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Ok folks, after spending countless nights going...

Ok folks, after spending countless nights going through a ton of reviews and annoying my hubs with boob pictures, I have decided to start documenting my journey. I always kind of joked about getting implants but never actually thought I would go through with it. Anyhow after breastfeeding 2 kids its become a necessary thing and it was an underlying agreement between the hubs and I once we realized the deflation after baby #1, then I breastfed #2 for 15 months and now I don't even want him to look at them naked.
I had my consultation on 12/3/13, it went great I took a friend and she asked questions I didn’t think to ask. I really like my doc, so much so that I cancelled the other consults I had and scheduled my surgery date (12/26). We decided on 550ccs silicon in the office. I tried them on with clothes and all and they looked really great but now that I have had the time to mull it over and read more reviews (lol), I’m afraid they are going to be too big. I’ve read about volume loss and settling but still I am thinking of going with 500ccs instead. I go back for pre-op next week so maybe I’ll change my mind back. Doc says with my prior stretching and the dual plane placement that they won't seem so big once they settle in.
I have looked at a lot of you that have 500+ ccs and on some people they are big and some small. Aaarrrgh, so confusing, I wish there was some kind of standard. I left out the part earlier about me doing rice sizers this week and that adding to my freakout. I need to get this done ASAP bc the longer I have to think about it, the more I'm freaking out. Any advice is appreciated!!!

Nervous about complications

So I am freaking out about complications and capsular contraction. Should I hire a maid? I don't want to do anything that's going to cause any undue stress to me. Did I mention I have a 22 mo old? Omg what am I to do I read one moms review and she said she couldn't/ didn't pick her tot up for 10 days. On the plus side I'll have full time help for about a week following. Is that going to be enough?

obsessed with this site

I'm still nervous about going with 550 but feeling better after seeing them on others. I don't really care if they look fake um they will be lol. My hubby has instructed me to get big fake boobies or "big perkies" as he calls them lol. I told my doc all of this. I really love my hubs for letting me do this. He knows how uncomfortable I have been being naked lately. He knows its not for him but for me, he has never been much of a boob man. My preop is Tuesday so I wish it would get here already. My dad comes to town on Wednesday so between running around with him and kids and Christmas prep maybe my mind will be preoccupied.


5'6. 145 to 150 lbs, new birth control has me a little heavier now. Getting 550 cc silicon dual plane placement on the 26 th. Bra size was 34 B but pretty deflated now. Preop is tomorrow Yay!

Pre-op was today

I had my pre-op today and it was just a bunch of paperwork signing and processing payment. They were in the middle of surgeries when I went in. A young girl came in with her mom for her appointment, I could tell by her button up shirt and comfy clothes, plus mom didn't look very pleased. I guess at least she supported her enough to give her a ride. I have just been randomly telling people, like my hairdresser today, I got my haircut, and she was so supportive. I'm glad to have people in my life who get it. On a side note, idk if its the thought of impending boobs or the haircut but hubby can't keep hands off me, lol.

Anyhow, after I left PS went to $ store for stocking stuffers. Well I had surgery brain so I bought wipes and some one-time use ice packs that I figured I could use on the way home if I am even lucid, and a pill pack. I'm so excited and anxious but I feel bad because I feel like its overtaking my excitement for Christmas. Oh and I also got my Rx's, they also write one for Colace (laxative) even though you can just buy OTC, they say its just a head's up. I already have some magnesium citrate so I think I'll be fine and the drugstore is just up the street. 8 days to go...

So close now

Picked up my meds today. My PS gives:
Bactrim (antibiotic), Norco (hydrocodone/acetaminophen mix for pain), valium (muscle relaxant), and Promethazine (nausea).
The patient coordinator recommended that if I have any trouble sleeping to take a nausea pill along with a valium and I'll be good to go.

I am no longer nervous, just ready to get it done. I have been following so many of you recent converts and I am getting very excited. Of course, thoughts of the dark side cross my mind too but I am trying to be positive. I think my dad is most nervous, my sister said he would be, thinks I'm crazy but he is supportive. He's funny he hasn't realized my sister had hers done like 5 years ago, he thinks they just grow with age lol, told me maybe I should wait and see b/c my mom had big boobs. Ha, didn't inherit those, thank goodness b/c they looked like flapjacks, she definitely could have used a lift. Anyhow, we have been doing a Christmas countdown calendar and for me its a boobie countdown too yippee! Can't wait to be on the other side...

On the other side

Omg I cant believe I did it. I woke up this morning a little nervous. My friend drove me we arrived well on time Bc traffic was minimal. Thank God. They did my urine test and the nurse set the needle for my IV and took my bp which was higher than norm bc I was anxious. Then the anaesthesist came in checked my history. My doc came in and talked to me for what seemed like forever and he marked me up and double checked size (550). I told him I wasn't too sure about it and he told me then we can cancel.

