Three Weeks Post Breat Aug and Want to Explant - Houston, TX

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I got breast augmentation three weeks ago and have...

I got breast augmentation three weeks ago and have been regreting it ever since. I got 450cc gummy bear implant over the muscle via crease fold insicion. I got it done for the wrong reasons and now that i have them im jst so depressed and with alot of anxiety. People tell me to give it time but im sure i dont need time. I know for a fact that if i give it time i will probably like them but only for 2 or 3 years max then im gonna get tired of them. Its just an enfatuation or a fantasy that will end and then my explant will give me worse reaults so might as well do it at a month n have a better chance of getting my old breasts back. I know i shouldve known this befor surgery but like i said i did it all so quick with no research for the wrong reasons just because someone else did it and was so happy...i never thought i would be the total opposite. Anyway it is what it is and theres only one way to fix it

People keep telling me not to explant

Ok so everyone around me are making this situaltion worse by telling me to keep my implants. My mom tells me i didnt spend all this money to throw it down the drain. My boyfriend at the beginnigg was totally against it and keept telling me not to do it that he loved me the way i was and that natural was better and now that i have them he doesnt want me to remove them. I dont know if its because he likes big breast or because hes scared of how my breast are gonna end up. All my friends say they look awsome to not remove them. Very one thinks im crazy imature girl that doesnt know what she wants :( i feel terrible

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So i see my surgon tomorrow...

So tomorrow i have an appointment with my surgon. Im nervous to how hes going to react after i tell him im considering going to make sure i ask him when is the soonest i can explant and the cost... Omg the cost hopefully i can afford really sucks that i couldve bought some much clothes purses shoes makeup and all the stuff that i love with that money..or i couldve given towards my car and almost finish paying it but noooo i was so stupid. Anyways back to the appoinment tomorrow....last time i saw him i told him i wanted them removed and i totally didnt like his reaction...i might have to look for another surgon ughhh so stressful

I saw my surgon...

I saw my surgon the day of my appointment i told him i was sure now i wanted to remove them and he didnt give me a hard time or didnt ask me why he simply said ok and that he was going to call me back friday which is tomorrow to give me a quote on how much its going to cost me...later today im going to see one more doctor and then ill deside on a date and with who. Im so stressed with this...i wish i had never done this. Im even having problems in my relationship because of this. We were invited to go on vacations with another couple and i have to turn them down because of this :( if only i had listened to him when he told me not to do it

Found another dr

Found another doctor who said could remove my implants under local anesthesia. I really dont want to go under general again. So im starting to think he is the one...even though he tried to convince me to wait longer or to down size but im just going to ignore that. Im 100% sure thats what i want so might as well get it over with. I can explant as soon as friday but im sooo nervous n scared that my breast wont bounce back....its only been a month tho...ughhhhhhh

I chickened out.....

So i was supposed to have the explant yesterday (monday) but i chickened out. Im so nervous about it i made en excuse to the doctor n moved the explant till tomorrow (wednesday). Last night i had a dream that i had had the explant and that my breast were tiny and jello like. But i was soooo happy. So happy that those hard thinhs were out of me, i felt like 100 lbs were lifted from my chest, i felt like the old me again. I almost cried when i woke up. Now im excited and just wanna get it over with so i can be the person who i was before. Hopefully tomorrow i wont chicken out again lol. So any of you that already had the explant give me the strength by leaving me a comment and telling me how your boobies turned out

Theyre out!!!

I did it! I went in at 4pm...they started preparing me and i was sooooo i almost ran out of there. Then they put some type of medication into my iv and i started getting relaxed and happy, then they injected the local anesthesia and took BIG implants out. Now here comes the the shocking part...after i was in my room resting my doctor said this "everything went well, remeber i told you your breast were going to turn out ugly and saggy, well thyre not, you will have youre breast exactly the way they were one they heal." I was thinking omg why would he scare me and make me believe i was mutilating myself by removing them, he just wanted me to replace the implants so he can keep making money. Anyway, hopefully hes right and i can have my original natural boobies. Omg im still bumed that i put my body through this but oh well its a lesson learned. Ill keep you all posted

I feel so stupid

I feel so stupid this was me before breast aug..i shouldve kept by boobies the way they were i wasnt completley flat anyway :(

Got the first look..

Its been about 10 hrs since the explant n i finally decided i had to take a look so i took the bandages off and omg im so happy!!! The feel pretty soft and jello like but still im happy and i have faith they will bounce back. My nipples look smaller n a little bit darker wich i like...with the implants they were wide and pale. Over all im happy and cant wait to start going to the gym again and getting back to my old self. Im so so happy...hopefully i have no other complications. Im a little imbarassed to show you all my boobs because they werent perfect before and they have some improvement now but oh what the hell im so happy im going to post them


My boobs are itchy...if i scratch will i get stretch marks???? Some one told me i would

Ive been thinking..

Ive been thinking that maybe i shouldve just replaced with a smaller implant. Im so happy with my size i just wish i had a little more fullnes at the top. I used to dream of being a size d before breast aug but now i love being a b and would never change that but i have zero upper pole..i would be totaly happy with just one or two cm more lol. I feel like the upper pole is never going to fluff. It hasnt even been a week but i dont know what to think..i dont even remember if i had that extra cm of the upper part before breast aug and i dont want to go to my original surgeon n ask for my before pics because i already explanted with someone else. I guess i need to give it time but its just so hard

Its been a week

Its been a week and im feeling alright. Still no regrets about the explant. Im starting to sleep on my side. The skin was very soft and wrinkly the first couple of days, i would say that by day 4 it improved a lot and by now its almost as tight as it was before explant. As for the fullness they were like pancakes till about the third day, at day four they were a little perkier exept at the top, but now at a week i feel like that has improved a tad bit...hopefully that keeps over all im happy
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