New boobies are here!! 421 & 371 cc's

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I scheduled my consult for the first week of Feb!...

I scheduled my consult for the first week of Feb! I'm really excited & I keep sending my husband photos of my "wish boobs". I just had a baby about 4 months ago and my breast were left two totally different sizes since I only produced milk on the left. Needless to say when my milk dried up my breast are two cup sizes different. I've always had small breast but them being small, slightly deflated and uneven are means for augmentation. I've always wants to do this! I'm 5'6 123lbs before my baby I was 117. I've always been thin but I feel like if I'm going to get implants. I'm going to make it count lol I'm hoping for a full C/small D, as full as I can go without them looking super fake. Ideally, I want to look how slim women with naturally full breast look!

Saline / Silicone

Although silicone is said to be equally safe I am still leaning toward saline. Silicone hasn't been around 10 years yet for long term statistics to be reported. Plus, I like the idea of being aware of any type of rupture & that my body will safely absorb up the saline. Idk, just bring a current Med Student it seems to be the better option for a variety of reasons. That is just my personal opinion.8 don't think anyone getting silicone of in grave danger or anything but it's hard for me to grasp.

Before *sigh

Like I said previously, I only got milk in one side during my pregnancy so I am completely asymmetrical. It's a mess, and has totally killed my confidence. My husband is the greatest at making me feel good about them anyway, however- this is for me and not him. Although, I hope he will like the new boobies too! I never had large breast but I was okay with having two small firm ones that were relatively the same size. That is also why I am leaning toward Saline so that my ps can get them as symmetrical as possible.

2 more consults scheduled

I figured adding two my consults in would be good for different options. I'm concerned about needing a lift & hoping it can be done without. I don't want perfect boobs, I just want then the same size lol

Money Money ! I'm just ready to do this! but I'm thinking small-full D

So, I have the money for my surgery and I am waiting to go to my consultations. Once I find the perfect Dr. I will be trying to schedule my surgery asap. I want to move my consultations up SO badly but I have already moved them around twice already. I do not want the girls to be annoyed with me before I even get in there. I am beyond excited. I keep asking my husband if he is excited too lol he feels like that is a trick question so he dances around the answer. However, he is very supportive of me and is happy if I am happy. I'm sure he will love playing with them once they are locked and loaded!

As I've been looking at pictures I went from wanting a full C to wanting at least a small D. I feel like I may as well make this count. I am naturally slim but if I'm going to buy some boobs..I want to buy some BOOBS.

Consultation week!

So this upcoming week is my consult week. I have one Monday, two Tuesday & I found another Dr that I'm going to call Monday to meet with hopefully this week also. This is important to me and it is surgery so I am looking to find "the one" so to speak & once I do, I will lock in a date. The one on Monday the patient coordinator kind of tricked me into that visit. I'm not really interested but eh I guess I'll go because I don't want to be a late cancel and I am interested in different opinions.

Did anyone see multiple docs? What was your deciding factor?

&& I'm back!

Basically, I never made it to my first consultation last year because the night before.. I found out I was pregnant again lol. So, my newest baby is now 7 weeks old. I did not breastfeed this time because of my discovery that I only produce in milk in one side. Sadly, I'm even MORE deflated I'm back to my mission of new boobs by the summer...or sooner.

Surgery Booked!!

I booked my Surgery for the last week in June. Still seems too good to be true. I'm super excited !!!

..Now you can see why I am here..

These things are a mess... I do not become as self conscious about them until I have to take pictures or until I take the time to really look. This is what only getting milk in one side twice does to you...I am only 26 so it makes me feel even worse that I am so young and my breast are doing their own thing lol


Age: 26
Height : 5'7
Weight: 130
Kids: 2 under 2

Potential size: We said around 370 in one & I forgot the number for the other side. I am going to request a size larger at pre-op.

I'm unsure of my current bra size since they are two totally different sizes so A on the right B+ on the left. I wear B bras & there is always extra space on the right side.

450 sizers

I did try 450 sizers at one of my consults. Not the one with my current surgeon. Although I enjoyed the fullness, I think I need to be in the 380-400 range for what I am looking for result wise.

Moved surgery up 1 day

I moved my surgery up a day. It seemed to make more sense to take off wed-fri vs thurs-Monday. Has anyone returned to work after 5 days? Was that enough time?

Surgery now pushed back

Arrrgh so my procedures been pushed back to the end of July because of some things that are taking place during the initial scheduled weekend.

