LOVE MY Mini Ultimate Breast Lift (NO Scars!!!!) Dr. Gary Horndeski - Houston, TX

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I am a product reviewer so when it came time to...

I am a product reviewer so when it came time to get my breast lift, I began researching extensively as I would prior to writing about or buying a product. Having worked as a Senior physician recruiter several years ago, I also research physicians and their backgrounds. And, on appointments, I ask extensive questions regarding procedures.

I almost gave up on having this done due to the scarring that seemed the norm. I had one visit with a different more local doc where someone at the office said she had had it done with minimal scarring and would I like to see hers? I said "Is your scarring the norm or the exception?" She answered honestly that it was NOT the norm, most have greater scars. I denied meant nothing after that.

I should state this by saying the obvious review question: I have no ties to Dr. Hordenski, personal or professional in any way whatsoever. I found him simply by research when I decided I wanted a breast lift. I am paying the full fee for my procedure, he was not informed of my review, I didn't ask for anything free or at a discount for writing a review nor was I offered any and I don't know anyone associated with him personally or professionally in any capacity--and I didn't discuss the review in any way. (Don't YOU always want to know this in a review?) However, my issue is there simply is not enough information I could get my hands on out there. I gained info during my appt I saw nowhere because of how I review docs, and, more importantly, I learned things that I read online were not true (like someone said the nipple is removed and replaced. It is not!) I did tell him this (there is not clear info anywhere) during my appointment and he said he understands not many want to post photos of their breasts online and write but that he can connect me with as many patients as I would like who are happy to send them privately in addition to the photos he showed me which were amazing. People fly in from Singapore, England, France etc for this as he is the only one doing it. The list of people from other countries was quite extensive and people fly in, obviously, from all states to the point that most patients are from out of state as he is this doc is the inventor.

That said, having been that physician recruiter, I go to no one who is not board certified. He is the only doctor I have ever met who is triple board certified.

His expertise is in breasts. He seemed genius on this but I personally would not go to him for, say, a brow lift. Why? When I want something done I find a doctor who is an expert in that field. I had a brow lift done in Austin by a facial cosmetic surgeon who is a wiz at botox and facelifts and eye lifts etc (Dr. Apostolakis--fantastic) and when it came time for the boobs, I wanted the best in the business there too. I personally believe the docs that find their specialty and obsess on it are the ones I prefer, even if it takes some travel on my part.

When I told other docs I wanted a bit more breast with my lift before I found Horndeski, they were going to add pretty large sized implants. Dr. Horndeski said I likely wouldn't need one at all (which I'll get to in a minute) but suggested I use the smallest sized available if so and I'd still likely go up a cup or two sizes. He said when he asked the implant sales reps what is the smallest size they offer they said no one had ever asked that before--other docs want to know the largest. But because you get so much fullness with this lift (Victoria's Secret kind of fullness), most get it with no augmentation. Other breast lifts don't give you more fullness by bringing in the tissue you have that has moved to the side and under the breast etc

Most of the photos on his site are with no augmentation, just a lift.

I asked if he gave a cash discount. He does not.

Here is the MOST important thing...he has perfected the technique now so that most don't even need the cut under the breast. That means NO scar. This was not advertised well either on his site or on the net and I find it very important. The cut is around the nipple (I'll get to that more; it's not removed) and there is no vertical or horizontal scar. The incision around the nipple should be gone up to a year later or less. This is called the mini ultimate breast lift. Not because you aren't getting as much lift, but because it's less surgery needed and less cutting.

Okay so here's what I did that, as far as I read, no one else has done on reviews I waded through. I, with my medical background, wanted all the specifics. I didn't want the generalities that meant nothing to me online. For example, everyone talked about straps attached to your pecs that made this lift last way longer than any other lift. My question was "The lifestyle lift face lift that some bad plastic surgeons do is a farce because your body absorbs the incisions and 6 months later your face lift is gone. How can you have straps in your body that your body doesn't fight or absorb?"

And this is where he asked if I wanted to see the entire procedure. I did.

This is also where I saw the passion of what he does become amazing. He loves doing this and had pure joy in being able to show how amazing it is. It sold me like you wouldn't believe. It's genius.

