47 year old explained 21 year old 650cc saline implants! - Houston, TX

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For years I have regretted my decision to have...

For years I have regretted my decision to have implants put in and now I'm finally taking the steps to have them removed! Like many, at age 26 and after having 2 children, I thought it was necessary to get breast implants to be "beautiful" again. I was a saggy size B before the procedure and I was wanting to be a full C. Back then, the internet wasn't available - I wasn't able to google doctor reviews like we can today. So through a friend's recommendation I ended up at a doctor's office in Houston. He told me that I had too much extra skin for the implant size that I wanted, that I was not a good candidate for a lift, and that he would need to use an implant size that would fill the post breastfeeding skin out. He describe it as having a plastic bag partially filled, it would still sag unless it was filled completely. I was set in my ways of believing I needed implants. I worked out, lifted weights, and I was athletic but no matter what I did I couldn't improve the look of my breast so I felt this was my only option and I gave him the go. BIG mistake to say the least!
I am now a 36DDD. I cried and of course all eyes are on the boobs. I hate it. Good luck finding a cute dress or top that fits in the waist. And a swimwuit?....yeah...boobs bulging everywhere. My dream boobs turned into my reality nightmare.
Now, I'm 47 yrs old, 5'5" and 133lbs. I'm done with these. Over the years my left side has developed scar tissue that has pretty much deformed the look of my breast. The implant is hard and sits about 1"-2" higher than my right side. My right side has gradually began to sag naturally with the weight of the implant.
My thought through the years was "I made this decision, now I have to deal with it", which I did. But now as I grow older I begin to think about the future of my health. The yearly mammograms scare me because surly these plastic things in my body won't hold up too many more years. What if they burst?! The scar tissue has become very uncomfortable especially while sleeping (I like to sleep with my arm over my head and it seems to pull the scar tissue). And sleeping on my stomach and a comfortable massage is just a 21 year old memory. My husband has known about my unhappiness and fears of future surgery because of the unthinkable. He told me to go ahead and have them removed. Yay!!! That in itself seemed to set me free of these things! Now I just gotta do it!
I have gone to 2 consultations and chose a doctor who will do the implant and scar capsule removal with a lift on January 12, 2017. I'm so excited to get this over with and also s little nervous about the surgery/recovery. I'm also beating myself up a little because of the cost. I'm not one to spend much money on myself especially after my surgery and this time around it cost a lot more than it did 21 years ago..lol. But at some point they have to come out...right? They won't last forever and I sure don't want them to burst.
I'm not ready nor brave enough to post photos at this point, but I will post updates regarding my appointments, the doctor/staff, hospital, surgery, recovery, and results.

I would like to thank all the women who have posted their stories of implant removals. It has helped me do the needed research and helps me to know that I'm not alone in the choices I've made.


Before photos. 21 years of 36DDD saline, under muscle implants. Capsule contracted left implant.

Pre-op done. Now waiting on surgery!

I had my pre-op appointments at both my Dr.'s office and the hospital this past Friday, December 30th. The doctor and staff are great! They took their time with me, answered all my questions and more. I feel I'm in very good hands. From there I went to the hospital. The staff there was very nice and made me feel comfortable. That sure helps take away some anxiety I have. Surgery is on Jan. 12th. I'll update after that.

Surgery day down

Surgery went great. I'm a little sore. The prescribed pain medication makes me sick so I'm taking Tylenol instead and doing much better. I find out my implants were 600cc's!!!! I'll get fitted fir my post surgery bra tomorrow

Post-op day 1

I've been feeling good. Just taking Tylenol if/when needed and walking a lot. One drain tube came out on its own today and the doctor said the other will probably come out tonight. I have a little bit of spotting around the incisions and have been fitted for my post-op bra. I'm not surprised at how small I look compared to what I've had for 21 years. I'm guessing the hardest part is behind me physically, now it's time to prep for people's remarks...lol

Post-op day 3

Feeling great today. No pain meds needed and happy the fiber kicked in yesterday before the doctor recommended the big guns...suppositories! Yikes!. Now I'm just waiting for time to heal the incisions =)
I'm eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and going on walks 2-3 times a day. Feels good to feel like me again!

Day 4 Post-op

Felling better each day! Yesterday some yellow bruising began to surface and more so today. But I'm feeling good. I go in for my follow appointment tomorrow so I should have more information to share after that. No regrets!

1st Post-op appointment at day 5

I started to develop a little spontaneous pain on my left side. It was my left side that capsulated so bad. It's nothing unbearable at all, just feels like more work was done to remove all the scar tissue . The incisions are healing well but they had to drain off some built up fluid in my breasts, which is common. That process was painless with a local. It just made me realize what a horrible decision I made to get implants in the first place. I feels so good not having to worry about bulging out of shirts! I even tried on some of my old button ups that I couldn't button all the way before removal. Almost feels like a new Wardrobe!.lol I know the end result will take months but I'm already so happy with the difference. I'll go sports bra shopping tomorrow yay!

11 days post-op

Feeling better and looking better each day. The glue over my stitches is slowly peeling off. The bruising is almost gone. I still have some soreness on my left side but my right side feels great. My next post-op appointment is in 3 days.
I'll post an update then

3 weeks and 4 days post-op

I've had two post- op appointments since my last post. My left side is healing much slower than the right. On the 1st visit they drained off 75cc's of fluid off my left side and 20cc'so on my right. There was a concern that if it continued to build that much fluid that he would need to put a drain tube back in. NO! Fortunately, on my last visit, there was no fluid on my right and just 27cc's on my left. My next appointment is on the 14th. I'm looking less and less like Frankenboob now that the stitches are almost all gone. My skin is still puffy at the incisions going down and under my breasts. But things are looking much better. Some nodules of hard tissue are forming at the incisions so I'm told to lightly massage those areas.
I'm feeling lIke my old self again, as far as energy goes. I'm talking long, brisk walks every day but told I can't start my running routine for a few more weeks.
I'll so excited about my results so far!

Picture update - 3 weeks and 5 days out

No surgical pads in these pics. I'm very pleased with results!. I think I'm actually a little bigger than when I had the implants put in 21 years ago, Glad I got the lift with the explant.

7 weeks post-op

I'm back to my normal work routine of lifting, walking, bending, stooping, and carrying heavy things. Today I put on my 1st high impact sports bra and started my running routine for exercise. It's feels SO good to be back! I'm very happy with my natural size which turned out to be a C cup. Imagine that...lol. why I got the stupid implants in the first place. Go figure. My right breast developed a "dog ear" which is a fold of skin under the breast. The doctor will remove that in office in a few more months. My left breast still had a small amount of fluid, 17ccs, at my last visit, which they aspirated out. It also still has a small bit odd tenderness under the breast tissue.

Not letting the look of my results dampen my happiness of having it done

Looking at many post-op pictures, I see many cosmetically great outcomes! Mine on the other is not quite as nice. My areolas are definitely two different sizes. If I let myself, I can get upset about it because I did pay a lot of money and put my trust in the perfection of the doctors work. But I choose to remain happy because my ultimate goal was accomplished! I no longer have implants and all the saggy skin! An added bonus is I'm still a C cup. I thought for sure I'd barely be a B. So happiness prevails!
Im going back for a follow-up on May 19th. I will talk to him about the "dog_ear" removal on my right side, which doesn't seem as distinct as the 1st months after surgery, and the areola size difference. Will keep updates coming

I have had one visit with Dr. LoMonaco. I chose him with the help of many reviews, the time he took with me on my visit, his staff, and the hospital.

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