27 Yrs, 5'9", 130lbs, No Kids, 375cc - Houston, TX

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I want to leave my experience here for other girls...

I want to leave my experience here for other girls doing research to learn and know what to expect.
I decided to finally go through with a BA after many years of debating. I loved my boobs before but always wanted a little extra to feel great in clothes and great in a bikini, and at a time when i am financially able, why not? I chose to go with Ciaravino because he is well known in Houston and I've had quite a few girlfriends go to him and every one of them has loved the results. I had the surgery about 3 days ago. When I arrived home from surgery, I slept for the majority of the day. I woke up pretty uncomfortable and drowsy and it was easy to sleep because the anesthesia was still in my system. The second day was tough. I wasn't able to shower or do anything at all. Besides the pain, you become so bloated and constipated from all the meds that it feels like your stomach is going to explode and could possibly be bigger than your boobs lol. It is definitely necessary to have someone around who can lift you up, cater to you in anything that you need and hopefully not get annoyed when you ask for something that is 5 inches away from your hand. Everything from reaching for the remote to using the restroom is a struggle. I was a 34B and let the doctor decide between 350cc or 375cc implants. I found out on the third day that he chose the bigger one. Which is fine. The third day was just as awful as the second day. I finally decided to try to shower on my own while my mother was off buying me prune juice, which btw is a life saver. I took my bra off and looked in the mirror at my brand new boobs. Needless to say at day 3 new boobs look awful. I am looking at these boobs that look almost deformed to me and feeling the pressure on my chest that feels like an elephant and it's really hard not to have a panic attack at this point. So I attempted to take a shower but halfway through it my face and lips had turned white and I looked like a dead person. So I used all my energy to put my pants off and wait for my mothers help. 4th day is a little bit better. I have more movement in my arms and don't feel as much pain when trying to stand up to use the restroom. I have stopped taking the hydrocodone at this point because it gives me a migraine and an almost hangover type feel. I'll take it again if I feel it's necessary. This is one of the tougher things I've went through in my life(no kids) and I'm trying to take it day by day and remember that my boobs will look terrible for the first week or two.

Before pictures

Pictures of the day before my breast augmentation

Day 6

I've taken off of work to have an extra day of recovery and I think 6 days are enough for me. The girls at the doctors office told me 5 days should be enough but for those out there doing research, I would take off as much time as possible because you never know how long your body will take to recover. I never expected for recovery to be this long or uncomfortable. For those of you who have kids especially, you ladies are much stronger than us dog moms but I would suggest to find someone who can take your kids for an entire week because of how much attention and care children require, it's a struggle to even take a simple shower. It would be nearly impossible. Speaking of showers, I finally took a complete one yesterday and feel 10x better and more positive with clean hair. It makes all the difference mentally when you're feeling refreshed. I had my boyfriend put a stool in the shower for me so that I could sit down and not become light headed again. I looked at my boobs again while drying off, and they are starting to look not so scary. Maybe it was the shower that made me see things in a more positive light? I've been walking around the house when necessary in just the sports bra and my boyfriend says I look proportionate and that the size looks great on me, which I agree, so I'm happy with the doctors decision to go 375cc. I will take pictures of the new boobs today so that I can show you what they look like before the week is up. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions. The point of this review is to help.

Day 7 pictures

So I've been avoiding looking at my chest as much as possible in the mirror because it makes me pretty anxious, but I was able to get the courage to take these because I feel happy that I'm starting to feel more myself (less anxiety the less pain and uncomfort I feel). I'm actually pretty pleased at how they look like after 7 days. I'm not particularly happy with one of the side views because of the fine implant line but I think this will improve after I begin massaging.
I've been feeling some pain in my right breast lately that I didn't feel before. Also, my stitches have been pretty painful today and yesterday but I have my follow up appointment tomorrow and I can't wait to hear the nurse tell me that I'm doing perfectly fine!

More 7th day pictures


I went to my 1 week follow up and the nurse said everything was great! Which took away a ton of anxiety momentarily. She then let me know that it is time to start massaging my breast, which I just didn't expect for some reason. Mostly because I still have pain and uncomfort and haven't touched my boobs at all since the surgery other than to lightly touch in the shower. LIGHTLY. So now I have to put pressure on them and the whole idea of it freaks me out completely. She showed me a video on how to massage and I nearly passed out. I tried it very lightly while watching but it made me extremely anxious. You're supposed to do 3 different kinds of massages for 10 minutes. I tried again last night in the shower and I think I did a little bit better. I'm sure after a week I'll have it in the bag putting the amount of pressure I should be putting on the implants. Will keep posted on the massages and will add a two week picture on Wednesday. :)

3 months

I wanted to just give a quick update so that everyone researching could see where I'm at.

I am extremely satisfied with the results from the surgery and the size that the doctor chose for me. There is nothing at all that I would change and am very happy that I finally chose to have the surgery done.
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