Tuberous breasts correction. Very exciting- Houston, TX

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I've always had an issue with how my breasts...

I've always had an issue with how my breasts looked. Three only time they looked normal was after i had my daughter and my milk came in. Even then, the shape looked weird, they were just bigger. I decided i was tired of how i looked one day and decided to make a few consultations.. I set my date to april 21st. I can't wait to finally get this over with and move on!

home from surgery

Surgery was this morning and im pretty sore. I can't take my bandage off until tomorrow and i can honestly say that's bothering me more than my chest is. It seems like its pulling me down and making me slouch ( could be the implants too i guess). Pretty excited to take this thing off tomorrow. Ended up doing 300 cc sillicone, moderate plus implants with crease inciscion. Im having a bit more pain than i expected but it's not completely unbearable

saturday! day 3

Hello little ladies! Well, my sleep has been horrible but luckily i haven't felt the need to sleep much. I can't sleep more than about 1 hr before waking up. On and off slept about 3 hrs this morning. I'm Feelin a bit better today and got to take off my bandage yesterday. Now wearin a pretty loose sports bra. Have not been having too much pain but im still swollen and my left boob is noticeably more sore/swollen than the right. Im going to give it another day or 2 before i ask the dr about it..I'm assuming its normal. Here are a few pics !!

sunday mornin

Feelin better today but my left side is still very sore. Im a bit dissapointed that i have such a wide space inbetween my breasts but Im hoping maybe it'll round out a bit once the swelling goes down. I know there's only so much that can be done depending on your anatomy. I also get a bit depressed abbot the fact Im still pointy. Since i had NO lower pole and pretty tight skin it seems like it might take a bit longer for the implant to fall into place. Im not discouraged! It's way too soon. Ill post pictures later since I've gotta get ready to go eat crawfish ..yumm

pretty good day So far

I have been waking up a bit less these days. About every3 hrs compared to ever1 hr. Feelin more rested. I felt my bra was super tight this morning And realized my swelling is going down a bit. Im looking more and more round with some dropping. Pretty happy about that!!


1 week!

Today marks one week since surgery. I've felt so much better since this morning. Still sore but only when i don't wear a bra, my movement is now easier with no pain. Of course i still hurt a bit here and there, but it's subsided for the most part. Swelling has gone down but im still lacking lower pole fullness. Im hoping this is due to my implants being high up still. I talked to my surgeon of a possible areola reduction in a few months to fix how much they stick out. That's about the only thing that's bothering me right now. As far as everything else, just being patient!


Today Im2 weeks post op. Im pretty happy and see changes every day. My left breast is moving a lot faster tha my right. It's dropping at a faster pace and seems to be more round than the right. I got 25 more ccs in that one shop im wondering if that has anything to do with it. Im still a bit sad because of my puffy nipples ( they make me boobs look really pointy) but once my breasts drop they will look a lot better. when i push my nipples in im able to notice my breasts being almost a perfectly round shape. Im giving it a few months and them i will decide if an areola reduction is what i want . I think I'm looking better than i expected.

3 weeks.

Tomorrow is 3 weeks since my surgery and Im doing terrific. My left breast is doing great and this morning i noticed my right has started catching up more. Now that they are rounding out a bit more and dropping a tiny bit into place they don't look as pointy. Right boobs still a bit pointy but will look better once the lower pole stretches out. Yayyy

4 weeks post op

I've been very good. Boobs are a lot softer and both sides seem to be moving smoothly. My stubborn right side isn't doing as good as the left, but im hoping the lower pole will stretch more. It looks a little more cone shaped than the right. I love the look from the front, but profile view Im still a bit sad ( right boob) unless my nipples are erect. Still way too early though. I can live with pointy nipples as long as the breast itself keeps rounding out. As far as size, i Wish i could have gone a little bit bigger. I have always had a large gap and i wonder if it wouldn't have been so big had i gone a bit larger. Don't know if they will look a bit fuller though so im hoping it changes in the next few weeks.Now for pictures!

5 wks out

I've been a lot happier with my breasts recently. Rounder and dropping into place a bit everyday. My inciscions, while still red are during pretty well. I'm using silicone on then and i think its helping. Everyday seems better so im happy

almost 2 months later

Doing much better. Both breasts have been rounding out and seem much much less pointy. Left boob is amazing! Less tuberous looking and bigger. Can't complain honestly

september update

Hey guys! Long time no update. Things have been great and im very happy. My boobs feel and look amazing. Here's a few pics

5 month pics

Here's some better pictures. Sorry my huge phone is in the way lol

ALmost a year post p

Hey guys.. I realized I haven't been on here in a very long time. Just wanted to post an update. I have been doing absolutely amazing. Ive settled into my new body and have no complaints. I have gotten a few emails from other ladies that have tuberous breasts breasts and are on the fence about surgery. My honest opinion is to go for it! best thing I ever did , I will put some pics up tomorrow

11 months post op

Took a few pics this morning to update. Almost a year post op
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Great Doctor - Breast augmentation in april 2016. Amazing doctor, amazing results! I received 300/325 cc implant and the look, feel is amazing. I had underdeveloped and oddly shaped breasts since I can remember, and I finally feel confident. Great doctor and would recommend.

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