9 Months With My Boobies!!

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I have been thinking of getting a breast...

I have been thinking of getting a breast augmentation done since I was in high school. My boobs stopped growing when I was 18. I have always been skinny, I am 5'8" 118 lbs with 34 A cup boobs. I always tried to embrace my tiny boobs but I have never felt like I am a woman! I am turning 23 in July and just recently got engaged. I think it's time to become a woman and get a nice set of boobs :) I'm not looking to go anywhere bigger than a C! I have my first consultation set for this Friday!

Always thinking!

Ugh I keep going back and forth. I just went through the RealSelf "Explant" section... So dumb, I know. Seeing horror stories and awful, botched fake boobs is SUCH a turn off. I know getting a bad boob job is such a slim chance but there's still a chance. I also fear of just flat out not liking fake boobs on my body! But I really really want nice, sexy boobs that have cleavage and look amazing in clothes/bathing suits... Such a predicament. Part of me wants to love the body God gave me and part of me wants to change! Ugh! My brain needs to have an off button for thinking!! Sorry for the ranting... Just needed to get that off my (flat) chest! Hehe...

On a different note.. I really love this site! It's awesome to be able to see success stories. Congratulations to the ladies who already got their dream boobs!! I bet boobieland is just as awesome as I'm thinking it is.... :)

Had my Consultation!!

I had my consultation today and now I am SO excited!!! Dr. Feldman is so informative and helpful. My mom came with me and we were in there for a little over an hour! He told me all I needed to know and gave me peace about the surgery. I'm so nervous about actually going in for surgery but he prescribed Valium for the night before and for before I get there to calm my nerves :) I am also getting nausea pills which I really wanted because I hate feeling that way and absolutely HATE throwing up. I feel so comfortable with Dr. Feldman though. He is so confident in his work and knows what he is doing. I showed him pics of what I want and what my fears are for the surgery. He made my fears go away :) I booked my appointment for July 25th! I would have done it July 11th but I leave for Los Angeles on the 17th (for wedding venue shopping and my birthday!) so I thought it would be a lot better doing it after the trip. Even though it would be great to have nice boobies for the trip! Oh well.. At least they will be perfect for the wedding! My fiancé and I are so excited! Yay!!!!

I tried on 306 and 339 cc moderate profile and 306 high profile. I want to go modest so I am going with the moderate profile. My fiancé and I are doing the rice test (1 tablespoon of rice = 15cc so 12 tablespoons is 1 cup of rice) We are having fun with the bags of rice in a sports bra haha. I'll post pics of my sizers from the consultation soon!
Congrats to the girls who had their surgery done today woohoo!!

Wang To Change My Date!

My fiancé and I were just thinking.... My surgery is scehduled for July 25th and we are leaving on July 17th for Los Angeles. The trip is mostly for looking at resorts for our destination wedding and it is also to see my grandma for my birthday as well! But nothing strenuous while in L.A. Mostly walking around and relaxing. If I am by the pool or beach I already know I will have to be in the shade and cover up my incision area.
But my fiancé and I just read that I can't drink a week before surgery.... :( That means no celebrating for my birthday!

We could have also done a July 11th surgery.... Have any of you ladies traveled or gone somewhere a week after surgery? What is the comfort level/pain like a week after? I want to see if I can reschedule my date to be earlier but don't know if I will be really uncomfortable on the trip!


...Not Wang. Hahaha

Pics From Consultation and From Rice Test At Home!

My PS said High profile will look fake. You can't really hide that they are not natural breasts. We tried them on to see them but they look ridiculous on me. He says when laying down they don't lay flat and will stand up a little still. Also, when topless they will have natural perky cleavage that looks nice but also fake... I like the moderate implants! But I am unsure which ones. He says the 339 ccs will look how the 306ccs look when trying them on as sizers because you lose some ccs when implanted. I am just excited to get more volume period!

Back Sleeper Pillow

What is the best pillow any of you have used to sleep on your back? I am looking in to buying the Leachco Back n' Belly pillow or the Leachco Snoogle to help me stay comfortable and in place throughout the night. What did y'all find most helpful/comfortable? Thanks! :)

Per-Op Monday!

My Pre-Op is in 4 Days! Yay! Hopefully this will put my mind to rest with my worries. I keep going back and forth between thinking I'll go too big and then too small! But I trust my PS and I know he will fulfill exactly what I want :) It's just so scary to not have complete control over what they will look like! I bought bigger sports bras and a new, bigger bikini this week... It is probably too soon but I am SO excited for bigger boobies that I couldn't wait! :D

6 days away!

