28 Year Old Petite 5'2" 110lbs - Silicone Unders 250 to 300 Cc Moderate Plus. Houston, TX

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Well, I had just spent almost an hour typing up my...

Well, I had just spent almost an hour typing up my story when my stupid browser closed and I lost everything so I will make it short this this time.

Hi everyone :)
I am 28 years old and hoping to have my surgery next week, January 28, 2015. I never thought I would put myself through this surgery because I tried to embrace my body the way it was and didn't want to cross that line into cosmetic surgery. I was also afraid of all the risks I had heard of regarding breast implants. I tried other methods to make my boobs grow naturally, which of course, are all scams. I tried pills and the noogleberry, creams, etc. Nothing worked. I am a 32B but I used to at least fill up my 32B and with a nice padded bra my boobs looked great so I didn't worry too much about it. But my senior year of high school I got sick and lost a ton of weight so I lost some of my boobs and they never came back when I gained back my weight. It was still decent though. In 2014 I had another drastic weight loss because I had jaw surgery and had to be on a liquid diet for weeks. I lost boobs again and when I gained the weight back, they didn't come back. After that even with a padded bra my boobs looked sad.

Here is what started changing my mind about BA. I have been belly dancing for years on and off and performing as well. I always struggle with the costumes because the bras area always huge on me. I end up padding them and sewing stuff here and there and at least they were wearable. Well, last year I actually joined a professional dance troupe and have been having several gigs per week. The stress of not filling up my bras has become worse since I have to struggle with it all the time now. Whatever fixes I made were temporary and I ended up having a few wardrobe malfunctions. I started using those silicone stick on bras that you close in the middle and create incredible cleavage and that was fine for a while but the stickiness does not last too long specially when you are sweating from all the dancing. I had to replace them over and over and a few times they started slipping off while performing. It was so embarrassing. I just got fed up. I mentioned it to a dancing friend of mine and she admitted to me that she had a BA some years ago. I would have never known because they look so natural on her. They were not too big so they fit her body perfectly. I later found out that several of my dancing buddies have had it done themselves. That just made me feel so much better about the whole thing and I actually started considering it. I just had to find the right time.

The jaw surgery I had in 2014 didn't go as planned and I had to have a revision. I had my revision surgery on December 2, 2015. Thankfully this recovery was a lot better than the first time around. Since I was already on medical leave at my day job for 6 weeks, I also had bunionectomy on my left foot on December 14, 2015 and on my right foot on January 13, 2016. I hate being away from dancing so I just want to get it all over with.

I started consulting plastic surgeons at the beginning of this month. I first saw Dr. Bidros who I thought was ok but didn't spend too much time with me during the consult and I did not like that he was planning on putting different profiles on each boob. He wanted to do Moderate plus on the left and high profile on the right. They quoted me for $6,300. The second surgeon I saw was Dr. Steely who I absolutely loved. He spent time answering questions, his staff was amazing and I loved that they showed me some of his before and afters and let me choose what I was looking for. The problem is that he is the most expensive: $6,800. The third consult was with Dr. Sukkar in Clear Lake. I thought if I liked him I would schedule right there at the consult because he was the most affordable one at $5,000 but I didn't like that he looked super distracted during the consult and only spent a few minutes with me. I was ready to choose Dr. Steely but decided to browse some surgeons again and I ran into Dr. Evan Feldman. I had requested a consult before but I think I was going back and forth with so many surgeon offices that I lost track of that conversation. I went ahead and called them and they were able to fit me in right away. I saw him this past Monday and I LOVE HIM!!! Also he is very affordable: $5,000. All his reviews are right! He spent almost 2 hours with me, as in the entire consult his attention was for me and no one else. He explained everything... even things I didn't know about and I thought I had done a lot of research already. I didn't even have to ask him much because he went over everything from size, silicone vs saline, risks, etc. I was ready to put my deposit down and book it. When I talked to them earlier and explained my situation with my medical leave they had said they could fit me in as soon as Thursday January 21st if everything went well during the consult. However when I was there ready to schedule, he thought it would be best for me to schedule when I'm able to walk on my two feet since I'm still using a knee scooter. I won't be able to use my arms after surgery and he wants to make sure I heal properly so he wants me on both my feet. I really appreciated this because none of the other surgeons mentioned this. He could have been greedy and had me put my down payment anyway but he didn't. With my left foot I was walking with my surgical two weeks post op. I am currently only 1.5 weeks post op on my right and still not walking since I've been in pain but getting better every day so I'm hoping that I will be able to walk by Monday. They are being very sweet and holding a spot for me for Thursday Janary 28th and waiting for me to confirm on Monday if I'll be ready. I still have 4 weeks left for my medical leave so I have time, I just want to get this over with asap so I can get back to dancing.

All the doctors I saw said the basically the same thing regarding size. I'm looking between 250 to 300 cc with more on my right boob since it is smaller than my left. Moderate plus profile silicone under the muscle. Dr. Feldman uses Natrelle Allergan which is great because he says they have a 10 year rupture warranty so they would pay for the implant replacement plus the surgical fees. Right now my main concern is getting them too big. I'm petite and I my slender figure. I don't want to look top heavy. There is this girl I know that is about my size and got 300cc but she looks huge!!! I'm not sure if she started out with a little more boobage than me and maybe that's why. I don't want mine to look that way. I also have a friend of mine who got hers done 6 years ago and she is a bit smaller than me. She also had 300 cc but high profile. Hers also look so big and fake. I also don't want to go too small though. I have been looking through hundreds of pictures and reading so many reviews of girls my size but still the 300cc looks different on everyone! I think to be on the safe side I want to stick to 250 on the left and 275 on the right...maybe even less than that. But I also don't want to go too small. Basically I want to fit into my current clothes still but just have nice full breasts and be able to create cleavage again. I think for my pre-op I'm going to take a few of my belly dance costumes to see what will make them still fit me but look good.