Okay, so I know I can't be the only one who doubts everything unless they have hard facts so I will give some cliff notes here.

Your body doesn't absorb the straps because they are made from the leftover breast tissue that is still attached to your breast. Because there are a few of them made and can be positioned however he desires, you can actually basically place an order for how you want your boobies to look. If you want real strong upper pole fullness, you can get it, (the Victoria's Secret look), if you don't, you can order that up as well. These straps make it basically adjustable during the surgery for what you want.

Because you are also getting the breast tissue that's now falling to the side of your breast, you bring in more fullness naturally as the breast is lifted so you will either stay the same cup size or get more without an implant. However, if like me you decide you want to go big or go home, the implant is added under the breast like a push up bra which means you wind up with a breast that feels all real because he uses all the natural tissue first at the top.

I am a full C going to a DD.

My husband was concerned about the nipple sensitivity. Unlike traditional lifts that can damage the nerve endings, some report more sensitivity after this operation apparently. I said I thought he cut the nipple off (look like it in the photos, right?) I hesitate to discuss the photos I saw here put the nipple is secured and held up (it sound gross so I am trying to be careful as he showed me step by step how he did this) and the skin is cut AROUND it. Outer skin only. Nipple goes nowhere. Then the straps are attached to the pecs (straps made from skin.) and connected in such a way that your breast lift retains its shape regardless of whether you lose weight, workout, go braless (after proper healing time) etc. because you basically have an "inner bra" you can't feel at muscle level.

This also has a perkier result than other breast lifts because you aren't just gathering skin around the nipple, but the whole breast is being lifted.

As your breast settles into shape after surgery, the bra you wear to help it do so is important. They went over this. If you choose a bra with uplift padding on the bottom only, it creates a dent there (not permanent) so they went over the best ones to pick.

As a physician recruiter I met a few engineers who became doctors and invented knew devices for the heart, for leg surgeries, etc. This is the first cosmetic surgeon who, as a engineer, I met that revised traditional surgery. I find it exciting. He is the only one who is doing this although some have some other techniques--he has invented this technique and apparently is not selling it although he will show you the basic information on the main parts (not the strap weaving to the pecs etc as proprietary).

Because my parents will be in town at the end of June, I made my appointment for July 2nd.

At that time I will post both before and after photos as I heal because of my own frustration in there simply not being near enough info to sell me on it on the internet. I feel for other gals in my situation. So I'll share my info but I also wanted to tell others to ASK...and if you are not squeamish, ask to see the step by step. It's an AHA! moment....not only to see the Dr. really come alive in his passion for this procedure and discussing it in detail, but also to really understand how it's done so you "get it".

I hope I added some clarity and got what I said all correct. It is not true that "if this could be done all doctors would be doing it." ( I read this being said by some docs who had not heard of it) I can tell you I was blind in one eye for years after bad lasik and only one Dr. in Dallas was approved to do a surgery that corrected it that he had invented. He gave me my vision back. It starts somewhere then typically that doctor is benefitted by being a trainer to others. One just doesn't guess how it's done and the true medical part isn't shared. Just the outer part to make it easy to understand for the patient. I can also say what sold me was reading the other cosmetic surgeons on a board saying yes this can be done but few know how and you'd have to see a surgeon to know if you are a candidate.

The other thing I had not read is that this doctor, because so many of his patients are from out of town, can do the initial appt through Skype. Although I live 3 hours away, we chose to drive in because I wanted the full scoop.

Other stuff: The office is understated and dated...Kind of 1980s know, that country light blue look with diamond wallpaper border and office chairs. I have visited a few cosmetic surgery offices and this is not the norm it seems. Most kind of go luxe in the waiting room. But this is for appointment consultations only and it sounds like most prefer the skype method. The surgery is done across the street at a surgery center, fully equipped.

The doc is kind and patient. If you want to see his real energy get him talking about the procedure. I bet this was his life work for years of passion and obsession. It seems that way since he recently eliminated even the bottom scar for most patients, not just the lollipop scar.

No one I visited had before and after photos so amazing...most give you boobs almost as good as you used to have. This procedure gives you better ones. Perkier, full upper pole if you want it, the Victoria's Secret look when wearing a dress with NO bra.

