Breast Lift W/ 400cc Silicone Implants & Extended TT, Lipo (Abd,flanks, & Back) with Fat Transfer to Hips - Houston, TX

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Hello everyone! I had quite a journey. Definitely...

Hello everyone! I had quite a journey. Definitely not easy!
I was not always heavy. I was a professional dancer/ choreographer until I turned 20. Got pregnant with my 1st child. I gained 100 pounds. At the end of my pregnancy I was 250 pounds. I was able to lose some and go down to 180 pounds. And then had 2 more pregnancies. Depression was added on as well as thyroid disease. Wow I was a mess. I had no desire to take care of myself.
In 2006 I had gastric bypass. By then I weighed 300 pounds. That was the best ting I ever did. I ended up going down to 142 size 4/6. That was too skinny for me. My Puerto Rican butt got flat. I lost all the fullness in my size 36 D breasts. And my stomach, arms, and legs had sagging skin. I was ecstatic with the weight loss and do not regret it. But I hate the extra skin. I feel like I am wearing a skin costume. It feels heavy and my clothes never fit right. I wear shirts that hide my hanging belly.
When my husband and I go out we love dressing up classy... It is so hard finding beautiful dresses because of my belly. Thank goodness for ruched dresses!! Other than that I hide my belly roll pretty good. I really can't wait to wear my Victoria Secret panties without my belly coming out the bottom... Also can't wait to being able to wear sting bikini panties again!!

My husband (who has been my BFF since we were 5 loves me regardless but I feel so insecure. I do not see myself as beautiful or thin. I still see the heavy "me"... Our finances are finally to a point where I can have my surgery. I had a consult a month ago with Dr. Cortes in Houston, TX.

I read excellent, good, and bad reviews for him. I just pray that this works out well. I looked at his pictures and watched all his You Tube videos. I told him the areas that bother me. Obviously I cannot get everything redone at this time... I was able to talk to him about a breast lift with implants and a tummy tuck.

With all the volume I lost in my breast he feels that 400cc would be the most my frame could hold. As a professional I respect his opinion. He said it would bring me to a full C/small D cup. I do not want to ask for more and regret it because they droop after a while. He also recommended an extended tummy tuck with lipo to my abdomen, back, and flanks with fat transfer to hips to smooth the dimples...

My stretch marks go all the way up above my belly button. He said he could tighten my skin more (if I do not mind the vertical scar) above my belly button. I told him I want to be as tight as possible. Let's face it- I could cover up the scars with tattoos... I want as much extra skin off as possible!! I do not expect to wear a bikini. My inner thighs are way to big. It also bothers me. I think I can get away with a sexy one piece with a small skirt- to hide my inner thighs...

My pre-op appointment is next Tuesday September 6th to go over final questions. I would also bring him my "wish list" of how I hope my breasts would look as well as my stomach. I will keep everyone updated as to the appointment. Thank you for reading my story.

Post op ?

Went for my pre op appt. I was expecting to see Dr. Cortes but got his nurse instead. She answered my questions and was very patient. She took pics from different views of my body.

Then I started asking about the implant profile. I was very confused and did not want to choose wrong.

She said high profile would be better and eliminate any sagging in the future. Soooo I decided on high profile. I went home and still not really set on the high profile. I work as an area rep. I do not want my breasts to look like a bullet. I added my. "Wish pic" . the nurse told me that my implant was high profile.

I called to make a follow up with Dr. Cortes. I needed help choosing and he is the one doing surgery .

I went for my 2nd pre op appt. I showed him my wish pic and he said it was a moderate plus implant. I work as an area rep and did not want the fake look. So I switched to moderate plus.

I also asked about the vertical cut. He said he will do it. He said he would be able to make me tighter if he did a vertical cut.

The day has come......

I am soooo excited!!!

Dr. Cortes came in and marked my body. I look like a road map.

Long time to heal

I bruise so easily. And I think one of my stiches popped because there was blood on my back. My husband and I took off the faja carefully so he can get a better look and clean it up.

Once it was taken off to put a clean one on I was able to see the progress in the shape of my body. My back is really bruised. But I bruise easily any way.

Still massaging my breasts inward so they meet in the middle. I am confident that Dr. Cortes did an excellent job. Can't wait for the final results...

Fyi: Victoria Secrets sport bra and pant set is on sale for $50. This week.

Best sports bra ever!!!!!

Pleaseeeeeeee let this suppository work

Constipation and swelling are real! Both at the same time is barbaric!!!!!

I haven't had a bowel movement since Monday!! 5 days!!! I started taking stool softener 1 week before my surgery.

When I got home I took help... Took an enema that helped a very teeny weeny bit .... Now the big guns... A suppository. Finally some relief!

The swelling on my body feels worse today and with a combination of both its ridiculous.

I went without my pain med today hoping it would help my system start up again. All I did was suffer. So I took it this evening.

I could barely walk and it hurts to much to sit.... I feel 100% better..

Word of advise have the suppository on hand. Don't wait and suffer. I was being stupid. Just too embarrassed to poo in front of my husband.

4 days post op

Well. I am very anxious to see my ps on Monday. I have some concerns.

I understand that the body is not symmetrical. But he ended up choosing a 450CC for my left breast and 400CC for the right. The areola placement looks great. My nipples look sad and deflated. I hope that's normal.

Hurt so bad

I did more research. I had no idea the swelling would be this bad. I'm larger now then before the surgery. My feet, stomach, back, everything. I have a large hooray but with the amount of swelling I have it matches my back and I look flat. I am wearing a compression garment that is 2 sizes smaller then the one I was wearing at the hospital. I almost passed out because I was too constricted. I hope tomorrow is better.

Bedside manner was excellent. He made recommendations. Very pleased with everything he told me would take place. He took his time answering my questions.

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