2-1/2 Yrs. Post Op, 15 lb Loss, 36, 5'4", 125 lb, 4 Kids, 34A/B to 34DDD/32G, Natrelle 421cc Mod Plus Sil Unders, Dr. Vitenas

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Ok so I've lurked around long enough and now I'm...

Ok so I've lurked around long enough and now I'm ready to submit my own story! Let me begin by saying that all the women on this website are incredibly brave to reveal their stories and insecurities, I'm truly inspired by you all! :)

I've always been small chested, though I didn't really expect to be busty seeing how my mom was barely an A cup her whole youth, even after kids. I've had 4 kids, with my eldest being 16 and my youngest just 2 years old :) My breasts did not grow during pregnancy at all and at my fullest (when my milk came in) I was barely a B cup.

For the longest, my hubby was opposed but recently his attitude changed a bit. I'm sure it had to do with me crying and bawling for almost 6 years! :D

I feel that I'm in a good place in my life and I can honestly say that I'm ready. Am I nervous?! Heck yes!!! The thought of my breasts losing sensation scares me half to death and I can't decide on an implant size. I've been to a consultation before but didn't go through with it. I was fitted with 421cc implants (as in, the real deal implants stuffed into my own sports bra) and thought they were a very natural looking size.

Having said that, I've lost some weight since and I'm thinking of going down to 397cc but I'm not sure. I'm looking to achieve a full C cup and nothing more! I really want to avoid that heavy, matronly appearance that very large implants can give.

Here are a few pictures of my natural breasts, both in and out of a bra. As you can see, the VS Bombshell bra is really good at boosting a small chest. The bra in the first picture is a 34C and it makes my breasts look full. But once the bra comes off, it's a different story :( Enter picture #2 and so on.

I am 33 years old and my body looks just as it did at age 14, it's so sad! Well, I'm thankful for that in a way but I'm ready for some real (not literally) boobs, not just a ton of padding! :D

Forgive the background, I was hiding in a bathroom stall!

For reference, I'm 5'4" and about 135-137 pounds, wide chest.

I've chosen Dr. Vitenas to do my surgery because he's truly an artist. A friend of mine had hers done at his office and wow they are perfection, I never, ever, EVER in a million years would think her breasts are enhanced. They are soft and look completely natural, his work is just beautiful :)

Moved My Date!!

Well, I couldn't hold off any longer so I moved my date to 4/23! My pre-op is next week so I'll have good pictures of my chosen size (looking at 421cc right now) BUT I may even consider 457cc :) So excited and nervous, I'm in full beast mode in the weight room since I won't be able to work out for a while after the surgery.

Just OVER 3 WEEKS now! :O

Wish Boobs!

So I found this image on Dr. Vitenas's website and I love the size!! These were done with 397cc Natrelle Silicone gel unders, just one size smaller than my 421's :)

Whoops Forgot to Load Image

My mistake!

Red Flags Anyone?

So this morning I text my closest friend and asked her if it's a bad sign to be thinking about having the implants removed before they're even in (her response was uh yea lol, concerned face). Yes, I am having cold feet :(

I have my pre-op today at 4:00 pm, just 2.5 hours away but I can't stop thinking this is a terrible idea. Truthfully, the only reason I want to do this is to not feel that horrible sting when I watch movies with my husband a gorgeous, obviously enhanced woman pops up topless (or not necessarily but clad in snug attire) on the screen. He has NEVER, ever ever everrrrrrr made me feel like I was less sexy because I'm not busty, quite the opposite actually, he's always telling me he loves my breasts (yes in those exact words).

Flashback Thursday: A very sad and traumatic first marriage messed me up to the point that I can only see my small breasts as a curse. I was just 16 years old, an age when girls are just trying to fit in and be accepted. At the time, breasts weren't even a concern, I was pretty happy with my A cups. But my then husband wasn't, he was into the whole balloon boob thing. I grew to hate him and ultimately divorced him, the end.

But it stuck to me and now I seem to see it in every damn movie and show. I don't even have cable out of fear of seeing Kate Upton bouncing on that horse in that dumb game commercial! I hate TV and stupid "man sites" like The Chive, I hate it all!!! I want to punch every man I see sitting at Twin Peaks or Hooters with his date (or wife, gf, friend), that woman deserves better!