That is why I am having it done. I want to be amazing braless if I desire. Not scarred and a little bit higher.

I will post photos before and after when I have surgery in a few weeks.

I am pretty picky and I am not unfamiliar with cosmetic surgery and I have to say I am exceptionally excited about this upcoming procedure.

It should be noted that when I talk about the fullness, that can be personalized. If you want less fullness, the straps are just not placed as high.

It's done!

The staff was fantastic and made things fun and easy before the surgery. You change out of your robe and into a hospital gown, hospital panties, and compression socks in order to avoid blood clots.

It was fascinating to me to watch Dr. Horndeski prepare me for surgery with his markings. He basically maps out your breasts so they wind up totally even and on the same planes, and more...

What is great is that you don't just have a bit of a lift as you would with other surgeries, you can actually completely resculpt and special order what you want. Dr. H told me my breasts are a little too close together and he wanted to know if I wanted to keep them that way, or also correct that during surgery. I told him that he knows what the perfect breast is and that's what I want: his expertise. However, I'm glad he asked...some may not want to change anything and just add a lift. I like that you can truly customize your shape.

After it was over (3 hours) we were given instructions and went back to our motel. Driving back, every bump in the road hurt but you are given both a pain killer and a muscle relaxer. I found it important to take both at the same time. Your pecs will be sore because of the internal straps used to hold up your breasts involve your pecs--so tjhe muscle relaxer helps with this pain.

We went back to Dr. Horndeski's office the next morning with my bag of bras (you won't need them at the surgery center; you will go home bandaged) and Dr. H picked out which one he felt was best. I am currently a 36 DDD but should settle into a 36DD. You should have more than one bra in the size you want for a couple reasons. First, there was some bleeding around the nipples so I needed to wash the first bra, but also you are supposed to wear very tight on the bottom and have the straps adjusted so they are the tightest setting possible. After 3 days the first bra was cutting into me quite a bit and I needed to wash it, so I switched to my second 36DDD bra and got lots of relief from the parts that were cutting on me before. So I will rotate these two as I go.

As others mentioned, the shape changes over time. I will add photos as soon as I figure out how to get them here from my iPod. One of my breasts was boxy on the bottom but that has already corrected itself. Dr. H said when I left that we might need a push-up bra to correct this if it didn't conform to my bra on it's own, that would do it. But it did when I checked this morning.

That's why the bra is important: as your chest settles and drops, it will fill up the cups of the bra you are wearing. Any areas that aren't as full, you'll notice as you'll have a bit of a dented area in your bra, but as they drop, they then fill out the cups (also why you don't want to wear a bra too small. ) But I just let Dr. H. choose from the bag of bras I got in different sizes and styles.

I return on Monday for the next check up. I lift about 3 hours from his office.

Right now, I really like the size and shape, aside from the dents that I know from reading other reviews, will go away during settling. My nipples are even and look good as far as I can see under the steri strips, and my chest looks good as well. Prior to surgery my right breast was smaller than my left (a normal issue for many as they use their dominant hand more) and now they are even.

I felt the pain totally manageable and minimal in comparison to other surgeries I have had. I am still taking the pain pills so, although they make me sleepy, I find this surgery far less painful than I expected it to be. Of course, everyone has a different tolerance for pain but it's day 4 and I hardly feel any pain now...the first few days were painful, but not anything I couldn't easily work through...I just did work on the computer and took it easy the first couple days, now that it is day 4, I feel certain I personally could go back to work today--but I work from home, fortunately, so that's not even a question. However, I didn't expect it to be as easy as it was for me.

You should know to get several loose shirts that button up the front. The ones I have now are too small. I had one I wore after the first surgery and the second day, borrowed one from my husband, and then started wearing sundresses I could step into. No matter what you can't raise your arms over your head, or use your pecs--otherwise you can bust an internal stitch. So set up your house before the surgery where coffee cups can be reached, you have blouses on a lower closet rod that you can wear rather than one up high...lots of things I never thought of. I also couldn't open the back door until today or walk the dogs.

