breast augmentation 32A to 34DD

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Today I had a consultation with Dr. Morales. It...

Today I had a consultation with Dr. Morales. It went great, the patient coordinator (Linda) was awesome. She made me feel so comfortable, easy to talk to and answered all my questions. The surgeon was even more awesome. I had 2 previous consultations with other dr's and Dr morales was by far the best. Didn't feel rushed, it's been over a year since I've been doing lots of research... I know exactly what I want and look for and dr morales answered all my questions and concerns with out even asking him. Love them! Friday I have my pre-op consultation.

Pre op visit today 11/11

It FINALLY hit me that I'm getting my boobs in 6 days... And I was actually freaking out, I feel so nervous. I wasn't before but I guess now that my dr gave me my prescription and talked about the surgery day... I just can't believe I'm actually going to go through with it. After 2 years of long research the day is almost here.

Size, placement, style etc etc

I will be getting 450cc, dual plane placement, natrelle INSPIRA, moderate-plus profile.


Is the best way I can describe what I feel... My surgery is on Thursday (it's 1am) so basically tomorrow! I have my prescriptions ready, colcace recommended in case I get constipated (lol tmi) I did all my laundry, washed bed sheets, cleaned the house, everything. I can say I'm ready but I'm nervous... I just want to get over it and have big pretty boobs lol. I guess I'm just kind of freaked out about the anesthesia. That reminds me, my surgery is at 2pm I have to arrive at 12pm to fill some papers out and to prep.

Day of surgery (yesterday)

I don't even remember when I was put under. They gave me a relaxer to help with any anxiety. Then was wheeled into the OR I met with the anesthesiologist and honestly that relaxer really helped because I don't even remember falling asleep. I woke up and I was in a room with a nurse checking my vitals. I was still feeling drowsy and sleepy. They called my mother and friend in. My surgeon was nice enough to bring me flowers and a card. And told my mom and sister that everything went perfect. The ride home felt like it took forever (plus traffic) I fell asleep the ride home. Felt so much better when home and my friend was kind enough to waiting for me at the door with flowers lol wasn't expecting that he took care of me all night with my mom as well

Postop visit

I went to my post op visit and got my ace bandage taken off and was given a surgical sports bra. I got natrelle INSPIRA 450cc moderate+ profile, under the muscle (dual plane) areola incision. My boobs are still rectangle looking, my doc said my skin was so tight but eventually will drop within a couple of days.

Burning pain

Earlier today I felt burning pain on top of my right breast near my underarm... I did get under the muscle so idk if that has something to do with it. When I went in for my 1st day post op with my dr he did mention I was going to have pain there as well. Now I feel it in my other side :(

I week post op

Went in for my 1 week post op. to get the ends of my sutures cut (stitches) are dissolvable so didn't have to get them all out since they will dissolve on their own. Changed the strips and the nurse gave me strips which I was directed to change out every 3-5 days. She said my insicions looked perfect, no discharge or sign of infection (I was glad to hear that). I got s he filed to go back in next Wednesday to talk to my PS about breast massages since my implants are still high up and skin is tight, so I have to wait till next week to start my massages. Other than all that I'm happy with my results so far even tho they are a high, hope they drop soon but I'm in love so far

1 week 4 days post op

Still are high up. Wednesday have 2 week post op and will be consulting about the massages. Don't feel any pain I can lift my arms all the way up with no pain idk why lol I feel like it's early for me to do that. But here's a pic :)

15 weeks post op (3 months)

Have been having so much fun with my new boobies I totally forgot about real self lol here's a pic of about 2 weeks ago. My right breast still is a bit higher compared to my left but my doc said its normal since I'm right handed and my right breast has a little high before surgery. I'm TRYING to stick to my massages which is hard because of my job. But over all I'm extremely happy with my results and love my doctor!!
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