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I did it because my breast were hanging low after...

I did it because my breast were hanging low after breast feeding both of my children.

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I had a breast lift done and I am not happy with the way my breasts look. The areola on one of my breasts is not round; it looks like an stretched oval. The areola on my other breast is actually round, however, the nipple is off center. Also the position of both areolas is higher with respect to the overall breast (and btw, I cannot even wear a low cut top because surely my nipples will show). After 3 years, I went back to see Dr. LaPuerta because I wanted him to see what my breast look like today. Yes, he said he can "fix" them but of course, for the extra fee. At this point I don't fee like having him "fix" something he should have done right from the beginning, AND, I don't think is fair to have to pay full rate to fix me up or anything at all. Any way, if you are thinking about having any procedure done, ask him what happens in case the results are far from decent looking. Honestly, I feel deformed, though I can hide it with a good bra and top.

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