37 Yrs Old, 3 Kids, Got Style 45HP 400cc's Natrelle Silicone with Crescenteric Lift on Left Side - Houston, TX

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I had my implants done on January 2nd. After...

I had my implants done on January 2nd. After being measured and understanding my desire to be bigger but still have a natural look, my Dr. gave me an option of Natrelle Style 20 or style 45 and 2 different cc sizes he thought would work best with my measurements. I'm a size 2 and petite, but have broad shoulders, so I was worried about the implants being too wide on my chest and being top heavy. So I decided on the HP style 45 hoping that they would give me enough size and projection to make a difference but not be in your face and throw my proportions off. I'm writing this review 20 days after my surgery because I've been on this site a lot more after my surgery, then before, because I started to second guess my decision of implant style and size. It's very easy to get the booby greed when you look at other people's pictures and great results and your still early in the game and eager to see what the final outcome is. Because at the beginning they just look weird and all out of balance. I've gotten a lot of good info from reading everyone's reviews, so maybe mine will help someone too. I don't have any before shots, but a was a droopy 34A or 32b. I breast fed 3 kids and they sucked the life and perkiness out of by breasts. I had a little asymmetry, not enough for a full lift, so we did a crescenteric lift on my left nipple, just to raise it up a little and be even with the right side. My left breast was a tad bit larger. Over all I'm happy with the size and shape so far. I still need to drop more and fluff, but I'm trying to be patient. I was going to go with the 45-360 cc, as I thought that would be big enough, but I'm glad I didn't. They say you loose 15% of the size when you go under the muscle, so I decided on the 400 to make sure there was enough volume. I probably could of gone another 25 cc's and been happy, but only time will tell. Right now they look great in clothes and aren't too big for my body, which is ultimately what I wanted. I've been having a lot of soreness and sensitivity around my nipples and underneath my breast near the stitches. Doc said your nerves wake up and are angry a few weeks to months after surgery and will take time to settle. Plus I think the stretching and implants dropping make you sore. I can't wait for the 3 month mark to see what my final outcome is! My husband loves them. He thinks I could of gone bigger, but I had to do what was comfortable to me. I didn't want to be limited by the size of my breast. Just wanted a more curvy womanly look.

5 weeks update

I went to my 1 month check up last Friday. I had a lot of questions because after being on this site a lot the last few weeks, more than I ever was before surgery, I read a lot of negative things about the UHP style 45's. He totally reassured me that I made the right decision. I just don't get why some of the surgeons replying to questions on here are so against them. My PS said it's a very old way of thinking and they are stuck in there old ways of doing things. A lot of options are out there and some surgeons like to stick to what they are most comfortable working with. Anyway, it was a good visit. I felt great after leaving there. I don't have any restrictions anymore. Got some silicone gel based scar cream with spf 30 (BioCorneum plus spf 30). They said the sun can reach your scars through clothes and bathing suits, so it's best to use sunscreen the first year on them. So this cream covers it all. My boobs are starting to grow on me. At first they didn't seem a part of me when I looked in the mirror, but as they have started to drop, they feel and look better. The size has worked out really well. They don't get in my way, but look great in clothes, have a full look to them and was enough of a change to make a difference. I have noticed that I feel some rippling when I do my massages, although its not something I can see externally. I am very certain that if I had gone with saline, I would see rippling. My PS said I have very thin skin and not a lot of breast tissue, so silicone was the absolute best way to go. So for those questioning saline vs silicone, there are definite reasons to go silicone over saline when you are a thin petite person. The sensitivity is pretty much gone. My nipple area is still kind of sore, but not too bad. And my left breast squeaks when I push on it, really hoping that gets better over time. I'd be interested in hearing from any of you if you had this problem and noticed it got better over time. I did try to go bra shopping quickly at Kohls to get something other than a sports bra for certain shirts. Underwires just didn't feel comfortable, so I got some barely there wireless bras to hold me over until I drop more and fluff. Other than that, I really don't think about them much. Glad I did it. Wearing clothes is much more enjoyable!

5 week pics

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4 month update with 400 cc UHP

It's been almost 4 months since my BA. It's been a very easy recovery with no problems. Over all I like my results and I'm glad I went with the UHP. Hind sight being 20/20, I would have gone up one size to the 460, but the 400's fit my slim body well and the 60 extra cc's wouldn't have made that much of a difference. I do have some rippling that I don't like, but really only I can see it in certain situations. I knew that could potentially be a problem, even with silicone, because I'm so thin and had no breast tissue to start with. I don't like it, but it is what it is and no one else can see it, so I just don't worry about it. If and when I need to get them redone, my dr said I would need to switch to the 410's to avoid rippling under my thin skin. So if your reading this and have thin skin with no breast tissue, ask about the 410 style! The downside is they are more expensive. I do wish he would have explored that option with me before my surgery, as we did briefly discuss my thin skin and tissue. What I do love about the UHP is that I never have to wear a real bra! I can go bra less with stickies or just wear a light support sports bra and I'm good to go with lots of normal looking projection. It's great! I was hoping for good projection since I have wide shoulders and I got what I needed. UHP aren't for everyone, but they work really well for petite body frames that need projection. It's a tough decision to make when picking implants, you never know what the ultimate outcome will look like and you don't want to make a mistake. My husband looked at me the other day and said I think you got exactly what you asked for, something proportionate to your body that's not too big with more projection and not too much side boob (I didn't want boobs that would get in my way!). I do think they have a little more settling to do and of course my scars have a lot of changing to do. I'm very glad I got the crescenteric lift, otherwise, my nipples would have been way off and that would have really bothered me! Good luck to those choosing implants and about to have surgery!

400cc UHP 20 month update

Woops, I haven't updated in over a year! Everything has been great with them. Still glad I did the UHP and size. Sometimes I think I should have gone to the 470 size, but the 400 has been very proportionate and conservative but still sexy. Love not ever having to wear a bra. I live in a sports bra, coobie bra or pasties! Wired bras are just so uncomfortable and not needed, unless for a special top or dress. My next go around I'll be switching to the Inspiras. Because I have thin skin and tissue, I see rippling occasionally. So for those in the same boat as me, go with the Inspiras! They feel the same, but the implant is filled with more silicone and doesn't concave as much, so it fills out your breast better once it rests on your breast plate. I'm a 32DD at victoria secret, but can also wear a 34c in other brands. So it's super easy to find bras that fit. Still totally glad I did it!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Basu was very informative and took the time at my initial consult to answer all of my questions. He was very thorough and was up front with my size options and what would work best for my measurements and proportion. His staff is also very sweet and helpful. I would get prompt responses to any questions I had. My procedure was a very easy process and so far I have had no problems or complaints. And my stitches look great.

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