Implant Removal and Fat Transfer to Breasts

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Hi Ladies! I have 9 y/o saline implants 425cc sub...

Hi Ladies! I have 9 y/o saline implants 425cc sub muscular. I'm so ready to get rid of them! I have my first consult with my original PS next week to discuss explant and possible fat transfer. Has anyone had both done at the same time? I'm so scared of what my breasts will look like afterward. Is there any way to know?


Going for my consult in just a few hours! I'm really hoping the doctor doesn't try and talk me out of explanting!! Will update afterwards.


Just came back from my consultation. Doc said he could deflate my implants in the office and then take them out when I get ready to do the fat transfer (since I'll be in the OR anyway). Or he could remove them under general anesthesia in the OR. He suggests that I wait 3-4 months before the fat transfer in order to give my skin time to retract. He said he thought it would yield more aesthetically pleasing results. Though I hate the thought of what my breasts will look like in the mean time, I know he is probably right about letting my skin retract before doing the fat transfer. As far as having my implants removed or deflated, I'm leaning more towards having them removed in the OR. I really want the capsules removed and I don't like the thought of the saline from my implants busted in my body. I've read different reports about mold and fungi that have been found in the saline solution of old implants. Thoughts?

Scheduled for implant removal and fat transfer

Im scheduled for implant removal and fat transfer with Dr. Bednar out of Charlotte, NC July 22nd. I'm getting very anxious and can't seem to focus on anything else for any length of time. I'm scared to death of being under anesthesia for such a long period of time. Also scared of what my final results will look like....

1 week post op implant removal and fat transfer to breasts

I changed the title of my profile to reflect my procedure. Initially, I had only planned On explant. So, here I am, I had my surgery to have my implants removed and fat transfer to the breasts 1 week ago. I'm so happy to be on the other side. I honestly felt as though I was going to die the first day. I vomited uncontrollably despite phenergan suppositories and Zofran pills. The pain was horrible too, however, after the first day I was able to control it pain meds. So, here I am a week out and feeling much better. Still requiring pain meds, but only taking Aleve.

3 weeks post op

I have lost a lot of fat, or swelling one... Not sure which, but I hope I don't lose anymore. I feel great. Still a little sore in the lipo areas but nothing major. Off all pain meds including OTC. The worst part is the compression garment. It's uncomfortable and HOT!
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