33 Years Old. 371 cc Silicon. Moderate Profile. Under the muscle.

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I am very new to the breast implant world!! Still...

I am very new to the breast implant world!! Still doing my research to find exactly what I want. I am a little hesitant to get them right now particularly because I have gained weight over the past 6 months. I haven't found a goal to get me motivated to work to get me back into shape. *sigh* One of my dilemmas is do I wait until I lose the weight? Or will these implants give me the motivation to get back into the gym? I am finding of the profiles I have read on here, most are from people who have slender builds. Currently I am short 5'0 and slightly chubby belly right now (no children yet) with a decent cup size (very full B). I am wanting to go up two cup sizes to a full D or DD. One of my fears with implants is that I will end up look too top heavy if I don't end up losing weight post implants. Does anybody else have those feelings?

Before photos. Maybe I need to lose weight before surgery?!

I am loving this site! It is very helpful to answer many of my questions that I have in order to make an informed decision about surgery! I am enjoying being able to document my BA journey! One of the major feelings I have is that maybe perhaps I need to lose weight before I actually undergo this surgery. Does anybody else feel the same way? Currently I am about 150. My happy weight is 130...

Consultation is booked!

I have finally decided to book a consultation - I am excited and looking forward to it! I have called another physician's office to potentially schedule another one just to kinda shop around! I have got less than two weeks to prepare my list of questions and photos about what exactly I want!! Is there anything you guys recommend?

Decided on a doctor!!

So I took the last few weeks to really narrow down my selections on surgeons. I asked all my friends who had implants who there surgeons were and I booked consultations with two of them: Dr. Ciaravino and Dr. Vitenas. I REALLY, REALLY wanted to go with Ciaravino but I decided that I would keep an open mind about Dr. Vitenas. After all things considered, I have decided to book with Dr. Vitenas!! Yay!

So here's how my experience went;
First consultation was with Ciaravino office. I took the option to meet with one of his consultants rather than the doctor himself. It was explained to me that if I wanted to consult with Ciaravino himself, I would have to wait a few weeks longer in order to see him. If I booked surgery, I would definitely see him for my pre-op appointment. Perhaps if I selected the other option, I may have booked with him.

The ladies (front desk included) where nice but I felt that they only offered information based upon questions that I asked. So perhaps if I had a MAJOR list of questions prepared, I would have felt more confident leaving the doctors office. His nurse selected a 350 cc silicon implant for me and explained the reasoning behind the selection - very informative!! As for the 'cons' she never really suggested trying it on, take pictures with them on and only held one up close to my chest for visualization purposes. At the time, I figured that I would end up returning for another appointment and I could do that later.

They briefly discussed the cost and ways to finance and then it was over. I left the office feeling very ambivalent about the whole situation.

A week later I attended my another consultation with Dr. Vitenas. I was very impressed of how the overall process of even booking a consultation was. The Patient Co-Ordinator answer any questions that I could think of over the phone. She was very upfront letting me know that Dr. Vitenas' work specializes in a very natural look (which is what I was looking for). A few days before the actual appointment, she also followed up to confirm and also gave me the opportunity to answer any further questions that may have arisen. These simple phone calls made me feel very confident in this facility - and at that point, I hadn't even met the doctor yet!!

The day of the consultation with Dr. Vitenas, I met in person both the patient coordinator and the doctor himself. We started off reviewing my medical history, she explained in detail the dos and don't for the day of surgery and we also discussed what my overall desire look was. She also allowed me to ask any questions. Then she brought in the doctor!

Dr. Vitenas came in and he also reviewed my chart. Very personable - which made me feel comfortable. He also explained (from a doctor's point of view) what I would expect from the overall surgery (night before/day of/and post op). He then did breast measurements and a breast examination.

We then went into another room where all the implants were located and he took pre-op photos. He also told me to get my camera and my fitted blouse (they instructed me to bring beforehand). I changed into their bra (unlined) and fitted shirt and then tried on two sizes: 339 and 371. We took a good variety of photos from different angles with both their camera and my own. As strange as it kinda felt at the time - I am very glad they make their patients go through that process as it really allowed me to visualize what I would like post-operatively.

We then finished off the appointment by reviewing the fees, getting my financing with Care Credit taken care, explaining the flow of the day of surgery (what door to go in, what floor I would be on, where my husband would wait etc.) and we finished by reviewing any last minute questions. I was so impressed at how informative the entire process was from both doctor and patient coordinator.

It has been a few days, they have also followed up with an email for any random questions that I had - I totally appreciate it!! I have yet to actually book my pre-op appointment and my surgery, but from experience alone, I have made up my mind to select Dr. Vitenas!!

Tuesday April 26th is the big day!

So surgery is scheduled for Tuesday April 26! Crazy how time flies - it's only 5 days away! I have been so busy with work that I guess time has slipped away from me! So far I think I have everything I need to get by for the first 24 hours. Been doing a lot of reading on how to prepare - so I think I should be okay!

Been debating on buying Jenny Eden's recovery kit... Any advice to that?

Surgery is tomorrow!!

