35, 5'2", 140lbs, Nursed 1 Child, Slight Sagging, Mentor Anatomical High Profile 390cc Unders, Surgery Dec 7 2015 - Houston, TX

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Will have November 2015 surgery. Been researching...

will have November 2015 surgery. Been researching for a month now, didn't want BA until after I was done nursing and realized my boobs would never have the same volume at the top again. currently 34C, but no fullness at top and have skinny boob when I lean forward, flat as a pancake when on my back.

Going for nice 35 yr old boobs not trying to look 21

I am trying to have realistic expectations and do not want to look 21. I want nice full, voluptuous breasts and avoid a lift because I don't want the lolipop scars.

Rice sizers 400cc equivalent

Made some rice sizers to judge in 34DD vanity fair totally unpadded bra. My boyfriend, mom and friend all thought these looked good, not too big.

Goal size is unpadded normal 34D/DD

My goal is to get 390cc giving me a full 34D in normal (non VS) bras or a 34DD. Meaning unlined, unpadded bras. I'm starting with a decent amount of breast tissue, just want more fullness and some lift. My PS, other reviews and other PS advice seems to say that a tear drop implant will help lift my nipple. I was on the fence about possibly going over the muscoe but I saw recent after photos of work my PS did on very similar patients and I like the results under the muscle. I'm so worried about torpedo boobs or snoopy boobs :-/ if I get surgical clearance this Friday I'll be scheduled for Dec 7th!!!

Pre-Op Done this Morn! 5 DAYS TO GO*~*~*~* YAY!

Pre op was this morning. Went over all the release forms, pre-op instructions and what to do post op and what to expect. My PS made me feel more sure and comfortable with this procedure, the size and shape we chose and just the whole thing. She's so sweet and down to earth, which you don't expect in this field. I tried on my sizers again and they even had a sample Mentor Memory Shape 390cc implant in the office so I could see exactly what was going in me.


My mom went to the pre-op appt with me....

I just have to share this --- My mom went with me this morning. No one has been to any of my other appointments. I will say it was nice. I got topless and showed her my boobs, which was funny, but I said screw it. It's not that we're modest in front of one another but I don't go out of my way to have my mom inspect my breasts. She laughed and said "oh yours look just like mine ... if I was young I'd do this too, I don't blame you one bit"! and then she started talking about getting a lift and lipo if/when she loses some weight. She turns 60 in a couple weeks. It made me smile. I don't think we should ever stop caring about ourselves and doing things to make us feel better, no matter how old we are. She didn't raise me vain, she's not vain AT ALL, so this was really cute to me :)

Imolants are in and size chart

my boobs are sitting in boxes waiting on me!

Surgery Done today!!!! Yay!

that was the best sleep ever for a mom. I'm about 9 hrs post op. At boyfriends house. He's making me chicken and dumplings from scratch... Such a southern comfort food. So far since surgery, at OR they gave me anti-naseau but then on way home I wanted soup so I drank some broth. Getting in and out of a lifted truck was fun. Thanks to my man for his help!

I took a Valium. Was in some pain, mostly tight but when I go to sit up or anything im being very cautious. The Valium just helped settle me to sleep a little while. Pain wasn't bad at ALL for first few hours. He kept making me eat a few bites. Got me up to walk around. He got me comfy and went to grocery store.

When he got back and I ate some crackers he gave me just a half a Vicodin. I had felt a little nauseous earlier so I was terrified a whole would make me barf. And trust me I can tell the LAST thing you would want to do is convulse and barf bc of the strain. I finally peed and he had to help me get paper and finish pulling pants up. He's been such a sport!

My doc does not want patients to wear any bra at all. She says anything will be up against incision, then moisture then infection more likey. And she wants them to drop and not keep them bound up. Frankly it's been the BEST thing ever bc I've just been shirtless on the couch under a super soft blanket. Loving it.

My boyfriend knows they need to drop etc.. But he said wow they don't look like fake ones, they look just like your boobs just bigger, with a smile ;) he didn't want me to look all fake and his ex had them and apparently they were balls in a bag ????

Day 2- worse than day 1

woke up last night in a bunch of pain. Not unbearable but still worse than yesterday. I was only taking 1/2 of my Vicodin but last night too a whole one. The girls feel much more swollen today. I have ice on right one now. Hopefully it will help some.

Sleeping propped up on couch was not too bad. I took a lot of small naps. Most of the time my bf had to help me off couch. Today he went to work.

