Bad After Bad Experience and I Just Hope I Get What I Have Been Always Wanting -Houston, TX

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Hello , I am here because i want to share my...

Hello , I am here because i want to share my experience with all of you . I have had 3 breast procedures in the past 4 years . my very first breast procedure was breast augmentation in 2009 , I was and A cup and wanted to be Full B cup , well unsatisfied with the breast size that i got after surgery (Full D) which was not what i had asked for , i underwent another surgery a year later for implant replacement to a smaller size according to my desired cup (full B, small C) my surgeon never told me he had to perform a lift and while i was under anesthesia my surgeon ran out of the operating room to ask my husband for a signature on the procedure he was about to perform ( i was under anesthesia so i did not agree to this ) so i ended up with a weird procedure in my breast , which was a lift on my right breast and a scar on my left ? i don't know what happened but i was not satisfied the second time . so insecure of myself i consulted another surgeon and just ask for implant removal in 2012 , now i am going to go with a breast lift to repair the damage that was done to my breasts. i hope everything goes well and i finally get what i want . My new doctor has made me feel comfortable and has understood the damage I've been through and i can't wait to see how my new breast will look after he fixes them , i have the consultation on dec 16 and looking forward to schedule my breast lift procedure ! i will keep updating pictures of my breast before and after

total money spent with all this mess :

Bad Surgeon:
first breast augmentation 2009 $6,000
implant replacement 2010 $5,500

New doctor :
implant removal with new doctor $3,500
my breast lift with implants : $5,500

photos of my BA in 2009 and after the mess this surgeon did on me

How I look now After Implant Removal

I'm really looking forward to how my lift is going to look . I just hope i can fix this mess because i am very unhappy with myself right now .

3 days post op and Loving myself !! Breast lift No implants

Hi !

I'm very sorry I been away for so long ! Well my breast lift is finally done and so far These are my results ! I'm 3 days post op and still very swollen from it . I still have mild pain and staying in my pain medications :-/ hopefully pain can go away soon !

I am very very happy with my breast lift , I can finally feel beautiful about myself again ! My PS did a fantastic job ! I couldn't be happier !

7 days POST OP and VERY HAPPY !!

So far I am 7 days post op and finally pain has gone away almost 100% ! I feel great ! I'm starting do do more things now like driving, cooking , and just things around the house but not too strenuous ! I can sleep better now and I'm off my pain medicine completely . Swelling is gone about 90% and my results are so far fabulous ! I'm a changed woman , my confidence is back . I hope my scars are not as bad . I still have the surgical tape on and I will be taking it off at the two weeks post op ! I can't wait but very nervous about bad scars , still better than what I had before. If I had to choose between scars and before , I will pick scars ! I'm happy with the way I look so far ! Please let me know your thoughts !

1 month post Op !!! Feeling fabulous !

Hi everyone ! Today I'm exactly 1 month and 3 days post op !! Very happy so far , my recovery has been wonderful . I am glad my incisions haven't gotten infected or anything , and they're healing nice ! Looks like my scar might not be that noticeable ! Which I'm very happy because I was always scared about bad scars , so far I love them ! Let me know what you think :-)

1 month post op (More photos)

These are the rest of the photos , I hit submit before posting the rest of my photos. Sorry
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