39 YR Old 34B Mentor Smooth Round 375cc High Profile Silicone - Houston, TX

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I am hoping to be at least a full C post op. We...

I am hoping to be at least a full C post op. We will try to use 375cc implants if my tissues allow, since we are going under the muscle. If not, we will stick to the 350cc size. The three choices he gave me were 300cc, 325cc, and 350cc. Once I chose the 350cc, the assistant said we should try the 375cc to compensate for going under the muscle. Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated ;-)

Before photos 34B

Getting Ready

Here are a few items I've bought to prepare for surgery. Vitamins, Arnica cream, probiotics, stool softener, Tylenol, bio oil, Emergen-C, ice bags, wipes, heating pad, neck pillow, front close sports bras, and a folding table to keep near recliner.

VS 32C & Soma 34B

Just got sized pre-augmentation and was a 32C at Victoria's Secret and a 34B at Soma. Just wanted to get officially sized before surgery so that I can see what I end up after surgery at the same stores.

VS 34B/Pre-op photos

Photo of my 34B VS lined-only bra and one where my arms are down.

Tomorrow is the Day!

My private nurse (LOL my bestest cousin in the whole world) and I have made our way to Houston! Pre-op appointment is done, scripts are filled, and I'm ready to get this DONE! Haha!

All Done! 375 cc Silicone

I will find out the profile tomorrow, but I think he decided on high profile. I was in a decent amount of pain afterwards, but was just so ready to get out of there and get back to my hotel! LOL So far, no nausea and managing pain meds OK. Post op appointment is at 7:45 am tomorrow, then my nurse will drive me home. I miss my puppy dog. :-(

A couple of pics from last night

I hate having to pee every hour it seems, but trying to drink as much as I can. Just woke up freezing cold, which is miserable on the boobs!

Post op today

Ace bandages are now off and post surgical bra is on! He confirmed he put 375cc high profile implants. Feeling pretty good! Only taking one Norco and one Valium as directed and of course my antibiotics. No bowel movement as of yet, but taking stool softener since I got out of surgery. Stayed on mostly liquids yesterday for fear of nausea, but feeling great! I'll come back in one week for my next appointment.

Mr Hanky refuses to come out! LOL

Miralax, Colace, prunes, and now coconut milk, but Mr Hanky refuses to show his face! LOL However, here are a few before after shots to brighten my day ;-)

36B Under Armour sports Bra

Wearing this one while my surgical bra washes. Used suppositories last night and this morning to help Mr Hanky along....he's only coming out a little at a time :-(
Soooo frustrating!

My boobs aren't even bothering me! It's the constant burning backache on my left upper side and the constipation that's killing

Heating pad feels good, but is not making it go away! I need a drink! LOL Dirty Vodka Martini PLEASE!!!!
Mr Hanky is flat out being a BEEEYATCH!!

Mr Hanky has come and gone and 4 days progress!

So, I've finally lost a few pounds and feel much better! Boobs are great! No major pain and could honestly forget my pills and never know!! Took a shower all alone and dressed with no problems! Nipples are starting to get sensitive, but nothing major. Gonna show a comparison of how implants have dropped into lower poll in past four days. Overall very happy and ready to get on with life :-)

I just wanna say.....

Pain pills make you loopy, and I have no idea how people could possibly enjoy feeling that way! LOL Now give me a Dirty Martini! I'm all for that! I keep telling people I have a 36B Under Armour bra, when it's really a 36C and I'm busting out of it! LOL I guess "B" has been in my head for 39 years, so that's the only letter I know! I drove for the first time today to take my 73 yr old father out to lunch. It wasn't bad, but now I'm pooped and ready for a nap. Here is a cute medium support Target sports bra size large that I slipped on for my lunch date. :-)

1 Week Post Op

Just had my one week post op appointment, and he added one new massage to do. He also told me that when I'm lounging around the house, to go bra less to help the twins drop. Of course, he warned me that one always drops faster....but I already knew that thanks to RS! ;-)
The nurse pulled off the clear, tape that was covering the steri strips....I think that's what it's called. LOL Overall, it was a quick, painless appointment and I go back in two weeks! I'll upload one week photos once I get back home. Good luck to all you December Boobie Buddies! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Haha! Bought this shirt without even trying it on!

