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I have stalked (LOL) this website for a long time...

I have stalked (LOL) this website for a long time dreaming of the day when I get my bOObs and now I'm finally getting them and I can write about it! ha! I'm have found this site very helpful so thank you everyone for sharing your stories! =)
I'm 33 yrs old and a blessed mamma of 2! 5'1' & 125 lbs and dropping some lbs I'm 34A (yes very sad). I have always been self-conscious about my boobs so this is a dream come true. =D I went to my consultation and the Dr. was great! I do have what they called constricted breast so a little extra work needs to be done. He suggested to go with Silicone HP 500 cc. First I was a little scared because I don't want them to be really big on me but when i tried them on they didn't look crazy big. I have schedule my surgery for the April 17th!! Im super excited and nervous. In 2 weeks I have my pre-op and will try the sizers again just be sure.

Pre-op in 1 week!

Surgery date can't get here soon enough since I've been dreaming of having boos for years... I can't wait to try the sizers again, so I can have peace of mind that I'm making the right choice on the 500cc HP. Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! ?

Only 2 more weeks!!!

Eeek....! So excited! =D

*Wish bOObs*

Had my Pre-Op today!

So it's starting to feel more real that in 9 days I will have bOObies!! Very excited but a bit nervous... I was afraid of the 500cc Hp being too big for me but when i was there today and tried on the 500cc sizers and explained again why it would be the best choice for me since i have contricted breast. I have decided that i have to trust my PS! =] Im going for the 500cc!! And the more i look at the pics i think im like them more and less nervous about them being too big.

In OnE week I'll have bOObies!

I'm so excited and a bit nervous! I can't wait to say goodbye to my itty bitty boobs and my super padded bras! HA! Getting my prescriptions filled tomorow and getting a few more things that i need to get ready for nex week. =D

So exciting!

First time ever I buy bralettes!

Forgot picture!

So pretty!


Not sure why its not letting uoload the pics.. so im trying again! =)

I'm so excited... 3 more days!!!

Thursday is the big day!

Tomorrow is the BIG day ladies!

I can't believe im only 15 hrs away from having bOObies!! I'm a little nervous and a beyond excited!! =D Not sure if I'll get some sleep but thank God for Valium just in case i need it! Say a little prayer for me please. :)

YaY! I have bOobies!!!!! woohoo!

Goodbye constricted booies!!
My surgery was at 8 am. Everyone was so great! And made feel very confortable since i was a bit anxious. I walked to the room i laid down they put a warm blanket on me and the anesthesiologist said im going to give a cocktail and them i pass out.. when i woke up the dr. came in daid everything when well and gave me a peek at my boobs. I dont rememer what they look like since i was still in and out.. but cant wait till Monday to see my girls! =)

Yesterday was such hard day. Lots of pain and tightness. My hubby was great guvung my meds in time. I prettymu checking slept all day yesterday. Ijust took some valiun so ill be passing out soon... (>??)?
sorry for the for the Typos

Feeling loved (??,)

Hubby and the kiddos got me a cake! They are doing a great job taking care of me!
I still cant believe i have bOObies! ?(•???-?)?

2 days post-op

Waking up this am was horrible could not move at all! Thank God hubby was able to help me up and pulled down my pants could go pee. Im feeling better now..very sleepy. So please excuse my typos! I want to see BOOBIES so bad but my ps said thay i cannot take of my sports bra untill i see him on monday..(???)

im having an allergic reaction to one of my prescriptions ...

I have a very irchy rash on my torso!
? ????Hopefully they can change my prescription today.

I wish everyone a Happy Easter!

Finally got to see my Girls!!

Went for my post-op appointment today and got to see my girls! I was so nervous but when i saw his face and he said they look great it gave me confidence to look in the mirror. I was super happy and told my hubby your wife has boobs!! Lol!
Im so happy that everything is going well and tha i can finally take a shower! I do have a rash from the antibiotics so im on steroids but its all good. Ladies let me know what you think!

I still cant believe i have boobs!LoL!(ô?ô)

I love my BOOBS but im not loving sleeping on my back! My back is hurting and i so miss sleeping on my side! :(
I feel like my boobs look better today (yay) and my rash is also getting better. My little girl drew the cutest picturevfor me andbthatvjustvmakesne feels so blessed. Hope every one has a wonderful night! ?? ? ??

LOVE LOVE LOVE my Girls!(????) having boobies! Lol! Tonight i started feeling more like myself went out for a little lunch with the hubby. I am having some mild sharp pains on my right boob.... im thinking it's normal. Still missing sleepeping on my side but i know eventually i will one day. =) tried on some braletes i bought and it made me one happy lady!! ?????

ONE week mark since my BA!

