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I'm so nervous to go through with breast implant...

I'm so nervous to go through with breast implant surgery. I have always felt embarrassed of how flat chested I am. I've considered getting implants for a long time but have only recently done research an had a consultation. The consultation was awesome an made me feel more sure about it. I feel more comfortable about it an I saw 3d images which really made me want to do it more! I love my body everything about it is great to me except for the one thing that matters most in my head is my boobs. Which are non exsistant :( I want to get them but am so afraid of something bad to happen:0 like what If I die under anesthesia! Or if I get a diesease after or the incision not heal right! Or if I look just plain ridiculous with fake boobs:( if any one has any advice for me at all I would greatly appreciate it! I need help deciding, however I know it all up to me in the end.

Well I'm still saving my money for my procedure so...

Well I'm still saving my money for my procedure so there's no set date yet ;/ but I can't wait! About $2,000 more to go. Everyday it gets worse though when I look at my flat chest ;( I don't know how my guy thinks I'm sexy lol but he loves me for me so that's awesome! He doesn't care if I get them or not, he thinks I'm perfectly fine the way I am, but I just can't wait to feel good in a swim suit an in bras an etc., to feel like a WOMAN instead of a little boy is gonna be amazing :) I believe I'm going with silicone gel implants, but still undecided on what size an how many cc's , I barely fit a 32A an I'm so skinny people think I'm sick an need to eat more;( so I don't want them to look too extremely fake. I really want them to look natural but still biggish lol

So close to having enough money!

:)I'm so excited!!! I am so close! I pretty much have the money now to get my breasts! Lol I just need a little bit more to have for after so I'm not completely broke!;) I'm tempted to make my appointment now but not sure if I should wait to set the date when I have more than enough to get them! Or how far in advance they book up. I know I want to do silicone under the muscle but not sure what size!:0 the dr said we could do a full C cup, but some of my friends an family think a full C cup will look way too big on me with my flat chest an tiny body but can they even do a B cup? Will that be enough to cover the scar of the incision under the breast? I don't wanna go too small an wish I had got them bigger :/ but then again anything more then what I have now will be awesome! Also has anyone heard of this "dual plain" placement? Where the implant is half under the muscle an half not? So it's kind of tear drop shaped an more natural looking? The dr had mentioned this

Style 20 or 45?

So my PS suggested I go with a either style 20 high profile silicone gel implant or style 45 ultra high profile . I feel these are more projected out wards looking pointy ish? and I don't know If that will look good on me or normal or fake? I think I like the more rounded implants but do those look more fake? I want a natural look an I suppose that's why the dr had mentioned those styles that come out more instead of being wide will look more natural ? I don't know which style to pick!

Don't wanna back out!

So it looks like I finally have all the funds to get my breast implants!:0 I can't BELIEVE it! I didn't think id be this nervous to go through with it ! I mean to actually call an make the surgery date! Omg kinda freaking out ! If all goes accordingly an I call an make an appointment I could be getting them done June 27th! But I don't even know if that day is available I'm just so nervous to call! ;/ I really want boobies! But had blocked out all the bad things for awhile an now they are all coming back ;( what if this what if that what if ! But I know I can't keep thinking that way an I feel that won't be completely happy until I have boobs ;(

Fantasy looks

Some wish boobs pix


:) ok wow can't believe I actually set my surgery date just now June 27th it is! Pre op June 10th!! Ahh it's happening! So excited an super nervous at the same time! i don't feel prepared at all! what exactly are the preparations before getting implants?!? Should I work out a lot an eat really healthy? Take vitamins? No drinking or smoking I know that lol

Almost 3 weeks away till surgery!!!