I will try to add photos later today. Nice full and round so far; everything went smoothly and with no complications. I'm anxious to see things without the steri strips but I have great fullness and it looks like I will be better than I was before, not equal to what I was when I was younger. That's a great thing.

some photos

I forgot to mention that I have an inverted nipple. On my before picture I manually drew it out; it's never bothered me but I have read that others are embarrassed horribly if they have one. That said, Dr. H said the procedure would likely correct it and keep it from inverting again. So far he is correct. Bonus.


If you are having this surgery and looking for the perfect bra, you need to have one that has molded cups, like a t-shirt bra. In other words, when you lay the bra down the cups still retain their shape. This molds the breast after the surgery. The one or mine that he said was perfect I bought on called Panache Super Bra. On the inside it says Porcelain 3376.

However that one began cutting into me a bit on the sides and under my breasts due to swelling so I traded it out for one I found at JC Penney which I happened to pass by after my mammogram appt.

Also the bra should be seamless on the inside, obviously. Here's another photo.

Day 5

It is Saturday and I had the surgery Tuesday morning. It occurred to me that it's been 5 days since I had a BM, which explains my stomach looking so bloated. My husband says that is a side effect to the pain killers. I only took one pain killer yesterday (I just didn't need any the rest of the day; felt fine) but still nothing--so luckily we had some over the counter meds here. I suggest anyone having a surgery buys that before hand. Although I feel well, I sure don't feel like going out to the grocery store yet. Fortunately we are well stocked on food.

Happy to see this morning that they are rounding out even more, unless it's just my imagination. Right now they are still high--anxious to see the final result but I can only be patient.

I'm very glad I have 2 different bras because, since I'm so swollen still right now, they do cut into me some since I have them on the tightest settings. So I wear one for 2 days, wash it, then change it out and they both lay differently on me so that helps.

My bruising really started to show yesterday and today. Not pretty.

Once the swelling goes down and they take their proper shape, I should be a 36DD but right now I am a 36DDD and quite frankly I thought I'd be aghast at that size but it's not so bad. I gained 12 pounds the day of surgery. I would love to know how much of that is water weight and how much my new chest weighs. Considering all he did was add the smallest implants made, I'd say it's pretty much all water.

Which explains why my breasts are nowhere close to how they will look in the end. I do see them conforming more to the bra shape every day and getting far rounder.

I love the upper pole fullness. That isn't something I saw on website photos from other docs and that's not due to an implant...I hope that remains as they drop more into place.

I had to take a pain pill again this morning, not because of the surgery, but because of the underwire cutting into me since I have the bra on the tightest fit. And it's too tight but I"m a fighter and if that actually helps them take shape more, I'll wear it that way and add cotton padding at the center of the bra, in between both breasts, to cushion it for now.

We have one of those electric beds from Tempurpedic where you can push a button and raise and lower the head of the bed or the foot of the bed. Since I know we are working with gravity here to have everything mold into place, I do sleep propped up slightly and I sit straight during the day.

I have a small bit of pleating on one breast which I know goes away in time but I'm keeping an eye on it.

I shower by a hand held shower wand. We already had one in our shower but it may be a good thing for others to get if they don't. I have no idea how I could shower otherwise. It is hand held so I can hit my body without getting much water on my breasts. I wear a towel over them with velcro closure when washing my hair and pat dry if they get wet, as instructed.

I didn't shower the day of surgery (got there 6 am) or the day after (went for follow up appt then we had a long ride home) so that third day the shower felt fantastic.

I don't feel sexy yet due to all the bloating, water retention, etc but my husband (who thought I looked perfect before) says "I didn't think you needed to change anything, but I can see now you'll be show stopper. Heads will turn."

For me it's about confidence and looking my best no matter what I wear. If I had an old couch that was sagging in the middle and ripping, I'd want to replace it too--and my body follows me wherever I am, unlike a couch. It's good to have it look the way I want it to.

That said, I'm far from finished yet so as they drop and take shape, it's going to get more interesting.

Day 6

I eat 5 cloves of peeled black garlic every day which is used by naturopathic docs here and all docs in Eastern medicine for it's super high antioxidant properties, bacterial prevention, and preventing infection. I began doing that prior to the surgery and I have to admit the girls don't look angry at all, although still swollen. It does not prevent water retention! Dr. Oz and Oprah and Men's Health agree with my black garlic love. ( sure to get peeled, unpeeled is a mess.) I sometimes eat it straight because black garlic is super sweet but usually I just chop it up and add it to my dinner.

