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So I had a consultation 3/18/13. I was told that I...

So I had a consultation 3/18/13. I was told that I need a lift on my left breast and my right breast is a cup size smaller. I could always tell that my breast are not the same. I really want to do this but the cost is killing me. 8,495$ is the price tag. I just really want to know if anyone knows of a great doc that could do my breast augmentation with lift (lift only needed on left breast) at about 6,000 that's what I have. I can maybe come up with a bit more. I do live in Houston Texas so somewhere around here or the surrounding areas would be perfect. Thanks.

So I've found 3 docs that will do the Ba without a...

So I've found 3 docs that will do the Ba without a lift. I have all my appointments 2nd week of April. I can't wait! My whole point of not wanting the lift has to do with my right breast. I really don't wanna lift one and not the other. Im just not comfortable with that. So I'm super excited that I found a few docs to hear my side. If I feel like I need a lift later yes I will get one but it has to be both left and right breast.

Spectrum Aesthetics any have surgery there? Is DR to good to be true?

So I've been set on going to DR for TT, BA W/LIFT and BBL but then I started to think about what type of implants do they use and girls saying they really don't know if their implants were placed under the muscle as requested or not even done by their doc. Then I started to think about capsular contraction. What would I do if this happens ? Go all the way back to DR...? I guess I would have to. Anyway I love the curves women get in DR I'm not trying to be mean but I've seen a lot of girls with no shape at all be transformed into beautiful hips big booty small waist and full breast women. To me DR sounds like the best place to go for beautiful results and save some cash. Florida is the next best place. I got a great quote from Spectrum-aesthetics 9, 900$ for BA W/LIFT and Tummy Tuck. I have a booty already I just want a BBL to make my ass look better. I can do without the BBL. I don't know what to do.... All the women that come back from DR have a look that is just so amazing. Someone help me please lol what should a girl do....

And then I found SALAMA =)

I got my Plastic Surgeon now. Yay me!! I'm so excited! I originally was planning on just breast augmentation but after speaking with my husband he agreed on a mommy makeover for me . He said I'm a great mom and I deserve it. With that said I called Salama and got this ball rolling. I will be giving back to the Real Self community as these ladies have been a big helping hand to me. I will be posting pictures but not until I'm closer to my surgery date (3/14/2014). I'm also going to post my journey on YouTube. I know how many late nights I was up searching for information wanting to know more about people's experiences and so on. I'm so excited =)

Just thinking about my plastic surgery journey.

So I started off last year. I was looking for info on BA. Then I came across the DR dolls! And I was super set on going to DR. But I just don't have the B@ll$ to do that :( I start to think about the "What if's" and other scary thoughts. I just can't and I so wish I could. I love the results from DR. But on another note i love Salama! His work looks great!!! I have 100% confidence with him. I feel safe with him as we'll and I guess you can't put a price on that.

199 days =)

All I have to say is, Damn I need to lose some weight.... idk y but I have probably gained about 5 pounds. I need to stop everything I'm doing and start doing everything I'm not. Maybe it's my IUD..? I have been the same weight for years. This is my first time using any type of birth control. It's been in for 1 year and 3 months. I feel like it has my weight going up slowly. I should be like Kim Zolciak and have my husband pull it out. Ha ha jk! But I really need to call my doc asap.


Just wanted to say Happy New Year to all my RS family! Thank you to all of you on here and I hope we all have a fantastic year :) Here's to big booties and big boobies lol

Now it's a two part surgery

So I was originally looking for a good PS to do my breast augmentation but then Isaw all the Yily dolls and wwanted a mommy makeover. Husband said yes so then the research started. After realizing DR wasn't a realistic option for me I looked more into the next best place Florida. I found Salama and loved everything about his work. I still plan on doing my tummy tuck with him I just want to do my boobs here. So when I do go for my Tummy Tuck he can do more lipo because he won't be doing my BA. Maybe I can get a later date with him. If not I found a good doc here in Houston Dr. De La Cruz his work is amazing!! His staff is also very down to earth and super friendly. The only downside he does his surgery in a outpatient facility. So the facility fee and the anesthesiologist fee are not included. In his quote. But nonetheless he still seems like a very great doctor. I love his Tummy Tuck work no stitching around the outside of the belly button everything is done on the inside. Well I'm counting down the days and I can't wait!

14 hours to go.....

So not too sure why I'm not more excited. Idk maybe I will be more excited tomorrow. I guess you can says it just hasn't gotten real for me. I must say I have a great support team =) my hubby, my mommy, my sissy and my aunt are all taking the day off to be with me. That makes me feel so good. I love them so much! Well I guess I'll try to update tomorrow before surgery.

All ready to go =)

I have my IV in and im almost ready for surgery. Will update as soon as I am done.

The pain....

My breast are so tight. There is a lot of discomfort. My pain in my breast is an 8. Kind of reminds me of after having a baby. Whenever breast get swollen from the milk coming in. The pain in my arms is a 10!!!! My wonderful husband is taking such good care of me. I love him so much!

Feeling a little better.

I had my first post op appointment today at 9:15. I'm a super on time person so we were there at 8:45. They took us to the back and unwrapped me. The cleaned me up put on some new bandages and my Under Armour sports bra. The pressure from my breast is a lot better today but now my incision hurts on the left side. I'm very happy overall with everything.

Feeling a little bit better.

It's 11:25 p.m. here in Houston Tx. and I'm just now feeling better. My recovery is a lot harder than I thought it would be. But nothing I can't handle. I'm very sleepy. Like all the time I'm just falling in and out of sleep. I want to upload some pictures but I need to discuss that with the hubby first.

Just updating pictures

Webster Plastic Surgeon

Went to see Dr. Rich and everything just felt so right. I paid in full right then and there. I can't wait for my day! I know Dr. Rich is going to take care of me. Her staff is very wonderful. They didn't mind my little monster =) That was his nick name by the time we left. My husband love the all female staff. That was a big plus for him.

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