3 Months PO//335 cc Natrelle 410s Anatomical shaped/// Liking them now :)

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I have been researching BA surgery for a few...

I have been researching BA surgery for a few months now. I have contemplated getting the surgery for about 10 years now. I am currently 29 yrs old. Want to get this before I am older so I can enjoy them longer. I always wished that my breasts would be bigger since all the women in my family are well-endowed. I always felt out of place, did not feel feminine or sexy. Well now I am older, more mature, and have the money for it so I am finally going through with it. I am getting my surgery in December and can't wait! I think it's now or never. I hope I won't be disappointed. What a great holiday gift to myself!

So confused!!!

So I have been doing so much reading about the surgery and the reviews for Natrelle 410s (anatomical implants). I am now confused again. I don't know if this might be what everyone goes through. I am having second thoughts about the procedure and wondering if I should go ahead with it. I guess what worries me the most is the complications and whether they will meet my expectations. Please help! Any advice is welcome!

Pre-Op today!

I went in for my pre-op today! I was so nervous and anxious. I paid my balance and everything. I had reconsidered the size that the doctor had talked to me about, Moderate profile, moderate projection, 320cc so I asked him if there was any chance that I could get a bigger implant about 350 to make them a little bigger. The problem with the 410s is that they are specific in terms of size and can be visible under skin if you get them too wide. He measured me a few times to test other sizes. He was telling me that 320 was a good size, that I wouldn't be disappointed. He measured again and "compromised" (his words) with moderate profile, full projection, 335ccs. He said it measures the same width wise but will give me slightly more projection. Comparing them side to side it is about a 20% increase which makes me happy so I know and have heard that you lose about 50cc worth of projection when done under the muscle. Now I feel more at ease about my decision. I was really impressed with him and appreciated his dedication to making me feel happy with my decision. I trust his judgement and now feel more comfortable with going through my surgery. I had to reschedule my surgery due to some unforseen circumstances but pushed it back only 2 days, so now my surgery date is set for 12/13/13. I will update more as I get the day draws closer. Also my PS stated that I didn't need pre-op labs or EKG since I am healthy and young.
Just need to fill my prescriptions and pick up some Colace for constipation (which I am prone to during stressful times) and bromelain for inflammation! 7 more days left!

one more thing

Oh my PS also had a holiday open house tonight which I attended. I felt more reassured about my decision to go with the Natrelle 410s after talking to the PS along with the Allergen rep who was there as well. My PS told me that he had ordered two sizes for me and will do intraop sizers to determine which size looks better during surgery. This has really reassured me to the point where I feel confident going in. I will not worry anymore. He will take care of me :) Anyway, my PS introduced me to the Allergen rep and we talked about the benefits of the 410s and he seemed impressed with my input. They could tell I had done my research! I felt good about myself!

8 days POST-OP

So I am now 8 days post-op. Hallelujah! I have felt like this past week has been an eternity. My recovery has not been exactly how I envisioned it but thank God I have not developed any serious complications, at least not that I have not noticed. I did develop diarrhea at day 3 after taking Miralax and prune juice. I was not feeling well in my tummy so I decided that I needed more than the Colace 100 mg that I was taking since before my surgery. Well the diarrhea gave me really bad cramping for two days. Then finally at day 6 I started having normal bowel movements without cramping. My appetite has not been the greatest and I know I have lost weight. I have now stopped taking the Norco for 2 days now completely, only taking ES Tylenol 500 mg every 6 hours to help with pain, although the pain is now minimally except in the mornings and when the incision feels like hurting. I noticed that if I do too much with my arms, they will start hurting since I had them placed below the muscle. My upper back is now killing me because I am so tense and not wanting to overdo it with my arms. I am doing my deep breathing exercises to expand my lungs so I don't get pneumonia, it hurt a little bit at first but now it feels more like a soreness in my left breast.
Just been watching TV and moping around the house. I have Cabin Fever and cannot wait to get out. It started raining here at home and the weather is making me depressed. Anyone having similar issues?
I am looking forward to my 14 day PO mark. I hope I am way better and can hopefully drive. I miss my independence and driving around. It's those little things that we take for granted.

18 days PO

Hello ladies! I am happy to say that I am past the 2 week mark and am feeling SOOOO much better! I was able to drive a short distance tomorrow so I am regaining my independence. I may be overreacting by not driving sooner but I just wanted to give my body more time to heal. It still feels a little sore when I try to turn the wheel completely. I am now showering by myself and washing my hair. I even tried wearing my regular shirts that I can pull over my head. I am tired of wearing my button down shirts. I also bought another bra, an Under Armour Protegee bra, which they didn't have the size that I think I am, 34C, so I bought a 34DD and a 36C, which I have only worn the 34DD. My nipples feel a little chaffed I guess from the rubbing on the material of the cup. To help with this I cut a 4x4 gauze in half and placed it inside the bra to protect my nipples. It helps a little. I cannot wait to wear a regular bra. My PS told me to wear it everyday. I have my 3 week PO appt on Thursday so I will ask him if I can wear a regular bra (wirefree of course!). I have been eyeing a few cute ones at PINK and Gapbody. They are bralettes that are so soft and look comfy. I will add some photos soon. Need to upload to my computer.