When did C and D+ cups become the ideal size?! Is there really something wrong with me? I can only sum it up with that old school jam from TLC, Unpretty. That's how I feel today, yet, I still can't talk myself out of driving to the doc's office in 2 hours :(

I feel so lost right now, just needed to vent.

When One Person Changes How You View The World

So I was really mad yesterday but I'm better today! My hubby went to the pre-op with me, not really something he wanted to do at all but he knows it's important to me so he's really trying to see past his view on this :) I must say, my husband is by far the most amazing guy I know and that says a lot seeing how I work with 99% men/1% women every single day. He's my third husband and also a bit younger than I am but he has helped me view the world in a different way.

I work in a very competitive and professional environment, it's what I do and what I enjoy doing. I'm a college grad and currently back in college for a new degree; what I'm saying is, I expect a lot of myself and a lot of that has to do with the people around me, YOU HAVE TO KEEP UP. As a consequence, I also beat myself up for not having this MBA yet, or not having accomplished this and that. It's always something with me, I'm very complicated and thus far, no one (man) has understood my way of thinking.

But my husband is something else entirely. He views me in a completely different light, not even close to the way I view myself. He has helped me pull through some really rough days (finals, bad days at work) and I can honestly say that he is exactly the person I want to spend my whole life with. We have hit really rough patches but love never fails, I will always believe that.

Seeing him sitting beside me at the doc's office yesterday really did something to me. For the longest, I would bring this topic up and cry about it because it's something that affected me deeply. He would cry with me and tell me that my body was amazing, why would I want to change it. I kept telling myself, he's just trying to make me feel better and secretly ignore his sweet, comforting words.

But one day I realized that this had nothing to do with him, this was all me. If and when I had my BA, it would be for ME, not him, not anyone, for ME. It took me a long time to realize that he REALLY didn't have a preference, it was me he was in love with, not my boobs. He had told me this so many times but I just never wanted to believe that it was true.

I guess what I'm saying is, the only reason we should do this is for ourselves, not cause some guy is behind it. I've read a few posts where the guy helped pick the (HUGE) size, or the guy really wanted bigger. I can't help but wonder what his wife felt when this happened.

We are WOMEN, wonderfully and beautifully made! We are not here only to please men, we are professionals, mothers, bad a$$e$!!! :)

Those boobs are for you babe, whoever you choose to share them with is your choice. Whatever size you choose, it's your choice, let me repeat this, it's YOUR CHOICE!

My Thoughts On Bras Immediately After Surgery

I'm noticing a lot of ladies wearing bras almost immediately after surgery and I'm wondering how it affects the "dropping" process. Apparently, it is NOT recommended to wear a bra for a while in order to allow gravity to help the new boobies settle into place. My doc forbid me from wearing any kind of bra for 6 whole weeks after the procedure!!! How am I supposed to sit in a conference room with nothing but men, wearing only pasties over my nips and NOT feel exposed lol :/ It's going to be so weird but oh well, 6 weeks will go by quickly. I'm gathering my supplies and clothing for surgery day next week: meds, laxatives, teas, straws and a huge list of must haves from my doc. Further, I'm thinking of ordering some super soft jammies online, the boxer kind with a button top, to wear on my way home and well basically my entire time at home (5 days). A satin kimono sounds real nice too, hmmmm :) I look forward to my time off, although it will be a challenge to not have at least one of my kids try to jump on me lol

Changed it to 457 cc's!!! And the COUNTDOWN BEGINS: 7 DAYS!!!

I've driven myself insane picking out a size that I hope I will not regret, 457 cc's is what I've finally decided to get and my file has officially been updated. I'm sure a lot of women experience this kind of anxiety but wowww I had no idea it was this involved!!!

But seriously though, I've never been bigger than a very small B and that was fully engorged, about a week post-baby. What I'm trying to say is, I am PSYCHED about finding out (FINALLY) what's it's like to have more than just mosquito bites!!! :P

I'm gonna be that weirdo squishing my boobs at the stop light lol ...... And ohhhh don't even get me started on frisky time with my hubby o.O I'll be braless for 6 whole weeks, poor thing won't know where to start!! Speaking of which, how long are you ladies waiting before you jump in the sack with your guys?! I've heard it's bad to elevate your blood pressure during recovery :( I don't know how I'll survive THAT part of all this!

