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Hi Ladies - I’ve been debating on whether or...

Hi Ladies -
I’ve been debating on whether or not to create a profile, and have decided to take the plunge. I'm quite shy like that. All of the personal journeys on here have made my waiting time just a little bit easier and lets me know that I’m not alone. Don’t get me wrong. I really, REALLY wish it would just happen already!!! The waiting part HAS to be the hardest part of all – or so I’m hoping that it is. I would love to have some boobie buddies and will be following some of you on your journey.
So I guess I’ll give you some background info. I’m 5 feet tall. My weight usually fluctuates between 110-115, but as of today, I’m at 112. I have 2 kids; a 9-year-old and an almost 2-year-old. I haven’t always wanted a BA, but after my first pregnancy and breastfeeding, it completely changed my mind. I’ve been seriously considering it for the past 5 years. In the beginning I would just kind of joke about it with my husband and with some close friends because I knew that financially it was very far out of my reach. BUT I’ve been saving and saving and saving, and it’s finally time. I think this should be perfect timing for me. We’re financially stable and my baby is not as needy. Although, I AM worried about recovery and not being able to lift my 27 lb son to hold him for a while. I guess having him sit in my lap for a while should be okay.

Like many of you, I lead a pretty busy/active lifestyle. Aside from being a full time mom & wife, I have a full time desk job and I fell in love with running in the last 2 years. I’ve trained for full & half marathons. Thank goodness for these runs; they keep me sane and helps keep my weight off. My surgeon told me I can start running again at 2 weeks post op. He said that I must use a super supportive sports bra though. I didn’t even have to ask him; he just saw me write running on the paperwork and answered all of the questions I had that day without me even asking. That’s what I really liked about him – very straightforward, with a sense of humor.

Anyways, I’ve decided to get 400 cc mod plus silicone sub-muscular, under the crease incision. At first I was set on 350 cc, but after looking at a million pictures and reading everyone’s experiences, I’ve decided to go a little bigger. A lot of women regret not going bigger but you rarely hear of anyone regret that they’re too big. Most are actually pleased if they turn out slightly bigger. Lol… I’m at an A cup, hoping to be a full C. So typical, I know. ;) My surgeon uses the Sientra cohesive silicone also known as the gummy bear implant.

I have quite a lot of info, but to keep these entries from getting too long and boring, I’ll post bits of info as updates.

Hello Ladies, Sorry, but being online is making...

Hello Ladies,

Sorry, but being online is making me more and more obsessed and anxious so I'm going to be off for a while.

It's actually helped the time go by much faster...

It's actually helped the time go by much faster since I've made myself stay offline. I've been keeping myself really busy at home; cleaning every nook and cranny of my house. I'm tackling the garage this weekend even though I probably won't see it, but it'll keep me from thinking too much about boobs! lol... I'll try to add some pictures soon. At least before the surgery so I'll have something to compare to afterwards.

My pre-op was last Monday and everything is paid for. I'm sooooo ready and getting more scared and anxious as the time gets closer. But thank goodness that this week has gone by so much quicker for me. It's already Friday and I have a little over a week to go. My perscriptions are filled. :)

There were a few things that my PS is doing differently so I think I'll share that with you ladies. He says nothing herbal or homeopathic 2 weeks before and after. I had already bought some Arnica Montana, so I guess I'll just hold onto it in case after 2 weeks it's still bruised. It was less than $5 from The Vitamin Shoppe anyway. So nothing herbal also means no drinking stuff like green tea. Regular iced tea is fine. Caffeine is fine. The nurse said that I should get some Sprite for drinking after the surgery if I want to. The little bit of sugar and carbonation helps relieve some of the nausea. Just don't drink water if I'm nautious because it'll make it worse. Good to know, right?

He says no bra whatsoever for 6 weeks post-op. If I want, I can wear a bandeau or a tank with the built in bra shelf. I guess that's to help it drop faster. So... I went to return all the bras I bought and just picked up a comfy white tank from wal-mart for the time being. I brought them to my pre-op just to make sure whether or not the kinds I have were okay to wear. I bought 2 really cute lacy ones without underwire from Forever 21 that were about $7.50 each that I'm going to keep though. Hopefully I can wear those after 6 weeks. IDK what I'm going to do when I can't control my nipples... lol... Maybe I need to get some of those petals!

I asked about whether or not wearing makeup was ok because some of the other girls said that their PS said no makeup. But he says it's fine. It doesn't matter, just be sure to wash all over with anti-bacterial before surgery. I have some Cetaphil that my toddler uses, so that should work. I can lift my arms as long as I feel okay anytime after surgery. If I come in with loose fitting pants, I can keep it on during the procedure. So I'm just planning on wearing a pj set with the front buttoned top. The nurse said that'd be perfect.