Oh my goodness my BA surgery is almost 3 weeks away! It really hasn't hit me yet, I really hope not rushing this. I've been saving my money and as soon as I got it I made my appointment but I hope I still have enough to shop after! Lol I can't wait to buy new bras an swim suits! An actually fill them up! An they really fit me with no padding!:) to be able to wear lingerie! An feel like a sexy ass woman! Ahhh!:) so Dang excited! An nervous still how am I going to even walk in the surgery room tht part is what is scariest an going under ;( will I wake up? If an when I do i hope I yell "IM ALIVE"

Had my Pre op today

So I went to my pre op today an paid off my boobies!;) oh my goooooddness I can't believe almost teared up as everything was done an I was like " so ill see y'all (the sweet ladies in dr basu's office) the day of surgery?" Ahh crazy I tried on every sizer possible lol ultra high profiles an high profiles in different cc's it was great fun! Brought my favorite different shirts an tanks even brought a work out tank , it was so cool seeing how they look in different tops. :) ultra high looked awesome but almost too fake on my since I'm tiny as hell but if I wanted the porno look it would be perfect lol but I think high profile is big enough for me! So I choose in between 325-350 cc's :) still think they might be a little too big an I almost feel like I want another Pre op to be positively sure!;0 the 300cc's looked great too but just smaller than the others :/ so kinda unsure but I do want a more natural look. My fiance thinks i should go a size smaller than the 350 so I don't look so fake. Next Gotta get blood work done an pick up perscriptions still hasn't hit me yet but reading all those consent forms like 20 pages of warnings scared the crap out of me almost backed out!

3d images

Less than 2 WEEKS!

Whoa kinda freakin out can't believe my surgery is comin up so fast!:0 I have nothing prepared OMG having another Pre op Monday to try some more sizers on an reassure myself what size to get! I need to remember I oringlaly wanted them just a bit Bigger than what I have! Lol not go over board with all the bigger size fun bags!;) cuz I don't wanna look fake I honestly don't want any one to be able to tell really :/

10 days till boobzzzz!

had another pre op yesterday it went swell! The ladies at dr basus office are so sweet ha totaly cool with me coming back an trying more sizers on an think I may go with the 300cc's haha I may leave it up to my PS's judgement once he's in there he can see what looks good on me an if the 325????looks outrageous also went to target to get a front close bra but ugh couldn't find anything cute lol those things aren't made to be cute I suppose but ended up buying some sweet shorts for the gym! Ha I've been working out so much lately trying to get my abdominal strength in its best shape ever! Been doing lots of yoga as well! Because I know I won't be able to work out for a while after in recovery :/ which makes me sad but I know Ill need to heal lol still hasn't hit me yet that i will be in a surgery an it's gonna hurt so bad! Went to the store got a few things ill need for after still need more but getting closer to feeling more prepared

More photos

5 days till my BA!! Holy crap!

Wow it's really happening lol so I wanted to post some pix of my body to show how tiny I am:/ an if y'all really think I should go for the 325cc!!!;0 because I'm afraid of them being too big!!! But most everyone always wishes they went bigger right? In my case I think I'm a bit different I want to big natural looking an not huge or too big at all. thinking 300cc or 280!?!? Ahh but so unsure. However i know my PS will give me what I want:)

280cc HP silicone gel under muscle

Thinking I should just do 280cc?!? Is this too small?!? I just don't wanna be too big y'alll!! Some of the 300's out there look Beautiful but I don't know how they'll look on me!;(

BA is tomorrow!!

Holy cow time has flown by! In a bit of shock that tomorrow ill be getting implants! A little freaky that I've decided to put these foreign objects in my body not know if my body will like them or reject them. But I don't wanna live my life in fear an curiosity an never going for it! Never knowing what life could be like with something new.Sometimes You have To take risks in life! We can't just sit around hoping an moping an never doing things were afraid of! :) I am so happy I've finally realized this at 24 years of age! An not a minute longer! Yes I'm terrified, but sometimes u have to do do things that you don't know what the consequences will be. It Could be amazing on the other side!:)

Whoa not that bad AT ALL!!