Wowzer! Better keep this for special occasions! LOL No bra under there FYI.


Left looks like it's dropping faster than right. Right is my dominant side. Frontal comparison is at 1 day and 8 days post op. Side views are both taken today at 8 days post op.

In the Christmas Spirit....

And in the spirit of all of us that the boobie fairy has visited and caused us to pray that Mr Hanky would one day show again.....
Howdy Howdy Ho!!!!

34D's at Dillards today

I have an out of town trip next week and needed something other than a sports bra....I'm busting out of top, but not sure how much is just the need for implants to drop and how much they will shrink due to any swelling left. Almost two weeks post op.

Two weeks post op

Definitely see some changes and looks like swelling is subsiding!

A Little Too Much Too Soon!

Took a flight to Denver and I really thought I could handle it with ease, but it slap wore me out! I took short naps when I could, but the shopping really wasn't the best idea. Just got tired too quick. However, sweaters look divine when you have boobs! LOL

Ugh! Why do some pics not upload?

Three weeks tomorrow!

I feel like I'm going through an ugly stage. Having the flu hasn't helped at all. I've not been massaging like I should be because I feel miserable. Here are some comparison pics from week 2 to week 3.

Steri Strips fell off - Scar pics

Scar pics at three weeks and a comparison of 4 days post to 3 weeks post.

Yummy Boobie Cream!

My sweet cousin/nurse sent my Tata's a care package and this yummy smelling and super creamy stretch mark cream! Love it better than the oil I was using!

I was blessed with the strap!

The doctor blessed me with the death strap at my three week appointment. He told me to wear at night and continue not wearing a bra as much as possible. He also added one new massage to do. My girls are sore mostly at the bottom and tender along incisions. I also have to begin incision massages. Otherwise, it was an uneventful check up!

Four Weeks!

Back to fast walking on treadmill, getting softer, and slowly dropping! Trying to do my massages 5-7 times a day to help them along. I'm going bra-less almost 24/7. Rarely put anything on when I go out, except a little tank type liner, under my shirt. Bottom half of boobs and incisions are the most sensitive, but nothing unbearable. When I do wear a bra, that sensitivity kills me! I'm still off from work because I have a very physically demanding, manly type job. No regrets, just ready for that high look to soften more! Haha! Patience is a virtue!

Four Week Photos

Four week photo comparisons with 1 week post op photos and some new VS bikini photos.

Incision Scars at 5 Weeks

I've only taken two photos of my scars because I don't really think about them. They just really aren't a concern of mine because I know they will fade in time. However, I figured I would go ahead and post an update on them. I'm currently massaging them 1-2x per day with some stuff the doctor gave me.

Incisions & Treatments

So, I decided to measure my incision so that you guys can see how tiny they really are. My doctor used a Keller funnel to insert the silicone implants. Also, he gave me a silicone sunscreen ointment stick to apply and massage into my scars, as well as C E Ferulic oil. Here are photos of both.

5 Week Video

5 Week Post Op
5 Weeks post op video showing how soft they have become...

Six Weeks Post Op

It was a quick and easy check-up. He told me that I can ditch the strap and wear underwire bras. I just have to continue with massage, and no bra at night. They took photos and his nurse said that my scars look great. I can't update with photos on my phone for some strange reason, but no major change since my 5 week photos. I don't go back for another check-up until 3 months post op.

7 Weeks Post Op Photos and Sized at 32DDD

I went to Nordstrom and was sized at a 32DDD. I used to wear 34B's, but obviously was wearing the wrong size! I came home with $450 worth of 4 bras and 5 panties! LOL I'm uploading pics of 3 of the bras and comparison pics at 4 days and 2 weeks compared to 7 weeks. They are still sitting a little high and the left one is still a little higher than the right one. I only bought unlined bras, but now I wish I would have tried on some that were lined for snug fitting T-Shirts. Oh, well, I'm sure I'll be back soon! LOL

Scars at 7 weeks vs 5 weeks

I hope this gives an accurate photo, as I had just taken off my bra. I think some of the redness was from the marks the bra left. But at least it will give an idea of how the tissue surrounding the scars has become less "bumpy" looking.

