Journey to New Breasts... 275cc HP, Mentor Unders

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2 1/2 weeks until my scheduled surgery date (Feb...

2 1/2 weeks until my scheduled surgery date (Feb 4th). 1 1/2 week until preop. I'm excited and nervous. I've honestly been obsessing over the whole Notion that about to get breast implants. I've been on this site constantly & researching nonstop.
The doc that I've chosen suggest 275cc silicone unders. I want a natural look, so I was thinking moderate profile, but I'm not sure yet. I'm very petite, 5 feet tall & 108lbs. I'm currently like a 32B. I don't want to have huge breasts but I am always wearing the bombshell bra from VS & I'm sick of that contraption. Here's me now....

BA 2/4/15

Tried on Sizers today!

My surgery date is approaching fast & I have been very anxious about the end result. Will I end up looking like a stripper (no offense strippers, ya'll are sexy but I'm just a lil plain Jane at heart)? Or will I spend this money & endure this pain & end up with scars only to wish they were bigger? I want this procedure to be worth it. Can anyone else relate? It's the fear of the unknown, I suppose.

At my consultation I got a chance to see different ccs on the 3d imaging machine, which was cool, but I never tried on sizers. I have plenty of friends who've had BA but none of them ever less than 360 ccs. Both surgeons I consulted with recommended 250-299 range. Still, I needed a personal point of reference. So, I called my PS office & his staff was so sweet. They said there was no need to drive myself crazy & to just come on in & try on sizers.

My mom came with me, took pics, & shared her opinion. I trust her wholeheartedly so I feel very relieved & certain! 275cc Mentor silicone, high profile, unders it is!

1 week PreOp...OMG!

PreOp done, prescriptions filled, ps paid in full. 275cc silicone mentor unders. Excited & anxious!

Am I using real self correctly? No one interacts with me :-( I need advice! What should I do to prepare? What can I expect? Is anyone having BA surgery around the same time (feb 4th)?!

Freaking out!!!!

I just wrote a long review about how ANXIOUS I am & somehow it vanished. Way to calm my nerves the night before surgery!!!!!

They're hereeee!

At home relaxing after surgery. They look good already, I'm so surprised about that. I'm very sore up but not unbearable. I love them! 275cc mentors were a perfect I choice, I feel. Ok I need a nap. Here's right before & right after surgery....


It's 6am, 1 day post op & man am I hurting, a lot worst than yesterday. I have wonderful family & friends & a boyfriend who are all so concerned with my healing. My mom made me chicken soup with lots of turmeric. My bf is eating in me hand & foot. One of my nurse friends made me a handy medication administration chart & even set my cell phone alarm to go off at scheduled times. Even with all that help, I still somehow managed to screw up. At 1:00 am my alarm went off to take my pain med & muscle relaxer & in my mind I actually did. But here I am 5 hours later realizing that i actually only took the muscle relaxer & must hv dosed back off with the pain medicine still in my hand bc we found it just hangin around in the bed. I'm so mad at myself!

Day 3

Feeling pretty good, been staying on top if my meds so pain is minimal. I still feel weak, like I can't even open the fridge. It's pretty pitiful. Haven't experienced morning boob or constipation. I can't stop admiring my new girls, they're so pretty!

Back to work :( Worried About Symmetry

Trmw is the big day that i return back to work. It's exactly 7 days post op. My PS said it's fine as long as I don't lift anything over 20lbs but I'm kinda worried myself. I'm Still sore & get tired easily. I'm a nurse & work 12 hour shifts. Several of my coworkers with BAs have returned in the same amount of time & said they were fine. We'll see.

On to my breast...they're healing differently & it's stressing me out. Of course my PS & everyone else is saying it's normal but I'm def losing sleep over it. They left one is higher, tighter, & looks bigger. And it hurts more. In comparing the before & after pics, I have come to realize that they were asymmetrical in the 1st place but now it's super obvious.

Pics from previous update

This may be TMI

Sorry guys this may be tmi, but it also may be helpful to someone...I started my period today, exactly one week post op. I feel like my boobs are gonna freakin EXPLODE at any minute! Let me just say that yesterday 6 days post op, I had practically no pain, just a little sore but now today...wowzas! Just a heads up ladies, if u have breast tenderness normally when u menstruate, brace yourself for it to be 10X worse right after augmentation. :-/

Happy Valentines Day!

In love with my new girls

34 DD

So I just went to Soma to be fitted & buy my 1st post surgical bra. I am horrified that size 34 DD was a perfect fit ????!!!! That's huge! I wished for a full C/small D from a 34 B. I know it's still early & I probably still have swelling, although it doesn't seem so, hopefully they'll go down some more. I don't feel like they look like 34 DDs, that measurement freaks me out! I know VS exaggerates their sizes so, for my sanity, I opted to not even step foot in there.