The girls are still high but starting to fill out my bra more rounded now. The dent I mentioned is almost all gone already--they are beginning to conform to the rounded cups in the bra, as promised. I have a tiny bit of pleating but that even seems to look better.

I took a photo in this dress in particular because we are told we have to wear button down tops in order to prevent us from raising our arms up, but if you have things you can STEP into, you can wear those as well. I have few button downs but lots of loose sundresses and things that I can step into

My bruises went from red to blue to yellow but today they are mostly gone.

Tomorrow I have my follow up

An unusual before shot...taken about 19 years ago

Few likely have a picture of how their tatas looked in their heyday...but I have a sculpture of mine from when I was in college. It's on our bathroom wall. It was done by laying plaster strips over my vaselined body and then applying metal sheets on top of that once dry. So I didn't have great upper pole fullness even in my youth, although I did have some nice perky ones... It used to be depressing to compare my years of wear in the mirror next to this sculpture; it no longer I have faith the end result will not be equal to, but better than. Take that college sculpture that's snickered at me for the last 10 years!

Day 7, 2nd follow up

Because I'm 3 hours away, my hubby and I do weekly visits in person to Dr. H although I could do them on skype. Today the office was filled to the point there were no chairs left. Monday is a busy day I guess.

Both the dent and the tiny bit of pleating are, to my surprise, nearly gone. He did confirm they would go away on their own. He declared my results fantastic...I do agree...very natural slope is forming in spite of my going so large. I am surprised at the change from day 1 to 7.

He said in order to allow the breasts to slope naturally fully, I need to get a bigger bra cup size than what I have. The breasts will fill out the cup as they drop and be round and perky. Here's the issue. I'm at a 36DDD and in some brands the next size up is an F and in others it's a G. I went to a store that went to a G next as they consider a DDD an F. She said there is no F. However, I got home and looked at the brand I have and they consider a DDD an E. So as expected the G was to big and I had to order another F online in the same brand because they DO have an F. And wait 2 days. And can I say NO ONE carries a 36 F or G! I went to a bra shop and they didn't have buy one. Victoria's Secret doesn't carry see 40 and up band size. One is not supposed to be thin and stacked in the bra world.

I'll take more pics soon...they have improved since the last ones; the cup is rounding out. Oddly, at first I felt sure I wasn't AS big as before because so much of the size was in what hadn't dropped yet as it it fills out the cup I realize how wrong I was.

I did find out it's very important I stick with underwire in order to support them at the base as they take their final shape then heal in that shape. They need that support to not form their final shape droopy. Also learned I cannot adjust the straps in order to give the bra I had that extra room because it's very important that it remained as tight as it goes. For lift.

I no longer have any bruising, I have no blisters, my healing is excellent, no complications at all .

Considering we just read that "Joanie" on MadMen wears a 36G my husband is happy and likely hopes I'm a G until swelling goes down rather than an F for that fact alone. I do not believe they will stay this size...DD or DDD would be my preference. But he told me I really didn't need an implant to put in that order. I didnt believe it. :-) So, I got the smallest implant made....apparently you can special order your cup size too with limitations...he said he gathers breast tissue from the side area and can build it up.

That said, it still may end up a DDD--still swollen I'm sure.

Lady was in the office from Singapore today. I cannot imagine getting on a plane for 24 hours after a boob job. I could now, 7 days later, hopefully they stay in a week or so. For their sake! I didn't even want the car to go over a speed bump on day 1.

Back there next week same time. Hope to get the steri strips off then and really see them

The nerve ending are growing back...starting to feel like tiny ants are in my skin moving slowly.

Also still only using my arms limited--not reaching up above my head or carrying anything heavy...would be mortified to pop my inner stiches out on the internal bra strap prior to it being healed and watching my tatas fall again. I'm paranoid. Maybe that wouldn't be the result but I'm betting it would.

Taking better shape--and more on how it's done--will post more pics shortly

I took some more pics today I will upload later. My breasts are now doing what they are supposed to--filling out the cup more forward and dropping from the over high above the breast as they start out. Very happy with the migration. I can now hardly see the dent and pleating.