So excited... I can barely sleep!! Also a little bit nervous. There is a part of me that thinks, 'this is crazy?! What am I doing?! I have good set of breasts to begin with... Why am I doing this?!' But I know as long as all goes well, I will be happier with the outcome! It's crazy the doubts that go through your head!

My home is set up for recovery! All my laundry is washed in tide free detergent, my pills are ready for dispensing, easy access to water, cups with straws, vomit bags (just in case) and easy to digest meals are ready. All that is left is to shower, take off jewelry and head to the surgery center!! *sigh* YAY!!

Post Op Day 1 - Success!

Surgery was yesterday! With the exception of a few instances of nausea, everything went well!

The whole process was so smooth! I arrived at 5:45 AM, was introduced to the nurses, the anesthesiologist and her assistant who would be taking care of me in the Operating Room. I took a quick urinalysis (probably to confirm that I wasn't pregnant) and then the anesthesiologist started my IV. Dr. Vitenas came in to see me and confirm my implant sizes and then I headed to the OR!

I remember laying down on the OR table thinking - 'I can't believe that I am doing this! But I've come too far to turn back!' Just some last minute doubts, but as soon as I inhaled the happy gases, I quickly fell asleep!

The OR nurse was wonderful - I had spoke to her about how I was concerned about my tongue ring hole and belly ring hole closing up because of being out too long. But she allowed me to take them out right before I went to OR and as soon as the procedure finished, she put them back in! Those were my first thoughts when I woke up - i felt for both rings, and I thanked the staff for inserting them so the holes wouldn't close!!

I ended up taking a Valium before I left and then before I knew it, I was back home resting in bed by 9 AM!

Photos from PO Day 1

For some reason, the site didn't upload my photos!

Post Op Day 3

Recovery has been pretty good! With the exception of a few instances of nausea (which I blame on the anesthesia), I am back on my feet now using Tylenol is my painkiller of choice for basic soreness as Norco makes me really sleepy.

I had my first post op appointment yesterday where they taught me how to massage my implants. Which... FYI, pre-medicate!! That $h|! hurt!! Use both a Valium and Norco as long as you have someone to drive you to and from the doctors office!

Otherwise I am doing very well...moving around, working from home and just itching to exercise so that I can start losing some extra weight!

Dressings off incisions!

My doctor has allowed me to take the tegaderm off the incisions. It's a little bit itchy... I can't wait to be able to apply scar medicine! Overall, I am very pleased with Dr. Vitenas' work!!

Scar Treatment and Traveling

I had my second Post Op Appointment - this time it was with Dr. Vitenas on Post Op Day 9. Everything looks good from his perspective!! He made me aware of how much MORE I need to be massaging! (PREMEDICATE before you see him - it hurt when he squeezed to examine them!). So I definitely gotta move the implants more!

He gave me the okay to start using scar treatment so I am alternating between Jenny Eden's Scar Salve and Skin Medica Scar Recovery Gel. My skin typically takes a long while for scars to fade so I am choosing to do double duty!

It's currently Post Op Day 10 and I have been busy traveling the day away. So just a few tips from my experience: make sure you have someone to help you handle your luggage. Luckily for me my husband has been wonderful in that aspect. I am a pretty strong girl who is used to weight lifting with very heavy weights but my back and chest muscles get very tired and sore after carrying around a bag that weight approximately 15 pounds for like 20 minutes.

If you are traveling during the recovery time invest in a high quality luggage that has four wheels (not two) as the 360 spinners come I handy so that the entire weight of your bag stays on the ground and is a very easy to maneuver whether you push or pull.

Otherwise I am doing well - only minor aches and occasional muscle soreness that extra strength Tylenol can take care of!! I am almost feeling 100% like myself ????!

Post Op Week 3

So I have been quite busy vacationing during the last week. Recovery during that time was not too bad at all. I finished up all of the pills of Bromelian and Quercin from Jenny Eden's recovery kit. It was mainly all about massage, massage, massage as much as I could in private! We were in public ALOT, so I had to be as effective as possible and do double duty massage in the morning and in the evenings.

Scar Updates

I have been doing double duty with scar treatment. I feel like it is paying off!! I purchased what the doctor recommended Skin Medica Scar Recovery Gel (cost $95 - with a 10% discount) and Jenny Eden's Scar Salve (entire kit $159).

I apply the gel very early in the morning and at bedtime and the Scar Salve 2-3 times (when I can remember l) during the daytime.

So far after three weeks, the scars are starting to smoothen out. Now waiting for them to turn a light pink and then eventually fade away - which could take months! But they are progressing nicely!

6 Week Post Op Update!

I have successfully entered into 6 weeks Post Op! Doctor said that everything looks good and he has cleared me to go back to workout again! Yay!

My breasts are super soft, I am loving the feel of how jiggly they are! I took some time to try on old bras and because I have had history of weight gain & loss, I am actually pretty happy that I do not have to buy a whole new set of bras as I am currently completely filling my old 36C bras! I am a little frugal and so not having to buy brand new bras is a good thing, since I still have to pay off these new boobs!!

As for my incisions, they are completely smooth. Now I am just patiently waiting for them to fade. Doctor said to avoid tanning the incision this summer!!
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