What, no!! I said about 500 or 550. He said he would try bot and see

so here they are

I guess I'll finish my story now. So doc said he would try both, in the end he put in 550s. ((YAY)) Cant believe how quickly it went. They had me on the operating table at 815 and I was in the car telling my husband about it at 1030. My pain has been very minimal and I hear some sloshing every now and again but I have been up and around just fine but taking it easy. I thought the stairs would be difficult but they aren't. Childbirth was definitely worse. My dad has been an amazing help for me and the kids while my hubby is at work. My PS called me last night to check in, that was nice. He told me to leave everything in place until my post op on Monday and keep on top of my pain pills. He said they came out pretty and that I should be pleased. Supposedly, they showed them to me yesterday but I don't remember that at all, they also gave me a pain pill that I didn't remember taking either. I just remember the nurse holding the straw to my lips. Oh and get this, I had to poo immediately after it was so crazy. They kept asking if I was ok, I was like yes please don't open the door lol.

Anyhow today I could not help myself and had to look and Wowza they look great to me. Happy Healing ladies.

Hello swelling

I feel good, but today I woke up noticeably swollen. It doesn't hurt, its just awkward. I made dinner last night and some homemade cinnamon rolls this morning. We also de-Christmas-ed the house which may have been a little much because now I'm tired. I took a hydrocodone this morning but thinking I will probably switch to Tylenol. I put some arnicare cream on them and some ice packs also had some pineapple bits and the juice so the swelling is a little better.

Things you take for granted

Some things you take for granted: opening and closing a car door, pumping soap or lotion, reaching behind you! These things were so simple before but so arduous now. I have resumed most normal activities. Morning boob is real and no good so I take a pain pill if I wake up in the night and ice them before I get out of bed. I have my 1st post op tomorrow, I haven't had any unusual pain, I hope he tells me that I can take this strap off. Now that they are swelling everything feels tight. I went to church today and was very self conscious about how they looked but I think they were well covered. I would definitely recommend getting surgery done this time of year bc there are not too many shirts I can wear that will conceal the sports bra and strap well so sweaters do the trick.

1st post op today

So today was my first post op appointment. My PS threw that strap straight into the trash, thank goodness. He says they look pretty lol, it is very weird for me having been married nine years to have another man tell that my boobs look pretty but hey at least he enjoys his work. He cleared me to shower and warned me that it would be weird because they are still really numb. Well I had no idea just how weird it was going to be. I didn't even want to get the spray of the shower on them bc I thought it was going to hurt or something and they were really strange to wash but I feel really good now and its nice to see them without the markings. I love the way the look even though they are so swollen so I know I will be happy when they settle in. My PS gave me another front zip sports bra that I have to wear until next appt. its a 34b/c but he says its more from compression than support and next time we will move on to support. So, Yay, now I have a black and a white one. Also, no massaging yet but I do put Arnica cream on in the morning and before bed for the swelling and I have a bruise on my left side. The steri-tapes stay on and I have to dry them with the blowdryer, he says be gentle bc of the numbness so I don't burn my skin. I just stood in front of our little bathroom heater for a while.

Still feeling good

So I feel really good and I am adapting to having this set of melons on me. They really don't feel as strange as they did before. I can tell that the numbing medicine that he placed internally is wearing off I took a half a pain pill last night. But today I have been just fine. I have been icing them like a mad woman but today I didn't wake up with morning boob. Its hard to believe its been a week already.

Ok so my TMI, 1st time post op sex. Woowwweee, it was amazing I wanted every light on lol. Even though I had to stay pretty stationary it was great to feel sexy. Ladies never stop being the porn star of your hubby's dreams lol. Men are very simple creatures, sex cures all their woes :) Hey, I've been married nine years and I am so glad to feel now as sexy as I did/was in the beginning.

Ok now back to the boob care. I don't touch them except to wash them and I keep them firmly zipped up in the sports bra. I have some natural cocoa butter that I rub on the tops after I shower, and then I put the arnica on. I must say the arnica does work or at least makes me feel better and it is working on the bruise I had on my leftie.

Nerves and an air bubble

Hello lovely's, I thought I posted about this but maybe not. Anyhow, I am starting to feel the zings, spasms, and cold numbness in both breasts. I know from going through enough reviews and Q&A's, that this means my nerves are starting to repair themselves. I'm also feeling a moving bubble in my rightie which moves along the side of my breast whenever I seem to move my arm or cough. I know this too will go away eventually too but it just feels weird and annoying.

I feel like my right has dropped a bit, makes sense my dominant hand. My left still a little higher maybe I'm crazy but hubs says he can see it too.


So I was at Macy's yesterday trying to spend up some Christmas gift cards, anyhoo I ventured into the lingerie section and the Wacoal lady was eyeing me and asked me if she could measure me. I was reluctant because I know its too soon but then I thought I don't have any bras that fit if he takes me off sports bras next week. First, she says you like a DDD and I was like oh please no, so she measured me and says 34 DD. Let me say they have a lot of very pretty bras in there but we had a heck of a time trying to find something nice looking without underwire and a bunch of padding and in DD. Ultimately she did find me one on the clearance rack that was half decent that I ended up buying and a bralette that ending being like $4.