I asked more questions as to how one can build up their cup one or two sizes with no implant...the part that seemed unfeasible to me. Without going into a long explanation, this article shows you how much of your breast tissue has migrated to arm fat, back fat, and under breast fat...guess what? It's not fat!

The above is prior to any lift or augmentation but shows you, when breast tissue is put back where it goes (in this place manually) how the shape is amazingly better, uplifted, and about 2 cup sizes bigger if you desire that (if you don't you can bring in less breast tissue.

When I post my pics you will notice I have no "arm fat" around my breasts or bra as I used to. I have very little back fat around my bra now. I have no band fat under my bra. Again, this wasn't really fat, it just looked that way. Remember when I said I thought I looked thinner after the operation even though I was swollen?

Whereas most lifts just lift up your breasts, Dr. Horndeski's technique also brings in all that breast tissue migrated elsewhere and puts it back where it goes in your breast. If you want to be the same size, this is why he guarantees it, but also why he advised me against implants to go up 2 sizes--I apparently had enough to work with already there even though I'd never been a D or DD cup.

In the link I provided you'll see how she has to manually pull in her breasts from each side to get it uplifted. I cant do that--it is already in place!

so that coupled with the internal push up bra straps made from my own tissue inside my breasts creates the ultimate mini breast lift.

Now that the swelling has gone down I am also a 34 band rather than a 36--the tissue there has diminished. Lucikily a 36 fits on the tightest setting but I will need to get 34 in the future.

At my last appt he told me to get a bigger cup size so that my breast could begin to take more of the proper cone shape. That has worked.

Off to a business pics later...the more my inquisitive mind delves on, the more I will pass on. I hope I don't miss stuff like I thought he said the internal bra strap was from your skin. Some said breast tissue...I still don't know that, but you get the idea. Something from you so that it is not absorbed as a foreign body.

very natural--this is with NO bra!

I love the natural slope--doesn't look like someone cut a basketball in half and put both sides under tight skin. Yet you can see from the sculpture I did of my bust in college that I NEVER had this upper pole fullness before.

Breast shape is becoming even more natural

I wish I had been informed that my breasts would be very tight and look smaller out of surgery. I at first thought I'd lost some mass but found very quickly, in fitting bras, I had larger cups as everything was in the right place.

From there, Dr. Horndeski kept having me go up in bras so that there was a bit of looseness at the nipple. Because this lift is different in that as the tissues begin to heal and form their final shape, the bra you are wearing assists them in finding it.

These photos show how the nipple area is now starting to form more of the natural cone shape while still maintaining upper pole fullness.

They aren't done yet--but it does help give some idea of how the process works. This is why for this surgery (as opposed to other breast lifts) you have to wear an underwire and have to have the bra so tight except in the cup area--you want everything to stay lifted where he put it EXCEPT allow the breasts to gain their perkiness over the weeks. In other lifts, you wear a sports bra.

You will note some redness in the photos, that's just from my bra being worn so tightly.

Remember this is mostly all my own tissue. I have a very very tiny implant only in the bottom part of breasts that doesn't even go up to the nipple area. I really didn't even need it.


I did the math wrong. That sculpture I did must be about 28 years old!

Everything going great; steri strips off!

took a photo I'l try to post here on my way to the appt today. From reading the boards I know the majority develop a blister around the stitched area at some point but I had none due to my eating the peeled black garlic (Dr. Oz suggestion, 10 times your normal immunity, bought on Amazon) then I got cocky that all was well and stopped putting it on my dinner. 2 days later I got a blister. Started eating again, and I'm good. Could be a coincidence but I have had such good healing, I'm not risking it.

When I first took the steri strips off it looked could see some of the blood and sutures, all normal, but it wasn't pretty. In one day that improved because of the bra that is one side looser made the nipples begin pointing out.

I was anxious to see if my lifetime inverted nipple remained corrected after the steri strips were removed. It did! Wow!! Big bonus!! Tired lately of every time I saw a doc or had a mammogram for them to say "You have an inverted nipple" as though I never noticed in 47 years. Now I don't.

I had mentioned I was a G cup but not really--that is the bra too big when I though of it. I do fit well into a DD which was what I asked for now that they are taking the right shape.