I meant to say that I drove yesterday! Had a blah moment!


Here are some PRE pictures


Here are my POST pics, 1 day PO.
They look small and ugly. Now I know what Frankenboob and Snoopy boobs look like...


3 days PO

More photos 10 days PO

They're looking better...


So I am still waiting to see how my breasts will accommodate to the implant. It feels weird at times because I can feel like I have two bowling balls under my chest muscles and I can feel them especially when it is cold outside. I really hope that they settle in nicely and give my breast a more natural shape, as they are intended to. Pre-op my breasts did not have a whole lot of tissue underneath as you can see in the pictures and my nipples were slightly uneven. Well after surgery I can tell my nipples are asymmetric (which I had never noticed before my consultation). The right breast droops just a bit but not enough to get a lift. Oh well, we'll see how they turn out. Either way, I WILL NOT be getting a revision even if it doesn't turn out like I expected. This surgery was very rough on me and I do not intend to go under the knife again unless it is for a complication. Sometimes I wonder what my experience would be like if I had gone with the silicone round gel implants. I know that it will take longer for the implants to soften and settle in their place compared to the silicone round gel or saline implants. I will keep you ladies posted!
Happy New Year!

21 days PO (tomorrow)

Hello again ladies! I had my 3 week PO appt. today and the doctor says I am healing well and look great! I asked him if I could wear a regular bra and he said I could!!! I am so excited, I will go shopping tomorrow for a couple (2-3) of bras. The surgical bra is not the most comfortable and I will be going back to work next week and do not want my boobs looking like cones (that's what they look like with the surgical bra on). The sports bra I bought before gives me a great silhouette. They look huge with it on! :)
I cannot wait to get back to my normal routine! He also told me I could take off the Steri-Strips in 2 weeks and start using a scar cream daily for about 2 months. This should help minimize my incision scars. I took a peek at the incision when the nurse took off the Steri-Strips and the incisions look clean and are healing nicely.
Last night I had the urge to have a romantic moment with my BF and he loved them! He had been avoiding taking a peek because he wanted to be surprised for when they finally looked good! I wore a little pink lace halter lingerie dress from Victoria's Secret that I had bought pre-surgery a long time ago and always hated the way my chest looked in the lingerie! Now my boobs look great and I am so excited I can finally look good in them! I got turned on looking at myself in the mirror wearing it. We finally had intimacy but I was so scared that he was going to hit them accidentally, I couldn't really enjoy the moment. Maybe in a few days, I'll get over it. Did anyone experience similar feelings when resuming intimate activities?

25 days PO, having some "shooting/tugging/pinching pains"

I'm now 25 days PO, but experiencing "shooting pains" that feel like tugging/pinching on lateral R breast. It's hard to describe. Could it be capsular contracture? I thought it was from the steri strips tugging at my skin but when looking in mirror noticed it is on the edge of the R implant. Edge It feels a little hard but left does too, think it's just the implant because they are still hard. No pain on lefty. I went to my PS office today to get some answers but he is out of town so saw nurse and she told me that it could be early signs of capsular contracture :(
She palpated the area and said it might help to massage gently. In the past patients have reported relief after massage.
I am scared because that is my worse fear! Has anyone experienced something similar with positive results? I also posted this question to "Ask a Doctor" to see what they say. It should post tomorrow, if you are curious also.
Other than this set back, I am doing well. Back to work yesterday (had a 3 week vacation). Hard to get back into the swing of things. Got used to sleeping in and watching TV all day while recovering from surgery, but sure beats being helpless and depressed :)