Suggestion, have a coffee table near couch that you can slide feet under to help pull up and give you some leverage. I tried rolling to the side but for some reason leaning to side is really hurting. Using my feet/abs works better for me.

PS after surgery report

so even though I don't remember it, my ps said it was much harder to get implants in than she thought bc my muscles were thicker, she asked if I work out a lot. I don't work out a lot now and even in past couple years have never really focused on chest. But u am naturally VERY muscular, hence my weight for my height.

It took a couple folks to get them in and the scar ended up a little longer than the original 5 cm she thought. I haven't seen it bc it's covered with strip. However it looks like she got the scar basically right in the crease which makes me happy. I love my PS! She got those 390cc's in come hell or high water.

So far I can't tell how swollen I am so figuring out where my size will land is beyond me. I just keep looking down going holy crap I have big boobs! They're going to be fun, fun to dress and fun to me and boyfriend ;) my waist looks so much smaller now! I was worried Id feel fat.

Day 3 mornings suck

so mornings suck. That's all there is to it. I have found Vicodin in morning is a good thing with food, but it makes me a little nauseated and after that all I need is extra strength Tylenol for the day. I can already see them dropping some. With anatomical/shaped they don't actually move as much.

PS nurse called to check ony yesterday. Said everything sounds fine. My right side is rather bruised bc they really had a struggle getting the implant in that side. My post op appt is Monday. Can't wait to see what she says. Until then no bra wearing. I have hovered my white "wish bra" over them and they fill it. It is totally unlined vanity fair 34DD. So I'm happy! My boyfriend really keep saying they look natural. Although of course I'd love them to just magically look like a super models, they really do just look like mine but bigger. I'm having trouble imagining if they drop and fluff that they may actually be a little bigger. I just can't wait untl they're soft. I can feel some softness where my natural tissue is, but the implants are hard as rocks.

Oh and bf gave me a shower last night :) it was so good not doing it myself. I think he's trying really hard not to be turned on. He hurried to look at my incisions this morn, I could tell he didn't want to look too long, maybe me chuckle ;)

Day 4 Much Much Better!!!

So left boob has softened quite a bit, right is still tight. But overall pain is down tremendously and im able to work on my laptop from home. I'm having trouble staying awake because I'm just tired but I haven't taken any Vicodin or Valium today, just ex strength Tylenol. I can tell they're healing and im so happy. Just waiting for them to drop and maybe my cleavage area relax a little so they hang together a little more. I can't push them together, not that I want to try hard, they're just still pretty swollen.

Day 5 Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey

so just like many women on here, one is moving and softening more than the other. My right was the first implant inserted and they apparently tried really hard for almost an hour to get her in, and not make a bigger incision. That was my smaller natural breast and probably my stronger muscle, so it makes sense. So right gal is up higher now and left much more relaxed.

Today has been good. This morning was nearly as sore. Didn't even take ex strength Tylenol until I'd been up for a while. I did take a muscle relaxer and two Tylenol last night, but that's all. I can't wAit for my post op on Monday to see how the incisions are looking. Right is still bruised pretty good.

Tonight I'm going out of the house to bf's company party at top golf, which sucks because I won't be able to drink or swing a club... But I am IN LOVE with my boobs and it is MORE than worth it! All his closest friend coworkers that we hang out with know about them... So that should be funny to deal with ;)

Day 5 another pic

one more pic. Love how big theyre looking from certain angles :) 390cc did the trick! Perfect for me! I can't wAit to try on clothes. Been stuck at BFs house all week.... And following doctors orders and not putting bras or anything on them. Just letting them heal!

Day 7 post op done, steri strips removed

had post op today. PS said everything looks REALLY good, better than she thought, she was worried after she got the 390s in that Id think they were too big. I took my wish bra that I used for rice sizers and showed her how perfect they ended up. She is not having me wear a front close yoga type bra 24/7 and will see me in two weeks to check incisions and see how they're dropping to decide whether to put a band on. She said they'll probably drop a couple centimeters. Since they're textured they won't move as much. The hardness of them is bugging me. She did two anatomical BAs and recently saw those patients after a few months and said they're feeling almost like a natural breast now. So I'll be patient!