So I had my surgery at 9 am this morning and was totally freaking out! I woke up at 6 took a good shower shave an shampooed/ conditioned my hair, then I braid it on both sides so it would be out of the way! And it looked cute! Put my favorite yoga pants on so comfy got them from ARIE $10 on sale! Then wore a lace bralette an my zip up also cute comfy hoodie! and some slip on vans. Got to the office with my fiancé ( gosh he is the best ) literally has been awesome about this whole thing! They took me to get dressed an took before pix and then started my IV my nurse Abby was so nice an funny made me feel very comfortable! I didn't like the IV at all but I closed u eyes an it was over lol. Then the anesthesiologist came in an talked to me he was super cool too! Made me giggle and told me what was going down. Then my PS came in we discussed one more time what I wanted I showed him some last minute pix to reassure my look! :) he was like great your gonna look perfect 325cc will get u there!:) he drew on me an then left. I kissed my guy good bye an walked into the other room scared shitless to leave him like it was the LAST GOOD BYE ha I laid on the operating bed an the nurse said youll probably be cold heres your blanket an the anesthesiologist said she is not gonna care about anything in 30 seconds!! Lol I was out it was fantastic! Woke up seriously couldn't open my eyes! For a while but heard them talking to me an asked a few questions can barely remember that part was sitting in a wheel chair with them while my fiancé got the car! God I hope no one that I know saw me haha the car ride home sucked only a little cuz my boobs felt stretched an right just a lot of pressure there. Then we picked up la Madeline to go:) my favorite soup an sandwich an went home I laid down right away It was hard to walk still because I was out of it. Ate like one bite an took my pills then thank god I had a little trash can next to me on the bed because i threw up right away! But it felt good lol then I felt great after an rested. We used a pillow an towel on top for
Me to eat in bed but wish we had a FOOD TRAY! Get one if u don't have one! I have like 10 pillows around me some under my back an head an by my arms lol perfect I feel good! Drinking water out of a plastic cup with a top on it an a straw ( like a travel cup) get one of those! Finally saw My boobs and OH MY LORD THEY LOOK PERFECT! My fiancé even said so he wanted to see them too lol I went home in a surgical bra they gave me to wear. I'm so happy I did this!:) don't know why I freaked out so much


So I gave my PS 3 options of the sizers i liked 280cc 300cc 325cc all high profiles. Which ever he thought looked best on my body I said! He choose the 325's an I absolutely love them they aren't to big or too small right now from wht I can tell I AM SO ECSTATIC! :)

Loving them already!!!:)

Day 2 what a breeze

So my best friend stayed with me today to help take care of me however it has been such a breeze I have barely needed any help! I can pull my pants down an up when I pee I can wash my face an braided my hair ! I've been laying down pretty much straight up with lots of pillows not flat at all. And I've been able to sit up easily by myself as long as I'm super inclined!:) my best friend wanted to go out to lunch an shop a little an I was totally feeling up to it :) of course I had to try on some swim suits! I couldn't resist lol I'm loving my new self! It's insane unreal :) good luck to those getting theirs soon!:)

Day 3:) so in love

Tried on my old lingerie still fits an I fill it out now!

Some bras an lingerie still fit! But they look sooo much better now that I can actually fill them out! So happy with my natural looking somewhat modest size !:) day 3 was just dandy

Day 6 so much more confident :)

:) I had the best day of my life yesterday, went on a bit of a shopping spree With my best friend an tried on so many bras an clothes! Was in shock at how good my boobs look gosh! It's too good to be true I swear! So hard to believe i actually did it!!Post op is tomorrow :) can't believe it's been a week tomorrow ! Wow this really was the best thing I've ever done for myself :)my sister gave me a sweet get well soon card an said she's so proud of me because I went out chased my dreams an got what I wanted! :) I love her an I really do have a whole new glow about me an a tremendous amount of confidence :) back at work today, I am a little slow, off the meds, but thank goodness Tuesdays are slow where I work.:) can't wait to buy some bras!! And get out of this surgical bra lol