Also said no to any advil type stuff and allergy medicines. The pollen has been horrible here lately so I asked about the allergy meds and he actually okay-ed Benedryl. I've been trying not to take it unless I REALLY need it. Ummm... he also said to stop taking my Biotin. I also take Vitamin D because I'm defficient which he said I can continue if I want. The nurse suggested to switch over to a multivitamin for 2 weeks before and after. It still has some vitamin D in there but not as much. She also said that the low amounts of vitamin E found in the multi-vitamin is fine.

I can run after 2 weeks with a super supportive sports bra. Or even layer 2 so they don't bounce. I must take off the bra as soon as I'm done though. My doctor is also a runner so he can relate on not being able to get outside and go running for too long. I have a business trip and have to fly to LA 3 1/2 weeks post-op. They said I should be fine; just try not to do too much heavy lifting. I was worried about getting my luggage from the belt, but they said it's okay. Lifting occasionally won't be horrible, but it's the repetitiveness that will make you sore. The nurse also showed me how to pick up my toddler. You must bend with your knees (like in a squat position), hug him, then lift up. She didn't say I needed to wait a few weeks or anything either.

I'm also going to a water park 4 1/2 weeks post-op. I asked about that and they said as long as I'm not going crazy down the slides and stuff, then I should be fine. I'm just going to lounge around the pool with my little one. It's his birthday trip. They said to keep the incisions covered and apply a generous amount of sunscreen. Soaking in the pool is fine after 2 weeks.

I think that's all for now. Good luck boobie buddies if you're going into surgery soon!

Tomorrow is the BIG day! ;) This past weekend...

Tomorrow is the BIG day! ;)

This past weekend was quite busy for me. Even with that, I still couldn't sleep very well. I tried to make my home spotless, but with 2 little kids I know it'll be flipped upside down soon enough. My husband kept joking with me, saying that I act like I'm dying and that I need to make everything perfect. Lol... he'll realize how much I actually do around the house soon! I washed my sheets, all the small rugs, every single towel, did all of the laundry, and I even took off the covers on my couch cushions and washed that. I set up my recovery areas (one in my bedroom and one in the living room) and told the kids that it is off limits. I put extra throw blankets and pillows in each spot.

I deep cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms one last time. Sweeped, mopped, and vacuumed every floor. I cleaned my yard & patio area, too. I also got some crackers and sprite ready, even though I'm not much of a crackers eater. I got those white cheddar cheez-its. So good. Hopefully my baby doesn't eat all of them before I want some. I also bought some fruits and organic bottled juices. Just in case I don't feel like eating, at least I can drink some healthy juices. I'm going to pre-open some of the caps so I don't struggle afterwards. Doing the same with some bottled water. I wished there were some places around here that had good & healthy soups. I wanted to pre-make some meals and freeze them but my husband told me not to. He's not going to throw anything in the oven/on the stovetop and our microwave just broke. :( He'd rather just order in. I am so not looking forward to eating pizza lol... I'll probably make one last stop at the grocery store tonight and see if they have anything without so much sodium where it doesn't need to be heated up. Maybe some salads would work.

I went out and got a haircut. It's been a while and I didn't want to get all tangled up in my hair when I can't shower for a couple of days. And just in case I can't do my hair. This might be TMI, but I also naired my legs and will wax my armpits and eyebrows today.

Today's going to be one looooong last day in the office for me. None of my coworkers know. They probably think I'm taking the week off to celebrate my birthday lol... My husband took the day off tomorrow to be with me and 1/2 day off Wednesday to take me to my post-op. My friend was supposed to come over and stay with me for a couple of days, but she got stuck working. And she lives out of town. So I'm hoping more than ever that my recovery goes well. I'll be alone after my husband goes back to work. At least the kids will still be going to school and the babysitter's house as usual.

Thanks for reading my blabbering and good luck boobie friends! Hopefully the next time, I'll already be in boobieville. :D

I finally made it to boobieville! Surgery went...

I finally made it to boobieville! Surgery went well and I'm feeling ok. I'll make a more detailed update as I feel better! Happy healing my boobie friends!

So I've almost made it a week. Tomorrow will be my...

So I've almost made it a week. Tomorrow will be my one week mark.

