5 Months Post-op, with Capsular Contracture. Trying to Figure out What to Do - Houston, TX

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Hello Ladies! Well sad to say that I am only 5...

Hello Ladies!

Well sad to say that I am only 5 months post op of getting my BA done. I have developed Capsular Contracture in my left side and am considering getting an explanation instead of fighting to keep these babies in. I have read too many stories where ladies were getting capsulectomies, one right after another, and considering the costs. Who can afford that??

My husband will probably be pissed if I do decide to get them removed as he just got them paid for. But whats the point if you keep having problems and having to keep dishing out the dough? Maybe it is better to go back to normal. I was an unlucky one. My PS doesnt want to remove them, so I may have to go with someone else.

I do have questions about the removal though and the capsulectomy. Maybe you can help answer some of them for me?
1) With the capsulectomy and explant, i have read from some of your reviews that is is painful, and some (or most?) need to have drains?
2) How long should you expect to be out of work?
3) Does your breast tissue look different from pre-BA with the capsulectomy as I heard they remove 20% of your breast tissue as well.
4) I read some concavity is typical after the explant. Some ladies dont look like that is an issue. Is this true?
5) Some docs leave the capsule in. I'd like to hear experiences of ladies who has had that happen and how that feels and looks afterwards.

I posted my progression pics. Dont mind the "Ovals", it makes me feel a little better b/c of the perverted men that visit this site. But prob dont really help.

I prob. have more questions, but that is all I can think of for now.
Thanks in advance for all those that decide to give me some feedback! It's much appreciated!

Hello ladies! Well I just wanted to thank you...

Hello ladies!
Well I just wanted to thank you all for your feedback and for sharing your stories.
I have finally made a decision and that is NOT to explant and instead save my money so I can get the capsulectomy with the Strattice. This will reduce my chances of recurrence to less than 1%. I really didnt want to give up my new chest size as it is nice being more proportionate! But if things dont work out with this other surgery, I may be back to considering explanting as I dont want to be worrying about these new additions all the time. Some girls are lucky and dont have any problems, are happy with their size, and look great, and others are not so fortunate. I fall under the "not so fortunate" category but will try one revision. After that I am done. But anyways, I wish you all wellness and happiness with whatever boobie path you take! After all, we only live once- why not make the best of it? Happy early Thanksgiving!
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