Didn't buy these bras yet but going to once I drop an fluff

1 week post op!:)

Everything is going so well! Had my post op apportionment an they said i look great and I'm doin well they took the tape off my incisions an said they look beautiful lol then said I could wear sports bras!AN OR now BRA! YAY! Love them! Tired of that ugly surgical bra lol so of course I had to GO SHOPPING! Went straight to VICTORIA secret hah I've been waiting to go there for so long! :) had the best time tried on way too much of course haha but all zero padding was insane! :) week 1 has been great I feel so beautiful now 100% secure with my body! no longer depressed an I'm where I want to be in life i have a good job a good car an amazing best friend/fiancé :) and good future In laws! a great family and my health really what else could I ask for!:) happy Fourth of July everyone :) this all sounds too good to be true I can only hope it all stays like this ... Dreamy

Naked :-0

Day 12? livin in a kinda of day dream

I'm seriously having the time of my life!:-) Wore no bra to work today with this coral orange zip up dress i owned before boobs and it was perfect still fits an better than ever ! no one could tell! an my co workers were just so happy for me that they look so natural an not too big at all! They were worries I'd go to big because I'm small lol I know what I want ok!:) love making before an after pix it's amazing the difference is impeccable! Still no regrets an loving the new me all the way! Everyday is just peachy as heaven I still can't believe it!

18 days since my BA :)

Going on my 3rd week since my new boobies! Still Loving them an still so glad I made this decision! Can't wait to be able to return to my yoga class! An get in the gym again! An drop an fluff! They are still a little swollen an up high but hey I don't care they look awesome to me! Lol went to a casual party the other night an wore a sports bra under a tank top, i felt and looked so good! Got a few compliments lol but no one has said anything about if I got a boob job! Thank goodness because I want them to look natural!

27 days post op!

Holy cow I am loving these things!:) I had my 4 week post op appointment yesterday and got wonderful news! They said my new breasts look beautiful the scars look good an i have been massaging good! I can now wear any bra I want! I can get sized! I can do yoga again! Thank goodness! I can slowly start working out!:) so excited about that lol I can swim! Just have to be gentle still which is fine! I love wearing sports bras though now with out padding an a huge padded strapless underneath!:0 my gosh it's amazing :) still in shock! I got sized 32 in between a C cup an D cup! Whoa! Didn't think I was gonna be that big at all! Haha I couldn't even imagine before filling up my AA cup lol so I bought one bra because I didn't wanna go over board went to VS of course I am In love with that damn store hah i have coupons for being an angel so I got $20 off a dream Angels bra, got the multi way so I can wear regular an strapless! It's beautiful! I almost cried when I was busting out of the C an needed a D! In the regular demi bra I fit a C cup, but in the multiway the D fit better lol this is crazy , the only bad thing is that I have to start scar massaging! Wtf it hurts sooooop bad! She showed me what to so an I literally screamed;( I only to once a day but it is quite uncomfortable but hopefully it will get better, she said it would.

Busting out of my old bras!haha

So here are some pix of me in my old bras! Some still fit if they are stretchy but the 32a's do not fit a all its so crazy! I use to dream of having some boobs but now I have big boobs!:) so awesome

1 month post op!?!

:) oh my gosh every day is amazing with these new bad boys! Can't stop shopping lol not broke yet though thank god! Went swimming for the first time that was crazy! My arms got tired quick ha. Went running too for a little bit an did some ab work outs that was fun! Also took a bike ride whew was quite tiring for my legs an ass Haha! still doing the scar massaging an it is getting easier! You can barely see my incisions! They blend in so perfect!

2 months post op?!!