Anyway, I've got a whole drawer of frilly VS bras that I'm donating and I won't be buying more for a while. Something about those tiny little cups is just so cute :)

And Back to 421! Doc's Suggestion :)

So I'm clearly not the tallest lol, I'm actually slightly below 5'4" so my doctor suggested I stick to 421. In fact, he said that most patients my size tend to pick 371 and 397 :O So 421 is kind of pushing! Well, I took his advice and changed my implant size back to 421, so here we go! TWO DAYS left on the A cup clock!

I bought this black, silky soft robe at Target for $24.99 to wear to and from the doc's office (and NOTHING else). They suggested a button up shirt and lounge pants but that robe was just calling me :)

I'm so excited, I've seriously considered this since I was 18 and it's happening in just 2 days! Best wishes everyone, thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening up to all of us on this site with your stories and journeys, I feel as though I've already been there with you and my own surgery will be a piece of cake!! Hugs!!! :)

It's Time! :)

My IV is in and I'm ready, let's do this!!! Waiting on my doc now, 421's here I come!

They're in!!! ???? 421's, Mod Plus Unders with My Very Own Serial Numbers lol!

Just wanted to post a quick picture, I'll take better pictures later! My doc is an artist, I love my boobies and I'm so happy I went with 421 :) I'm in NO pain just a little tightness but all is well otherwise. Thank You God for taking care of me!!!

A Few Front and Side Profile Pictures :)

They're riding pretty high! My skin feels tight but not really uncomfortable :)

Day #2: Are They Getting Bigger?!

I swear they look bigger than yesterday! Not a bad thing but wow the difference one day makes!!! :)

A Confession!! :O TMI Warning!!

Ok, so my hubby has been helping me with my massages every 30 minutes and after several of these sessions, well we were pretty worked up if you know what I mean!!! So we got it on but very gently and standing up in the shower so as to not put pressure on the boobies. Surprisingly, I feel absolutely great, no pain at all :) Just wanted to throw it out there In case anyone was considering this lol :P My doc actually didn't forbid me from doing it and we couldn't wait so why wait, right?!! Hubby squeezed them pretty hard (massages) and if you ask me, they're even softer today than they were yesterday. My nips did NOT lose all sensitivity, which made me so happy I cried! They feel a little sore but still amazingly sensitive :D

Day #3: Dropping Slowly But Surely!

Just wanted to post up a few Day #3 shots; they are dropping little by little but wow the 421 implant is larger than I expected! lol not complaining of course, just amazed by how voluminous it is! Overall, I feel great with pretty minimal discomfort. Honestly, sometimes I forget I had it done cause I have no real pain!

Can't wait until they drop and round off a little more at the bottom :)

No bras for another 5 weeks and 4 days, which is just fine with me! ;)

Post Op Day #4

Good morning lovely ladies!!! :) I'm feeling great today, even managed to chase, pin down and change my 2 year old's poopy diaper (very carefully) without any help this morning!

I have full range of motion in my arms at just 4 days post op and I'm in no pain at all. I do feel a little tightness in the cleavage area but nothing major. I've been rubbing coconut oil on them religiously and wow it's helped!

So just for kicks, I measured myself with a tape and VS claims that I'm a 34DD/34DDD! Lol I know that's vanity sizing, just thought it was amusing since I've never been bigger than a B :) I can't wear a bra for several weeks anyway so I won't even bother shopping for them yet!

Anyway, hope everyone has a lovely Monday and happy healing!!! Hugs xoxo

Day #6: Making Progress!!

So I had to return to work yesterday and made a terrible mistake: took 2 Vicodin tablets wayyyy too early in the day and on an almost empty stomach :O

Needless to say, I felt like puke all day and couldn't come home fast enough! As if my tummy woes weren't bad enough, I had to drive for about 2-1/2 hours just to and from work (daily thing for me). Blahhhh not a good day yesterday!!

I'm feeling much better today, a little stiffness and tightness but no real pain. I've decided I'm off the meds for good, it's Tylenol from here on!