1 month PO

Hi ladies! Just wanted to post my 1 month PO update.
Well I am still having the pain in my right breast. It only hurts when I move my right arm although the left hurts just a little bit sometimes when I strain that area too much. I started taking one ibuprofen 200 mg in the AM and in the PM and it seems to help. There has to be some inflammation in that area which is why it hurts. I also went back to wearing my sports bra to see if that helps and today was better. Granted my job is not very physically demanding but I do have to open doors and reach up for things, which is what can trigger the pain. I only had to take one ibuprofen this AM and have been good so far (knock on wood). I am so ready to be over this recovery period and into my enjoying them. I am still a little self conscious about them at work and around my family so I try to dress them down so they don't look so obvious. All who know (3 people at work) have told me they look great! I see myself differently so I just say "Really? They don't look too big or obvious?"
I don't get the morning boob at all anymore, it's probably been 3-4 weeks. I am still sleeping on the recliner because it feels really awkward sleeping on my side and when I lay flat the breasts shift to the sides so the skin stretches. It feels really weird. So in order to avoid the feeling I still sleep on the recliner. I love the recliner though because it is so comfortable. When I've tried laying down on the bed or couch I strain a lot, using my abdominal muscles to get up and I don't want to hurt myself because I do feel the pec muscles tightening up also.
In terms of size it is really weird because sometimes they look big and other times they look small. Sometimes the right looks bigger than the left or vice-versa. I don't think that the right has settled yet because it still has a cone shape. I am starting to think that is just the shape of my breast and that's how it'll stay. I love the shape of the left breast because it has that perky supple shape. I will be patient. My PS said it'll be about 3 months until they start softening and taking on a nice shape. They are still hard and feel weird when I am cold and shiver. They feel like hard rocks on my chest. Very weird feeling. I still haven't started working out. I feel so lazy and have noticed I am gaining weight so I plan to start my walking routine on treadmill next week. I need to start eating healthier too. The holidays really screwed me up :).
Anyways, I hope every one is doing well and healing nicely. I won't post pics because they haven't changed since last post.
Thanks for the responses ladies!

No more tugging/pulling pain

So as of Tuesday I have not experienced the awful pulling and tugging pain. Thank God because I was beginning to get really worried. I think the ibuprofen helped a lot. I must have had some inflammation in that area which the ibuprofen too care of. I have my 6 week PO appointment on Tuesday so I will be sure to tell the doc. I also removed the steri-strips this past Thursday and started massaging with a prescription scar cream my PS prescribed. I feel so paranoid about over stretching my arms too much because I can feel the incisions hurt if I do. I can feel the incisions when I massage with the cream over the sites. They are looking pretty good. FYI They are located under the breast. I will post a picture of the scars soon. I keep forgetting to take pictures after I shower. All in all this past week was much better than last week. I am still sleeping on the recliner at night but am slowly getting used to laying on my back and side with these new boobs. They feel weird.

Well hope everyone has a great weekend!

Going on 6 weeks PO

Hello ladies! Wanted to give an update from my 6 week appt. PS said things are looking good. That my breasts look great. Told him about the issues I was having with the pulling tugging pain and he said it must have been inflammation. He didn't seem to be too worried. I think he didn't know what to say. Everyone heals differently so I'm sure when someone complains of something they just assume it's a normal part of the healing process. I still think there was something going on there. He didn't seem concerned about the rib pain that I feel on my left. I told him it was a little swollen and protruded a little more than the right. He said to take some ibuprofen to help with the inflammation.
I won't worry too much about it since I feel much better. I'm able to raise my arms without pain or discomfort, lay flat and on my side without too much discomfort. Sleeping on my bed for good tonight! He said I could resume exercise and weights now and can wear any bra I want , wired or not. I'm going shopping this weekend with my friend to Victoria's Secret and finally getting sized. I think I'm a 34C but not entirely sure. I'm also posting some pics of the scar and the girls. I cannot wait until they soften.

7 week update

I went shopping last week with my friend for bras. I got sized at VS and I toggle between a 34C and D depending on the bra. I went to Soma Intimates also because they were having a sale and I had to get a 34D because the C fit too small. I got a few wired and some wireless, which I prefer the wireless because the wires don't dig into my skin. I also went to GapBody for their sale and got a few at a good price $12-13 for T-shirt bras. I also got them in 34D since they fit better. I have concluded that I am a 34D :).

I am also able to sleep on my side and have been doing so comfortably. I also started exercising and even went to a Zumba class which entailed of some bouncing and jumping up and down. They didn't hurt! I have been feeling SOOOOO much better and am enjoying them a lot more. They look great and I feel great! A big difference than how I felt 7 weeks ago!
The Woodlands Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rivela was the first PS I consulted when I started my journey. He is nice, pleasant and was patient with all my questions. I have been researching a lot about the procedure and the pros and cons for the silicone gels and Natrelle 410s after my initial consultation with him. To get more perspective and to see what else was out there, I also consulted with two other top-tier surgeons in my area. After much deliberation I finally decided to go with Dr. Rivela. He made quite an impression on me and my friend (whom I brought to my visit for support) and I appreciated that he was thorough with measurements when the others weren't so much. He has an all nurse staff, which I appreciated. I like to know that the staff are well experienced in medical issues and they are pleasant too. I worked with Jackie (on 1st visit) and Carly (who is awesome, on 2nd visit and over the phone when I called to make appointment). It also helped that two of my friends had experience first-hand with him and they highly recommended him. I made a second appointment with him in order to get some facts straight and he was again patient and dedicated time to answer my many questions. I have never had surgery before except for Lasik so this surgery is freaking me out. I told him that my life was in his hands. He smiled and said he would take good care of me. This has helped alleviate some of my anxiety.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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