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My surgery date is scheduled with Dr. Michael...

My surgery date is scheduled with Dr. Michael Ciaravino for March 2nd and I'm still extremely anxious about size...I know at the one week pre op(feb 22nd) I'll finalize and be more informed but I'm freaking out. I know there's a lot of dependent factors that go into what size you'll be post op but I'm petite and I don't want to regret the cc size :/. I'm 5 for 1 inch. And approx. 118 pounds. I've always been very curvy in my hips and felt like a pear body type with nothing up top. I want to be proportionate finally but also a little bigger. A full C is my goal. I've read a lot about women being emotional post surgery but I feel so emotional even before mine!! I'm nervous/excited to finally feel like a woman and love all of me but I'm terrified of surgery as well. I feel it's hard to explain to these feelings to my close friends because this is elective surgery...

5 days away from surgery and feeling less anxious!

So I'm 5 days away from surgery and I'm feeling a lot less anxious than I was. I just got off the the phone with the anesthesiologist Dr. Ciaraviono uses and the phone conversation I had with him combined with the nurse who has been with me since my consult has eased my nerves tremendously!!!! Dr. Nguyen is a patient, kind person who answered all my questions in full and then some. I feel even more reassured that I'm making the right decision to go with Dr. Michael Ciaravino and his staff. Anyone in the Houston area should do a lot of research and let the expierience that Dr. Ciaravino and his staff have alone sway them towards his office! I'm super excited and can't wait to share before and after pictures :)

Nerves before new boobs!

So I'm less than twelve hours away and I'm getting super nervous and excited and scared. I've had worse surgery in the past but I'm just not a fan of any of it. I'm reminding myself it's completely worth it. My ps prescribed me some Valium so I'm about to take it. Good luck to all the other ladies having surgery tomorrow!


Well we've been home since about 12:50 approximately and I've been staying on top of my meds with my boyfriends help. Lots of pressure and some pain if I wait too long to take the meds. My PS office went over and beyond for me and I couldn't have had a better surgeon. He's patient and kind. I'll will update with photos tomorrow. Thank you again for all the support ladies.

Day 1 post op

Woke up at 3:30am from some pain. Waiting too long between taking your meds is NOT something I advise. It is kind of unavoidable due to needing to sleep. Just mentally prepare yourself for a lot of discomfort until the dose of medicine hits you! Since we are up so early we decided to change my bra from the one my ps provided to the carefix Anna bras I purchased prior to surgery. In the process we snapped a couple photos. It was all worth it!! I know they have a bit of dropping to do but I'm extremely satisfied :)!

Day 3 post op in all its less painful glory!!!

Good morning!! Oh my is day 3 less painful than yesterday. I was still awoken by pain but it is a lot less than day 2. Besides a lot of soreness around my incision sites(which is completely expected) my actual breasts feel more along the lines of how it feels when you wake up and need to pump due to breastfeeding. Which don't get me wrong, still hurts, but feels way more manageable than yesterday. The muscle spasms are still killer as well but there's less tightness for sure! I'm hoping to be off the Vicodin and muscle relaxers by tomorrow. I will post my day 3 pot op photos once my other half wakes up. We both had deprived ourselves of sleep most of the day yesterday so as to be able to sleep through last night since the night before was fairly restless. It feels so great and exciting to feel better than yesterday!!!! Also one tip I have for any ladies still pre-op is to sleep on a couch vs a bed if possible the first few days. Personally it's more comfortable and easier to rise from the couch and pillow positioning is better. Im thrilled to shower later and take photos to show. For now I'll include one with my carefix Anna bra on until my wonderful man wakes up :).

Day 3 post op photos

I finally got to shower today with the help of my guy and man oh man did a shower feel great. It was a little unnerving not having my surgical bra on but after a couple minutes it was okay. We have one of those detachable shower heads so the process was fairly easy with that. If you don't have one I'd get one before surgery even if you buy a cheap one. ITS WORTH IT.

Work support

I received flowers today delivered to my apartment from my amazingly thoughtful doctor and coworkers! I'm truly blessed and today was emotional for me so they really helped :)

Day 4

Well day 4 is here...I wish I felt a little better than I do but I'm grateful there's a small change in pain. Also I think my boobs look a little less high which is comforting! Also I'm so ready to stop feeling/looking bloated!!

Day 5 much better

I'm still on the mend but day 5 is increasingly better than the others :). For all the ladies who have already gone through with their surgery: Was there a lot of air present in and around your implants? I can feel/hear air and it's really weird. I go tomorrow for my follow up visit with my ps and I'm sure they will explain away my concerns with logic but I just wanted to see if others have expierienced a lot of air? Day 5 pictures to come later in the day!

Day 5 photos

I finally remembered to include photos of my incisions. Don't mind the purple-ish tint to the tape-that's from the sharpie

One week post op today!

Well I'm one week post surgery today and finally feeling better. I just got done with my first set of massages today and I'm stoked to see the eventual results of massaging.

9 days post op

I tried on a push up bra and my when I showed my guy he was stunned! Feeling much better physically. Also yesterday was my first day back at work and I got exhausted but I'm glad to be back.

11days post op

So each day has gotten better with continuous daily massages. It was God sent getting to start the massage routines because they release a lot of pressure and discomfort. It's still frustrating not being able to be fully independent in various situations like showering and cleaning house but I'm grateful of progress. I'm now anticipating this coming Wednesday when I get to remove my surgical tapes!!

13 days post op

Last day with the tapes and then I can shower normally! Also both breasts have dropped quite a bit and I'm loving the results. I couldn't fees of a better outcome thus far :)

15 days post op

I'm now 2 week and one day out and tapes are removed. It feels a little weird to have the tapes off..almost like I have less support. But it's not really painful. My reach of course is still limited but I know time and healing more will remedy that. I've had crazy nipple sensation thoughout the past couple days which kinda sucks at work since I'm employed at a doctors office and it's always cold! I am still really pleased with the results. I went yesterday and bought 3 bras to wear till my one month when I go purchase some nice ones from Nordstroms recommend by my nurse.

One month & 10 days post op

I'm now over a month out and still pleased with my results. My scars look good, both breasts have dropped substantially and are much softer. The morning boob is better as well. Sleeping is great and I even woke up on my stomach a couple mornings. Picking out clothes to wear is still a learning expierience. I'm not used to accounting for my chest yet and I let my modesty get the best of me most of the time. I'm mainly happy about wearing my old band tshirts and having a nice curve up top! Being able to workout is still a concern. My lower body is easy but I still restrict my upper body exercises. I'm ready to go full force on a workout but I know listening to my body is more important. Today I'm 27 years old and I still can't believe I've reached a goal I've dreamed about since I was 14!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Anyone in the Houston area doing research should put Dr. Michael Ciaravino(and staff) at the top of their list to look into. Not only does his expierience qualify him to give you a satisfying natural look but the quality of care I received has been amazing. Although I am only 3 days post op, my results have astounded me and confirmed my decision to go with him couldn't have been more perfect. I'm so happy I chose the Ciaravino office to be a part of my journey to loving my whole body for the first time in my life!

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