Something I have been reading though is that usually surgeons will put you on supplements and vitamins a few weeks or even a month before surgery. I don't remember Dr. Feldaman saying anything about that so I'm going to email them and ask.

If anyone read through this whole thing, thank you so much!!! :D

A little sad...

Looks like I might not be getting my BA this Thursday. As I mentioned before, I'm recovering from bunionectomy on my right foot. I will be 2 weeks post op on Wednesday. My surgeon wants me to be able to walk on my boot before the surgery since I won't be able to use my arms much which makes complete sense. I thought I would be able to walk by now but it still hurts :( Hopefully I can get it done next Tuesday. I was able to take a few steps today but not able to go up and down stairs yet. Let's see how I
feel tomorrow.

By the way, I forgot to mention that I am 110lbs. Again I'm 5'2" 32B. Very small B. My normal weight is 115lb and I'm trying to get back to that asap. From what I remember my BWD is 11.5.

Oh Happy Day!!!

I just came back from my 2 week post op for my bunionectomy. My surgeon removed my bandages and it's like there was this big relief on my foot. I think the bandages were super tight and were making the swelling painful and that is why I couldn't walk. Well a little while after I got back I tried walking again and I did it pain free!!! I'm walking like a zombie but I'm walking. By this time next week I should be walking normally with my boot on still. I immediately called my PS office and scheduled my BA for next Tuesday February 2nd. Yay!!!! My pre op will be this Thursday the 28th. They have been so accomodating to me with my whole situation. I put down $500 deposit so it's official. For my pre op I am thinking of taking several of my belly dance bras that are too big on me so I can find the right size that will help me fill them up nicely without going overboard. I'm soooo excited!!!

PreOp in a couple of hours

I am super excited!!! My preop is in a few hours and I'm taking a few of my belly dance bras so I can find the right size for me... Woohoo!! Less than 5 days to go!!!

It is officially official :)

I had my pre op and signed all the consent forms, then made the rest of the payment. No turning back now. I didn't see Dr Feldman today, only Jeannette and she just so sweet. We spent about 45 minutes going through how things will be post op and any questions I might have. Then I spent almost an hour and a half trying on the belly dance bras I brought and other clothes I brought. Dr Feldman wants to use the 286cc on left and 304cc on right because of my BWD which I found out today it is not 11.5, it is 11.7 on the right and 11.9 on the left. I asked to try on the next size down which would put me at 286cc on right and 260cc on left. She let me try it but she says if we use smaller ones the gap in the middle would be bigger and make the breast look fake. She thinks the slight bigger ones will make my cleavage nicer. Again I'm just scared of them being too big but after I tried what I brought on I feel better. Both sets look good and she says with either one I will lose some volume because it's going under the muscle so I think I will be in. Either way she said the Dr will try on sizers first before opening up the actual implants he will use... This way he can place in what looks best. I'm adding a few fun pics with my bras and other clothes :)

Today is the day

I took some more before pics yesterday but didn't have a chance to upload. I will have to upload them later. Yesterday I was running around trying to make sure I had everything I needed. To be honest since yesterday I have been doubting this decision and been pretty nervous but I guess that's normal. I'm so scared of ending up too big but also don't want to be too small where this won't even be worth it. I'm just going to pray that everything goes as planned. Taking my belly dance bras one more time today to show my surgeon again since he was not at the preop. I have to be there at 9am and surgery is at 10 am (central time).

a bit disappointed

From what I have read here it seems that breasts look a lot larger coming out of surgery then as the swelling goes down they settle into their actual size. Well, mine look super small to me already. I know I was going for a natural look but not that natural. I still wanted more volume and cleavage. I ended up getting 265cc on left and 304cc on right. I know they have all the drop and fluff to do but they just look so tiny. *sigh* I know it is too soon to try any bras on but I tried on one of my 32B and it doesn't even fill up. From what I read here usually when swollen you seem to be bigger than what your actual size will be. So does this mean I will just end up with like a full A or something? I can't help but feel sad.

Feelinv better today :)

I'm thinking maybe all the volume has been going to the sides... I looked in the mirror today and it looks like they dropped a little and look a lot fuller. Yay!!!

Keep going back and forth

So my mom keeps telling me I didn't get my breasts big enough. The thing is I have a friend who is almost the same body frame as me who got hers done years ago and she got high profile 300cc silicone under the muscle and they just look huge on her. I didn't want that look. You can tell right away they are fake and her body just lost its balance. High profile tends to be narrower but even so on her they look too top heavy. I was so scared of that and I got moderate plus so I thought mine would look even wider on my frame. I was afraid of the 300cc already even though my doctor kept telling me going under the muscle would lose me around 50cc so I could have gone a little bigger to compensate so around 325cc or at least only on the breast that was smaller but I told him to just top it off at 300cc. If he needed to balance them out to just put less on one. I ended up with 260cc on left and 300cc on right. I don't know if it is just the surgical bra I'm wearing that is squishing them down but they just look so small with clothes on. Nothing like I was afraid of looking like. So weird because another girl I know got them two years ago and also my same body frame moderate plus under muscle and 300cc and hers also look huge. I thought picking mine slightly smaller would give me just the proportion I wanted but now I regret not going a little bigger. Still need to wait until they settle to know for sure but at least they are better then before the surgery for sure. Besides they might look more natural this way and maybe a little closer to this wish pic. Mine look a lot bigger on pictures then I'm person.

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