You will still notice some sutures and light scabs that will fall off around the areola. By the looks of the cleaned off parts already, I can tell I will end up, as promised, with a scarless breast lift which blows my mind when everyone said only one doctor could do it--I still thought scarring around the areola was at least better than down the white part because it's pink, but I am fairly positive there will be no scars at all if they look this way already. Better than my expectations. I had deeper scars around my brow lift when I had that done and they are now invisible.

They are still taking shape and starting to point more outward, perfect.

I must say I feel far less motivated to post here....unless something goes wrong and I want to fuss all of a sudden...I'm happy with it, don't feel I need the feedback or comparison as much as I used to, and you get so busy taking the time to upload photos etc just goes on the back burner. But I remember so badly wanting to see more of this technique that I feel a little responsible for passing some of the phases on as I go.

Way more comfortable in all ways. Oddly, these feel lighter than my old C cups. The reason is that the internal bra holds them as I walk, etc. My old ones used to pull on my skin so running or walking fast hurt. It's like having 2 bras on. I cant say how much I love that...not only because the lift will last longer, but it just makes me so much more comfortable in movement. I hear people who get implants get real irritated by their feel movement. I went 2 sizes bigger and they move naturally but do not tug on my upper skin--and that is what caused my sagging to begin with. (I do not have kids and never breast fed. I run and I think that's what did it.)

I'll get better sports bras this time!

Bear in mind this is 2 days off the steri strips...not pretty yet, but oh so good. Up close, they are totally symmetrical although some of the scabbing that will fall off does not make them look that way. On to the doctor!

apoointment update 2 weeks 2 days

I tried to upload it from my iPod touch on the trip out but I need WiFi so I will do it when I vet home

Learned some new things. He believes my nipples will be even and round but should there be any part of them I'm not happy with they can be easily rounded out easily under general anesthesia in 6 months for me. Great to know

Secondly at my stage they now advise changing to a push up bra for added perkiness and even further shape perfection

Most importantly he told me the breast is primary healed by now but 50 percent when they say you can stop wearing a bra 24/7 one patient decided to go only braless when they advised just to back off. She wound up having them droop by bypassing the rules and they have to be fixed. Later you can go braless more but in the 2nd month he said you can go out braless sometimes but your muscle strength is still not there yet for full support nonstop. That will come later.

I asked where my 175 cc implants went in. He reminded me they are 185cc and he always does under muscle so when he adds the breast tissue on top you can't feel it at all. It is so true! No one would fathom I went from c to a full DD or low DDD with such a baby implant due to bringing in the breast tissue and internal bra. I probably mention that too often. I just love it. I'll take more pics in clothes soon too

15 days. Still some scabs as expected. Expected to heal scarless and symmetrical. He will fix any issues in month 6 if not which

See above post


Note: You can see how breasts have dropped into a lovelier shape in above photo, while still maintaining upper pole fullness which was my #1 want, and nearly impossible to get in a breast lift...I like the Victoria's Secret upper pole fullness look with the natural slope downward into the breast still rather than it just bulging out into a half moon. It's really starting to get that shape.

Few more braless photos

Fun to see how my clothes changed!

Best bra

In the end my favorite came from Soma. This is a bra place by Dr Horndeski's office. Attached to Chico's at the mall (but on the outside) right by the Cheesecake Factory. It just says Soma on it but it is one size too big as requested so there is nipple room to spring out. I liked my other bra I mentioned for stage 1. Now for coming shape, this has a nice uplift. It is the only bra that had a G cup so no matter what cup size you are, easy way to find this one.

Problem is now in stage 3 I need a push up bra. I'm DDD to DD to one size up G

Ordered 2 online. Will report on those

I don't regret having so many bras. I want to keep them clean to avoid infection. I swap them out and wash almost daily.

Sensitivity update

No change in my breasts to update but the strangest thing is that, although my nerve endings have not yet fully come back in the nipple area, the area surrounding it feels just like a nipple it is so sensitive. I find that so odd. I'm not sure why it is. I can feel every little movement in my bra.

I am not supposed to return for 2 weeks but I need to ask about the sutures when I do return...they are obviously the kind that dissolve but one is still there that I can feel.

