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Hello everyone, I'm 3 days away from my surgery....

Hello everyone, I'm 3 days away from my surgery. I'm just a bit nervous at this time since I've never had surgery but not too much as of right now. I'm anticipating it increasing as I get even closer to my date lol. I'm excited to finally fix my "my girls" and give them life lol. Feel free to send me any suggestion or advice on what to expect and all. Thank you...

1 Pre Op

Im nervous about tomorrow but I'm not freaking out just yet. Since today's my birthday, I'm guessing that's the reason why. My b'day took my mind off of the surgery for now. I'll try keeping y'all posted tomorrow, depending on how I'm feeling... Comments or advice are welcome.

Ready for tomorrow

All done ????

Hello everyone, so I finally did. Thank God everything went accordingly????I got there at about 8:45 am. Checked in at 9:00. My nurse came to get me for my vitals, Dr Bidros came about 30 minutes later to mark me and we discussed nipple placement and sizes. I basically got a BL with silicon implants under the muscle with a bilateral reduction of my left breast since my boobies are asymmetric. By 10:06 am, I was entering the operatory room. Got on the table, they added their special cocktail to my IV I started getting the feeling of being drunk and was out like a light lol.
The nurse woke me up in an another room and said that I did great and everything went amazing, thank God????. She offered me some crushed ice to wer my mouth and throat out. Which felt really good since I was so thirsty. At that time it was about 1:10 pm but she said I had been in that room for about an 1hr before they woke me up. So then they wheeled me out to the rec room and brought my boyfriend over.
I've been dozing off and on since we got home. Not hungry but I have been eating some crackers from the hospital and drinking gatorade and water to stay hydrated. I have not experienced any nausea thank God???? and Iam not in too much pain????, feel heavy whenever I stand up. Been taking my meds reliously and my beau is taking really good care of me???? . My throat is pretty sore too, now I know why I was given some cough drops at my pre op, good move Mandy ;-)

Bandages came off

Yesterday was my one day PO. Sleeping arrangements were not as bad as I anticipated. I'm a stomach sleeper so try imagining sleeping on my back and on top of that at an angle the whole night. It was definetely rough lol But we managed to do it. My throat is still a bit sore so Im still sucking on my cough drops hopefully it'll get better soon.
At around 10:00 am, went to go see Dr. Bidros and his assistant to get my bandages off. And I was very exicted to see my girls born again for the first time lol. I'm absolutely happy with them, considering how they were before. No kids, but extremely saggy, just bad boobies from my mama lol. I knew going in that I was not looking for prefection, just a bit of symetry and my nipples pointing in an upward direction. And that's what Dr. Bidros gave me with even smaller areolas yay. My breast looked very asymmetric, my right was a lot smaller than my left, so we went with 300 silicon cc in the right and 235 cc in the left to even them out a bit, both under the muscle. Even though they are really swollen right now, they still look good to me and I can't wait for them to heal properly now.

3 weeks into it

It's been a while since I've been on here but things have been going great with the girls lol I'm definitely very satisfied with Dr. Bidros' work. He's a true professional and will forever be greatful to him. My boobies are healing nicely and settling down beautifully. I went to my doctor's office last Thursday for my 3 week check up, got my tapes removed and was given my scar cream. He's happy with how quickly the girls are healing lol. I am too lol looking back at how tgey used to be smh lol. My right boob is a tad bit higher than my left since it has the bigger implant but I'm sure she'll catch up soon enough lol I have been massaging them 1 or 2 times a day so they're becoming pretty soft. My scars are not too bad, they're pretty flat and light, I'm sure they'll look better as time goes by ???? Hope everyone's doing great & Happy healing ladies...
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Dr. Bidros was very knowledgeable, attentive and very professional at my consult. I also enjoyed his staff very much. His lovely ladies are always so friendly...

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