Surgery is in 6 days! I am anxious and very excited! I can't wait!!! I hopefully have everything I need. I have been taking Make Me Heal vitamins to prepare my body Pre-op and I will be taking the post-op vitamins after to help me heal. July 4th was the last social event with my small boobs in a bikini I went to! It was surreal. I can't believe I will have boobs in less than a week! Yay!!

Before Pic

A before pic without bra. My PS says 339cc mod+ profile will get me to the natural small C cup I want! I might be getting 309cc if the bigger ones don't fit right when he puts them in! Excited for cleavage and more boobage :D

Today's The Day!

I'm not feeling nervous at all today!!y fiancé and I are staying at my mom and dads house in sugar land. We live in Houston so this drive to Sweetwater will only be 10 mins! Last night my mom made me take a Valium because I was so jittery! I laid in bed with my fiancé and we watched some TV before I passed out and slept in til 10! My surgery is at 12:30 so I will be going in at 12. Im feeling very calm. Before I leave I will take Valium, my nausea pill and antibiotic. I have to take a teeny sip of water with it! My sister is going to double french braid my hair so it's out of the way for a couple days. No showering :( I will update when I am back today! If I don't feel too out of it! See y'all on the other side! ;)


yaaay!!! I can't believe it! I have BOOBIES!!!! This morning was pretty quick and easy at the doctors office. I got to the doctors office and peed first thing for the pregnancy test. Then I went back into the room with my fiance and mom. The nurse asked a couple questions and started my IV. She pricked me with a numbing shot and then put the cathedar in my vein. That was the worst part of the whole experience so far! Haha and it wasn't even that bad. After that the anesthesiologist came in and talked to me about whats to be expected. He was awesome!! And so handsome too! Then finally Dr. Feldman came in to mark me up. He measured me for a good long while because he was double and triple checking everything. He is so awesome! We went straight to the operating room after that. I said bye to my mom, sister and fiance. It was pretty surreal entering the rooms you only see in shows and movies! With the big lights hanging from the ceiling and the tools and materials everywhere . Thank God I was on Valium!! I would have been such a wreck. The surgical table was heated and ready to go with blankets!! SO comforting. That really put me at ease. Next all the nurses and anesthesiologists and my PS came in and started prepping. The anesthesiologist told me that it was time for happy hour and he was going to put in my first margarita!! I didn't feel it immediately but when I did start feeling loopy I just shut my eyes and it made the transition into going under a lot easier.

I woke up with 2 nurses and my mom and fiance next to me. They were all excited and got to have a sneak preview. I was so tired that I was drifting in and out of sleep. I told them my creases under my boob were in pain and burning so he have me double dose of valium and vicodin and it was gone. Then I got in the wheel chair and headed home after that. I don't even remember getting into bed or the drive home really.

As of the rest of the day I have been eating fine and have kept everything down. Yay!! My whole boob is numb except for the part under the sports bra band that they gave me. It is so weird having and seeing these boobs on me! Still living in a dream :)))


Pictures from day of treatment

More pics

More pics

Love this website

I just love this community of people I can relate to on this website! I dont think this experience would be nearly the same with out you girls!! Thank you so much for the ones who've helped support me :) love y'all!!!

Easiest Recovery!

Today is post-op 1 and I am feeling great!! This is not pain at all. Just soreness. It is so awesome!! I have ben sticking to my pain pill regimen every 4 hours. Vicodin and Valium. I am also alternating each time taking the nausea pill. My appetite is great too! My mom made me some homemade chicken, veggie and rice soup and a milkshake when I got home. I recommend a tray table!!! My fiance also made an extra long straw with two bendy straws so I have keep the insulated cup in my armpit and drink without moving! This seriously is such an awesome recovery. Sleeping comfortably, watching movies and eating my moms homemade meals :) If any o you girls have every gotten wisdom teeth out, this does NOT even compare!! THAT was pain. This just feels like you did an amazing upper body work out and are really really sore. I am soooo happy right now! Last night I had a dream that I hadn't even gone into surgery yet because it was such a breeze! And this morning I woke up thinking that today was the day, but it's all over!! Hahaha I am feeling so blessed with this entire situation. I hope all of you girls an easy, relaxing recovery also!

P.S. Remember to stay on schedule with pain meds even if you don't feel it as bad!!! And I love taking the nausea pill.. it makes you pass out and sleep like a baby. I have not had one problem sleeping on my back yet!