Anyway I ended up purchasing the Soma vanishing wire free bra. It's def not sexy but since my incisions still get sore at the end of a long day I did not want underwire. My surgeon said any bra that is supportive is fine, but I feel more comfortable without wire (I tried on both). I'm only 14 days post op, still babying my boobies lol. The bra is comfortable & gives a nice silhouette under clothes.

Scars look awful!

The tape finally came off from my left breast on its own so I went ahead & removed the right side too. They look awful. Both hypertrophic (look like a ridge) & scabbing. I even have sutures still sticking out from both breast. One would never guess from looking at these scars that a plastic surgeon made them. They are jagged & look like a damn emergency surgery occurred. Not esthetically pleasing at all.

I called the PS office at 9 pm & spoke with the answering service. The nurse called me back & really pissed me off. She very nonchalantly told me to get some scissors & trim the sutures myself. WTF?! For $6500 I am not about to perform my own post op care that should have actually been handled DURING surgery!!! I sent pics of my scars directly to her phone & she called me right back & said she sees my concern & that she'd show the doc. Then she texted back & said he saw the pics & he said that the scars need A WHOLE YEAR to heal...umm what happened to the 3 mos I was told & that's stated all over the paper work? I have an appt tomorrow (only granted upon demand) so that the surgeon can have closer look.

I am devastated. I regret putting my unscarred body through this.


1st Lemme give an update on my previous post. Saw my ps & he insists that they scars are still very new & have lots of healing to do but look great. He said that the "ridge" are internal sutures that have yet to resolve. I kept telling him & the nurse that my left breast is hurting. It is more painful, slightly larger, higher & tighter. I told him that if they both hurt then I would'nt be concerned but it's only the left side. The right breast I have no pain. He & all of the nurses who have also been augmented maintain that it's all perfectly normal.

Last night it began to hurt so bad that I couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep, so I took a vicodin in the middle of the night. This was the 1st time I felt needed to since around post op day 4.

Ok so much to my delight (insert sarcasm) I wake up this morning & discover 3 Mondor's Chords under my pesky left breast & more pain...yay! :-/ The nurse said to take ibuprofen & use warm compresses, neither have been effective.

Has anyone else had Mondors Cords? What helped you? I need advice please! I'm beyond frustrated.

Exactly 1 Month Post Op

I took a little hiatus from this site because I was feeling ambivalence. I've always been very confident in myself & only wanted to be a better version of me when I decided on my BA, well really get my boobs back that vanished. I found that this website was causing me to constantly compare myself to others & I NEVER do that. So I took a break & just focused on myself, my progress, & my healing. I feel great now.

Ok on to the girls...they have dropped & fluffed a lot. They are soft & feel & look very natural. They even jiggle on their own now! I love when they do that lol! The incisions are flattening out & looking better each day, thank God! But they still have a long way to go. Mondors cords have improved as well. My breast are still not completely symmetrical but getting better. I am pain free now most days & have already begun light exercise.

The people I did not tell, don't question anything. One of my friends commented that I was having a "great boob day". I just said thanks, nothing else. The goal was for people to really have to guess real or natural, so mission accomplished!

I have purchased a couple more bras, still a 34DD (still think it's bizarre) but I'm very comfortable with the size. I'm spilling out most of all of my bikinis but my size small tops & dresses still fit, now even better.

This past month has been emotional rollercoaster for me. Just reading my past posts made me realize how ambivalent I was & also that I may seem like a crazy-anxious-bipolar woman! Trust me ladies, I am not! I am very sane but trauma to your body, anesthesia, pain meds, lack of activity, pain, scars, fear of judgement, & impatience with the healing process will all make you feel emotionally off kilt. Messing with your lady parts absolutely creates hormonal changes. I felt like I was constantly PMSing for weeks. But now I am happy & satisfied in general & with my results. No boob greed, no regrets!

6 wks post op

Here are some comparison pics for girls who are still trying to decide on size.
On the left: pre surgery
Center: 275cc sizers in place
Right: 275cc high profile mentors
I am wearing the SAME BRA in all three pics! I think the sizers were a pretty accurate projection. Very happy with my decision as far as size & profile!


It's been awhile!

The implants have settled a lot & they feel like a normal part of my body now. They are super soft & bouncy. I really love the size. Easy to play up or down. My bra size is 32DD, but really, they're not that big. I can still fit all of my small tops & dresses but I just fill them out so much better now.

No one has questioned if they're real or not, not even people that have known me since I was a child. I guess because I've been wearing a heavily padded bra for years.

The incisions still don't look great. They're are 3-4 shades darker than my skin but they are at least very flat. I'm hoping they get better. My surgeon gave me ScarFade gel. I don't think it's working that great. I need to figure something else out.

All in all, I'm happy. Wish I would've had the courage to do this much sooner!
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