24 Years Old - No Kids - 5'2" - 120lbs - Small B Cup

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I joined this site for research purposes... and...

I joined this site for research purposes... and found Dr. Feldman. I scheduled my consultation June 17th and loved how it went. Dr. Feldman asked me what I was hoping to get out of the consult and I said info - he gave me so much background info about implants - the history, the risk, the rumors, the benefits - and background on himself. He ONLY works on breasts which I like because this is his career. He knows what he's doing and never made me feel pressured to schedule anything. My boobs are asymmetrical sadly which he pointed out and I've always noticed but getting the measurements done really came full circle for me.. my left is so much lower than my right and my nipples are not even. But originally I did the consult because I was curious. I've never been happy with my chest - I'm self conscious in sports bras and bathing suits unless they're padded and push up... I'm petite but my thighs and bottom half are curvy and I've always felt my top half never progressed past looking like I was 12. I'll be 25 before my surgery and I'm finally at a point in my life where I can afford it. My pre op is october 13th. Here are some pics of how my boobs are now and also the sizer pics from my consult. Let me know what you ladies think :)

Pre op done! 2 weeks until surgery

Had my pre op today :) couldn't be more excited. I went in nervous about picking a final size but now I feel confident in my decision. 415cc and 450cc natrelle inspira SRF. Different sizes because of my asymmetry. This whole time I was thinking mod + and researching that too... full profile makes more sense for me because of the look I want. Right now I have under tissue but nothing above my nipples so it's so hard to get any cleavage. The full profile will give me the big natural look I want. They also said depending if 450cc doesn't make my boobs even he'll try the 485cc. Which seems wayyyyy larger but I took a pic of the chart and it's only a few tenths of a centimeter difference in diameter and projection. I also confirmed that the way the sizers look (super round and balloon like) will be less aggressive when they're inside me lol this is a huge concern of mine. I've been scared of going too big and regretting it. But also scared of going more conservative and then not getting the look I want since they do look different once they're inside you. Jeannette showed me pics of girls trying on sizers and then how they really look after surgery in the same bra and t shirt and it was So assuring. My boyfriend came with me and he loved them, the staff and the boobs and how real and squishy they feel. I'm a little bit scared about all the meds I'll have to take after but also relieved that I'll have enough to help me sleep on my back. I'm a side sleeper 100% haha. I am sooooo excited! Counting down the days

One more day!

I can't believe my surgery is this Thursday. I cannot wait but am so nervous I forgot to prepare for something. Preparing for sleeping Thursday - the weekend. I go back to work next Wednesday so I'll have a full 6 days off. Ladies if you have any tips or advice let me know :) so excited for it to be over and starting the healing process.

Recovery day one

This morning I had my surgery at 8am. I got there super early. At 7:30 the nurses called me in and I changed into the robe and socks. Then the anesthesiologist came in and asked me a bunch of questions and started my iv for anesthesia. It took like 10 minutes to find a vein and I HATE when circulation is cut off it makes me cringe. So I was highly tensed once he finally got it and almost passed out. I started dripping sweat and was so light headed and turned pale white. He immediately laid me down in the chair ran to get fluid and medicine to help. Within 2 minute I felt fine and he explained it mainly happens with marines or army guys bc they get worked up? He said it's called vasovogal reaction I think. Anyway then dr Feldman came in and drew me up. Explained what was going to happen. He was going to try 415 in my right breast which is my bigger one, and the try 450 and 485 in my left to see which looked best. He asked if I would be more disappointed if on Monday (my post up) I thought they looked too small or too big. I said too small I like the size I chose and am confident they'll look great. Then the nurses took me to the room which was soooooo cold but they had this heated bubble blanket. The anastesiologist said he was giving me cocktail medicine... it's like how you feel after a few cocktails and the room might spin but I'll be completely relaxed. The last thing I remember is looking up st the fire alarm thing and the ceiling. Then I woke up in the recovery room the nurse telling me it's time to wake up. I blatantly ignored her lol I was soooooooo sleepy. Then I heard my boufriends voice and opened my eyes. They got me up and changed. I took a narco and Celebrex and they wheeled me out. Ride home sucked. But I only live 20 minutes away thank god. My boyfriend helped me to bed and I have my night stand all set up with zip lock baggies labeled and times to take them. He gives me the pills but in case he steps out or is showering these are helpful because I can't even open the cvs pill bottle on a normal day lol. I've been sleeping for 4 hours, waking up and eating a snack. Chips, carrots, celery, and I tried a hash brown from whatrabutger which I loved but didn't want to overdo it. Not going to lie everything hurts. Mainly just pressure like there's bricks in my chest. But I'm keeping up with my medication schedule and sleep is the best. I ended up with 415 and 450 cc SRF ! EXactly what I wanted ????. Back to sleep now - I'll keep you ladies updated!

The results are in !