Make Me Heal Vitamins

I used Make Me Heal pre-op and post-op vitamins from online. They have everything you need to help you prepare your body for surgery and everything you need for a quick an salty recovery that your body needs! I recommend using these!!!! It's on makemeheal.com

Time Flies!...

...When you're on pain pills! I can't believe it's already Saturday and I had my BA on Thursday. My fiancé is taking unbelievable care of me. He propped me up in bed with so many pillows and constantly is making sure I'm feeling okay. He has this while schedule planned out for when I take my vitamins, the nausea pill and the heavy pain pills. My mom is also being so amazing with all of the meals she ha been bringing me in bed! I'm feeling like a queen with beautiful boobies! ;)
I still need some help lifting myself up if I don't want to feel any pain but I can do it on my own. I'm just worried something will pop! Because that's how right it feels! Still not much pain. I can't feel my nipples yet or some skin around my nipple. I can only feel the sides of my boobs. Right now the only thing thats really bugging me is the band around the surgical bra I came home in. It's unbelievably tight. Everytime I go to the bathroom I unzip it and let them breathe for a couple seconds while I get a little sneak peak. My fiancé and I are so excited about the size!!! They still ate pretty hard but more like a really taught water balloon. Except not as fake feeling... Haha. It's squishy but tight. Hopefully that makes sense.
Oh and also, these boobs have felt like mine since I woke up! Something I was fearing.. I wanted them to immediately feel like my body and not like a foreign part was in me. It probably has a lot to do with it being under the muscle too because it looks an feels pretty natural for right after surgery. It like my boobs just went through a huge growth spurt over night! I've been waiting for it my whole life!!! I'm so happy!

SO happy!

I had my post-op today and Dr. Feldman said I am healing beautifully! I LOVE them! They are the perfect size. I can't believe how good they look already. I feel great too. I got off the heavy meds yesterday. All I took today was a couple advil and one valium in the morning for muscle soreness. I bought a lot of new sports bras and swim suit tops that I have been trying on! It is so much fun to play dress up :D For the next couple of days I need to wear the danksin sports bra my PS gave me or a compressing zip up sports bra. And it feels so nice to be braless after wearing that tight bra!! Today has been the most active I have been since the surgery and I have not had any pain. Just tightness around my armpits after a while and I get out of breath easily. But other than that I am living in a dream!!! :)

New Pics

One week!

It's been a week and it seems like MUCH longer. I have been taking Advil 3-4 times a day and some Valium at night. My boobs are numb in some places, tight in some and really sore in some. Yesterday night I really started to feel the little zingers in my boobs from my nerves reconnecting I guess. I traveled to LA from Houston yesterday and took Advil and a Valium before the flight and was comfy. I also brought my icepacks and iced them on the way there. It has been kind of uncomfortable but the Advil is really helping. I knew the trip so soon after my surgery wasn't the greatest idea but I love them and don't regret it. I just would love for the soreness and tightness to stop! I'm so glad I have the ice packs though. I wish I could update a pic but my phone doesn't let me and I don't have my computer. Hope everyone else is healing well!

Feeling great!!

I am finally feeling almost back to normal. My swelling has gone down and my muscle pains have died down too. I am still on vacation in California. Today was the first day I didn't wake up in pain and still don't have any. There's still tightness but it's definitely getting so much better. For a while there I wasnt really thinking there would be an end to this pain thing haha. I think the key is to keep them really supported in a tighter nice sports bra so my muscles dont have to support them. I started wearing comfy sports bras that felt nice for a little break but I wore them for too long and then that's when the pain and soreness got intense because my muscles arent ready to support my boobs yet! I'll try to post a pic later today.


I love how proportionate I look now. I was afraid of boob envy but I could not imagine being any happier with a bigger size... I would not look natural or proportionate. I am SO happy with what my doctor chose for me when telling him what I wanted my results to be like. I highly recommend him if you are in the Houston area. Only if you want the real, natural look though... :)

Feeling Confident and Happy!!

I had my 2nd post op on Friday and my doctor took off my steri strips and told me to start massaging no less than twice a day and OMG did that make a difference!!! The massaging makes my boobs feel so much less tense and cramped. It feels amazing. The only thing I still feel is a little stiffness in them in the morning... damn morning boob is real! haha My doctor told me to wear only a sports bra for the next 3 months. I can go braless or wear a bandeau for only 3 hours a day max. Not too bad! This weekend my fiance and I have been going to the pool. I have been feeling extremely confident :) We bought the ScarAway silicone strips to keep on my scar 24/7 except showers so I don't have to replace them. They don't hurt to take off like regular bandaids and my doctor swears by them! I am so in love with my boobs!!! I feel like they have been apart of me my whole life already. I was just waiting for the moment to finally have bigger boobs!!! SOOO glad I did this.


