Breast Implants!!!!

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So I'm hoping to get the procedure done at the...

So I'm hoping to get the procedure done at the beginning of next year (fingers crossed!). I've done A TON of research, I've got a lot of "wish boob" pictures, I think I know around what size I would like, I know the type of incision I want, I know the placement I want, I know what I want the out come to be! I've got the money ill need, I jus need to start taking the steps to get there! I don't have one oz. of nervousness in me jus real excited and READY!!! Jus need a really good surgeon that knows what their doing and can give me great results and in the Houston area, or around there anywhere ha! Any suggestions?! Someone that can get me in for a consultation fast and in surgery quick! I'm so ready, it's unreal!((:

?!? :D

I think I found the perfect doctor!!! Staff seems to be super nice and really helpful! It's in my price range AND 24 hour recovery, he's out of town buuuuuuut! I'm positive it will be worth it! Still gettin more info.. You know how you get that feelin and you just like "I know this is it(:" and you just can't stop smiling? Yea, this is that feelin. Out of all the sergons I've been considering, I'm positive tho is it!((: I'll stay posted!!(:

Gettin' ready now!!(:

We'll be all ready for scheduling on Monday!(: hoping for surgery to be 21st, 23rd, or 27th of December! It's happened so fast, glad I did all the research before hand! Only like a month and a half away to a new LOOKIN' me! I'll still be me, jus bigger boobs ha!(:

Before's :P

Wish Boob!(:


Maybe someone with simalar size as me can help? So I think my PS said the biggest he could go was 325? And he's just going off pictures I sent for an online consultation because hes like a 7 hour drive for me (blehhhh, :P) he says it'll give me a full C cup, which is exactly what I want.... But sit 325 a really small implant? Or my rice testers are wrong? Ha probably the second one(; haha so incredibly happy!!! Wish I could get a sooner day haha or it be on my birthday? Happy Birthday To Me right? Ha I don't know I'm just hoping for the 21st! That would be great.


So my feiancee said I should see about financing my surgery... We have the money in savings but he says he would rather finance than take the money out in case if an emergency.. Which I totally understand but were just starting out and I don't have any credit, and I'm sure he doesn't either ha... Anyone know of any really good financing companies that will finance a surgery like this and I can pick my own dr.? I really don't want to change dr.'s... I need a life saver!!!!! Anyone went through a financing company for there surgery? Help?

January 24th!!(:

Ok, so it's been a little bit since I've updated. Got really busy I kept missing the nurses in the office's calls :/ buuuuuuut today was a lazy day since I haven't been feeling good and I emailed the nurse and they called(: January 24th is my day!!(;

Oh yea, question! :P

So has anyone tried to do anythin before surgery to either stretch your breast skin or make it more elastic? I've heard of vitimin E and coco butter? Did anyone try this stuff or somethin else's that worked?

2 Months & 11 Days!!!

And for some reason that doesn't seem long enough and at the same time it feels like it's FOREVER away ha wish I could get it sooner but we aren't doin it through finance and I want to be absolutely sure I have all the money without leavin us broke :P seems the more reasonable smart way to go..((: I can't wait!! Novembers goin by pretty fast and I know for sure December will with Christmas and my birthday!!!(: only thing is is spendin money! Ugh, it's gonna be hard, I like to go all out or Christmas gifts! Maybe I'll jus put Christmas on the credit card this year, although I don't like to use the credit card '.' Or maybe I'll go easy on the gift giving this year I suppose haha(: Oh! I wanted to ask, can anyone guess what general size sports bra I should by before surgery? I was thinkin C but I don't want them to be to big? Idk.

Check out her review!

Shout out to Steph18!! Check out her review! She is awesome!


Soooo I haven't been on in a whole and surgery is called off. Let me fill y'all in(: first my fiancée flipped a four wheeler ontop of me n broke my foot in Two diffrent places then we got into an accident and totaled out his truck our little puppy passed away my wonderful cousin had a beautiful baby boy. It's been pretty hecktik lol but I am defiantly rescheduling(:

Waiting Game

Talking to my doctors at the rehabilitation center for my foot to calculate the right time to schedule my new scheduled date (which I have not made unfortunately). I don't want to be on rehab for my foot while having to take it easy with the surgery... So hopefully I will be getting it done in the next 2 months! So disappointed about the delay, kind of discourages a girl:( but I know patience is the key!!(:

Consultation scheduled!!

Got the consultation scheduled for Tuesday at 11:00!!!! Super excited!

Had The Consultation!!!!

It was great!! Had a hard time gettin there but once I got there filled out paper work and went it to see the Dr.! She was wonderful.(: I'm just confused on sizes!!!