I wasn't sure about going HP but I gotta say, I love how they look laying down. I thought I'd want them to fall to the side more and flatten like natural breasts but nope, I kinda think they're sexy sitting all round and perky. Totally not what I thought I'd EVER say! ;)

I will say my general comments are to those who don't know what to expect this to feel like, the pressure and some of the pain and hardness is just TOTALLY reminding me of nursing and being engorged.... But you can't pump or feed yor baby to make it go away! :-D

Day 9 Itchy Boobs but Looking Better

so man these things itch. My incisions itch, my whole boobs itch. Where the sutures are hanging loose at each end itches.... But they are a little softer and redness of incisions is a little better. But last night I wanted to claw my skin off. I've been using cocoa butter lotion on them to help prevent stretch marks. So far I only see my old ones from nursing and nothjng new appearing!

Why I picked anatomicals / shaped implants

I stole the info at bottom from Iamsoready profile. She's my same-implant buddy. It's is the description of our implants. I know a lot of women don't know which ones to choose and doctors all have different opinions. So I'll tell you why my PS chose these. I had borderline "you may need a lift" sagging. My nipple was at same level as my fold but I didn't want the lift scars. My ps has started using anatomicals more and more, they're gaining popularity here in US and are used more in Europe from what I've read. She liked HP anatomicals bc they would add more volume and projection specifically to the bottom of my breast, helping to lift my nipples up and out. We picked a large enough volume to fill my loose tissue up and fill things up on purpose but not so big I would look really fake. And truthfully every girlfriend I've shown plus nurses and PS say they would not even remotely think I had a boob job. I was worried about HP projecting too much. Nope. I was worried 390cc inside my already C-ish cup would be too big,nope. I was really considering over the muscle and so was she at first bc you will read about overs helping avoid a lift. But I was afraid overs would be saggier over time. For unders I was afraid Id get snoopy boob and they'd stay up too high. Luckily she did 2 under augs a couple months before mine with anatomicals on similar patients and knew the results. She knew how and where to place them as textured implants don't move as much. I think she did a fantastic job of implant selection and placement and I am very happy!

From Iamsoready (check out her page and lovely results too, which are same implant but different results to see how same implant can look great but different):
Since there is so much concern and comparison (I know that I was incessant about looking this up) related to gel implants, I just wanted to add more detail about the Memoryshape (Gummies) implants that I chose -
Mentor CPG (Contour Profile Gel, Sloped)
Series - 323 Cohesive III, Medium Height/High Profile
Siltex texturing
Volume - 390 cc
Width - 12,0 cm
Height - 11,3 cm
Projection - 6,0 cm
I am a 34A (B- on a really great day), and am hoping that this gets me in the full 'C', small 'D' range

2 weeks Post Op

So things have been fine, incisions healing well and not itchy anymore but now I think I have nerve pain all over my boobs, research calls it hyperesthia. Basically my boobs feel burning or irritated all over them. It feels like it originates just below the skin, not deep pains. However is manageable and doesn't bother me 24/7. It didn't start until I started wearing bras after my 1 week post op so at first I thought it was from the material the bras were made out of (which is cotton so that didn't make sense). After reading I feel this is a normal side effect of stretching and putting a lot of pressure on nerves. And I'm confident it will resolve itself. Otherwise I'm seeing some dropping but not a lot. Still torpedo-ish from the side and the implants are hard as can be although the the swelling has gone down where my natural breast tissue is because those areas are soft.

Day 14 one more pic

Before BA / day 14 post op

25 days post op

Happy New Year! So I'm feeling better day by day, less nerve pain. I started taking Advil because I'm far enough post op I can, and Advil def works better than Tylenol on nerve pain. I'm also getting more feeling back in different areas that have been numb. Everyday when I wake up I'm experiencing less morning boob (tightness and pain). I cannot find a comfortable bra that isn't annoying to my incisions or feels too tight across my boobs. So may be going shopping today or tomorrow. Next follow up with PS is next week. I'm loving my size, sure I'm a 34DD as of now. My boyfriend seems to love them and can't wait to play with them more :) We just can't wait for softness to happen, it feels weird to hug and snuggle and lay on my side.

5 weeks post op - and boobs = I'm engaged (kidding)

But seriously I did get engaged on Saturday!!! :) been dating 2 years and we have both been divorced and he's just an amazing guy my son and I are happy, happy!!! I told my SIL, "see boobs CAN change the world" Lol!!