After being asked several times I realize I never posted what implant my PS went with! I have smooth, round 339cc mod+ profile in Natrelle style 15 silicone. The implants are "dual-plane" under the muscle with a crease incision. My PS said I had about 200cc natural breast tissue to start with. I am now a full C cup!


I got sized today at Victorias Secret!! 32DD! WOAH! Was not expecting that! I am verryyy pleased though :D So my boobs have been feeling softer and softer every day and I no longer wake up with sore/tight boobs. The mornings used to be the worst! I would wake up with a tightness around 7am and need to massage asap. I have been doing my massages and they feel really good! My right boob makes a squeaking noise every time I massage it though. It isn't as loud as when I first started and hopefully that will go away. It doesn't happen in my left boob. My left one feels a lot more loose in the "pocket" and moves around a lot more. It like slides around. My right one feels more secure in the pocket but its not like its harder or anything.... I'm wondering if my left one has dropped and the other one hasnt? But they don't look uneven... My right one does clench up sometimes though and feels like my muscle is squeezing the implant. I know that each boob is different and heals at a different rate. Just hoping this is normal. I am hoping my left one didm't like rip open the pocket and is now floating around in there!! Of course that's an extreme "what if" of mine and is probably not true. I will find out next Friday though! My 3rd post op is Aug. 23rd! I can't wait until I can start wearing the pretty underwire bras I bought from VS!!! :D Has anyone found great results from Mederma or ScarAway silicone strips? It has only been a month but I have not seen much improvement from the silicone strips :( Was wondering if I should switch to Mederma.

Getting better and better every day

I had my 3rd post op appointment the other day. My right boob was feeling more stiff and tense than my left. (I am right handed.) My PS massaged my right one SO hard and it became softer right after. I didn't realize how much I massaged my left one over my right one! I have been massaging the right one vigorously since the appointment (5 days ago) and it has already dropped a little more and is evening out. I was even a little worried too because my nipples were so uneven when I saw them in the pictures he took!! Freaked me out.... But they are now looking WAY more similar, yay! No other worries here! I love them and feel like I've always had them. They fit me perfectly and are so natural. Very happy sitll :)))


Feeling Concerned

It has been 2 months since the surgery. Both of my boobs feel extremely different. And I don't know which one feels "normal" at this time! When either me or my fiancé massage/squeeze my lefty, the implant wants to slide out from under the squeeze. Either slides up or down. It is so loose in the pocket and you can feel the implant way more. However, my left looks perfect. My righty, on the other hand, doesn't look perfect. It points down a little more. BUT it feels SO natural! You can't slide the implant around and when you squeeze it, the implant is undetectable and my fiancé an I both love the way it feels when squeezed or massaged. I'm just feeling conflicted :( If my right one is supposed to feel like my left one (more loose and sliding around) then I don't want that feeling! It's so unnatural! But my PS said we may have to loosen the pocket in my right to let it loose. Ugh. I feel more like my left, loose boob needs fixing but it looks good???? I'm just praying it will all work out and I won't need surgery but right now I'm feeling down :( Any advice or similar stories out there to help me out? I feel all alone in this situation!!!


More pics. They don't look as asymmetrical as I see them. But I can't wait to see what my PS says about them! My left one is bigger and always has been but thats okay. I just want my nipples to be even!

Update with Pics

Wow! My boobs have changed so drastically over the last 2 1/2 months! ANd not just because I have implants now! They have gone from up high to crooked to soft to jiggly and now finally they are evening out (Thank God!!). I can't wait for this roller coaster to be over in a couple of months. It has been more of an emotional experience than anything! You feel like you are on top of the world with bog boobs one day and then the next day is a freak out about being imperfect! I am so relieved to see that my boobs are evening out and that the massaging REALLY does something. Its not just to make them softer, but it also puts them right where they should be as they heal. So apparently, the looser the better, in the beginning stages of healing, says my PS. Which makes me feel so much better about my loose lefty (Lefty loosey has a new meaning!) So, I have been continuing to vigorously massage my right boob up, down and around all day if I can. My right boob is also more numb than my left boob. It has a section on the bottom right where I have sensation and then all around it is a faint numb feeling. My left one is the EXACT opposite! The lower right part of my boob is numb for my left one and everything else is back. My PS said that the nerves in your nipple come from your back and grow 1mm a day!!!! AAHH no wonder it takes so long to get that sensation back! It is definitely something I miss from me and my fiancés sex life :\ But the bigger boobs has changed it for the better too (mostly because of my boost of confidence!) it will just take some time for everything to be back to normal again.

