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I've been thinking about this since before my two...

I've been thinking about this since before my two and a half year old was born. I'm African American 5'10 just under 170 lbs. 3 kids and need to attend to my boobies. I see many surgeons suggesting to do a two stage procedure. Lift or augmentation then the other in a few months. I would probably opt for implants first then the lift later. I haven't seen Dr Ciaravinos lift and Aug pics. If he is comfortable doing a one step procedure I would go for that except I was hoping for an atleast 400 memory gels
I've made my appointment for November 10.

Breast Lift with Implants 500 Cc Under Muscle. African American 3 Kids 5'10 & 165 Lbs Age 38

I met with Dr Nguyen for a consultation yesterday and I probably knew he would be the doctor I would pick from the pictures I had seen before consultation. It was my third consultation. 

We have a surgery date of 12/21 Yaaaay my Christmas gift to me
I am yet to have surgery but promise to update this accordingly.

Finished paying and had preop today

Oh boy .... Everything just got real .... Paid for my surgery today and had prescriptions filled. Also was given preop and post op vitamins. Antibiotics etc
My surgery is 12 days
Decided to go bigger cow am so tall when we tried on the different sizes they looked kind small so I sure don't want to regret paying all this and ending up with no boob

BL/BA 550 cc under muscle

Wanted to add to my preop post from Wednesday today is 12/11 surgery is 12/21
At my preop I decided to go with 550 under muscle I believe it will give me the closest look to what I would love to achieve to go from a b to DD

One more night

It's tomorrow at 3 pm. Anyway I haven't written anything else or logged in am pretty nervous
Hope to see y'all on the other side of the procedure.

11 hr 30 minutes to procedure. 30 minutes to check in

I'm her now. Last night I wondered did I really need to take that Valium night before then I took it anyway. Best to go with Dr s. Orders.
I think am
Ready to go
Thanks for all the best wishes ladies. Will update you on the other side

Done ///pain// only 500 cc implants not 550 :(

Surprisingly in a lot of pain. On way home. Now. Only got 500 cc not 550 will keep u posted
Wonder if the pain is due to implant size but hurts a lot. Waiting to get home for pain meds

Almost home not happy about size look but things could change in 48 hrs

Bra wasn't put on right it's not centered and stuff but I dare not move it until after 48 hrs
Just got home and took pain meds so hopefully pain will go bye bye
So concerned about size not being up there hopefully that changes.
Bra fits loosely. Dr is such a nice man but wish he put in 550 as I requested. Surgery didn't start till after about 630 pm or so ish. 3 hours behind schedule. But I think I needed that 50 cc for my height and frame
And I did so many studying of pics before and after with considerations of pre brewSt tissue and me being 5'10 and 170 lbs so 8 hope to love them on Wednesday night when bra goes off and shower. Cos his a great guy I hope I won't be saying to him am still sad that day cow I feel like my boobs don't look full enough even with the swelling. Feel better already as far as pain
I'm alive so I thank him and his anesthesia guy and nurse Bret who's awesome just like the doctor and anesthesiologist

Nurse call and bra recentered

Surgery center RM Ccaedto check on me and I Told her about pain last night and bra not centered she said I could unbutton it and center it just don't have off for 5 minutes. I had it off for a minute be dihter took pics me wipe nipple area both dripped some blood. Called to tell her did to be expected. Pain under control. It will have to stop the narcotics they're putting me Ina Dru Ken mode. Paid a lot better now. Almost nothing right now.
I think I do like size too. Another 60 cc and mys sighted would have disowned me

48 hours post op

Pin is finally manageable. Still wishing he had done as I requested and implanted 550 rather than the 500 cc he went with. I had called a week before just to make sure they were ordering the 550. I feel right now as though I still will need to use padded bras. The 500 on my tall and broad shoulders chest doesn't look like anything and I know am still swollen right now and scared to see what will be left with the swelling goes down. I studied so many before me after pics seeing how different size of implant looked Also taking into consideration the breast tissue size before
I feel I paid the money but will still be opting to use padded bras to get th look I need. I know it's just 50 cc but that's what I needed to achieve my book

8 days post op

They look great

Driving. Back to work on Friday (New Years day)

Driving is still. Challenge for me. Can't turn head back to look. Hands are at 5 and 7 making tiny lil turns feel like am 90 driving. But Overall am loving how my new twins are coming up. I have like a lot of pics I take 8 minute showers and dedicate two minutes to pictures. My po daughter has to take em sometimes. I haven't started any of the bio cream and s at away silicone scar sheets that I have but start next week and week after for the other. So maybe I'll wait to take pics to show em but I love them so much.

Working in the ICU today

Let's just say it's huge Challenge... No pun intended but doable. First few hours I wasn't sure simple things were pretty tough to do and am slow. Upper body strength is so decreased but yea I guess anyone can be back at work at this point. I'm just praying my boobies don't fall off that's how its feeling sometimes lol
I lucked out in a way with the two patients I have so I should make it today. Pray !

11 week update

Dr Nguyen is the best in Houston hands down
Trust him
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Breast lift with with 500 cc under the muscle implants. I LOVE MY BOOBIES SO FAR Will update

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