Very excited I hit the one week mark. First night working and im feeling ok, wouldn't mind been in bed though! Lol. Use ice packs today hoping it will help with the pain. Loving my boobs and so happy i did this! Now will continue to work on losing weight!

I WANT TO CRY!!????????????????????

Ok... maybe im being a little dramatic but im allowed to! I want to cry..... im so tired of sleeping on my back! I wan to sleep on my side!... my next post op appointment it's on Friday and im so hoping to here say that i can. :*

12 day old bOObies!

I love having boobies but not loving how sensitive the skin on top and on the sides of my boobies feels to the touch. It feels so good to take of the strap and sports bra... my nipples and bottom of my boobs are still numb. I started taking my pain meds anf valiun just a5 nigh5 so that i can sleep and ibuprofen durong the day but it doesnt take away hiw sensitive my boobs feel.. ='(
I actually started crying tomy husband just because its so irritating ai have my 2nd post op on Friday and hoping to hear that i can't stop usong yhe strap. Well we will see... like mom said there's a price you pay for beauty.. i went to the store today and my little guy wanted to sitvin the cart but i cant lift him.. so he was so upset...and that made ne so much more upset.. just but a few things so but he was so tired..i just felt horrible!
Anyways... thank you all fir sharing your boobie journey! Have a good night the valium is kicking in.... lol

forgot to post this..

Love wearing bralettes so much! Still very sensitive : /

2 weeks since i had my surgery!

Im feelng better thank God! My boobs are stilll very sensitive to the touch. Im so obsessed with my bOObies! LOL! Im so happy I finally have boobs! Cant wait to see what my PS tells me tomorrow!

2 week post-op was yesterday!

Went for my appointment yesterday and it went great! He took of my strap and went right in the trash! Yay! That made me one happy girl. =) he was very HAPPY how my bOObs are lOOking! He took off the medical tape and he did such a good job with my sutures. Mu incisions look great. They showed me/hubby hoe to massage my bOObs. Not as painful as i thought it would be. I can start wearing regular bra even with wire have to make sure the wire goes around my the whole bottom of my bOOb.

Im one happy gal but im still hurting! But when i look in the mirror my pain disappears. . LOL. . It's like magic! Haha
I went to get measure and im 36D!!!! Bought a couple bras., will wait till they D&P to start buying VS bras.. bouth a few a at marshalls and it felt so good not to go to the itty bitty section. Lol.

Happy weekend every one! And wishing everyone having their surgery this upcoming the best and speedy recovery ! Xoxo

Almost 3 week old boobies tomorrow!!!

I LOVE my bOObies and I'm so happy how I feel when i look in the mirror (minus loosing a few lbs ;D). I love that I look like a woman. Woohoo. But im not loving how sore my boobs are and how sensitive my skin feels. = /
Been massaging my boobs so thay might be adding to the soreness.

Obsessed with my BOOBS!

3 weeks and 1 day since i had my BA and im finally starting to feel more like myself. My PS said i could wear underwire bras, but they do hurts my boobies. Been wearing the bralettes and the sports bras my PS gave me. Yesterday I bought this white wireless bra and I love it. Thank God Im feeling bettet and my bOObies ate less sensitive to the touch.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! ????

I have a question ladies...

Hoping someone can help me out...
I will be 1 month post-op in a couple of days and the pain had decreased a lot except for the sensitivity. Today I woke up and my boobs really hurt again and they feel like they get hard. Its that normal???

4 weeks Post-Op

Today marks 4 weeks since I had my surgery. I love my bOObies! I was back to feeling sore but it was my fault for trying to sleep flat .. last night I used my reading pillow to sleep and woke up without soreness. My boobs are still very sensitive to the touch.

feeling a little Blue

It's been 5 weeks since i had my BA... so funny how i was afraid they were going to be too big and now im wishing i wouod have gone bigger. The swelling its been going down a lot... so they a lot seem smaller.

Also my pain and soreness its almos all gone anf om starting to feel more like myself.

2 weird things are happening-
i could never move my boob muscle before and now i can, pretty weird and hope its normal and that it will stop.
The other is that my boobs feel soft but the they get hard and they start to hurt a bit.. not sure if thats normal?!

8 weeks post-op

It will be 10 weeks 2 days since I had my bOObies done.

It's been almos 10 weeks since i had my surgery and im pretty much back to normal except that i have little feeling in my nipples and lower part of my boobs. Im very happy but still dealing with a little boobie greed. Lol! :-P

What a differece! 4 days post-op to 10 week post op :)

5 1/2 months post-op :)

I'm so happy with my girls and i can't believe its been over 5 months since my surgery. I haven't had any problems other than sometimes I still wished they were a bit bigger! Lol... ;) the lower part of my boobs it's still a bit numb but im hoping to get all the feeling back. But other than that im one happy lady! ????????
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