It's been over 3 months!

My boobs have finally evened out and look great! I have gone brakes in a dress twice now and am LOVING it! I look so proportionate and feel so amazing! I'm still sleeping on my back like my doctor said. It's very hard to because I am so much more comfortable on my side/stomach. He says it will flatten out my side boob if I lay on the side though, so it's worth it. I am just so glad I did this. They feel like they've been apart of me forever. I also went wedding dress shopping... Which of course is so exciting! And I couldn't imagine looking good in anything with my previous boobs. Maybe with a double push up bra... I am able to now wear a gorgeous backless dress without a bra and still have amazing cleavage!!!! So happy :) I'm still wearing my scar away strips... They don't seem to be doing much except keep my scars flat. I didnt wear them for a week and the scar started feeling lumpy on the surface! I put the strips back on and they flattened out again within a day or two. So I gues they aren't completely useless! I was exciting my scars to be faded and they're still bright pink. :-/ But if that's the worst of it then I'll take it!!


Why isn't there an edit button for posts on this site!!!!? I meant BRALESS! Not brakes ^^^^^^^^


This bra is amazing!! It looks just like a regular bra and has slight push up too! Why didn't I find this 2 months ago?! This is perfect for the girls who don't need a high support bra but those who are just trying to avoid underwire!! So perfect! I stumbled upon mine at Target. I posted the brand and what it looks like. I got a Medium!

I Am Freeee!!!

Well, that's how I feel about my boobs! My doctor has cleared me to go back to normal with my new boobies now! I can sleep on my sides/stomach, wear normal bras and go braless (Woo!!). I still have to massage to make sure they are really soft when they completely heal (6mos-1yr) and to keep them from loosing their shape when I sleep on them. It's weird but now that I can wear normal bras I almost don't want to! Unless I want some extra push up. But I have gotten used to how comfortable the sports bras are. I am now wearing little bralettes from Target that have medium support and they are SO great! I also have gotten really used to sleeping on my back too! Right when I get used to it I can go back to sleeping on my stomach... Haha! I am just so happy I did this, even if it was an emotional roller coaster for a little while!

9 Months Post Op!

Everything has been great! I can sleep on them without feeling them. My right one still needs massaging every now and then and I can still feel the muscle move when I use my pec. My left has always healed faster in all aspects and I don't have that weird muscle feeling in it lso I'm just waiting for my right to catch up. I don't like that feeling when I use my right pec and you can feel it move the implant :-s My nipples are slowly getting feeling back. There are little twinges I feel on them sometimes that get me excited that the nerves are firing! I have most of my feeling back in both boobs except my right (of course) that has a spot on the upper inside part that is numb. It gets extremely painful if I scratch there though so hopefully any feeling there is a good sign that it is coming back? I would have thought the healing process would be shorter than a year but it seems like for absolutely everything to heal and go back to normal it's a year. I knew that it would be a year to see final results but I didn't except to still be healing! Can't wait til I forget I even have implants! But I still feel like I've had them for years now. Can't believe it hasn't been my boob-iversary yet!! This decision is one of the best decisions I have made for myself and I am so happy I got them when I did!

Love this dress!

I got a couple dresses from VS and I absolutely love how they make me look! It's such a great feeling to have pretty cleavage in V-neck dresses!! A style that I always strayed from and never looked good in! But now it's my favorite! :D Feeling very happy! I hope everyone gets this feeling after their BAs!! Good luck!!!
Texas Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. Bandcroft and Feldman online. They are in Sweetwater in Sugar Land, TX. This was my fist and only breast augmentation consult. He spent an hour and half just on the consult alone letting my mom and I know everything about anything for the possible surgery I would be getting. He took his time and Never rushed us. He is very confident in his work and knows what he is doing. He won't let you choose something that he knows will not have a good end result. He is a very kind and caring man. For our pre-op we tried on sizers again even though we tried even need too. Once again, I didnt feel rushed. He makes you feel like your his only patient and that he truly cares about you. The surgery day went so smooth. Everyone in the office is so sweet. From receptionists, to assistants and nurses. Theyre all so great and caring! I have a fear of needles and the nurse was so good with me. They also made sure I did not wake up alone. Dr Feldman himself also called me about an hour after we got home to ask how I was doing.bhow amazing is that!? I have loved this whole experience thanks to Bancroft and Feldman.

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