No changes, all still going well.

Teardrop shape!

They have shaped out nicely. You can see the steri strips have been removed. I still have some sutures that did not dissolve. I don't know whether he will tweeze those or if they will dissolve.
I am so grateful for the nice natural shape.
Of course the cut around the nipple is still pink. That will fade. A bit of a lump on the bottom that will either go away or he will fix. Not as noticeable as it was.

All in all so very nice!

Hard to motivate myself to update now...they shaped out nicely but no major changes to update.

I finally get to work out my arms next week! They are settled and ready for me to!

over 2 months now and...

I will post new pics soon. Still look great...I have been too busy for my check up since they had to move around an appt and I moved--I'll try to make it to Houston soon and do a photo update and appointment update. They have actually just gotten better and better and my opinion--they really have taken on a more natural shape yet I still have the upper and lower pole fullness as well as the great lift. My nipple that used to go inward has remained fixed and they just look terrific. I am certain my husband kicks himself for telling me I should have a breast lift because his meds got imbalanced shortly thereafter and he went nuts and kicked me out of the house for no reason. With a gun on me. In lucid moments now that his domestic violence resulted in my move, he must hate this parting gift he wanted me to have for improvement...I should have known when he refused to fix me soup after surgery even though I hadn't eaten in 24 hours...mmmm hmmmm. But I digress. I am a better woman now, mentally and physically.

another update

I don't even think about it so much anymore so I never think about taking pics or updating but I know I wanted some as I was searching so here is another one...2.5 months or so now since my surgery.
I know that I heal well as far as scars anyway. I eat well and I follow instructions like crazy. I do think I'm healing great.

I have heard of so many people who don't understand the rules we are given after surgery and do otherwise. For example, I knew someone who had stomach lipo and didn't want to wear the girdle you are told never to take off for weeks. She kept doing it when she went out. Her skin did not reattach to the muscle etc. underneath which is the reason for it. Maybe we should be told WHY.
With this breast surgery you cannot lift your hands above your head. You can snap what was just put in place, including the internal bra straps that have to have tissue form around it to stay in place. I have read of people getting on the treadmill days after this surgery--that's also like pulling on your breasts which are trying to snap back into place. You can't go braless too soon...basically, nerve endings have to grow back, tissue has to form, and your body has to reattach itself in the right places.

I love my results but I tend to have great results with surgeries because I am paranoid-careful I think. I am so pleased with my doc and the care I took of myself. No one took care of me after surgery; not even my husband but somehow I kept the house clean and my body well. So anyone can do it.

After 6 months with this surgery we can get a nipple revision if it settles differently or there are scars. I have a tiny bit so I will (it's done under local at no charge) but I just wanted to show how it turned out. It's, as I understand, other than that part settled where it will settle which for me looks SO natural. Exactly what I wanted.

EW! I didn't fake tan

I'm in a different house now. That picture makes me look yellow! LOL. I have not been tanning!

side view

bra change

They went down in size--my DD bras are still too small but my F ones fit. I can still wear some G ones too. They don't look that big when you see them but they really fill them up--I think because they are so full. Just the swelling going down and them taking on their final shape. I think I leaned back some in that last picture; I need to stand up straight so projection is more obvious--sorry!

I lost 10 pounds...the girls did not. LOL

picture is self explanatory
Texas Plastic Surgeon

Having worked as a Senior Physician Recruiter and no stranger to cosmetic surgery, when I have something done I do extensive research and have no issue flying to whoever is best in the country for that technique. Having an engineering degree and the unheard of triple board certification, this doctor stood out. I have a cast of my bust I made in college (see photo) and I have more upper pole fullness now with just a mini lift and unlike any other doc I talked to, no scars to get there. He uses, in Cliff Notes version, a push up bra inside your chest made of your own breast tissue so your body doesn't absorb it so it maintains the lift longer than other lifts as well and also maintains it if you gain or lose weight, unlike other lifts. I have friends who had lifts and they are aghast when we compare my results already to monster scarred up boobs on me. He has patients fly in from most every country in the world when you talk to his staff. He is by far the best and as an engineer invented this proprietary technique and has not shared it. Kudos.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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