Anywho- I will have to work on my patience. I've learned that I will tell certain people about the surgery. I'm not secretive about it when it comes to friends. My mom, sister & a few friends know- not telling my dad only because he will worry while I'm in surgery.

I am curious about what to expect if I were to have more children following my procedure. Anyone have kids after implants??

Going for resizing

I was sized back in January & no longer reminder how things look or if I was satisfied with the original sizing. So in 2 weeks I will return to be re-sized...yay!

Resized & Doc was right the first time

I'm glad I went back to be resized. I forgot what sizes I picked from the beginning. At my first sizing I only tried on one size & was happy. With that, I felt like I needed to go larger. However, at my resizing I did the same thing. They were perfectly chosen by the doc the first time. He knows what he's doing. They will look great, natural but full/big and natural. The sizes are 387 on my right & 339 on my left. Big differences I know but they are really different now. Lol can't wait until July 30th!!

Pre-Op Next Week!

My pre-op appointment is next Thursday! I'm excited, my husband is going to come with me to the appointment. This will be the first he's been able to attend with me. I'm unsure if I will put them on again considering I was resized last month. I intend on going shopping for comfy things I'll need. Anyone have suggestions + recommendations?

$$ Guilt

So now I'm feeling guilty for spending such a large amount of money on this. I recently started thinking about all of the other things I could have been doing for my daughters with it. Or just other things in general. Although this is something I've planned for & deserve to do for myself, I still feel guilty. Does anyone else feel this way?

Paid in Full!!

Surgery is paid in full! This is really happening :) my pre-op is tomorrow. Guess I gotta get over being guilty about it. I'm a mom of 2 I rarely do things for myself. I'm excited!!

PreOp Complete

I just finished my preop! I went up a size so instead the larger implant will be 421 & the smLler is 3(something) I'm glad I decided to go up, the 421 provided more of a "shapely" figure to me! My husband came with & agreed on the one size larger as well. So from here I guess the count down starts! 14 days!!

10 more days!!

10 more days!! It still doesn't feel real :) I am not nervous or anxious..just excited. My breast asymemmetry really bothers me. Before kids I wanted implants but simply because my boobs were small... they were cute though. Now I just need them to be closer to the same size & flourish!!

Sleep Question..

I feel like it's Christmas & im 7 again. I'm sitting here like "I oy have to get through Tuesday & Wednesday and Thursday's the day!" Lol so if you count like that, then I only have 2 full days left.

I have a question about sleeping. How long did you guys have to sleep upright? & what did you do to ensure your comfort?

Wish Boobies!!

I'm so excited!!! Soooo...I'm hoping for these results. I have no idea if mine would come out looking this glorious, but I hope so.

Tomorrow is the day !

Up until now I haven't been nervous or had any anxiety but this morning I woke up full of nerves and anxiety. This is certainly not like me lol anyway tomorrow is the day and I am ready!!!!

I have boobs!!

I'm still kind of high lol but surgery went well. I am back home and feeling pretty ok. I've added some pics, I'll type in more detail later! My left feels good & my right is tight probably because it was the smaller breast.

So far, so's worth it

Okay, so I got to the facility at around 5:30am, I changed into a gown and took a urine test. Then the nurses came in to ask a few questions. From there the anesthesiologist came in to speak with me & inserted my IV. After that Dr, V came in did my marks (which was quick) just a few lines and he explained to my husband how to care for me. I went into the OR room, they hooked me up to the monitor and from there I was given the good stuff & the next thing you know I woke up to them asking my for my husbands name. I was in pain when I woke up but soon as I ate something they game me pain meds and took me to my car. All I remember from there is waking in my bed lol

They aren't super high on me which is great! Thanks childbirth! Lol the feeling in my nipples are slowly starting to return. I can't see my incision standing up which I'm proud of. But yea, I'm swollen & my husband does my breast massages for me. I'll update for you guys tomorrow after pre-op #1. I'll try to show as much updates as possible providing how much everyone else's frequent postings helped to better prepare me.

First morning after

I don't have "morning boob" so to speak considering 1) my dr said I can sleep however I want. I chose slightly elevated and would alternate between back & a semi side sleep. 2.) I've been doing my massages every 45 minutes as well.

However my ribs HURT. From the bottom of my breast down to the bottom of my rib cage. They super sensitive to touch. Anyone else feel this?

