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So I have had the same little boy chest since I...

So I have had the same little boy chest since I was 13 years old. Every fe,ale in my family has at least a D cup and I'm rockin' itty bitty titties. I have always had a smaller waist & a bubble butt, but no breast. I'm ready to do this but I have lots of fears. I have had 3 consultations and have 3 more scheduled. Both surgeons were very nice, informative and seem to have a lot of experience. 2 surgeons said I need to have a lift to bring my nipples up, 1 surgeon said it was not needed. I want a full C small D cup. I don't want my nipples touched at all. I don't know if they really need a lift or not. Maybe someone here could tell me. I'm a nurse and my very first patient experience (13 yrs ago) was a breast augmentation gone wrong. Did a dressing change on the patient and her nipples came off (with lots of green drainage) with the dressing change. So I'm terrified of my nipples being touched. I have a lot to think about, but would really like some input.

Final consultation done

Had a final consultation with another PS. I believe this will be the physician that I'm going to go with. He has all the credentials that I'm looking for, years of experience, personable, but most of all very genuine and caring. I'm discussing details with my husband. I hope to pay my deposit and set the date soon.

Going to D.R. In May

I have decided after much consideration to go to D.R. For a TT, BA, and lipo. I have 7 weeks until I leave.

I think I'm going to stay in a private Condo

I'm weighing my options. Any advice or experiences with private recovery is appreciated.

Monday May 23, 2016Made it to Miami at 5:15pm...

Monday May 23, 2016

Made it to Miami at 5:15pm (flight was late for some reason). Had to board flight to Dominican Republic at 5:40pm. Boarding flight to DR, my phone was down to 1%. The attendant told me I would have to leave my carry on bag and would get it when I get off the plane (all of my info was in my carry on) but I didn’t think about it because I thought I would get my bag as soon as I got off the plane). On the flight, we were given visitor forms to fill out. They were out of customs forms, so had to fill those out once we landed. I didn’t have to address where I would be staying because it was in my carry on bag. Once we landed (8:50pm), I asked about my carry on and I was told it had been checked in with my other luggage (WTF). Now I’m in customs trying to complete paperwork with no address and phone on 1% with no service. Quickly, I pulled up the text I sent to my husband with all the info on it and snapped a photo with my daughter’s phone. I had to buy tourist cards again because ours were in the carryon bag that was checked in. After buying tourist cards, we had to stand in customs line. It was long but went relatively fast. After customs, we went to baggage claims where every man in the airport is calling you to get your attention. I guess they know American’s. One guy that worked at the airport, Raymond, was very helpful. He came up to us and was like, are you American? He was like stick with me and don’t talk to anyone. He helped us get our luggage, get it claimed and walked us to find my driver. I did mention I had no phone service or wifi right? I couldn’t even send my driver a message. We walked and walked and finally seen Jose holding a sign with my name on it. Jose went to get the car and Raymond walked us to the car to put our luggage in. I tipped Raymond $20. Once in the car, Jose had wifi. I was able to send a message to the apartment owner to let him know I landed and was on my way. We decided to stop at the market to get groceries since we would be busy the next day. The market is pretty much like an American store but the labels are in Spanish. Jose helped us out. I kept trying to get junk food, but he was like no you need foods that will help you heal….after spending 6500 pesos (about $120) in the market, we left for the apartment. Got to the apartment and Jose brought our luggage and grocery bags in with the help of the apartment owner. The apartment is big and clean. It’s really nice too. I’m going to try to post pictures. AC in front room and both bedrooms. Cable tv in bedrooms, wifi in front room. Washer and dryer as well. We put up groceries, checked in with family, showered and went to bed.

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