1 Kid. 32A Under Muscle Moderate Plus. Houston, TX

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I'm hoping this makes me feel so much more...

I'm hoping this makes me feel so much more confident. I've been self conscious for so long! I was pregnant and was pleased to see my boobs get a little bigger. But after having her and not breast feeding made them go down. They were sagging and stretched. They aren't as stretched as others. But it still made me feel uncomfortable. This is a lifelong dream of mine that I'm ready to reach!


Just to show how I look before!

So soon!

I booked my procedure yesterday! May 12th needs to hurry up!

I have my pre op 4/27!


I was so happy to go. And Dr Feldman made me feel so at ease.

Pre Op sports bra

I bought a cheap little zip up sports bra at Walmart! $5!
This is what I look like pre op

Pre op!

Just a quick picture from my pre op! Got my meds and I'm ready to go! 345CC


I got the surgery today. Everyone was so sweet and they helps calm my nerves. I can't wait to see them Monday!


It's hard to tell how big they are because I can't peek until Monday. But I tried a 345CC and they put in 365cc so I'm supper happy!

ID Card

365 CC in both sides!

No more thong bra!

I got to take the strap and thong bra off! I also showered. In 2 weeks i can wear any bra and start massaging!

Side by side

32A to a Full C!

(Almost) 2 weeks post op

I feel great!

Surgery video!

I made a video to help people know what the couple days after are like!


Bathing suit top!

A top I bought a long time ago to push up my tiny boobs. But now it makes my boobs look gorgeous!


Only one incision but they both look the same! Dr Feldman they were healing beautifully. I can now wear bras and such! The incision area hurts a lot more now because it has things actually touching it. But I'm beyond happy to have the bandage off.

Before and after!

(Sorry for the horrible posture. Scoliosis girl here)

2 weeks post op! I'm so happy!
Texas Plastic Surgeon

I went to a consultation with Feldman and the entire crew have so far been so sweet! They made me feel so confident and comfortable with them doing this.

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