Anyway, Had a follow up last Thurs, PS was very pleased with my progress. Cleared me to wear any type of bra and do basically whatever I want as long as it doesn't hurt. My nerve pain has pretty much gone away and I'm getting feeling back in my nipples. They burn sometimes but I think and hope that's the nerves healing. I can tell my left is dropping faster than the right. She said one the internal sutures dissolve and things relax they both end up settling.

I have tried on a couple underwire bras and the girls are still too firm to sit in the correctly and hey are not comfortable so I'm waiting. I've read too many posts on here where ladies are changing sizes after spending lots of money. I'll stick with bralletes and sports bras until I feel I'm at my final size. I can tell I'm definitely a 34DD for sure (in non-VS) which is what I wanted to be. My boyfriend loves them, we can finally relax a little during sex and don't have to worry about hurting them or mess them up, so that's fun! I love how clothes look. I feel like my body is balanced!

Will implants make me look fat? Just over 5 wks BETTER pics

Here are some better pictures that look more like what I see in person. If you have a pear shape and not really skinny like me, and worry implants will make you look fat or fatter, as long as you do them right, I don't think they will. In my case I feel like I look thinner because I'm more proportioned so my trouble area (hips/thighs) actually appear smaller now because they're not where your eye is drawn.

5 wk Before - After

As good as I can get this comparison right now. Avoided lift and scars. So glad.

3 months! Definitely fluffing!

Three month checkup yesterday. My PS is very happy with my progress. She's happy we didn't do a lift bc she knows i wouldn't be happy with the scars and my results are really good considering we didn't lift. I'm thrilled with my results so far. They're still a little firm sometimes but I can tell a big difference from a month ago. I cannot get a good picture where they look like I see them in the mirror, taking boob selfies is hard. One has dropped faster than the other, and my left is a little bigger (and always has and will be). None of this is noticeable in a bra or even naked unless you're looking for it. My fiancé LOVES them and they have DEFINITELY made sex more fun, for both of us. Before the BA, I wasn't really insecure but I wouldn't intentionally make my breasts the highlight of sex or foreplay, but now I LOVE making them the star of the show ;) Enjoy them, that's what I say!

I'm definitely a 34DD/DDD depending on the store and bra. I will not buy a really padded bra ever again. I'm loving tshirt bras and bralettes. I have one that pushes them up a little to really give cleavage, but isn't terribly padded. I'm loving the bra situation the best of anything to do with getting them!

5-1/2 Month Update - glad I didn't go bigger and didn't get a lift

Hi! So in love with my boobs! It's really like I've always had them now. I recently took a trip to VS to get measured and I was a 32DDD/34DD and wow I know they run small but my goodness. They don't carry all their bras in these sizes and they don't fit very well. I will be shopping other stores. I am having issues with my bathing suits now and have to buy more which is fine but it's hard to find things small enough around under the boobs and big enough for them (if they're sized S M L). I just said to my fiancé "thank God I didn't go bigger". As far as progress, they have pretty much settled I think. The right "problem child" (during surgery) is still a little higher but I can still feel some internal suturing that hasn't dissolved. My right was also always smaller and I'm the pictures you can see it, but in real life you cannot and no one will notice. My fiancé loves them. I love them. I do not regret this choice. I am so glad I DID NOT do a lift at this time, I'll save it for later when I'm actually old and sagging. I think not having the old scars to deal with, etc will make a lift in the future go better. Right now when I look in the mirror, I see a great pair of breasts for a 36 year old who nursed and truly am so trilled with my results.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sato is AMAZING. She's down to earth, honest and supportive. I think because she is a female doctor she makes you feel VERY comfortable and understands being a woman. She spent ALOT of time measuring and talking to me about my specific scenario, to make the best decision for my desired outcome. I liked that she listened to me and my wants, but gave her honest, objective and professional opinion. I've read on RS that many PS's will do exacly what a patient "wants" to make them happy or the opposite, don't listen to any input from their patients at all. Dr. Sato was the perfect balance, she and her office staff took the time to make me feel understood, showing me befores/afters of similar cases and discussing possible outcomes. Dr. Sato was very honest, discussing all risks associated with BA and made sure I had realistic expectations that my breasts weren't going to magically transform to Kate Upton's but were going to be a bigger, better version of what I had. She was very thorough in checking my medical history and getting clearance from my PCP due to my medical history which told me she is a doctor who really cares about me. Most importantly I felt she spent time really thinking about my case and coming up with the best scenario (style of implant, placement, etc.) to avoid a lift, since I wanted to avoid that due to scarring. I can't wait to see the outcome in a few months!

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