I took a few shots this morning, I see a little bit of a difference but not much! :) Overall, I'm in a great mood and love my boobies like crazy! Forgive the arm pit fuzz by the way, not in the mood for all the usual primping lol

Happy Hump Day everyone!!!! ;)

Day 10!! :)

Well hello my lovely friends!!! I've been absent for so long, I'm so sorry for not replying sooner!!! :( I'm not sure how many of ya'll watched the fight last night but my recovering butt passed out literally minutes before the final fight!!!

Ughhh anyway, has anyone been more tired than usual as a result of the surgery?? I feel as though my body is sucking out every ounce of energy from me just to heal (that's probably EXACTLY what it's doing) so I've slowed down a little.

A word to the wise, no matter how energetic you may feel, DON'T go super woman like I did right off the back, it will catch up to you!!! For me it was around post op day 7, wow it really got me. So I've slowed down to allow my body to heal :)

Having said all that, I hope everyone is healing beautifully!!! And for those who are still pre op, fear not, it's soooo worth it! :)

Just one shot today, I was in my car and caught a glimpse of my day 10 cleavage :O I'm in love!!!! I'm measuring 34DD/DDD (34Bish before) as of this very moment, thanks to a pair of 421 Mod Plus Silicone unders :D

I'll get back to you girls' individual comments in a bit, again I'm so sorry, I miss you all tons :(

Day 13!! Almost 2 Weeks Post-Op :)

Today is day 13 and I feel pretty good, I'm at work so I'm gonna keep this one brief!

Boobies are dropping slowly, still a little high but I love them so much :) I'm off the meds, not even Tylenol anymore! Well, I'll get back with you girls later, so much to do today!

Quick recap: 34DD/DDD, 421 cc Mod Plus Silicone unders! I'm sure they'll go down some but then maybe not. Either way, I'm happy!!

Happy Hump Day!!

A Tip For Accentuating Cleavage!!

Ok so I'm in love with this self tanner from VS (which I got FREE with my $15 rewards card)!!! I mix it with lotion and smooth it over my arms and d├ęcolletage area. On its own it's a bit much, unless you're really into that super bronzed look!! But it really does boost your cleavage like crazy :)

Week 2: Slow and Steady :)

I'm not a very patient person but this process sure has taught me something: you can't rush art!!! (yes, I just quoted Toy Story!)

I love my boobs more and more every day, I haven't had an ounce of boob greed (but then in a way, I sized up from 397 to 421) and I'm down to one Valium every other day woohoo!! :)

Day 1 and Day 14 Comparisons

Left is the same day of the surgery and right is today, 2 weeks later :)

Top is the day of, bottom one was taken today.

ScarGuard MD or Steri Strips???

My doc recommended ScarGuard but I find that it burns soooooo much! :( My incisions still look swollen (I had my bandages removed at 2 weeks post, my fault for missing my one week post op) so they've been covered a little longer than they should have. Anyway, I'm just wondering if there is a real difference in overall scar fade when using these two products; in other words, is one better than the other?

Funny story; my doc (Dr. Vitenas in Houston, TX) is ALL about a natural appearance, in fact, he would probably refuse anything over a 457 implant on me lol; so at my 2 week post op he sits down and asks me to come forward in his usual sweet, gentle voice. Then he carefully inspects his work and says hmm they're a little big for you but beautiful :) lol I said well, I'm VERY glad you talked me out of 457s!!! He just smiled and nodded, I swear he's such a sweetheart!

Further, it seems that gravity is doing its thing cause they're dropping nicely and they're soft sometimes, if you can imagine that at less than 3 weeks post op. They get tight again once I lay down, anyone else find that this happens to them?? I mean, they don't fall into my armpits or anything, they stay in position lol, they just get really tight, especially in the cleavage area.

I can't wear a bra until the 6 week mark (I have 4 bras lined up!) and I've been cleared to do lower body workouts at 4 weeks, upper body at 6 weeks. GOOD!! I've lost about 6 pounds since the surgery, most of which is probably muscle :( Needless to say, I MUST get back on the workout train asap!

Have a lovely Monday everyone, happy healing!! Also, Happy Belated Mommy's Day to all the mommies out there!!