So I was Asked to post some photos in my regular clothes just so you can see how they look while in everyday clothes. I am still in love with my new additions they make everyday 100x better :) just having a little boobage is amazing! wearing plain stuff I still feel sexy an beautiful! :) life has been fabulous! My birthday is right around the corner an I couldn't be happier:) thankyou Jesus! For my wonderful most expensive birthday present I've ever bought myself!:) scar massaging has gotten better an less painful I bought the drs silicone scar supervision called biocorneum SPF 30! It was $50 bucks from them but I believe it's worth every penny to take care of yourself with the best products especially if its goin to help reduce my scar:) have a grand day lovely ladies an hope all is well an good luck to those going through surgery soon! An happy healing to those recovering!

4 months post op?

Happy Halloween every one!:) hope all is well and recovery for everyone is going greatness! And anyone going into surgery soon don't worry it will all be worth it HAVE NO FEAR :)
I am proud to say I am still loving my new boobs! Life has been good, especially because I have these girls now ;) they are settling well! I'm obsessed! I would do it again in a heart beat :)

So much more confident now

My gosh these boobs have changed my life entirely! I have never in my entire life felt so comfortable with my body! :):) I absolutely do not regret this huge life changing decision I've made not one bit! My life has been better than ever! However it has made me a bit more cocky an my man has noticed lol but I was always so shy an embarrassed an insecure so I say hell ya thank god for this surgery being possible! Everything happens for a reason! So In love still! A little obsessed with buying new bras an such lingerie but hey I never did before so I feel I got some catching up to do! I'm only 25! Lol an I love my 325cc choice in size couldn't be happier with my decision hope everyone is too! An good luck to any going through surgery soon! Feel free to message me

Simply loving life :) <3

Oh my gosh so I apologize for the delay on update :) I have been having way too much with my new assets! Lol it has given me a bit too much confidence now however haha I feel like my man doesn't appreciate them at all but it's okay because I didn't get them for him. I got them for me! An to help me feel better about myself an my body! An by golly it has done that for sure!;) But starting to think I deserve to be treated a little better even if it's not the case haha can't wait for summer an swim suits!! An showing them off more healed since it's been a while since I had them done. did my first lingerie photo shoot which I've always wanted to do but never had boobs! An didn't feel right with out them! Lol I was more than pleased with the whole experience an outcome! I was so comfortable in my underwear in front of a Camera! I couldn't believe it! An the pictures were to me amazing! Shocking almost to see my beautiful body with boobs now! I seriously have never felt more beautiful an hot in my life! It has made sex life intensely hot too by the way ;) ????????haha However I do have some numbness in the right side of my right boob! ???? but i am still totally glad I made this decision!;) ???????????????? hope all is well with every one! Feel free to message me whenever good luck to anyone having surgery soon:) you'll do great!

Summertime is here finally!

Oh my gosh how is everyone?! I'm doing good! can't wait for pool parties an beach parties! Been loving my new look still of course however still trying to keep them on the down low so been looking for swim suit tops that don't show them off that much lol but it is hard! I want to show them off but don't want everyone to know they're fake lol I can't stop swim suit shopping! Victoria's Secret definitely has got all my $$! Haha I've bought a few new pieces, currently waiting for one bikini in the mail! Still experiencing numbness on my right bottom side of boob, but nipple sensation is still there thank god! I do feel sometimes maybe I went too big on the size I choose ;/ like sometimes it's uncomfortable to cuddle with my man because they get in the way sometimes lol or if were having sex an he's on top laying on them kinda hurts haha so I do sometimes wish I had went a little smaller ha but I don't regret them at all! they have given me this confidence I never thought I would have I almost can't believe it, it's kind of bad in some ways, they make me feel more sexy an beautiful an I know it's all in my head I'm sure but it has gotten me in some trouble lol trying to stay the humble sweet little girl I was, it is a little harder than I thought, I didn't want this to change me that much especially not a bad change atleast. Also I would like to add, I don't have many friends, you know after high school every one falls out of touch, an so I have a few close ones, well they all moved far so I don't see them as much as I would like, an it has been hard to make new friends, I sometimes feel maybe do these new girls I try to hang out with not wanna be my friend or get close to me because could they be intimidated by me in some way? They don't have perfect bodies or fake boobs, an I don't think I'm perfect in anyway at all but they have made comments about how they think i am, I mean I do love to work out an stay fit an lean an toned, an I do feel way prettier than I use to so I do show a lot more confidence, it has just made me kind of sad, to think before I had these boobs some girls hated me for being as skinny as I am and have been the same size since I was 14,just how I was born and I was never happy with my body ever I was always jealous of the girls with big boobs, or any boobs at all! Lol so now I finally am where I wanna be but feeling like it's kind of lonely here ha , however I hope everyone is doing amazing