I haven't been posting too much bc I feel like its overkill plus I was having a mini-boob-pression already. My BC pills are all out of wack because of the antibiotics and I'm feeling fat and lazy, and the pains and bubble are just kind of making me upset that I have something foreign in my body. I called and talked to my surgery coordinator they assured me everything is just normal pains, which I knew but just annoying. I can't wait to go in on Monday and start massaging. Anyhow, the bra shopping made me feel better plus I got a killer dress that makes me look boobylicious! I'm hoping once they really settle in they'll just be a D, but I'm fine with the DD for now.

Also, someone asked for some pics laying down and I am attaching those, they don't move yet lol.

Its been a while

Sorry its taken me so long to update, things are really haywire here. Hubby has been sick, now my littlest and I are sick too...bleh! Anyhoo, last Monday I went for my 2nd post op and he removed my tapes, scars don't look too bad either. My PS gave me some scar cream to massage on twice a day. He also showed me how to perform massages and that has actually made them feel so much better. So I rub them down with my natural cocoa butter and put his scar cream and vitamin E oil on the scars. They are truly starting to grow on me. I was finally able to get some more bras too bc my Wacoal one hurts a bit when I wear it too long I think it just needs some breaking in. So I got two Barely There bras and a Lily of France Yoga sports bra that are pretty comfy.

Stats & Back on the wagon

Age: 34
Height: 5'6 Weight: 150
Pre size: 34 B (34C at VS of course)
Implant: Natrelle 550ccs mod-profile saline implants
Dual plane placement, crease incision
Post size: 34DD

Hello lovely's! I decided to try to get back to working out this week. So far I've tried my hand at hiking, the elliptical, a little jogging, and even skating lol. They have all gone smoothly with the exception of the elliptical because you are not supposed to use your arms but I have an extremely hard time not moving my arms so I wouldn't recommend it just yet. The jogging went rather well. I got a new sports bra that I ordered online made by La Isla and it is awesome, high compression but it doesn't really hurt and the girls don't move a bit! They make bras all the way up to size G which I thought was awesome also it snaps shut like a bra but has two back closures. The girls are officially one month old now and they are actually starting to feel like mine so the love is back. Plus I guess I'm really glad they are not limiting me physically in anyway anymore. I am still sleeping on my back but I can also sleep on either side if I prop a pillow under me. They are really starting to settle in pretty nicely and they don't really swell the way they were before, i.e. I'm no longer waking up unzipped.

Reached the pivotal 6wk mark

Hello All, I've made it to the pivotal six week mark. And it really is true; they are finally feeling so much more like a part of me. The last two weeks was rough so sorry I wasn't updating. It all started after honey and I did the do (shortly after my last review) and my left one basically locked up on me. It was really awkward then the involuntary muscle contractions on my left kept continuing and I was having some sort of pain but I was chalking it up to natural healing. So fast forward a few days and I was starting to become concerned with the thickness of my inner scar tissue so I started to focus more on massaging that. That's when I found the lump/bump/hardness whatever in my left breast. Of course immediately I'm thinking capsular contracture and totally freaking out, I began to google like a maniac and find out what I could do to get rid of it. Anyhow, long story short (too late), I began to massage them like a mad woman, the left more so than the right. Now, I'm glad to say the lump or whatever, inner scar tissue became dislodged and is gone. It was weird because I felt it floating around in my boob for a couple of days but now I don't feel it anymore and my breasts, both of them feel great. I no longer have the pain I had in my leftie and its great because now I'm not constantly thinking about them. Scars are looking great and my inner scar tissue there is also breaking down. Yay!

My only other gripe is its a pain trying to find a 34DD bra that's not trying to minimize or smooth back fat lol.

Constant Changes - 34B to 34DD

Hello all, sorry to have been MIA for so long. Things are changing daily for the better and they are feeling and looking amazing. They are getting softer everyday. Massage, massage, massage, I have become a constant fondler of my breasts lol. One key thing I've learned, if you have a bra you like with underwire - remove the underwire, duh! My scars are healing nicely and I am a bad scarrer (probably not a word), I can not actually see the incision so much as I can feel the scar tissue but again for that massaging helps too. The other night I tried on all of my old lingerie for my hubby so that we could see what still fit and what didn't, it ended up being quite hilarious some things I couldn't even fit one breast in, it was crazy. I have recommitted to the treadmill and have been running daily this week. In my La Isla bra, I have no movement at all, its great. Winter has been so long and so abnormally cold for Houston so I'm behind on getting into spring/summer shape. Tried on some of my old bathing suits after my run because I'm so ready to buy some new sets. That's all for now, I'm still enjoying reading everyone's updates and seeing progression pics. Any questions just ask. Happy healing to all!

I'm still around

Thank you beauties for all your sweet comments. They are coming along so great. For a while there my left was still giving me intermittent pain and I couldn't lean or lay on it while I was sleeping but with a lot of diligent massage it feels just as good as the right now. They no longer seem so big to me and I have only had to get rid of a few shirts that I could no longer button up :) I went to visit some family who don't know that I had the surgery and no one even noticed, if they noticed they didn't ask. Fine with me, my hubs says he is waiting for summer so that I can really bust them out. We shall see lol
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