Feel Great 7hrs after surgery! New Pics! ready for SUMMER! :D

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Hi guys !! First off all let me give you a lil...

Hi guys !! First off all let me give you a lil info about me. I'm 23 5'3 my weight 112 or so no kids yet. Ive been thinking about doing this for a pretty long time now. So anxious don't know what to expect. One day I was just searching through the internet and I just sent my info to this doctorr and they called me right the next day I scheduled my appointment and look at me now! Im getting my surgery done in less than 2 days now. I'm so nervous, my doctor said 285cc or 315cc silicone under dwould be good for me. He said most likely 315cc I'm a runner so I dont want big breast that I will not be able to run !! Idk ill trust him he's the doctor anyways. I wear a 36b bra size but obviously a push up bra Im so so flat! I'm that kind of person that loves to go out and shopping BUT I cannot wear no open dresses or tops ! Idk what I would do with out push up bras! Matter of fact I don't even wear sports bra because I'm so embarrassed ! You can't see nothing with out my push up bra. ;/ so I'm ready !!! I hope everything comes out just fine and soon ill be showing off my new bobbies with a nice dress ;) I've been reading yalls posts and I just hope I can say positive things right after surgery too. By the way I'm paying everything cash!

$$$ so I hope everything is worth it. I'm a lil worried about my size tho! I dont want them to look fake or makpe me look deformed or something. Any body feeling or felt like that !? I've been reading and most of the peolple my weight and height get around the same sizes so I think I'm making the right choice I just want them to look normal.

Okaaay ! So I they called from doctors office...

Okaaay ! So I they called from doctors office today and rescheduled my surgery date. I guess I won't be getting bobbies tomorrow until a week from now Friday the 26 ! I was pretty upset but its all good I still have time to get things together. I don't even have an idea of what to wear the day of surgery no joke. This is like a dream....lol

And the countdown BEGINS! 3 more days!! :D

and the countdown BEGINS! 3 more days!! :D

One only one more day to go :-D

One only one more day to go :-D
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