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In 2008 I was somewhere around a 36 C, but very...

In 2008 I was somewhere around a 36 C, but very unhappy with the way I was already sagging at 28. I'm 5'2" and weighed about 120 lbs when I went to a doctor for a lift. He convinced me that implants would provide the results I was looking for without the scars. Unfortunately I listened and now , 5 years later, I'm so tired of having a chest much too large for my frame. My back always hurts and I can never find clothes that fit. Physical activity is very uncomfortable so I now weigh 150. My plan is to get these things out and have my boobs lifted like I originally wanted. I'm currently buying 36 DD and hope to go as small as possible. Consultations start next week! Photos will follow.

Had my consultation with Dr. Horndeski yesterday....

Had my consultation with Dr. Horndeski yesterday. I'm bummed about the cost. I had no idea it would be so expensive! I guess it makes sense as more work goes into lifting than stuffing a balloon in. I've decided to go with his suggestion of deflating the implants and wearing a sports bra for a while. This way my skin can tighten and I'll have a better idea of my current size. Then, when I'm ready for the surgery I'll know if I still want to go smaller, as I really wanted to be a small C. My plan is to go in Monday for the "deflation". I didn't even know this was possible before Dr. H! I will say I was impressed by how much time he spent with me and his willingness to share pictures and details regarding his procedure was much more informative than what I've experienced with other doctors. I also found a picture of my chest before I ever had the implants, so once I start posting pictures I'll put that one up too. From what I understand, I should be able to go months without removing the implants after he deflates them so I'm thinking of planning my lift around Christmas so I'll have some more time off of work.

I'm a wuss.

Okay, so I was supposed to go in Monday to have the implants "popped", but I chickened out. I can't say if it was more out of fear (pain) or being afraid to make that final "commitment" to the surgery. (once they've been deflated, you have to remove them eventually). Since I'm using precious student loan money to pay for it, I'm finding it so difficult to make up my mind. I'll never stop wanting it, and $10,000 will never just magically be available to me, so I need to just suck it up and do it. *sigh*

I'm going to try again Monday. Again, I probably won't be able to get the lift until December. I start school in August and the student loan money won't be available early enough to get it done this summer like I wanted. MAN I hope doctors stop telling girls to get implants instead of lifts!!! $%&@

Had them popped!

Finally worked up the nerve to let Dr. Horndeski deflate my implants this past Monday. So far you really can't tell a difference. I can, but the pictures don't show what I see. Since I never found anyone on here who had this done, I'll describe my experience:
I had to lay down on the table/chair. They raised it up and injected a local into each breast. Then they went right to work and inserted the needle (I couldn't see what they actually used because my ginormous boob was in the way.) Next thing I heard was what sounded like someone peeing in a cup. It was my boob draining into a cup! The left one pretty much drained completely and the right one only a little. I'm lopsided now, but it's fine. Soon I'll have them taken out and lifted! Yay! So after the draining I just put on a sports bra and went home. Easy! I'll wear a super tight compression bra for a couple of weeks and then go back in. Planning to get the lift early July, if I get enough money in time. If not I'll just have to postpone until Christmas. I'm just happy to have a little of the weight off, even though I'm all skin and they pretty much lay flat on my tummy. No man in my life so that's great! (it's great any day of the week, but a bonus now!) I'll post pictures of before and after, but you can't tell. Maybe when I go back and he takes more it'll be more noticeable. We shall see! Anyhoo...I highly recommend anyone considering a removal/lift to get them deflated. This way you can let your skin tighten a little and decide if you're happy with your natural size. If you return within a couple of weeks they can just replace the implants. I do not intend to have any replacements, so I'm happy to let them shrink up as much as possible!

Countdown begins..

I have a post op on the 30th of April and my surgery is scheduled for May 13th, which is the DAY AFTER my last law school final. What the heck is wrong with me??

I'm going to post pictures since it's been about a year since I had my implants drained. My boobs didn't shrink like I wanted them to, but I really didn't try hard enough. I love food waaaay too much.


I have a PRE-op (not post op) on the 30th. DER! My brain is mush right now. Good night!

Getting closer!

Well, I had my pre-op and I'm all set. My surgery is set for May 15th and I've added some bonus lipo to the spare tire, underarms and inner thighs. It's my pre-graduation gift to myself (even though I've got a few more years in grad school to go!) I'm pleased with Dr. Mentz. I told him I wanted to be much smaller and he's the first doctor who didn't try to talk me out of it. The last time I let a doctor convince me of something other than what I wanted, I wound up miserable. I'm very excited to have a smaller chest! I'll post some more pictures as soon as the doctor's office emails them to me.

Not sure I've I've covered everything so here's a recap of what I'll be doing:
implant removal (they're already deflated)
lipo on the underarms, tummy (and around) and inner thighs

Wish me luck!
Dr. Mentz

So far so good! Very very nice man and I felt like he truly cared about helping me make the right decisions.

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