31 Days Left!!!!

31 days left until the big day!!!! :D So So So excited!!!!(: I'll post pics with sizers(:


Not sure if I should go the bigger size or the smaller sizer :/

25 more Days !!!!!!

25 more days!!! I'm so excited, not a bit of doubt or nervousness at all!!(: I can not wait!!!! Fiancée is really excited also, but I don't think near as excited as me haha so I've decided on size and I'm pretty sure I wanna go with the bigger size. Reason being, i don't feel as nervous going for the bigger size as I am with the smaller size.. Maybe that only makes since to me? Haha it's ok..usually I'm good at judging what I really want n get it right IF I don't second guess myself. Ha we'll see!(:


I'm SO ready and SO impatient haha 22 more days it feels like FOREVER away..and I know it's jus right around the corner. I had a dream the other night that I woke up and it was the day of surgery and I couldn't stop smiling!!!(: ohhhhhhh!!!!! Come on!! Haha!! So ready :P

19 Days Left!!

Nothing new to report, pre-op was moved from the 12th to the 14th for a little more convienience for me. At pre-op they should do my blood work give me the vitamin's and minerals? And give me a post-bra. I remember them sayin that stuff but I'm not sure that's it. Been having sleep anxiety but not because of the surgery, I'm not really sure why but I know it's not healthy for me to ALWAYS be up!!:/ anybody else have that before surgery?? I think it's due to STRESS!!! Ugh. Between helping friends, keeping SECRETS(which I hate, me and all my friends are pretty open about everything) after surgery I'll be getting a job at a daycare(which really has me stressed), rehab/ theropy for my foot, there's jus abunch goin on. Way more than that lol the list goes on and on!!! But I guess that's life and I shouldn't be ranting on Bout that stuff!!! Well nuthin new!!! Jus like I've said before all a waiting game!!!!;P

2 More Weeks!!!! :D

14 Days and 9 hours!!! Monday the 24th at 8:15!!!! I don't think it'll actually set in until that Saturday or so. Or maybe until we give them the amount in full on the 14th!(: I'm still obsessed with reviews and pictures but I definitely am confident with the size!!(: I can't wait!!! Now I jus got to keep myself busy and keep the house CLEAN!(: focus on bills and everythin... Idk with what else... Maybe I can start workin out and get all my energy out cause I'll be in bed for a few days! Wondering on what size sports bras to buy? Me and my fiancée bought 2 super cute ones like last month and we bought them in a large so I think I might take them back for mediums cause I don't think large will work. Might be too big. Get 350cc filled to 380cc.... What do you guys think? I'll post pics of them later!!(: thanks girls!(;

11 Days Left...

There's only 11 days left and I'm stressin! -.- the girl that was supposed to take me, jus all of a sudden can't. 11DAYS LEFT. I'm not mad at her, jus wish I had more time to find someone who could! And would. :/ there's jus so much goin on right now n I'm starting to think now may not be the best time.. And that really sucks because I want it so bad but I'm not sure with everythin goin on its a good idea.. Me and my fiancée were gonna try this whole "no stress" thing for the rest of the time so surgery and recovery aren't so hard in me, but our "friend" disagree and so does the rest of the world.. We'll see how tomorrow goes n if I can find somebody to take me because I would feel bad if my fiancée had to take off of work :/ UGHHHHH!!! Sorry bout the rant!! :P

Pre-op tomorrow

Pre-Op tomorrow.. I'm pretty excited... So I'm gonna try to see if my mom will take me to my surgery and if not then my fiancée will have to.. A little bummbed but it's ok I'm jus glad I have a wonderful loving fiancée ((: good luck girls!

Had Pre-Op...

Ok so went to pre-op an also tried on more sizers haha bad idea now I'm not sure again haha I think I might go with 400cc filled to 430cc

400cc filled to 430cc

7 Days and 12 hours! One week left!!

7 Days and 12 hours! One week left!!!! Jus gotta get everythin ready, got all my prescription and was so excited that it only cost me 47$! Thank The Lord for insurance! Haha otherwise when I added it up without insurance it would have been 400 somethin dollars! That would have sucked! I'm so excited! 7 DAYYYYYYYYS!!:)) I can't believe it's so close and STILL feels so far away! But u know it will go by fast!(: hopefully!!(: my wonderful mom is gonna take me(: at first she wasn't to thrilled about it and then she was very supportive and I am so glad to have such an amazin women as my mom!(: ahhhhhh!!!! I can NOT wait((: it's unreal how EXCITED I am! Welp, now I'm jus ramblin. Thanks Girls!