Day of surgery went okay. Like many others, I was totally knocked out and don't remember much. Before I went into the operating room, the anestesiologist came to talk with me. Then my PS. He explained about the size and said that he's going to put in 440cc to get the look of the sizers I put on. I didn't argue. Just said okay. Let's do this. He said he'd have to go up 10% for petite women, 30% for medium build, 50% for larger framed ladies, etc. etc. to get the look you want from trying on sizers. Don't take my word on those percentages; I just remembered what mine was. Sorry! When I woke up, I was in a recovery room and the doctor was already with another patient. They gave me some crackers and sprite to sip on while they asked my husband to come back to get me. Then they wheeled me out and my husband took me home. It was a tough night for me. I was nauseated the whole time and couldn't eat much. I ate some crackers and took a sip of some soup. I had mostly sprite because I couldn't even stand water. It made me extra nautious. I took naps throughout the day, but I was surprised at how aware I was even with the medication. My husband had to help me to the bathroom a couple of times.

Post-op Day 1: I had my post-op appointment early in the morning so my husband and I went to grab some breakfast after we dropped off the kids and headed to my PS's office. The nurse took off the bandages and my PS came in to take a look. Said everything looked great after he made some "adjustments". My nipples were pointed in different directions probably because of how I kept falling asleep on the couch the day before. lol... But he fixed that in 2 seconds. He just sort of pushed the implant a little bit. Then the nurse showed me an exercise that I have to do 4 x's a day. They were really difficult to do at first because of pain and I was weaker than normal. I got to see the incisions and was surprised that I had no bruising at all. I took some pictures so I'll upload those tonight when I get home. I was able to use the bathroom by myself without help. I felt really sore, but managed to do my makeup that morning to get ready too. It was difficult at first, but I took my time and made really slow movements, being careful not to exert myself. I was told I could shower, but in all that pain, I didn't try to until the next day. I was still waking up at night and taking meds.

Post-op Day 2: Still naustious and no BM yet. Pain is better and I took less naps throughout the day. I still wasn't able to eat much, but it wasn't as bad. I made myself coffee that morning and took my time taking a shower and getting ready. I managed to heat up that cup of soup from the day before and ate that for lunch. And I sipped on some organic bottled juices just to get some nutrients in my system. I was a little on the cranky side. My friends were texting me to see how I was doing and I remember thinking that it was annoying and that I didn't want to answer any questions, especially since they were asking the same things. Like what bra size will you be or what bra size did you get? lol... I honestly don't know that so maybe that's why I got kind of annoyed. I'm not skipping any of the muscle relaxers. The nurse said that would help a lot with tightness and dropping. I managed to have more water without wanting to throw up and ate a little bit more for dinner. Trying to get off the sprite too... Water's always better for you.

Post-op Day 3: Woot! Friday. I got desperate because I still had no BM. And it was making me feel so bloated, gassy, and yucky. So I took some milk of magnesium. I tried to drive for the first time and made sure the meds wouldn't interfere with me. I picked up my daughter from school and took her to a dentist appointment. I drive a standard so it was really hard at first putting it into gear. After a while I got used to it. I just had to use both arms for first gear and reverse. It went so well that I stopped by some stores to pick up a few things. My daughter helped me with opening doors, etc. I took a long nap when I got home though. That night I was able to eat a normal-sized dinner.

Post-op Day 4: It was my birthday so we went out for some lunch and shopping. I was able to curl my hair with no issues. Just took it really slowly again. The hardest part for me was how to not wear a bra AND disguise the weird shape I'm still having. So I just tried to hide it under my hair and I put bandaids on so my nipples would be under control. lol... I went out looking for a bandeau bra, but even sizes large and medium were feeling uncomfortable and tight. Probably because of the swelling. I didn't feel like trying on too many though, because I was still in some pain/discomfort. I had a good day. I didn't buy much of anything. I wasn't nauseated anymore and finally had a BM. I was still feeling bloated though. so trying on clothes wasn't fun. I have full range of motion in my arms with little discomfort on this day.

Post-op Day 5: I felt good enough to go out into the public and I was getting used to the weird torpedo shape to my boobs. I wore a tank with a bra shelf and a tshirt over that. I just took a set of those thin foam pads from an old swimsuit or something to mask my nipples. I did not feel like using more bandaids. lol... My husband says they look good so stop worrying. Still feeling super bloated and sore, but so much better. My nipple sensation on my right never went away but my left side has been numb and coming back slowly. Like today, I can feel soemthing there, but it's not sensitive. Idk if that makes sense.

Post-op Day 6: Today! My first day back at work and I'm doing well. I have a desk job, so nothing to do to make me sore. Just opening heavy doors, but I'm managing ok. Everyone at work seems normal. No one's given me any weird stares yet. My office has only maybe 10 people but we're within a giant building with another company. Those people I see everyday too, but no strange stares from them either. NA-DA. All in all, I'm feeling maybe 75% back to normal and still can't believe it's done. I though for sure maybe some bruising will start showing up too, but I don't have any. My doctor did an awesome job and if you look at my scars, you can't even tell that it's new. I'll try to upload pics tonight so you all can see.

Happy Healing!

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