added a bra sizing tutorial- 400cc Silicone/ Dual plane technique/ crease incision

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So, I am a Mama of three boys, nursed all of them....

So, I am a Mama of three boys, nursed all of them. I have always been a small chested gal, and it never bothered me being small A maybe a B in certain styles. Well then I had kids hahah. I went from an A to DD when I was nursing, then back down to an A-B do that THREE time and you end up with deflated breasts. So now that we are done having kids, I've lost weight, got in shape (well that's always a work in progress) it time to give a little TLC to the gals that fed my 3 boys. I am 5'5 and 130 pounds, trying to get off a couple more before my surgery.

I have had two pre op appointments. The frirst one was to meet the Dr and staff and talking abut the surgery, what I want, what to expect, learn about the Dr and his qualifications ect. The second apt was doing paper work, paying for the surgery and deciding on a size of implant / the desired look.

So of course I have been going through a lot of anxiety and questions, and second guessing. I know this is what I want, and I don't feel guilty, my poor ladies need a little umph, but I am so unsure of the outcome, possible complications, taking time away from my 3 wild boys, WILL I be able to stay low key and not over do it ect. Any Mother with young kids have advice?

Dream Tatas

These are all photos from my Dr.'s actual website

before pics- right now planning on 400cc silicone gel implants

surgery nesting?

I am like going crazy over here cleaning, organizing, making lists after lists.... ugh. I am driving myself crazy. My sugery is the 19th so basically I need to get all my Christmas shopping, Room mom obligations, company preparations, house stuff done this week and I am loosing sleep over all the thoughts running through my mind..... ahh!! Plus I keep going back and forth on implant sizes b/c I'm all worried about being too big and not being able to do my normal workout routine.... ugh....

Got my perscritptions all ready!

So I went to target and got all my medicine, I was SO surprised at the price, in a GOOD way!
1. Diazapam 5 mg- generic for Valium - $7.50
2.Promethazine HCI 25 mg- for nausea- $4.00
3. Hydrocodone 500mg- for pain- $11.08

total- $22.58 wahoo!

Honestly I may not take the Hydrocodone at all, if any maybe just before bed, because I do not react well to it. I get pretty nauseas and dizzy and super constipated. But My husband has horrible back issue so its nice to have on hand.

While I was at Target I also got

Stool softner
And my favorite all in one flacial cleanser thingys from Ponds.

I looked for a front closure bra and had no luck at all, poo. But I did get a cute bra off amazon so I have one other than the surgical bra. Need to get a couple more comfy bras though. I am running out of time!!! Yikes! hahah I have so much to do it is over whelming. I need to have ALL Christmas shopping done and necessary packages mailed out, I also have a small business (I sew custom gifts like towels, aprons, stocking, bibs ect) and I'm trying to get all those orders done so I can post on the business fb page that I wont be taking any more orders for a couple weeks. Then of course my Dad wants to come visit for Christmas, don't get my wrong, I so grateful he will be here for the boys, but the added burden of company was more than I had planned for. He is great with the kids but a pretty high maintenance visitor. Then I am room Mom for both of my boys classes, so I have crafts and games, and food, and emails to coordinate, teacher gifts, class gifts, and both Christmas programs all by Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lord help me.

and Brreeeaaaaattthhhheeeee......

Anyone watch Peg+Cat?? Where she says "I am TOTALY freaking OUT" hahaha that's me. lets count down from 5, lol. Can you tell I have young kids?

So exactily one week from today, probably at this exact moment I will have new "Lolas" (that's what me and my Mama friends call them).

How all my fellow BA ladies doing??? My same surgery date buddies???

Gym swag..... ummmm or not hahah

Cant wait till by Lolas stick out farther then my tummy! I've lost 15 pounds and work so hard it so discouraging to still look chunk when I know I'm not. Blah... well at least not chunk for a Mama of three young kids. Hey, trying to give my self a little credit. I have a lot more to go as far as being "fit" but regardless, it will be nice to have something to hold in when I'm wearing a sports bra instead of trying to find sports bras with super mega padding or wear two bras together!!!

Love this cute sports bra!

Scored at TJ Maxx

He is the info for the bras above!

So I got these at TX Maxx all between $7-$10 which is fabulous and they meet all the requirements I was searching for
1. soft material
2. Wide soft waist band that sat lower on the chest, so wont irritate the incision
3. adjustable straps to reduce cutting into shoulder and back and accommodate the changing in my breasts as they swell and drop and settle.
4. removable pads

The pjs are AMAZING! The picture does not do them justice. They are a super soft, thin, rayon/ cotton blend material , they are semi fitted and kind lower cut so they look kinda sexy in a comfy way. and they were under $20!! Very happy with my score. I have everything ready as far as what I need. Now to just get through the next couple days worth of obligations and get my "spot" set up in my bedroom

Last minute tips or advice??