A Word of Advice on Bras

Well, it was a given I suppose: you acquire a brand new pair of perfectly molded silicone implants which make your boobies look ahhhhh-making, the first thing you think about is BRA/CLOTHING/ETC. shopping, right?!

Yes, I fell victim to this too :/ The problem is, boobies change so much in the first month, wait, in the first 2 weeks alone!!! I was sure my swelling would bring me down to a DD but at almost 3 weeks post op, I'm spilling out of it. Which brings me to a new topic: DDD bras :/ there ARE a few options but none I like :( What to do, what to do!!!

All I could think was hmmm maybe my boobs will shrink a little more and land at a DD lol, I mean seriously, who says that after shelling out over 6 grand on a BA!!! :P

Anyway, just had to share, it was too funny when I tried that 34DD and my boobs looked like overstuffed doughnuts :) Hubby just laughed and said haaaa that's what you wanted right :P ughhh (punch in the face lol) jk

Week 4: Soft and Squishy!

Today marks my 4th week (since my surgery) and I've seen so many changes in the last few days alone! I'm not allowed to wear a bra until week 6, which was weird to me at first but as a result, my implants have fallen into place so nicely and feel so soft to the touch now! They bounce and jiggle, I love them so much!!!

I'm still a 34DD and it looks like they're staying this size cause my swelling is pretty much gone :) For reference, I got Natrelle 421 cc Mod Plus unders, crease incision.

I keep seeing this "always go a size up" phrase but personally I'm not a fan of the super huge look; To me, bigger isn't better! Ultimately, an implant that is proportionate to your body is the best option! :)

If you're early on, don't feel discouraged cause boobies change so much the first few weeks. The end result is definitely worth waiting for :)

Hugs to all!!!

A Word on Healing and Funny Things

I've almost made it to the ONE month mark (tomorrow) so I thought I'd update on how my healing has come along. These are things that happened to me in the first 4 weeks:

1. Sharp, shooting pains on my breasts; I know this is silly, but the pain shoots vertically. This may make sense to some! Doc says it's my nerves regenerating themselves :)

2. I do take a Valium every now and then, namely when I overexert myself (last night, carrying groceries). A word to the wise, DON'T do it and also, don't be in such a rush to hit the gym :) Your body, and boobies, will thank you. You can make peace with the rest of your body later.

3. I was most exhausted in weeks 2 and 3, though it has tapered off in week 4. I'm usually ready for bed by 9:00 pm, weeks 2 and 3 was more like bed time at 7:00pm!

4. Tight fitting clothes cause me GREAT pain; that is, non-stretchy tops that used to fit and now don't. My usual dress sizes fit everywhere except over my boobs; they become compressed and that causes me a lot of pain, like give me 5 Tylenols + 5 Valiums please, kind of pain. Read #5.

5. My favorite dresses don't fit me anymore :( I prefer fitted, sheath dresses for work but I'm in a weird situation where my body fits in a 4 or 6 and my boobs in an 8, maybe a 10 :/ Tailoring??? A great possibility.

6. The best part of all of it??? Remember how I said my hubby could really care less one way or another (small boobs, big boobs, no boobs)?? He wasn't lying, he really could care less on way or another :) God bless him, I hope my sons grow up to be that way.

The end :)

Leftie Dropped at 4 Weeks/6 Days!!

I've been waiting oh soooo patiently for at least one of them to drop so today I am elated that one finally did!!!! :P Rightie is still a little high, my muscle is slowly giving way. I tend to drive with my left hand even though I'm right handed so maybe that's why :)

Leftie looks so natural and feels just lusciously soft today, you can SEE the difference!!! It's hard to see in pictures but I gave it a shot anyway lol

I'm wearing silicone strips on my incisions by the way, my bandages came off at 2 weeks :)

For reference, I got 421 cc Mod Plus silicone unders and went from a 34 A/B to a 34 DD.

4 Weeks 6 Days Post Op vs What I Started With!!!

Seriously, the change is unbelievable. I can't even begin to explain how much I love my boobies now :)

A side note; I have somewhat of a slight indentation on my left boob (your right) but I've seen this before on here and it resolved itself over time so I'm not too worried :) I started out with virtually no breast tissue so my skin is still stretching.

