43 Yo, 5'9", 160 Lbs. Mother of 2 Breastfed Kiddos - Houston, TX

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I'm so excited and nervous for my procedure-...

I'm so excited and nervous for my procedure- Excited for my breasts to up where they belong and replace/add fullness lost after kids and weight loss.

Nervous as its surgery and worried I will not be happy with the result. Also concerned about spending all of the $$$ on myself.

Hoping for a beautiful, sexy, full (but natural!) look that suits my body!

PreOp appointment was Tuesday!

11 days to go, and I'm a nervous wreck! Settled on Mentor round 550cc under the muscle. I liked the 500's, but have read so much on RealSelf about boob greed I decided to go 50cc bigger. My doc says with my build, they will look natural and not HUGE, but I am worried about it. The sizers looked great and took me to the same measurement I am with my padded push-up bra on, so I am trusting his expertise. I really wish I could see 6 months into the future to know if I'm making the right choice!

I forgot to snap a photo with the sizers in (sorry!), but I did attach one of me wearing just the sports bra in the doc's office.

Day before surgery jitters!

Tomorrows the day, and my anxiety is at an all time high. I've found that it helps to remind myself that I don't HAVE to go through with the surgery. I can always back out. When I think about not having my new boobs though, I'm disappointed, so I know this is the right decision.

Still, I worry about general anesthesia, the recovery, and my final results. Anyone have any tips on coping with these issues?

Surgery Day!

Got to the hospital at 6am, got wheeled back to the OR about 7. The last thing I remember was moving from the gurney to the table. The next thing I knew, I was waking up in the recovery are across from a man who looked like Santa! Lol! Was home by 11am.

So far, I feels like 1) I did really tough chest workout yesterday and/or 2) my breasts are engorged with milk. Not unbearable pain at this point. Taking my pain med, but hopefully I can wean off of those soon as they make me woozy walking.

Boobs are really high and skin is tight, but I'm am glad it did this!

Day Two

Had my post op checkup today, ps is pleased with results. They are really high and my skin is tight, I'm having have much pain though, so that great. I can't wait to see my new boobies after they are dropped!

Sleeping is another issue. I bought a wedge pillow from Amazon which helps a lot, but I'm a side sleeper. I tried to roll onto my side last and the pain said no.

The pictures posted are from this morning, one with the surgical wrap still on, the other was at my ps office during my checkup

Itching & Gurgling- Normal?

While I am pleased with how my ba is looking so far, I seem to have developed an allergy to either the pain med or the elastic in my surgical bra. The itching is driving me crazy! I have dropped the pain med (since I'm not needing it anyway at this piint), and taking Benadryl per my ps.

Today's new development has been if I move my arm in a particular way, I hear a "gurgling" noise like there is air trapped in my breast. Has anyone experienced this before? There isn't any pain, just wondering if it's normal.

Not at a high point today

I hate this uncomfortable surgical bra. I hate the diazepam I'm taking. I hate that I can't exercise. I hate that all I have energy to do is go to work and come home to sleep. I miss being with my husband.

I had my one week post op Tuesday, everything looks good. I am happy with my results so far. Just want my regular life back.

Feeling a lot more like myself!

My energy has slowly been coming back- today is the first day since the surgery that I didn't feel completely exhausted mid afternoon.

My nipples have been sensitive, but not in the way I expected- I thought sensitivity would be like a sexy sensitivity. Nope. Feels more like fire coming out of my nipples. Luckily, that has subsidized somewhat.

Doc still hasn't cleared me for exercise, but I have started walking and doing light yoga to keep active.

Overall, I'm pleased with my results. I believe they are beginning to drop and definitely are softer.
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