40 Years Old, 3 Kids, Revision for Capsular Contracture - Houston, TX

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I had 225cc HP over the muscle implants put in...

I had 225cc HP over the muscle implants put in April 5 last year and noticed a hardening on my right side this April, a year later. I had had a horrible staph infection in November near the nipple on the same side. Went to my PS this April to discuss the hardening and he confirmed capsular contracture (the top of the implant was bubbling up under the skin) and he only wanted to replace that one side. Then I had a consult with Dr James Boynton and he said he could do a capselectomy, go under the muscle with 350s, and put in Straytice dermal matrix under the implant to prevent cap con, prevent rippling, and to hold the implant in place (like an internal bra). Surgery went well and now that I am at day 4, I had my drains removed and I am almost pain free already!! So excited!!! Just feels like very tender sore muscles. So happy with the new size and look so far, especially once they soften.

Day 8

I'm feeling back to my old self these days. The pain is completely gone. I'm still taking it easy but I feel normal. Morning boob is barely there because I bought an awesome wedge-shaped pillow and I put my cozy pillows on top and sleep almost at a 45 degree angle, but it works and no back or boob ache. My abs must be stronger than 1st BA because I can engage them to get up from bed without using my arms and there's no pain (the hardest part is getting out of bed, right? So that solves that!!) I'm encouraging everyone before your revision to work your core!! And invest in a wedge, my best friend. I return to teaching yoga tomorrow night but I will not be practicing with the class. Looking forward to things retuning to normal. I'm also missing the gym greatly, but Fri doc removes the steri strips and I am cleared for cardio and I can start practicing upper body yoga at 6 weeks (lower body I will do ASAP!!!). Before this surgery I was doing either yoga classes, running daily, and weight lifting at least 3 hours a day most days of the week (I know, right? Not that I was trying to lose weight I just love love love to move!!) but I am at peace with all of this surgery-induced rest and know that in time when my body is ready, I can do it all again, building up to it slowly. I also work out all the time to avoid the real work of cleaning my house and paying bills yada yada yada.... :)

3 weeks

Took the steri. Strips off thurs. I'm at the beach but I can't submerge. They are softer and the swelling is less. The discomfort is only occasionally in spots. I can't feel the edges of the implant at all at the bottom because of the matrix. So far, so very good!!! Glad he got 350s in there. I would have been upset with less

4 weeks.

Very glad to be getting back to my normal workout routine. I've been doing lots of leg-only yoga and no deep twisting or back bending. I have done some cardio also since week 2 and yesterday put on my old running sports bra to run but felt a little pulling near the incision site, so I just stuck to the elliptical and bike. It felt better after I took the bra off, so it was prob just the incisions. Your body lets you know what you can and shouldn't do!!! Glad to make it to 4 weeks. I am thinking because I had the revision so soon after my first BA, I would prob just get an explant next time if this fails. I wouldn't want to go through surgery and recovery again, even though these are settling nicely and look great. If it fails, perhaps it wasn't meant to be. I've greatly enjoyed them for this last years and hope to get many more years out of them.

5 weeks!!

All is well!! They are softening and are squishy!! Perfect size with these 350s!! It was just the look I was going for. I am still just doing leg only yoga and weights, and some cardio, but running often pulls at the crease incision and hurts my lower back, so I'm sure I need to just ease into it more. I can't downward dog just yet -- it feels like it's not right just yet -- but soon. I do not like the under the muscle sensation of flexing your pecs. Will that go away or do you get used to it? I am willing on docs orders to not do a million push-ups like I was doing before, but I am not too happy about that. He says it can put you at risk for complications, even years later; there's just no way of knowing.... Hmmm

7 weeks!! I'm a 30F!!!

So I went for my 7 weeks checkup today and all is well. When I asked him about using the pecs, he said of course you can use them but he recommends not over-using them. So in other words, you can do push-ups, etc., but don't do a million in a day. I can handle that. Also he says to support them all the time, underwire by day and medium support sports bra at night. That's what I was thinking I would do also, so that's cool. After the appmt I went to a super swanky lingerie shop near his office to buy bras. I heard from a friend that they have 30s (even VS doesn't have 30s -- only 32s. So I got officially measured and can y'all believe this?!! -- I am a 30F!!!! I'm telling you these puppies are small to me -- who would have thought F? That is indeed why bra size should not determine what implant size you want/need. To go from a 30A to an F, you would think it would be a huge change -- it's really not. These fit my body very well and that's what counts. So here's a pic of one of my new bras. (Btw, if you're in Houston (or wanna order online), this was from Top Drawer in Uptown Park near the Galleria. The other place that sells 30s is Nordstroms. Just FYI.

12 weeks

All is well. They are soft and squishy and I am back to handstands and forearm stands in yoga with no discomfort or loss of strength. I am also back to my 30 or 32D bras!! These are shrinking, but still look perfect. The 30F bras still fit, also, so that's no money lost there. Here's pics of my scars ....a little larger (wider) than first BA because of the Strattice this time, but still healing well.

Official pics

These are from Dr Bs office taken before surgery and at 6 weeks post op after the revision. Wow. Looking at them this way, there's not much difference btw 225 overs and 350 unders, huh?

5 months!!

I love Dr Boynton!!! I am so impressed with his work!! It's been almost 5 months since the revision but it feels like over a year -- they feel sooooo soft and squishy and perfectly mine. I no longer need padded bras but I wear underwire because Doc said to support, support, support. So at night I wear a medium support sports bra too. Mostly I'm in yoga or running clothes 7 days a week, so regular bras are for dressing up!! Yoga is feeling perfectly fine, even chataranga (low push-up) is fine now, no more weird feeling. I still don't feel totally comfortable rock climbing (because of the animation deformity feeling), and I'm about to start managing the yoga program at a climbing gym, so bummer -- but maybe that will change. All is well. Thanks to all you lovely supportive ladies. I hope my journey can help you -- we are all in this together, right?!!!

One year anniversary!!

I am doing just fine. The girls are the perfect size and feeling I was looking for. I'm still in awe a year later, every single day. Wanted to post recent photos. Can't wait for my second summer with them (last summer they were still healing)
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr B makes you feel really comfortable and he's very easy to talk to. His staff is really friendly. He was able to get my revision done in 2 weeks and appointments are always available when you need them. He specialized in revisions and has continued success using the dermal matrix technique.

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