. I hope this passes quickly because I can’t stand up straight. My husband has been helping me with showers which has been a god sent. I’m overall quite happy with the results but overwhelmed with the sternum pain.

One month

Just a few days short of one month. I have arrived home and healing well. One thing I highly recommend is antibacterial wash and vitamin c powder. I believe this helped prevent any infection and keep me in good health. The doctor has agreed my breasts are a little high but is confident they will drop into place in time. I am wearing an extra back strap on my bra to bring them in and down. To be honest, I am finding wearing a bra 24hrs a day difficult but it is a small price to pay for beasts of the right shape, so I am being diligent. I am leaving the steri strips on as long as possible, as its meant to help with the width of the scars. After six weeks I shall start silicon sheeting. I am trusting the doctor is correct and my breasts drop slightly, so my nipplees are at a normal height and the horizontal scar falls in the shadow. I must now be patient and continue to heal.

6 weeks

I am finally six weeks and just started silicon sheeting. I am happy with the shape of my breast and feel as though I am healing well. I raised a concern with the doctor as to the nipples being a little high in the bra (not sitting in the correct spot) and the breast fold scar being to high (4cm). He would like to wait six months for them to drop and the swelling to be completely gone. I am hoping that the scar does fall into the breast shadow like the doctor believes it will, but some days, I feel as though it is an impossibility, but I shall trust his and his assistants expert advice and wait and prey. I had a small break down yesterday feeling like a freak show, but my husband kindly reminded me….. he helped me create these breasts with all of our five pregnancies and he will stand with me no matter where the journey leads. One the positive side………NO MORE NECK PAIN.

Horndeski breast reduction - Be cautious

I have not updated for quite some time, as I have not been very emotionally devastated with the outcome of my breasts and was unable to talk about them without tearing. I had a breast reduction in Feb 2016 with Dr Horndeski. I was left with the horizontal scar 4cm up on my breast mound, nipples to high (they come out of the top of my bras) and bad stretch marks; which were previously hidden in the fold and were meant to be cut out during the procedure.... but ended up on the breast mound. I was sold on a minimal scar breast lift and was even shown this wonderful virtual program that showed my breasts after the procedure (nothing like what I ended up with). I had a Skype meeting with the Dr last week and he wants to cut along the horizontal scar and pull down the skin to the breast fold (under local in his office). This is meant to pull down my nipples to the correct position and pull the scar into the fold. I have read others on this site, that have had the same correction with disastrous results, so I shall seek another opinion. I have decided to post this today, so any lady out there, contemplating Dr Horndeski's breast lift; has the chance to see what quite possibly could happen to them. I do believe that it can work for certain body types, but not for all. Every patient deserves to make an informed and educated decision on their surgeries. I wish I knew that this result was a possibility before I went under the knife. If so, I would of never of had this procedure. You are the one that has to deal with the emotional and physical disaster left behind. I hope and prey I can be fixed and wish you all wonderful outcomes.

Revision after devestating breast reduction!!

12 months ago I flew to America to have a breast reduction by Dr Horndeski. It was promoted as an internal bra that took the pressure from your neck (which I have issues with) with minimal scaring.
Well, I woke from that surgery and had a horizontal scar almost half way up my breast mound, scars almost to my armpit and my nipples placed 15cm from the sternum. I was devastated.
The past twelve months have been endless days and nights of crying, feeling like a freak. It shattered my self esteem, like words cannot describe, I took the biggest downward spiral and struggled to afloat.
I know my case is not an easy repair and it takes a very skilled surgeon……thats why I chose Dr Hunt. Thank you Dr Hunt for taking on such a challenging botched breast reduction. Dr Hunt and his staff have been very professional and most kind. He is a very skilled surgeon and has promised he will stay to the end......I will be fixed. God sent me the angel I requested. I know that I will never have the most beautiful breasts, but I will have breasts that the nipples are in the correct spot and I will fit into bras without embarrassment. For the first time in the last twelve months I have hope...... In just a little over a week I will put this nightmare behind me and be introduced to my new boobs, thanks to Dr Hunt.
Measurements - 15cm from sternum to nipple, 5cm from areola to scar on breast mound, 4cm from scar that is almost half way up the breast mound to IMF. As you can see.....very difficult case.
Will see you all on the other side.

Bellesoma - Biggest mistake of my life

Check out my profile before going under the knife. He can continue to change the name of his surgery, but the proof is out there. Reseach girls, the outcome of this surgery on many of his patients, are shocking. More tears than you can imagine will flow.
Texas Plastic Surgeon

This doctor destroyed my breasts. Don't be fooled with his advertising. He placed my nipples 15cm from my sternum. Measure yourself. Biggest mistake of my life. Don't be fooled, as he will destroy not only your breasts but your inner peace as well. I will forever regret being brainwashed by this doctor. Arikara101. Look it up before trusting this guy

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