Had my post op today. Dr Feldman was all smiles and so was I. He could tell I didn't remove the bra and peek. I'm really glad he put the infamous strap on me from day one because I no longer need it now and I got used to it while I was heavy on the drugs lol anyway I am band free!! He ended up putting in 415 and 450 exactly as planned. He said they looked perfect. I was actually shocked at how they looked since I was expecting frankenboob Halloween style. I LOVE how perky th h are but can't wait until they aren't hard as rocks. I also LOVE the shape and how they fit on my frame. I couldn't be happier. Now I just have to remain calm and keep doing what I've been doing and take it easy. I go back to work Wednesday. I'm nervous about my heavy laptop but some of my coworkers will help me out lol. Also, sleeping on my back is no problem with Valium. I honestly think I will need this for the full 12 weeks. We will see though. Attached some pics. Let me know what you ladies think!

One week and two days progress

Hi girls - not much of an update here but been back to work which at first was fine but I think I over did it the second day because I was very sore the next day... I take Tylenol and sometimes the half norco throughout the day so I don't really realize if I'm doing too much. I'm being extra extra cautious now though. My boobs get squishier and softer everyday. I bought stretch mark cream that I've been putting on twice daily. I've switched to sleeping in the spare bedroom (my old bed) which has a temperpedic pad and is just more comfortable for sleeping on my back. Also have switched cars with my boyfriend I tried driving my stick shift the first day back to work and basically cried the way there lol now I'm driving his huge ford truck .. an adjustment but was lesss strain on my arms. A tip for anyone prepping for their surgery who is short like me 5'2" - my boyfriend ran out after I fell asleep after surgery and got a small stool for me to use to get in and out of bed... SO HELPFUL for positioning myself getting in. For the first 6 days I still need him to lift my back up to sit up... but at least getting in I didn't have to like scootch up. I uploaded a pic of it. Lastly.. I've seen a lot of posts on here that girls stop using the norco early. Everyone reacts to drugs differently. I started weening myself off after my post op bc my doctor said switch to tylonal bc you'll never poop lol ... I did and got a lax and it was fine but the Tylenol does not help the way the norco does. Jeannette has been my lifeline since surgery. I email her every single day with questions ... she said listen to your body. Take half a norco if you need to. It's okay. They prescribe you the amount of meds for a reason... so in short - listen to your body. Take it easy. Just because you don't feel the strain or stress or pain trying on your old bathing suit bras and shirts and fun things (which I did) on the medications... doesn't mean you won't feel it later. It's tempting AF to play dress up and everything but I am taking it easy for sure from now on. I don't want anything to mess up my girls - even though this damn surgery bra is tight and hurts. Let me know if you have any questions :) oh and idk how to edit the "worth it?" Part of my profile which says not sure - yes it was so worth it. Everyone go to dr. Feldman - I could praise him for days!

Two weeks tomorrow

I have my two week post op Friday. My surgery bra has been giving me serious pain - so I've been wearing compression genie bras and Jessica Simpson sports bras to work... they provide the support but just don't restrict my rib cage. My nipples are SOOOOOOOO SENSITIVE. before it was I could feel my left not my right. Then my right slowly started gaining feeling. And my left got super sensitive but now it's like even walking with the surgery bra on I can feel it. Also different areas of my boobs get numb sometimes. The other day it was the outside corners. Today it was below the nips. Numb but I can tell my nerves are growing and adjusting. I'm weining myself offf the meds but honestly will probably stay on Valium for the 60 nights to sleep on my back. My bfs sister had hers done - first of all this doctor was doing "an experiment" which prescribers her NO PAIN MEDS. that girl is so strong lol bless her heart. But she told me she only slept on her back for one week... hers have totally fallen out of pocket and down the to the sides which was one of my biggest fears. I sleep propped up at 30 degree angle, a pillow under my knees and I wear a sleep mask lol idk it just helps. I wake up feeling rested not drowsy and ready for the day (minus the morning boob). I'm also getting really bad acne on my chest from all the lotion I've been applying. I bought burts bees momma belly, and a few others for stretch marks and apply 2x a day. I have stretch marks in my butt/hips and it limits me from string bikinis. I always have to wear the boy short kind. But I kinda like that bc more coverage. I just don't want stretch marks on my beautiful girls. For two weeks, I'm absolutely shocked I don't have frankenboob or square or really far apart boobs. I'm really happy. But also really scared they're going to flatten out or drop and look super super natural - not that I wanted the fake look. I wanted perky, natural, large boobs. Right now I love them but they still need to drop and fluff so well seee. Here's a bunch of pic updates!

Late night paranoia

So I had my two week post op and got cleared for real bras :) I bought vs two 34d, 2 32dd and almost bought one 34c but didn't. My doctor said my bras are supposed to list my breasts up and be hooked on the loosest hook so as the bra stretches I can keep tightening. Any underwire needs to touch my skin in between by boobs. Oh and I've started "massaging" which is more like squeezing my boobs so hard in a pinching manner. I do it though bc it'll make them soft. I'm scared the bras I got are too small because I take them off and have those marks and lines all over me. But isn't that what support is supposed to do? I've been wearing a vsx to sleep it's a 32dd and I've posted some pics of how it leaves marks after only a few hours. Also , my left implant is dropping quicker than my right which is expected, I just hope it doesn't drop too much because that was my larger breast to begin with.