3 More Days!!!

3 More Days!!!! I am soo excited! Nothing's changed except I'm not 100% sure what time to be there Monday morning. The nurse should be calling me tomorrow to let me know exactly what time to be there. It's two hours away so I will definitely be getting there earlier. My mom and best friend took me on a girls day and we had a great time!(: only thing is, is we got our nails done and I forgot the nurse told me that I couldn't!!!! :/ so I told my mom that after I got home and thought about it cause I was freaking out and she said it shouldn't be a huge deal but when the nurse calls I am defiantly going to tell her about it and see if I need to take them off or jus keep my toes unpainted? Does anyone know about it? Or had there nails done and got to keep them on? I'm weird about my nails and I feel totally naked when I do t have them done (my weird addiction) I feel terrible about it because my mom paid for them and I don't want to take them off but I also don't want to jeperdize anything... I hope it's not. Huge deal but, she wouldn't have told me not to if it wasn't right? Grrr. Oh, and another thing.. I've been having killer cramps! And can't take ibprophen, anyone know what I can take? My fiancée suggested my Vicodin lol!!! But idk if that's a good idea lol thanks girls!!

2 Days! :D

2 Days!! Nuse called me today and I have to be up there at 6:30!! That means we have to leave my moms house before 4! Crazy! Haha I'm not at all nervous yet :P I'm excited haha. Me and my fiancée an a lot of our friends are goin riddin 4-wheelers this weekend before cause I know we won't be able to for a while after. Fiancée isn't to excited about not bein able to go for a while ha poor baby(: but he says it'll be worth it(; no drinkin for me so my fiancée decided he wouldn't either because he doesn't want me to feel left out(: he's so sweet and I'm so lucky!!!(: whelp gonna go get some cleanin done before this weekend and before surgery!!(: I have a feelin this weekend will go by FAST!!(:

There Done!!!

:D I'm all medicated but I'll post pics cause I can't really type anythin right now lol

Post-Op Day 3.,,

Sorry been in a crazzzzzzzzy amount of pain and been under so much stress over here I jus haven't has time to post. It's been eat sleep meds haha

Forgot the pics


They didn't post with the other one ha Day Three Insions!!!(:

Day 4(;

We'll let me tell you about my day 4 Post Op(: it's only 11 and it's been a pretty darn good day so far(: bein home along jus gives me time to think and the pain level is on a minimal (which is crazy seeing I can't ever seem to take them bad boys on time ha) I got my wonderful man up for work this mornin, I walked in the room(I've been sleepin on the couch/recliner) he was on my side cuddled up too ALL of my pillows haha my poor baby so I got him up and asked him what he was doin n he got this pouty look on his face and said "I guess they smell like you and I really miss you an guess my mind tried to justify you as the pillows" he sat up put his head on my stomach and said "please start sleepin back in bed with me, I can't sleep good withou you next to me" (': my poor baby I think I'm gonna try goin back to bed either tonight or tomorrow night but more than likely Sunday night cause he's gonna go out riddin this weekend :P he said he'll buy me all the movies and all the candie and whatever else I want but I think I may jus have a nice little fire outside with some friends til he gets home ha ANYWAYS :P I've slept pretty much all day an when I haven't I've had nothing but good thoughts! I'm ready for them to start droppin a little at least haha I want to buy bra's and swim suits! And try on all my shirts and tank tops! I want to go out and celebrate the bad babies!! Haha but for now I think I'll eat me some peaches(: anyone got any tips on how to make them drop a little faster?(: Thanks for listenin girls! Y'all are truly amazin! ( . )( . )
P.S. They look kinda smaller in the pics than in person haha, which kinda has me freaked out, but I don't think they be too big... Hopefully ha(:

14 Days!

Sorry for bein MIA. Been super busy! Ha there a lot softer and I can move them a little bit, not much droppin at all, just tryin to be patient. Jus glad that it's still pretty chilly our way n not time for swim suits yet!! Hopefully they'll be dropped by that time. Patience ain't my friend!! I'm so ready for the drop! Lol not takin any pain meds jus takin vitamins and somethin that helps prevent capsule contracture I think lol don't hold me to that but I take it for 6 months every single day, well I think that's all for now ha thanks girls!!!(:

I've been absent! Sorry!

I'm 5 months Post-Op and I got 400cc left and right and sometimes I'm happy n other times not so much. They feel huge. BUT I do have to say I DO NOT regret them, they jus weren't what I was think they should be. They have dropped but not as much as I was thinking... They are still pretty high.. Has anybody gone through this? If so, and you did something to help encourage the drop, share your secret? Haha thanks!(:
Waiting Game D:

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