Wanted to see what all you fabulous ladies can tell me as far as tips or advice for post op!!!! So nervous, yet so excited!

10 hours!

I'm really trying to sleep , but I am wired. Of course my husband is sleeping like a log snoring loudly :/ Took a melatonin to try and help bring on sleep. I will check in on here in the am. Surgery is 8:30 so we have to leave the house at 6:30. Night ladies!

the BIG day!!!

Sorry I couldn't update earlier, its been a crazy day. We left the house at 6:30 to get down town with plenty of time for rush hour traffic going into Houston to be at the office at 8:00am. When I got there they took me right I. and had me change I to my sexy robe, surgical stockings, socks, hat and panties. Then signed last minute paperwork and last minute questions. Nurse Abby came in and gave me my IV and instead of putting it on my hand likeost IV she out it in the elbow bend (lime when they take blood) and it was painless and took 3 seconds. I guess normally its not practical for someone moving around BC you can't really bend Ur arm, but BC I was going to be on the table she said this was much less irritating. And she was right! And it was out before in woke up. Fabulous! The anesthesiologist was the cutes guy who asked me the normal questions and called himself my bartender and that he had Margarita waiting for me. I thought that was a fun way of describing knocking me out lol. Then Dr Basu came in and did his markings and reasured me i would look conservative and thaf even thiugh i was leaninf towards 350 that i really needed 400 to fill out my empty skin. I trust him. I walked to the OR and laid down and they covered me in a soft warm blanket and BOOM I was out!

first day recovery (day of surgery)

I woke up and left like I was out 20 minutes and no pain, just LOTS of pressure. I got dressed and went pee then my Hubby came in. We hopped in the car and headed home. The bumps were kinda sucky but I was happy and drugged up so it was okay . We had to stop at Target to get antibiotics for my little one who of course for a double ear infection yesterday (poor sweet boy) and I just waiting in the car and took some photos. They didn't put me in a bra or anything, just am ace wrap acroos the upper breast like how u would wear one of those dreaded bands. The plus side was in could see basically all of my breast before the swelling set in, and I must say. They kick a**!! Got home and was so happy to see my 3 boys, gave lots of kisses, had some fruit, drugs, and went to bed. When I woke up 2 hours later I was 3x bigger! Hahah my swelling set in.
The rest of the day really wasn't pleasant. My boys were trying so had to be sweet but the poor baby (1 1/2) kept crying and fussing BC he was so uncomfortable - o could relate! The pressure is like 100 pounds on my chest and I was told to take lots of deep breathes and I did but man did they suck. I had zero nausea most of the day until right before bed. I took my ace off to loosen it a bit due to swelling (my PS Gabe the okay to do that when he called to check on me, so sweet right!?) And when i out it back on got very sharp pain in the left lower breast. Like sharp! It felt like I was getting a tattoo inside my breast. I hot really light headed and almist blacked out, son I got into bed and took a anti nausea pill and some more Valium. And it was better. I tried just taking 2 extra strength tylen before bed BC the Timmy bloat is so bad it it give my cray crau dreams and it was a bad choice. I woke up and 1 in screaming pain. I popped two hydrocodone and said f it. I will take some miralax in the am. I slept all the way till 4am, which is when m writing this post and took another muscle relaxing for that stabbing pain I get once in a while. So that's it! Surgery and recovery! Praying all my fellow surgery date BA friends are doing well and hopefully getting rest. This Valium is kicking in so back to the couch I go.

typos and nonsensical sentenses

Sorry for the grammer mess, I'm drugged at its 4am lol Love you gals!! P.s. imobsessed with my pjs,

good morning boobies!

