Implant Removal no lift, no replacement Houston, TX

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I got 450 saline implants in 2009 because I had...

I got 450 saline implants in 2009 because I had lost my natural big boobs when I lost 20lbs. It was the biggest mistake of my life. I miss my natural boobs, I hate how big these make me look, my husband doesn't like them, I feel like my chest hurts all the time, I get comfortable when I sleep, They don't make pretty bras that fit me... I can go on forever. I want these things out ASAP.

Appointment set!

I just set up my consultation with dr. Todd Adams for implant removal & a tummy tuck! My heart is pounding just thinking about it!

Went to my consult

I walked into my consult today wanting an explant & tummy tuck, I walked out wanting a replacement smaller implant, lift & tummy tuck. Ugh. All totaled up to a whopping 17,300. Now that I'm home I realized that the doc just really talked me into it at the moment & I know I really do just want an explant. I think I'll be setting up a consult with a different doctor soon cause I want to try to explant first & see how they bounce back. The doc was pretty sure that I would not be happy with my results if I just ex planted alone. Now I'm so confused on what to do.

Okay need to do something asap.

My left implant has fallen out from behind the muscle & is causing me some discomfort. I called care credit & I'm waiting for them to send me my card so I can have my implants removed finally. I'm so terrified of what the outcome will be. I already have lots of lose skin & emptiness even with the implants still in. I know it's gonna look awful but I do not want a lift & I damn sure don't want any more implants but into my body.

Consult booked

I set up a consult with a doc who will remove the implants without having to put me under. I am absolutely terrified & I sincerely hope I do not regret taking them out. I Know I'll be happy as long as they're not disfigured for some reason. If only I could see the future.

Date booked :)

I met dr. Roehl today & I fell in love with her. She never tried to persuade me to get a lift or just exchange like so many of the other docs I've seen. So here I am booked for June 17th. Explant under local. Feeling good about this decision so far. ????

Cannot wait to get these things out!

Just a couple more days till I'm free! My left implant has really been causing more pain the last couple of days. It just feels like it's trying to bust out of my skin. Such an awful feeling! I haven't been getting much sleep due to the discomfort so at this point Im really not concerned with how they're gonna look, I just know it's time to get these bags out!

Today's the day!

The long wait is almost over! Just a few more hours & I'll be on the other side with some of you lovely ladies. I just really want to thank all of you brave women for sharing your stories & helping me find the courage to go for what's best for my body! Couldn't have done this without yall!

I've entered the flat side!

Procedure was extremely easy & quick. My doc is truely wonderful & made me feel totally relaxed. I am in shock at my appearance. I thought I had more breast tissue & I thought theyd look better than they do but I was also prepared for the worse. They're exactly what I didn't want them to look like but I know it's only been a few hours & they will change. I've got them secured in a well fitted sports bra so hopefully ill see some positive changes soon.

Feeling awesome :)

My poor tatas have been through so much & I can really feel such a difference in the way I feel without carrying around those fake bags. The scale says I'm two lbs lighter which is an awesome plus but on top of that my husband said I look younger & thinner. It reminds him of how I looked when we first met. I haven't had any pain, all I've taken is two tylenols & I feel fine. I showered & I can alreAdy see a big difference just in 24hrs. I can't to go bra shopping & although I'm looking very empty & saggy im still so happy Ive made this decision. Thank you ladies for all your kind words & support!

So happy!

This morning I woke up & finally noticed some fluffing! I'm so amazed that I don't have any neck or back pain what so ever. I really haven't felt this good in years. I feel slim & sexy. I am so happy I made the decision to remove. Will post pics when I get a chance.

Progress pics :)

I see some slight fluffing!

Itchy incision site???

Any one get real itchy where they're healing? Right along the incision on my lefty it's just so itchy. What did yall use to help with that?

Roller coaster of emotions

Yesterday tried on swim suits cause I have to get in one on 4th of July. It was not fun, I still have yet to find one... It's hard to find something to wear cause all I can wear are sports bras that make me look totally flat. But at the same time I do love my tiny squishy boobies. I am proud of me for doing something healthy for me instead of worrying about how sexy I'll look. I'm trying to focus more on working on my inner beauty and not caring what I look like so much on the outside. No regrets just trying to get comfortable being just me again.

Some before & afters

Two weeks post op.

I feel like it's been way more than two weeks for some reason. Had my stitches out yesterday & luckily that was a piece of cake. I am really loving the new/old me. I honestly feel a way that I haven't in a long time. Sleeping great, no back or neck pain, no pain in side of left breast. I feel like me again. I'm really looking forward to seeing this upper pole fill in just a little. I see a slight change everyday. I still haven't made the big reveal to the hubby but I'm sure I will soon. Little nervous about that... I hung out with some friends recently & no one has seemed to notice which is very surprising cause I feel like I look so different but I'm glad no one said anything. Happy healing ladies & thanks for all yalls awesome support.

Pretty impressive scar after only two weeks

I forgot to post my scars in which I'm very impressed. It's only been two weeks & you can hardly see them. My doc did an amazing job. I'm also posting a pic of all the products I using to help the fluffing process. I love the bust cream!

One month post pics

One month post op & I'm really loving the way I look. So happy I made the decision to remove. I have made the big reveal to my husband & although he's been extremely supportive, he couldn't seem to rise to the occasion if yall know what I mean. In our 15 years together this has NEVER happened. So ya that was pretty harsh. When I'm standing they look fine but when I lay down they look very distorted due to all the extra skin I guess. He seen them laying down & I had no idea they looked like that while laying flat or I wouldn't have showed him at that angle. So we will not be using the missionary position for quite some time I'm sure. Sorry for the TMI just trying to tell it like it is. I'll post some pics of what I'm talking about.

Two month update pics

I am thankful for the progress I've made in the fluffing department. I have struggled the last month with feeling confident in a bikini. It doesn't help that a lot of my friends have gorgeous fake boobies but with that said when I look at pics it really helps me to realize I look fine with out my implants, maybe even better. I hope I can get to the point when I don't try to hide them from my husband. It's a long process within myself that needs to most help to heal.

Check out what three months of healing can do!

Can't believe when I compare these photos. So thankful they fluffed! I've been doing lots of chest exercises to help with the process. Can't wait to see what they'll look like in further months. Happy healing ladies! Don't be afraid!

One year post implant removal no lift

Finally got some of my natural volume back. Very happy with the progress. No regrets on having the implants removed as of now. I do have days I some times wish I could get new pretty implants but then I look at the pics of my old ones & realize I'm good with what I naturally have.
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