Some changes ... nipple super sensitivity has gone away or is not as often at all. The massages don't hurt anymore and they are getting aoooo soft and feel so real. My bf is obsessed and so am I lol. SO HAPPY with my results. Not sure how to change my status on here from "not sure" if it was worth it. But it was DEFINITELY worth it. Still sleeping on my back which is getting really hard. One more month. I sleep in VSX bras. They're amazing with the support and not letting the girls fall to the side. Had my first night out with some girlfriends and bought a cute tank from target that showed off some side boob (I forgot to take a picture!) and I tried out some nipple covers. Felt so great to not wear a bra and have so much confidence. Idk how to describe it, I loved my body before but never felt that "womanly" I guess? Always was self conscious in bathing suits and always jealous of my friends with big boobs. I'll admit - feeling a little boob greed now that the swelling is completely gone lol. But I'm so happy with my size. I don't look top heavy or bimbo - I have bras ranging in sizes from 34C to 34DD. Just depends on the bra type and support you're looking for. Posting a bunch of pics showing my progress. Happy to answer any questions :) I'm just slow at replying so sorry in advance!

Post 2 month update!

Hi ladies. I've been super busy and haven't posted in a while. Not much to update the girls look and feel better everyday. Im starring to notice slight differences between them that I hadn't before. But overall they are very even and I couldn't be happier. Still a lot of numbness on the bottom halves. But I'm giving it time ???? let me know if y'all have any questions. I still love my implants!

Capsular contracture

I've developed cc in my left breast. A few weeks ago I noticed my right being the slightest bit lower than left but shrugged it off due to my asymmetry prior to surgery and for getting diff size implants and it's really common for one to drop quicker than the other. Slowly I started noticing my nipples pointing in different directions and really hated thinking about that because they've been soooo perfect and even all along so I just brushed it off thinking "my left will catch up with my right". But I'm a righty... this didn't make any sense. Last week I took update pics and it was obvious my left was much rounder above the nipple and right looked dropped and fluffed. Because I see them everyday I didn't think it was cc and that it was actually moving up. It didn't feel harder, and it didn't hurt. This week it got dramatically worse. Pain started like sharp pain when putting weight on my elbow or forearm (so literally all day at work) and I avoid carrying my laptop with my left (weighs over 5 lbs and constantly going up and down floors and to meetings etc. ) so I finally emailed Jeanette and mentioned my symptoms but downplayed them bc if I don't think about it then it's not true right? Wrong. I sent her a pic and she's sure it's contracture ???? I cried ... I have taken SUCH GOOD CARE of these implants by the book I haven't strained myself and I've been in the "normal workout permission" stage for a while.... still haven't been to the gym though oops lol. Anyway.. I'll need a revision surgery. I'm scared. I'm freaking out about what that process is like. They can't see me for a consult until 3/13... and I'm not sure if because today I got the answer I've been dreading and it became real that the pain spiked because it's all I could think about or if this is going to last until 3/13... and I can't book my revision surgery until that day and who knows what they'll have available. I asked what should I do in the meantime? Nothing. I asked if the surgery is something that needs immediate action and if waiting could damage my implant, pocket, or breast permanently and she said no.. there is no rush for surgery. But I can't help but think how can there not be?? This is so painful. It's only going to keep rising up my chest and contracting. It's going to get rock solid. I miss my perfect even boobs and I'm so mad at myself that this happened. Jeannette asked if anything happened like if I strained myself and I truly cannot remember anything that I noticed being painful... I literally still avoid the stairway at work that has the heaviest door to my floor. I take the long way for other stairs. I open my slider both hands and use force of abs and legs for help. I put my milk on top shelf so I'm not heaving it up. I make my boyfriend carry my suitcase everywhere. I'm just so upset I was so careful ... I took care of my investments but it must've just been something I hadn't noticed, but force enough to bruise and form a hematoma (not 100% sure if that's the case but I doubt it was an infection.. if so it should've happened so long ago after surgery). I need to look back through my paperwork and figure out how much this is going to cost me. I'm also so scared because apparently once you develop cc and surgically repair it - you have a higher risk for redevelopment. So basically I'm going to not ever use my left again lol I'm considering buying an arm sling for when I go back to work so I physically cannot strain myself. But idk how that'll work since majority of my day is interviews and typing like a stenographer. Also my work is with tax... so taking any time off before 4/15 is actually not allowed. I'm close with my boss and I told her today and she said do what you need to do it's a medical emergency so I'm relieved she understands.

Anyway - just wanted you ladies to know. Fingers crossed surgery isn't too bad and dr. Feldman can get my left lady back to being perfect and match my right. I've attached some pics including dates. One is December where they're perky and very round kinda high but identical and even. Next is January they dropped a lot. One might be very slightly lower but not crazy noticeable. Then there's the horrible awful. Can't believe how quickly it shop up so high within a week. By the time I have my consult ... how much higher can it get?? I know I'm being super dramatic (cried at work and go boyfriend) but I'm so disappointed that this happened and that I don't know how or specifically when... I guess I'll see what dr Feldman says once the surgery happens.

Revision day

Getting my revision done today. Currently waiting in the room bored and ready for it to be over. I'll keep y'all posted on the recovery. So happy to be putting this behind me!

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