Single , 56yr Old, with 29 Yr Old Implants, Both BakerIV CC, and One Extracapsular Rupture. Houston, TX

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I got my implants in my late 20's, after having my...

I got my implants in my late 20's, after having my 2 daughters I went from a full C cup to saggy, flat a-b cup. My husband was having an affair, and his mistress had very large breast. He talked me into to getting breast implants, and we still ended up divorced. I loved them in the beginning ., actually for a few years...One started getting hard early on, but I was so naïve just assumed that was the way it was. I had yearly check-ups, and mammograms, but no one ever told me that wasn't normal. I have dow corning implants, and I had a friend tell me ..Oh you should sue there is a class action lawsuit...I thought, well I'm ok so I don't want to make a claim and create bad karma for myself !! wow little did I know that I would find out I had an extracapsular rupture just months after the deadline to file.
Any way I went to a PS right away and he filed a pre-approval to my insurance that totaled $15,000.00. My insurance denied the claim , because the implants were placed for cosmetic purposes. I was devastated when I got that email...
I am single, and work practically pay check to pay check. The only thing that I came up with was to take out money from my retirement fund, which is hard to do ...I had no idea ! After months of research I have finally decided the only thing I can do is take out a loan against my TSA retirement . My PS has given me a great discount since I am self pay. ($8,000.00)
I am a fairly new runner, and I am registered to run my 1st half marathon on January 19, 2015....My PS said train, run my race, and then we will take these suckers OUT !!!! I can't wait, but extremely nervous about it.
Since I have silicone basically leaked through out my natural breast tissue in my right breast , I'm worried as to what that breast will end up looking like, but I'm ready to face it ! I have wanted these big, heavy things out for a long time ....
My surgery is 3 months away, but I just wanted to get my story out there so it would feel real ..I'll post my experiences as it gets closer.

pre-op visit

went in for my pre-op visit today. My surgery is scheduled for next Thursday 1-29-15....I will have explant with lift, and remove all of the extracapsular silicone. PS said that I would possibly have drains for 2 weeks, that seems like a long time to me . I am getting a little nervous now !! I will try to post pics as I go.


Tomorrow is the big day ! finally ...I'm nervous, anxious, and can't wait all in one ...
I'll update as soon as possible .

4days post-op

I think they will improve with time, but I'm already 100% glad I did it !

9 days post op

Went for my post-op visit yesterday , he removed the drains .. Yeah! A little uncomfortable , but I made it ... Still have restrictions ... Can't raise arms up , no lifting , pulling, or pushing . Must still sleep on back with elavation . I must say those are the 2 most difficult things .. I can't wash my own hair !! And I'm not a back sleeper , but will follow Dr.s Orders :)
And I am loving my new look !!!! I had implants for 30 yrs and had forgotten what real boobs felt like ... And these fit my body so much better ....
Anyone having doubts , just go for it , you never know my outcome was way better than I had expected !!

3 weeks post-op

Not to much has changed ..
Still loving my new body , wish I'd have done this years ago !!
My times almost up , start back to work next Wed . Wondering if anyone will notice !


Can any of you tell me how long the tenderness , and slightly burning sensation last ?
I wondering if mines worse due to the amount of work I had done . I had explant , total capsulectomy, all the leaking silicone removed, and a lift .... So I'm guessing maybe my healing time will take longer.
If any of you experienced this is love to hear from you . I will ask my PS , but I don't go back until 3/24/15 Thanks

4 months post explant w/ lift

Still loving my natural self ! Just wish I'd done this years ago....

4 months post explant w/ lift

1 1/2 year later

Never been happier !!
Would never go back ..
Natural is the very best
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