I love this site!!!! Thank you all for sharing your stories! Without this kind of insight, I'd be diagnosing myself with all kinds of problems!!! :P

Bra Time!!! Well, in 3 Days :)

I will finally be able to wear pretty new bras in just 3 more days :)

At almost 6 weeks post, I'm still a 34DD and my stats are pretty much the same as before (weight esp).

I know VS can be off on their sizing but I find that their 34DD fits me like a glove!! That and I have their credit card so I get freebies all the time, so why not!!!

I got this one for just $31 after tax and I love it!!! :)

Week 6: Finally Some Support!

I've finally hit the 6 week mark and I'm able to wear bras!!! My bra of choice right now is a VS wireless, lightly lined in a 34DD. It's super comfy, especially over my crease incisions (they are still tender), and it gives amazing support with beautiful, natural shaping.

I went ahead and purchased 2 more of these plus 2 push ups, although something tells me those push ups may be a bit much for daily use :O I became quite busty with the 421 mod plus implant, no boob greed here!! I love them!!

A word of advice: Be careful going bigger out of fear of being too small after; you DON'T lose much, even under the muscle. Plus, you can always boost your boobs with awesome bras!! I would've been just as happy with 397s!

Painful Boobs?!

I'm thinking that my 34DD cups may be a little small, I may size up to a DDD! My boobs are killing me, they're pressed down like crazy and it hurts so much!!! The band is nice and comfy, no rolls anywhere, but the cups feel so small and it gaps at the sternum. I just unhooked it right now and wow what a relief (but, I'm at work!), I really need to get fitted again.

Anyone else have this problem and found relief in bigger cups??? I was really hoping to avoid the DDD selections :(

And Then... There Were DDDs o_O

Today marks post-op week NINE yayyyy and I am feeling great :) No more morning boob or pain, just fluffy, jiggly boobs that are now spilling out of my 34DDs :O I can't bring myself to buy more bras right now, at least not until I get to 12 weeks post op and my size is more "stable", does that makes sense?

This bra is a 34DD, unlined; if you scroll up to my post-op week 5, it FIT great!! Right now, not so much :/ As you can see, my breast doesn't even fit within the wire anymore and I have some pretty major boob spillage on top. So much for "swelling" going down!!!

Anyway, I have my days, some days I'm all for the luscious boob look and other days I do wish they were a little smaller, maybe a C cup :) But all in all, I am very happy with my result, my doc did an amazing job and my boobs look completely natural :)

Ref: 5'4", 137 lb, 421 cc Silicone Unders

Comparison: Before and 9 wks post-op!

Crazy different, they have fully dropped now and are soft as can be :) they feel a little big from time to time (I'm slightly below 5'4") but I'm slowly getting used to them!

Simone Perele in a 34F :O

YES, that's what I measured in this line of beautiful, French lingerie but I'm afraid to plunk down $89 on ONE bra!!! VS's wonderful bra selection has diminished since I stepped into DDD territory (read: F) so I've returned at least 7 of them recently. Has anyone purchased bras from this line of lingerie?? Is is pretty accurate in size and does it fit well???

I'm still really flabbergasted about being an F cup off a 421cc implant, I was convinced that one would have to be in the 500cc+ range for that but nope! It really is just a size though, but something to consider when selecting an implant size :P Bras become more pricey as the cup size goes up!

Painful Left Boobie at 12 Weeks Post-Op

So this past Friday night I fell asleep on the floor at my in-laws and needless to say, I was really uncomfortable the whole night. At some point, I must have slept on my left boob or squished it somehow but it hurt A LOT the next day.

To make matter worse, I wore this really tight bra (VS Body By Victoria Demi) on Sunday (I think my VS days are over) and it squished my boobs in all the wrong places. I woke up in so much pain that night, I ripped my bra off and put on another, more comfy one. By measurement, I'm a 34DDD but my boobs don't fit comfortably in the cups, maybe cause the implants are wider than natural boobs? I don't know. But ever since, I've been in some crazy pain that forced me to pop Valium and Tylenol. They feel soft and look great but my left one burns and feels warmer than usual. I don't know if I pulled a muscle or if it's something else but I'm freaking out of course!!! :/ I should just calm down and let my body heal on its own.

