24 Years Old - No Kids - 5'2" - 120lbs - Small B Cup

I joined this site for research purposes... and...

I joined this site for research purposes... and found Dr. Feldman. I scheduled my consultation June 17th and loved how it went. Dr. Feldman asked me what I was hoping to get out of the consult and I said info - he gave me so much background info about implants - the history, the risk, the rumors, the benefits - and background on himself. He ONLY works on breasts which I like because this is his career. He knows what he's doing and never made me feel pressured to schedule anything. My boobs are asymmetrical sadly which he pointed out and I've always noticed but getting the measurements done really came full circle for me.. my left is so much lower than my right and my nipples are not even. But originally I did the consult because I was curious. I've never been happy with my chest - I'm self conscious in sports bras and bathing suits unless they're padded and push up... I'm petite but my thighs and bottom half are curvy and I've always felt my top half never progressed past looking like I was 12. I'll be 25 before my surgery and I'm finally at a point in my life where I can afford it. My pre op is october 13th. Here are some pics of how my boobs are now and also the sizer pics from my consult. Let me know what you ladies think :)

Pre op done! 2 weeks until surgery

Had my pre op today :) couldn't be more excited. I went in nervous about picking a final size but now I feel confident in my decision. 415cc and 450cc natrelle inspira SRF. Different sizes because of my asymmetry. This whole time I was thinking mod + and researching that too... full profile makes more sense for me because of the look I want. Right now I have under tissue but nothing above my nipples so it's so hard to get any cleavage. The full profile will give me the big natural look I want. They also said depending if 450cc doesn't make my boobs even he'll try the 485cc. Which seems wayyyyy larger but I took a pic of the chart and it's only a few tenths of a centimeter difference in diameter and projection. I also confirmed that the way the sizers look (super round and balloon like) will be less aggressive when they're inside me lol this is a huge concern of mine. I've been scared of going too big and regretting it. But also scared of going more conservative and then not getting the look I want since they do look different once they're inside you. Jeannette showed me pics of girls trying on sizers and then how they really look after surgery in the same bra and t shirt and it was So assuring. My boyfriend came with me and he loved them, the staff and the boobs and how real and squishy they feel. I'm a little bit scared about all the meds I'll have to take after but also relieved that I'll have enough to help me sleep on my back. I'm a side sleeper 100% haha. I am sooooo excited! Counting down the days

One more day!

I can't believe my surgery is this Thursday. I cannot wait but am so nervous I forgot to prepare for something. Preparing for sleeping Thursday - the weekend. I go back to work next Wednesday so I'll have a full 6 days off. Ladies if you have any tips or advice let me know :) so excited for it to be over and starting the healing process.
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