22 year old breast argumentation from AA to C

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I'm a 32/34 AA and I'm going for C! Honestly I...

I'm a 32/34 AA and I'm going for C! Honestly I barely have any breast tissues. I'm really nervous about tomorrow's surgery. I have never had any major surgery in my whole life so I don't know how much I can tolerate the pain. I hate the idea of taking pain pills so I'm gonna try not to but I heard the pain is like unbearable :( Wish me luck!!

Today was the day

I got there by 1pm as scheduled. We waited for about half an hour until a nurse called me in to do a pregnancy test. Then we wait for another 20 mins until another nurse come in to check my vitals and do the IV. Finally the anesthesiologist came in and checked everything with me. Finally got into the OR and the last thing I remember was talking to the nurses about hair dye lol .Then I woke up with boobs! The moment I woke up I thought the surgery hadn't even started yet but it was already over! I felt kind of dizzy and was shivering a little bit but it got better every minute. Took a nap on the car and when I got home. I feel better now! It just feels like my chest is really tight and a lot of pressure. It's kind of uncomfortable but not as bad as I thought it would be. Dr. Feldman and his staff are awesome. They really care about you and do everything they can to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Can't wait to see how my girls turn out Monday!

started feeling pain today

Today is the 1st day after surgery. I woke up feeling great, no pain, just some tightness and pressure. I did not take any pain medicine today or other pills, just antibiotics. My boobs started hurting a little in the afternoon, I suppose the anesthesia finally wore off. I'm still not going to take any pain pills just because I really don't like to mess with my brain. The pain is tolerable just uncomfortable. We will see how this goes.

Today is one week after surgery!

I feel great - barely any pain. I was off the pain medicine on the 3rd day after surgery. Hated them...made me so sleepy and nauseous. The boobs are getting a little bit softer every day. My left nipple still feels numb though, and the right one is very sensitive, but I don't get the same sexual sensation as before. Really frustrated by that...anyone experienced the same thing? How long did it take for you to get full nipple sensation back?

My breasts are still hard and tight an high up there but I'm sure they will soften up over time. I'm getting used to sleeping on my back and definitely miss the feeling of sleeping on my sides like a baby! I also am experiencing morning boobs. Ugh. Just wish my boobs could have dropped already.

I just posted some before pictures and current pictures! As you can see I barely had any breast tissue :(


today is 12 days after surgery. My morning boobs are getting a lot better. My boobs are getting softer and softer every day. I love them! My boyfriend is so amazed by them he still can't believe this is happening lol I can't wait to get new bras after my follow up appointment!

bikini picture

1 month update

I love how they get softer and softer every day! Especially with the massage. I have regained about 70% of my nipple sensation so I'm very happy about that! Breasts have been dropping a little but I know it's still about 2 - 4 weeks away from the actual dropping. They are definitely a lot softer and more jiggly now. I got new bras from VS after my last appointment 2 weeks ago. I was sized 34D but I decided to go with 34C instead because I feel like they give me more support. I feel like I'm somewhere between C and D though. I heard that they will continue to change over the next few months so I will get resized once they drop and such.

scar pic

5 week update

Sports bra

It's been over 6 weeks and I'm going to return to the gym for some low impact activities. Yesterday I went to target to shop for sportswear and bought this bra for $23. The doc said with breast implants you need support when you work out so I got this maximum support sports bra (that has built-in cups nicely holding your breasts). I love them! Can't wait to head back to the gym soon

2 months update

Breasts have dropped for the most part I think.

Just an update

3 months!

Finally no restriction! I'm still wearing the surgical bra at night as the doc instructed bc I sleep on my sides. Strangely today I had some sharp pain in my breasts but I suspect it's due to nerve regeneration.

8 months

Here is to 8 months! They look great, the only thing is I know they don't feel as soft as natural boobs, but I was aware of that as I had little breast tissue. My scars sit about an inch above my fold :(

1 year

In a week or so it will be the one year anniversary for these new boobies! How do I like them? Well both good and bad...I think they look fantastic under clothes, really. And I don't think I would want to go back to small tits. However, the girls did not drop the way I expected them to. I'm not sure if they dropped too much or...but as you can see from the picture my incisions sit about an inch to an inch and half above the fold. It bothers me. I started using the silicone tapes and I'm starting to see a little result. But it still worries me. I also don't think they look or feel very natural. My boyfriend still loves them. But when I take my bra off and look in the mirror I have a very mixed feeling.

Do I regret having the surgery? No. Do I regret not having thought enough before the surgery? Yes.
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He was very informative and honest during my initial consultation.

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