Thought I would give my lolas a break from the ace wrap. Can't believe how nice they look! Last night was a little rough. I have that sharp pain on the left once in a while. But its manageable. I find the Valium gives me more relief than the hydrocodone. So i switched to just normal Tylenol and I'm staying on top of the muscle relaxer. One day at a time.

day 3 post op

So I gotta say. Today sucked. I felt more drained today than the other two combined. I could barely keep my eyes open and even feel asleep holding my coffee on the couch this am!! yikes. The Lolas are doing better, well the right side is, it looks great, not bad on pian and no brusing. But I woke up with a nasty bruise on my other side and it has gotten worse. I'm scared its a hematoma. I don't have fever or nausea but it is painful, and warmer than my other breast and much for swollen... ugh.
Also I am trying to cut back the hydrocodone b/c it makes me feel like my skin is crawling. I am so short and annoyed with my poor sweet boys and I can tell that its the meds b/c I don't feel like my self. So keeping the valium and doing just Tylenol. Not gonna lie, it sucks, doesn't work as good as the Hydrocodone but at least I don't feel cray cray. lol

after bra pic


So the bruising on lay left breast is intense. But nothing on my right. Sent more pics to PS and they said as long as its not hard and verr warm to the touch and not accompanied by a fever its okay. I see him tomorrow. Its just funny how a little extra poking around makes a huge difference. The right side is zero pain, very little swelling, just shows what a gentle PS he is and ita unfortunate we had to try a couple sizes on the other side, otherwise it would have been a perfect procedure. I'm happy that he took time to make them "just right" though.

Also, anyone else notice that some reviews get way more view time on the site than others? Its like my reviews get burried pr maybe not "interesting" enough for the admin. Hmm. Anyho I appreciate all the support and feedback I have received from you wonderful ladies!

more post op day 4

one week post op!! wow!

So the house was a mess today from all the Christmas stuff. So I did some laundry and cleaned the bathrooms and did the "it looks like a tornado went through my house" pick up. I thought I was super careful but by dinner I was HUGE! Swollen like crazy and very painful and harder than usual. I hadn't been using any pain meds so I took a muscle relaxer and some Tylenol and I'm icing as we speak. Today is exactly one week out. Do you think I did something really bad? Or just did too much? I didn't know if they could get all swollen again from over exurstion a week out? Did this happen to anyone else?

Also today was just a poopie dat all around. Total boobie blues. I love having them, but i miss my old routine of being busy, clean house, going ton the gym, wrestling with my boys ect. My PS still wants me to wear the dreaded band across the top of the breast to keep them down and I hate it so much. Wrapping the ace bandage is a pain in the ass to adjust and take on and off, anyone buy a band they like? I'm over the ace wrap and if I have to wear this for 2 more weeks I need something easier to do alone now that the husband is working.
I do feel my breast getting softer and they move around a little and are coming closer tofether very nicely. Still have that nasty bruise though and now have a good amount of bruising on my chest and between my breast.
How is everyone else doing? How are my surgery buddies? Am I the only person who swears I am. screwinf up my surgery BC I have to do so much during the day? Naps don't exist. I'm changing poopie diapers, making meals and cleaning up.... ugh.. what was I thinking?

photos one week post op

feeling better!

Feeling much better than a couple days ago. No more weepiness and over emotional since I stopped taking all the medications. Some times at the end of the day I take two Tylenol before bed but that's it. PS want me to wear the band 24/7 still. Hate it. I don't mind the band in general its just that my arm pits are tired of constantly having something under them. Ugh. the insicions are getting better every day. Still get that feeling of being engorged like when I was breastfeeding. Some sharp zingers here and there. But as a whole very little pain. Ready to sleep normal I'll tell ya that. This 45 degree angle thing is KILLING my back.

Do you think I'm getting Uni-boob? Should they be this close together?

post op day 10

does anyone see my updates :(


before and after post op day 10

I've been going tjriugh ups and downs with my lolas. I've never once regretted it, or my choices of Dr., size, anything like that. But I just see such beautiful looming boobies that have such a "wow" factor and I feel like I fall short. I know I still have a lot of dropping to do, the dual plane technique takes a lot longer to drop IMO, But today I went back and looked at my before picture and I put it all into perspective. I look great compared to my before breasts. Nomore tripple padding, no huge gaps in bras, no more embarrassment during itmamcy with my husband, no more wearing a push up under a sports bra to the gym. Of they are not perfectly symetrical rock star boobies stating straight on I'm a mirror OK. They are full, and feminine,y husband can't stop touching and admironf them, they look amazeballs in a bra andost of all I feel great. I had a lot of asymmetry before and my PS was so honest and up front that he would do his absolute best but they would never be twins, and unless I went up a lot more than 400cc I might have a less full look do to my sagging breast tissue. And I'm m with that. I can play them up amd make them loom va va boom, or for everyday they look like nice full breasts. Exactily what I wanted.
Son for my other BA friends who maybe had ore issues to start with, or who's lolas haven't ettled into perfect twins- take a look back on your journey and know that you are beautiful, and sexy, and feminine with your new additions and all that waiting and wishing can add a lot of pressure on your "gals" and to cut them a little slack ;) They are hotties in their own right.