Also, every now and then my left arm feels kind of numb and cold, has anyone experienced this?! Very weird. I contacted my doctor's office a moment ago and they quickly requested that I see the doctor tomorrow so we'll see. I'd hate to have to go through a surgery again :/

Happy 15 Weeks Post to My Boobies!!!

I'm officially in love with them, like madly in love lol :) Some days they feel huge but then again, I was an A cup before so it's a big change!!

They've remained pretty much the same since week 9, no more dropping, well maybe a little more fluffing. I'm still a steady 34DDD since my weight has stayed about the same. Overall, extremely happy with my decision!!!

Reference: 421cc Mod Plus Silicone Unders with Dr. Vitenas in Houston, TX.

Week 16: Bras!!!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend, now back to work haha!! Jk :)

So, bras. Lately I've struggled to find one that fits well so I had to post my findings! I'd recently given up on VS completely, they just didn't have much in the DDD range and I couldn't get my boobs to fit in any of their bras anyway.

Enter Body By Victoria Unlined Demi; I think we have a winner!!! I like that it doesn't add volume to my already enormous boobs lol

The only downside is that it can be itchy sometimes but aside from that, it fits beautifully, no boob spillage! This one was $48 but I used a $10 off coupon so, $38. Not bad for a decent bra :)

7 Month Post Update!!!

Hello lovely ladies!! Just checking in to flaunt my jigglies, they've fluffed to perfection in the past 7 months and I'm madly in love with them! They've become part of me, sometimes I forget they're there!!

If there's anyone out there having seconds thoughts like I was before I did this, don't hesitate! It's worth it :)

I've gained about 7 pounds since my last check in but I'm running my butt off trying to lose it cause my boobs are HUGE!!

For reference, I got 421 cc Natrelle Mod Plus Round Smooth :)

Two years later: Still in love!!! :)

It's been just over two years and I'm still crazy in love with my jiggly beauties :) I've measured everywhere from a 36D to a 34DDD to currently a 32G (picture) - needless to say, size is really JUST A NUMBER!!! I'm slightly slimmer than I was when I had them done, currently about a size 4/6. Also, no new babies for me (as in, ever!) so my boobies are still perky and round but much more natural looking and feeling.

Sadly, I've outgrown VS's bras but thankfully, specialty sizes are somewhat affordable on websites like Bare Necessities and don't look hideous at all. I wouldn't dare hunt down a 32G at a regular department store!

For reference, I had 421cc silicone implants placed under the muscle, crease incision and I started out about a 34A cup with rather tiny nips (I never breastfed). As you can see, they are not huge, at least not what you'd imagine when you think "G" cup haha! This bra is from Le Mystere and has no padding, just a thin foam lining.

I would do this again without hesitation; at this point, they've simply become part of me and I'm prepared to replace them when the time comes. I don't think I will ever go up in implant size, I feel that this size suits me quite well and to be perfectly honest, I don't think I could handle more!! :)

In case you've ever wondered how implants look after losing a little weight....

Well, it's been just about 2-1/2 years since my surgery and I still love my boobies!! I've dropped about 15 pounds since my surgery and I have to say, I feel great! I was around 140 on the morning of my surgery and I'm currently about 125.

My boobs appear a little smaller to me but my cup size hasn't changed. I filled out a 34DDD perfectly (on the loosest clasp) a few months after my surgery. After dropping some weight, that size still fits but only on the tightest clasp. A 32G (still a DDD cup but on a smaller band) fits perfectly but I prefer the 34 band since I like a little "wiggle room" :)

My surgeon lowered my left breast crease just a bit so there has always been a tiny indentation there but nothing significant. I'm completely happy with my implant selection and I've no intention of ever sizing up!

Further, I truly appreciate my implant placement now, they're neither too high nor too low and have not sagged excessively. I'm in a bra most of the time so I'm sure that helps too! Also, at 421ccs they are not heavy at all and don't cause me any pain whatsoever. I'm not a gym addict or anything but I am very active and they don't get in my way at all. I would do this all over again because for me it was absolutely worth it.

Highly recommend Dr. Vitenas in Houston, Texas!!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

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