Oh my goodness it's been a year an a month!

Hello! I know I haven't been updating alot recently! So I apologize about that! Life has been crazy! A insane roller coaster my gosh! These warlocks have for sure taken over me! Haha I haven't been taking anyone's crap! Been trying to do me an not care what everyone says or thinks! I still can't believe how much confidence I have now since my surgery, I most definitely have grown up a bunch this year! Learned a lot! Although my poor boyfriend who was there by my side helping me heal an recover an supported me with my decision, isn't liking them very much anymore, they have some how caused an abundance of fights/ arguments, he seems to think they have gotten in the way ;( changed my attitude an everything, but I still feel the same inside, an think I am the same girl he fell in love with it's just been so many years an he was used to me being shy an subtle an not so confident, I think it's a beautiful thing that I have so much confidence now but he thinks I think I'm hot shit now;( I never use to be cocky at all an I don't think I am now, but I just am not afraid of showing some cleveage now or wearing sexy things like I use to before when I was a flat little boy lol my birthday is in a few days an I'm so excited to turn 26! An to have the body I have always wanted finally and I couldn't be happier with my look, honestly I don't see anything wrong with loving your body the way I do, I'm not trying to be some porn star I mean shesh! I just like my body now an feel good about it:) I hope everyone is doing amazing! An loving their selves because you are all beautiful!

2 years later? Not one REGRET????????????

Hey lovely people! Hope all is well! I haven't updated in so long! But I miss it! And wanted to share how I am looking now that it has been nearly 2 years omg time FLIES! I have got nothing but great compliments on my new look! Most people don't even notice that my boobs aren't real! And I can't tell you how excited that makes me! My whole goal was to make sure they didn't look over the top fake! I was so nervous for them to come out too big an everyone be able to tell! I wanted them to look as natural as fake boobs can look!???????? I couldn't be more pleased with my results even after two years I'm so thankful that I made this decision for my self because it has changed my life in so many good ways!! I have so many friends an family members who now want to go to my dr an get there's done too!! My confidence has sky rocketed And I feel so much more beautiful it's insane what boobs can do for women! Haha! I hope every one can't be as happy as I am with their purchases on their tatas!! Love you all this blog site helped me so much through my journey before and after I hope it can help everyone else who is thinking about going through with this too! If any one has any questions don't hesitate Feel free to message me any time anyone! ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I heard he was the best right now at plastic surgery, so i had to pick him of course! He was awesome he was so informative an made me feel comfortable an at ease with the whole situation. I put a down payment to lock in a spot with him because I wanted to get it done right away! it went perfectly! The nurses an staff were amazing an so sweet to me! I was more than pleased and surprised with how easy and smooth everything went! Dr. Basu was very assuring to me about the results that I wanted an educated me on everything! He took the time to understand the size I wanted and looked at all my 100 pictures of other breasts to help him see i wanted a natural look! Him and his nurses Answered all my questions at anytime I had one! Which was a lot! On different days I'd call their office because I had a question an they were an have been so understanding And helpful!:) I was so nervous to do go through with my BA and they made me feel at complete ease! I am absolutely in love with my new breasts an my new look! :-) I hope to return to him in the future!

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