36 Yrs, 5'8", 130lbs, Mom of 2 Young Breastfed Kids - Houston, TX

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Have always been "flat chested" but way more so...

Have always been "flat chested" but way more so now after the two kids! Had my pre-op today and we decided on moderate plus, smooth, around 400 CC. I have a slightly uneven breast fold which effects nipple placement, etc. he said I could go with moderate and lower cc's but would have to do a nipple lift to one of the nipples, later in-office. Or I could do moderate-plus with more CC's and hopefully avoid a nipple lift. I had never noticed my breast fold or nipple position before until he pointed it out and he said it would be a lot more obvious after the breast augmentation obviously. Am so excited and ready to do this! I'm dreading dealing with the two kids very much during recovery but maybe I can beg my Mom to come help!

Recovery with Kids?

I'm starting to get so nervous about my recovery with a 2 & 5 year old. My husband will be with me for the first 4 days. After that I'm all on my own. I can figure it out for the most part...make my toddler climb in and out of his crib and high chair and carseat, but boy it's gonna take SO much patience. Also they just climb all over me and the toddler likes to be held when upset still, etc. I guess I will just have to tough it out or get a babysitter to come by every once in a while that first week or any thoughts? Maybe recovery won't be so bad? It is for some though, It wasn't for my sister but her kids were in full time daycare, she got to lounge around for a week!

Pre-op today! 3 days to go!

I had my blood work done today and am getting so excited yet kind of freaked out. Can't believe it's actually going to happen on Thursday!! Ive had 2 c-sections so I'm really not worried about pain at all! But I've never been put to sleep and also now I have a 2 year old and 5 year old so recovery will be interesting. I will have 4 straight days of my husband being home thank god but after that I will have to keep my 2 year old off of me! Also I have to go to the surgery myself at 6am. My husband has to stay with the kids and get them to summer school at 9:30am so by the time he comes to the hospital I will be done! I also worry about the size but my Dr knows exactly what I want and he did a great job on my sister and he is going to "try out" a few pair to get the right size before sewing me up! Will update y'all on Thursday after surgery, yay! I feel like I'm finally becoming a woman haha.

Surgery tomorrow!!

I keep having dreams that I wake up from my surgery either too small or too big. Anyone else?! Other than that I'm honestly so excited to spend a few days in bed binge watching shows and hiding from my two littles while my husband takes care of all of us! Yay!! Haha.

Day 2 post-op pains

I'm not gonna lie, yesterday when I woke from my surgery I was immediately in lots of pain and it never really went away. I woke every 2 hours last night in pain (mainly from having to be stuck on my back). Took my pills every 4 hours and almost cried every time I had to get up to the bathroom. I'm usually a pain hero!! BFeeling a bit better today thankfully!! Go to see nude to have wounds cleaned and body tape removed and chest strap in place. Got 400 cc moderate plus. So far I think it's exactly what I wanted and really all my body could handle according to my amazing Doctor! Getting itchy all over. I'm allergic to most adhesives but I think they must have used some in places they didn't realize. Trying so hard not to itch! BHere are some day 1 photos

Day 1 photos

Before and after

No more sagging breastfed nipples!! I am covered in rash from something used during the surgery other wise I would feel tons better today. Nausea stopped so I was able to take off the patch.

Before and after photos again

Post surgery rash & urgent care!

The day after my surgery I woke with a rash across my stomach. I sometimes get pressure rashes if things are too tight on me. I thought maybe they strapped me to the table for surgery. Someone I spoke to said it was maybe he iodine wash. Either way I am miserable! Went to urgent care this morning cause I didn't sleep a wink last night and got steroid pills and anti itch pills and creams to use after the pills run out. Please keep me in your thoughts because his rash and the itchiness has me so miserable and depressed. My husband has been great and I dread him going back to work come Monday!!b other than that boobie pain is ok. Took an oatmeal bath and a quick shower and have my chest strap on now which is not comfortable!! Hope you all are doing better than me.

4 days post op!

Doing well! Bit exhausted being home with kids all day. But nothing i can't handle. Just resting when I can! Decided to do a little bikini sneak peek. Loving my new bod!!!!

Bikini before and after

So happy

Mornings and Evenings

The mornings and evenings are the hardest am I right? BI'm 5 days post op and when I wake up my back is killing me, the boobs are sore, incisions are sore. Maybe I slept funny. Who knows. And in the evenings I get some bad pains, probably from doing more throughout the day with the kids than I should. It's a lot harder with the husband back at work. I went to the store and had to get people to help me get milk off the top shelf! Haha. Hope everyone else is recovering nicely. I would do anything to really stretch my back out!!!!

Almost 3 weeks Post-op!

I feel so much better now. No pains in the boob. I've been massaging some and they're getting very soft. Still have some pain in my incisions if I stretch too much. But nothing bad. Also still have skin glue and some stitches so want those to go away soon! Also getting some flexibility back in my arms. Never expected to lose that for so long! Here is a before and after with 400 cc silicone moderate plus. Right nipple still a little low like my dr earned. He said he can do an in office nipple lift if I want but that sounds scary! I never get any comments on these so I don't know why I bother posting! But this is my last post so I hope my info was helpful to someone!!
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