Wow I look like I'm drunk. Sorry for all the typos.

lolas feel like they dropped this am


to go above ^^


incision talk!

Tell me your experience. I read a lot about changes and feeling with our ever changing breast but not so much about the incision site. How long did you have pain? Did you feel scar tissue hardening? Did yiu experience a lot of pressure at the site? Tell me it all ladies!
Currently I am 11 days post op and my breasts feel good and I can tell everything is miveing and getting better with each day but still feel very sore at the incision. No signs of infection or redness. But just very tender. I'm scared to do my massages in all directions BC when I push around the bottom it really hurts my cuts. Anyone else?

Bella Band to Boobie band!!!

So from having three kids I have a bunch of these maternity bands laying around from different companies, well let me tell you, they work great as "boobie" bands!!! They are medium support, strapless and seamless, and they don't put pressure on incisions under the breast!! They also have just enough pressure across the upper pole of the breast to help with dropping, score!! They work great for Piko top style shirts that look better with no strap bras/camis. Yay!

2 weeks post op!!!

So I think two weeks was actually yesterday, oops. Hahah. well here is my current stats

-Pre op I was 130lb- at 2 weeks post op I am 135lb. Not happy about that, but not too bad considering I have 2 lb of new breasts. so that's means I still have 3 pounds of bloating and maybe some of that could be actual weight gain.

- I rarely take Tylenol/Motrin, when I do its around dinner time when I have over done it a bit that day (which is not hard to do considering I have three boys at home with me all day due to Holiday break)

- My incisions are clean and healing nicely, no puckering or weird stitching. Still tender to the touch and slightly hard (scar tissue?)

-My PS still has me wearing a compression band across the upper pole of my breast to help push the implants down to settle and drop. I wear it about 75-80% of the day and take it off once in a while to give my armpits a break, and I wear it all night while I sleep

-doing massage mostly on upper pole once in am and once in pm

-still sleeping slightly elevated, not the 45 degree I used to, but at about day 9 I took away one pillow b/c my back was killing me

-My breasts are much softer and I can grab them at any spot and squish them and move them around. My husband noticed them bouncing a bit in the Car yesterday, that was fun and made me giggle. Reminded me of days gone by when I was 18 and perky!! hahah

-belly bloat is almost gone in the am, but by evening is slightly worse.

-I can tell they are dropping down and I notice no swelling at all, just think they have some D&F left to do, which at 2 weeks I think is pretty normal, probably will be a couples months for that.

-I have my next visit on Tuesday and I will update with what I get cleared for. Right now b/c of the Holidays, my visit was a bit behind so I didn't get the official clear for a couple things I am doing anyways, but felt comfortable doing them so, yeah, I'm a bit naughty.

-Have had more then a few "intimate" sessions with the husband (as early as 4 days post op) and never was painful or anything. Its actually been quite nice, I don't feel so self conscious of my breasts and feel sexy and feminine! Amen to that sistas!!!

-I do normal day to day cleaning and pick up since about a week post op. Dishes, laundry, clutter sorting, making meals, grocery shopping. But still have my husband do vacuuming and heavy lifting or reaching high above my head. My boys help me put things that are a bit heavy in and out of the shopping buggy and my 6 1/2 year old helps me lift my 28lb 1 1/2 year old in and out of the high chair during the day. Such great helpers! I have picked him up and laid him down in his crib the last couple days, but I had no choice, Husband at work and my son isn't tall enough to lift him in there, but I kept my elbows close to my body and used my abs as much as possible. I do hold him and cuddle and change diapers since day 2 post op. Having a BA with kids is possible if you are careful and have some help!

-my bruise has receeded from under my left breast to down my rib cage and under my arm and currently hurts the worst of anything. Its only about a 3/10 and only hurts when I touch it with my arm or it gets bumped by the boys or if I put a sports bra on it. I narrowed it down to me changing diapers less then 24 hours after surgery. I lift his bum up by the legs with my left arm and wipe him clean with my right arm. And half of 28 is 14 pounds!!! So lifting his bottom half that soon after surgery (I just asnt thinking) is what I blame for the bruise along with the fact my PS had to try a couple different sizers on that side. He never called it a hematoma, although it certainly was one) and is getting lighter everyday but it just seems to be spreading and being reabsorbed by my body. PS was wonderful about asking for pics and constantly checking in on me and reassuring me it was ok. So I trusted his judgment and know he would have taken any action needed if it was serious.

