32yo, 4 Kids, 5'9", 145lbs... Sientra 485cc Smooth - Houston, TX

Had my consultation a few weeks ago, went well!...

Had my consultation a few weeks ago, went well! Due to my mother having breast cancer he suggested I get a baseline mammogram, I loved that my health came first and it wasn't just a rush to get me in and signed up. Had my pre-op visit 5 days ago and 2 days until surgery!! The closer it gets the more nervous I have been but excited at the same time!!

Before Pics

About to head in... Thought I should post before pics :)

It's done!!

Well, it's done! I'm home resting and feeling well. It was pretty quick and easy. I'm able to get up and walk around but just trying to take it easy and rest????

3 days Post Op

Feeling good, though bloated, a bit bored bc can't drive for a few more days. Just trying to take it easy and keep up with my massages!!

5 days Post Op

Feeling great! The week off work was so long and boring... So ready to get back to work Monday!

Everything with the consultation and pre-op went well!! Dr. Wiener and his staff are great!! Dr. Wiener is very thorough with everything including expectations. Liked them so much I already have a friend I referred and she's excited after her consultation too!

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