Boob Greed

I am wishing I would have went up bigger but the nurses also said they are really tight right now & will look larger once things get settled. Did anyone find themselves even happier with the size after the swelling subsided. I forgot to show the Incisions yesterday. They are nicely tucked in so I forgot - I've added them now.

Post Op Day 1

I went in for my day after follow up...and threw up all over the office. Dr. V understood though and so did everyone else. That anesthesia has caused me to puke 4 times this far.

Anywho, they did massages and my left side is so much softer & my left is still pretty tight & high. I can only imagine how glorious they'll be when they drop and fluff.

I may bring out my measuring tape out of curiously to see where I am but it's certainly too early for me to be officially fitted for bras.

Day 2: how I'm feeling

I feel fine so far. I think I may drop the hydrocodone & take Tylenol instead but keep the muscle relaxers because they get pretty tight still. My I have feeling above my nipples but i am completely number after them. I'm excited for them to drop and fluff only because with all of the girth of the implant being in the middle I think they look small in shirts & 2 I feel 13 lol on another note I'm glad I went up last minute on size or I would have been unhappy with my first choice. Can't wait to see how they'll look in a month. My husband is taking great care of me!! Can't wait ????

Post Op Day 2

Just a quick photo update it really looks like I'm healing great. I don't have the lovely boxy frenkenboob look so I'm excited about that. I think I did too much today, I went to the hair salon but that may not have been the best choice. I'm VERY bloated!'

Feeling good

So far so good. I stopped taking meds yesterday. I don't have any pain. My doc says I can sleep however I want so that's what I've been doing. Some of the meds are lingering in my system so I'm trying to stop that as I return to work tomorrow. My next check up is on the 10th so I'm excited about that. Not sure if he's going to remove the tape then or at 2 weeks. I feel like they are small when I wear a shirt but when I'm topless I'm in love again :)

Damn muscle relaxers

I still have some tightness in my muscles however the relaxers keep me drugged up for far too long. Anyone else notice this? It's like they stay in my system and leave me loopy for 48 hours.

Trying things on!

I just tried a few things on...I'm so in love. Tomorrow makes one week post op...


I'm number under my nipples, how long did this last for everyone else? My nipples have feeling but my "under boob" is numb lol

Measurements - 34DD (so far)

I'm impatient so I was measured for an idea of where I fall. This far 34DD. My left boon is super squishy my right is getting there but it was my smaller breast and has the larger implant so that is expected. I love them, they have done amazing things for my confidence already. I do not have any swelling or anything. Randomly my incisions will feel kind of sore.

10 Days Post Op

They are looking better than I expected them too so early on. Not even 2 weeks yet!! -numb under nipples -slightly sore upon waking up -left is super squishy & right is getting there

Scar treatment

Hey ladies, what scar treatment would you suggest? My dr says scar guard, but I'm more of a strip type of chick..unless scar guard has the best results. Any input?

Hyper sensitivity

I'm officially at 2 weeks post op & my nipples are hyper sensitive to the point where them rubbing against my shirt makes me feel sore. It's an odd and frustrating feeling..not to mention 2 weeks later and NOW I'm getting morning boob lol but they look yummy so that's awesome!

3 weeks Post as of tomorrow!

So it's been 3 weeks. My left side pretty totally normalish I'm still numb on the bottom of both breast. My nipples are still hyper sensitive. My right side is side is still tight but it's progressively softens. My incisions are still pretty tender. Lol I feel like my nipples STAY hard. I can not wear a bra for another 3 weeks but I am excited.

1 month post

Hey guys! It's been a month & the girls are soft and squishy. The right one still isn't as soft as the left but it'll get there. I can wear a bra in 2 more weeks, my doctor doesn't allow any bras for 6 weeks.

5 month post op update + BBL in the future?

Hey!! So it's been 5 months since I've gotten my boobs done. I love them, they are much better now than what they were so I'm glad. The Dr. did tell me that since my left breast was bigger than the other there still may be some asysmmetry (which there is) but it's not a big difference. I still love them!

Okay so as for the BBL, this came about because after havin kids I lost the weight FAST however, my stomach still is giving me grief and while it isn't super big, it's not what it was prior to my kids and it's frustrating me so I considered abdominal plasty to retighten by abs. However, we are unsure if we are done having kids. So that would be a bad idea. Then I said "well maybe if I got lipo for the additional fat it will flatten it out to a level I can tolerate" and from there I mentioned how they put the fat on your butt for a lift and my husband said "eh, why not?" So that is on the table for consideration.
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