-overall, I feel great about my breast. My left has he bruise, and my right still has a bit of "old boob" on the very bottom that needs to fill out as the implants drop, but I am very thankful. I could have used another 50cc to help fill them out a bit more, but I think they are a very conservative fit for my body and will be happy once everything has settled.

old bra try on ** 2 weeks post op

Just for fun and to guess my size a bit I tried on some old bras. The black and cram one is my old bra that I had in the same style in multiple colors from JCPenny. It was my faborite style and fit and was a 34B, however there was a lot of emptiness before BA I wore the B anyways b/c I was too stubborn to buy an A cup lol Its funny to see how much new boob is spilling out of it! Yay!! The nude colored bra is my nursing bra. I was a D-DD when nursing the boys, and this one is a 36D. It is actually slighty too big in the band and under arm, so I'm guessing my old band of 34 in a D will probably be just right. Maybe even a 32. Will have to wait and see.

also I found an amazing website caller It has tons of information on how to properly size breasts with implants, different bra styles and types. What bra works best for different shapes and sizes. It was very very informative and interesting. You can also buy bras from them and they have the UCS (universal cup size) list on bras in cup sizes D and larger, great for my international BA friends.

3 weeks today!! All you BA Mamas with kiddos read this!!

Just wanted to do a quick update. I had a visit with my PS on Tuesday. He said everything is looking great. We did have a conversation about my progress though. He said for "me" I was spot on what he expected me to be, but as far as someone else at 3 weeks I was only at 50% healing. I was concerned So he explained and it made a lot of sense and I wanted to share with you. He said that b/c he does a lot of Mommies that he sees this a lot and wanted to reassure me. So at 3-4 weeks most women are around 80-90% done with swelling, and that implants are starting to settle and drop down, pain gets much better, bruising goes away. While they still will have settling to do, most women can get sized for bras, get a accurate idea of how they will look ect. But that with women who have small children we almost need to double that time. At 3-4 weeks he normally still seeing implants ridding a bit higher, the onset swelling in the end of the day, bruising still there, more pain ect. That its just b/c without even being aware we are so much more active. Moving arms, lifting/pulling, going up and down the stairs, putting kids in and out of car seats - its almost like hitting the gym!! He said that he just knows to expect the healing process to be a little slower and that its nothing to be alarmed about, but to cut my self a little slack if I notice other womens results to be farther along than mine. It just really made sense to me, and made me feel really comfortable with my results and love him even more as a PS. So for my other BA ladies who are Mamas with young kiddos, just know that your rate of healing might be different and also to make sure at the end of the days when kiddos are in bed to SIT DOWN and relax, and give yourself some time to recoup from the hussle and bustle of the day.

3 weeks date night!

okay LOVE the way this wrap dress looks on me now (well minus the 5 pounds I have gained since BA) But I have on NO BRA!!!! talk about sexy fun when we got home from dinner :)

Bra sizing.

I know many of my BA ladies feel they need to get "sized" at Victoria's secrete or a department store- while this is fun, and part of the whole new Lola experience- if you are like me and have young kids and a crazy schedule, work full time, or just hate the mall- you might need to grab a couple cheaper bras from Target or Wal mart in the mean time. It is SO easy to measure yourself. And honestly, I bet you can do a better job than the part time college student at Victoria's secrete, haha. Most bra manufacturers have a bra fitting size guide right on their website. so once you get your "numbers" write them on a sticky note and put them on your mirror or computer or something and when you are bra shopping you can just plug in the numbers to figure out what size they reccamend. Obviously, its much more effective to just grab a bunch of bras and try them on b/c styles and fits vary SOOOO much, but this should help you in general when buying online or grabbing a quickie (heehee) from the store with your screaming kids. Here is a great video

Implant sizing

After you have your band size, use this graphic to find your cup size. It measures the actual "cup" of your bra by putting the tape measure in between your breasts right where your base begins, then staying parallel to the floor going across your nipple go to where you breast base ends under your arm pit. This will be more accurate for us with breast implants.,904,30.html

Okay here is a step by step

Here is a picture tutorial for finding your bra size . if you have smaller than D cup, you can also just wrap the tape around your chest over the nipples like in the video above :)
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I cant say enough wonderful things about Dr Basu and his staff. Elizabeth and Vivian go above and beyond to make you feel cared for and at ease and comfortable. The office is classy and professional and everything is clean, and organized and runs like seamlessly. I will update after surgery :)

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