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So I have had the same little boy chest since I...

So I have had the same little boy chest since I was 13 years old. Every fe,ale in my family has at least a D cup and I'm rockin' itty bitty titties. I have always had a smaller waist & a bubble butt, but no breast. I'm ready to do this but I have lots of fears. I have had 3 consultations and have 3 more scheduled. Both surgeons were very nice, informative and seem to have a lot of experience. 2 surgeons said I need to have a lift to bring my nipples up, 1 surgeon said it was not needed. I want a full C small D cup. I don't want my nipples touched at all. I don't know if they really need a lift or not. Maybe someone here could tell me. I'm a nurse and my very first patient experience (13 yrs ago) was a breast augmentation gone wrong. Did a dressing change on the patient and her nipples came off (with lots of green drainage) with the dressing change. So I'm terrified of my nipples being touched. I have a lot to think about, but would really like some input.

Final consultation done

Had a final consultation with another PS. I believe this will be the physician that I'm going to go with. He has all the credentials that I'm looking for, years of experience, personable, but most of all very genuine and caring. I'm discussing details with my husband. I hope to pay my deposit and set the date soon.

Going to D.R. In May

I have decided after much consideration to go to D.R. For a TT, BA, and lipo. I have 7 weeks until I leave.

I think I'm going to stay in a private Condo

I'm weighing my options. Any advice or experiences with private recovery is appreciated.
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