I Tried Running Today...

And only made 3 minutes, now my left, stubborn-to-drop boob is hurting :-(
So aggravated! I finished my hour just walking....I thought I was past the pain, but apparently not. Ugh!!!

8 Weeks Update

The changes are slow and slight! The left is still slightly higher than the right. I'm about 4-5 lbs heavier than pre-op and 6-7 lbs heavier than I'd like to be. I'm so out of shape that I can only run a few minutes. I HAVE to double bra it when I run. I put on my TaTa Tamer, then a stretchy Target sports bra. That seems to help stabilize them. LOL I do still have some on/off pain on the inner bottom of my left (higher) breast. My nipples are still slightly more sensitive than before surgery and the bottom half of my breast are still a little numb. They have gotten sooooo much softer, and I'm going to upload a new video following this post. I hope everyone else is healing well!!!

8 Weeks Post Op Video

8 Weeks Post Op Video
Here is a short video of how soft they are at 8 weeks post op.

My favorite sports bras

Excuse the sweat marks! LOL I had just gotten off of the treadmill. The gray bra is by Natori and the purple one is a Wacoal. Both are bra size 32DDD. The Wacoal is not lined, so I wear a cheap, pull-over sports bra over that one. The Natori seems to hold me together pretty decent without doubling up. Both are underwire.

Photo overload! 9 Weeks Update

I had a small shopping spree this week! Bought some new bras and new dresses. I've gained way too much weight from not working out as hard as I should be and from eating complete JUNK FOOD! LOL My bras are pretty tight, but I didn't want to get a larger size because after I lose this layer of fat, they should fit better. I haven't been this heavy in two years!!! Ugh!!! All of my clothes are tight right now :-( The pain I was feeling (mostly in my left boob where the muscle was cut) is completely normal, according to my nurse. She just said it takes months for the tissue within to completely heal. When I ran, the implant moving within would irritate it. She said that running will not hurt it, though. I'm slowly building up my mileage, but I'm soooo out of shape from doing so little for the past few months. My girls are feeling super soft and I love how they look under these dresses with NO BRA! So perky! My left one is STILL a little higher than the right. I'm not freaking out about it, though. I just try to massage that one a little more. All in all, they feel great and look great and I think the size is perfect! Some of these photos are from 6 weeks post op. I labeled them all, so you guys will know what they looked like as compared to how far along I was. I hope everyone is doing well!!!

40th Birthday Party!!

It was a really great time! The cake was delicious, the stripper was crazy fun, and the friends were fabulous!

Before & After Comparisons

2.5 year Update

I'm very happy with my results! I have gained a good 20 lbs since then, but super happy with how everything came out.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

His staff is extremely courteous, friendly, and fast in answering any and all questions. They are super easy to get in touch with. The whole process has been a breeze. His nurse, Erica, has been wonderful at answering any questions and concerns and super helpful with filling out any paperwork needed for my employer. Dr Boynton even called to personally address my back issues that I had early on from having to sleep upright. Because of me being an out-of-town patient, I did not have my pre-op appointment until the day before surgery. They did this to make it easier on me, so that I wouldn't have to make an extra drive to Houston two weeks before surgery. However, because of this, none of the "Do Not Do" list before surgery (such as medications, supplements, etc) was given to me until the day before surgery. I was familiar with what to avoid before surgery, but for someone who may not have been, it could have caused problems. I simply e-mailed the staff to confirm when I needed to stop drinking alcohol and taking any blood-thinning supplements/medications. As always, they promptly replied. Overall, I think that Dr Boynton is a great doctor with an excellent staff who has your best interest and health in mind!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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