26 Y/o with Tuberous Breast-- 36B 152 Lbs. 5'6"--325cc or Larger (Hopefully!) - Houston, TX

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Well I've pretty much wanted a boob job since I...

Well I've pretty much wanted a boob job since I was 16. I knew then that my breast weren't as round as they sound be and have always been self conscience of them. I've decided that now is the time that I fix that!

Let's see:
I'm 26
152 lbs.
athletic build but could lose a few pounds (can't we all ????)
I'm currently a 36B with some intense gapping. A cups never fit around my ribs. Bras have just never fit me correctly.
I am going to Dr. Cariavino in Houston, TX for my surgery. Due to my breast shape my incision will have to be a periolear incision around the bottom half of my nipple so the dr. Can create a new crease.
I was hoping to achieve a small D but the dr. Doesn't believe that my skin will stretch enough for that size. He recommends 325cc which he says will give me a moderate C cup. I've asked him to bring a 350 & 375 cc implants in the OR just incase we can push it.

I'm currently 8 days away from surgery and the nerves as just now starting to kick in. I've wanted this for so long I've never considered the pain or the terrible things that could happen until now. I keep feeling myself it'll be 100% worth it!

Eekkkk it's coming soon!

Boobies for days now!

Well guys, I got new boobies! I'm am absolutely in love with them! I took a peak about an hour ago without my bra on and started bawling right there, I am so happy with my results and it's only been less than 12 hours. I can see such improvement in the shape of my breasts! They're no longer pointy!!!

Let's start from the beginning...

11/9/16- Pre Op appointment
I have been out of town for the past two months on vacation and did not return until 2 days before surgery. Due to my schedule the dr. Allowed me to have my pre-op at 4 pm the afternoon before surgery.
At the apt I filled out consent forms, paid for the complete surgery, received instructions for surgery day, received my prescriptions and met with the dr. I also received a goodie with my recovery bra, scar gel and antiseptic wash I had to shower with before the surgery.
When meeting with the Dr. I asked some questions that I had and also had him walk me through every step of the surgery. I honestly think this made me feel more comfortable since I then knew what to expect. Dr. Cariavino told me at the appt. that he thinks that 300ccs would be best for me. I was a little discouraged since my last appt. he told me 325. However, he explained to me that bc of my anatomy he does not want to compromise shape for size and I agreed 100%.

Prescriptions I received:
Antibiotic to prevent infection
Narco- pain killer
Muscle relaxer (helps with the tightness of the chest-- works like a charm!????????)
Nausea meds
Valium- helps with anxiety for the night before. Holy moly did I need that!!

I was told not to eat or drink after 11pm for my surgery the next morning at 7:30 am.

11/10/16- SURGERY DAY!!!
We had to be at the surgery center by 6 am. Both of my wonderful parents took me to my surgery. They knew how long I've been waiting for this!

We checked in, filled out a ton of paperwork and read the prep folder they gave to me.

** NOTE**
When I paid the day before I paid $5,184 in cash and the remaining was put on my care credit card. The AP lady at my Dr's office never gave me the receipt for the cash I paid only my credit card receipt. If you are having your surgery at a surgical center they require payment as well. Dr. Cariavinos office didn't leave a note saying I paid in full in my file so it looked like I only paid a small portion and this did cause a little delay since the drs office was closed until 8 and there was no way to confirm my payment. I wasn't too worried since I knew I paid but I did learn a big lesson! Always get a receipt when paying a crap ton of money! Hello, what was I thinking!

My amazing nurse called me down by myself first so I could change and get my IV in. After that they called my parents down and we talked to the drs. They gave me this medicine that made me loopy while they wheeled me to the OR. Once in the OR I scooted onto a smaller bed and they gave me "oxygen" to breath in and that's all I remember.

When I woke up I was confused and in pain. I started crying a bit but not hard, just a few silent tears. The nurse was so nice and gave me 2 or 3 doses of pain meds through my IV. The pain is weird, it's a burning/ stingy feeling where my incisions are and a lot of tightness and pressure.
It's mainly uncomfortable but completely bearable! I was so worried about the pain but if you stay on your pain meds schedule you should be good.

When I got home I went straight to bed, sitting up of course but I passed out immediately. It's been a good day and I'm so thankful for my results so far! NO DOUBLE BUBBLE!

Getting pretty loopy. Sorry if this is way too long, I want to be completely open and honest about this process. Yes, My nipples look a bit odd but I have no doubt they'll drop and look amazing. Also they look a bit smaller to me! Haayy, I ain't mad! ????

Post-op day 2

They are already looking more symmetrical to me! I'm in love!

As far as the pain goes, I got super tight and sore last night around 11. I had to take my meds earlier but it was so worth it. I think that is the feeling that ppl refer to as morning boobs. I made sure to set an alarm for 4:30am so I could take more meds. I wasn't sore as all this morning which made me happy.

Bruising: I was told by a friend of mine that got 550cc's to take Arnica (a homeopathic supplement for bruising and soreness) everyday for a week before the surgery for bruising. Y'all I'm not kidding I think this has worked wonders! I only have one small bruise under my incision and that's it! I also started at an A cup and believe I'm now a D. I highly recommend taking this before your surgery! I told the nurses at the surgical center and they said that was fine as long as it is all natural.

Here's some more pics!

When looking for a doctor I had to keep in mind my Tuberous breast shape as this is no easy task for a surgeon to fix. I originally heard of Dr. Ciaravino by word of mouth and decided to book my consultation with him. He was very knowledgeable and told me what I needed to hear and not what I wanted. I just had my surgery yesterday morning and I could not be more happy with my results! They already look perfect to me! I'm so thrilled to see how they look when they drop and fluff a bit. I highly recommend Dr. Ciaravino. He absolutely knows what he is doing even with misshaped breast like I had. 5 Stars!

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