21 Years Old, Petit Frame, Small 32b + 300cc = ??? - Houston, TX

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I'm 21 years old and been wanting to get a breast...

I'm 21 years old and been wanting to get a breast augmentation for the last 3 years. I finally saved up the money to pay all up front since I'm too young to have high enough credit to finance. I'm 97lbs, 5'3, petit body, originally small 32b. When I wear 32b Victoria Secret bra there's still a small gap on top. My operation was yesterday and I got 304cc. I will be posting some pictures throughout this journey, about my healing process and some concerns that I'm having.


I contacted the office for a free consultation in July 7 and was able to schedule it the day after right away. Their building looks amazing outside and inside. The decor and ambience feels like a spa retreat. The staffs are all gorgeous and friendly. Lindsay, the patient coordinator, made me feel welcomed and comfortable as she walked me through the whole process. I was glad that she was in the room too since it was the first time I've had a male doctor examine my breast topless lol. But the doctor was making jokes which helped me loosen up. He was very informative and answered all my questions, even some silly ones. Overall, it was a great first impression.

Consultation update

I forgot to mention I got to try on different sizers and thought 286 looked good. At the time, I still needed more time to do more research and want to make sure I want to go through with the surgery so I didn't set any date.

Pre Op August 13

After signing all the important paperworks, they gave me a package of pre and post op instructions, drugs to avoid, diet suggestions and medication prescriptions.
Valium 5mg
Duricef 500mg
Hydrocodone 10-325mg
I also requested to try on the sizers again and since I always hear girls wishing they would've gone bigger, I decided to increase 1/4 of a cup, which is how I ended up at 304cc, silicone gel, moderate plus profile.

Day of Operation Aug 27

I wasn't allowed to eat anything after 10 pm the night before and my surgery was scheduled for 6 am. I just wore a strapless romper that can be easily slip up and a jacket over. I ended up arriving 20 minutes late due to traffic so it got postponed to 9/10 am because the doctor had other surgeries to attend to. I didn't mind the wait since it was my fault for being late but it was hard to not being able to eat or drink anything, not even water. The nurses gave me my own room to wait in and heater to keep me warm and comfortable. I did talk to the anesthesiologist about my concern of sleep apnea. It's a condition that causes me to wake up in the middle of the night gasping for air and unable to fall asleep again or I would stop breathing again. It only happen to me few times a year and the last episode was because I took zzzQuil to sleep. He reassured me that I will be ok and they will have a tube down my throat to help me breath. I don't know long the surgery took but it just felt like a short nap to me. As soon as they woke me up, I had to check out my new babies right away and asked how come they don't look as big as I thought they would be lol. I drank a whole bottle of water but ended up vomiting it out as soon as I got home. Took my meds, had my bf propped up 4 pillows so I could sleep without laying down completely flat, and I passed out right away.

Pictures from day of surgery

Day 1 Post Op Aug 28

It was just a short visit so they could teach me how to do the breast exercises (which my bf is better at doing it than I can) and check on my bandages. My left one seems to be submerged in blood but they said it's still within a normal range. I also freaked out a bit the night before because I could feel and hear tiny bubble-like movement when I press on my chest. The pain and pressure is still bearable except when my pain meds wore off for a bit that it got a bit excruciating. My breasts and nipples are still numb, the only sore areas are my ribs and abdomen. My next visit is in a week to take off the bandages.

Day 2-6 post op

Day 2: I was panicking that I didn't go big enough and broke down crying so my bf didn't know how to comfort me lol. But I calmed down when I went through this site and saw that many other women experienced this too and theirs start looking bigger and better after the first week.

Day 3: slowly getting off the norco and Valium. The doctor said to eat pretty much any lean meat for protein but my Vietnamese culture thinks seafood interfere with the scar healing for some reason... But I ate sushi anyway cause I miss it!

Day 4: Monday and I was supposed to go back to school but I was still tired and woke up late so I just took another day off.

Day 5: completely off the norco and val so I could drive myself to school. Only taking antibiotics and Tylenol. A tip for anyone taking antibiotics, DO NOT take them on an empty stomach! I didn't have time to eat breakfast and my stomach was killing me until I could finally eat at lunch time. I go to a cosmetology school so it was hard to keep my arms up for a long time so I took a lot of breaks in between. I'm still able to do everything, just takes a bit longer.

Day 6: I feel chubbier and bloated :( can't wait to start working out again. I want to start weight training to gain more muscle mass, my goal is to be at healthy 110lbs.

One week post op

Got my bandages taken off and the doctor took some post op pictures. He tested to see how high they could go in the pocket and that kinda hurt me so I think I've been too gentle with my massages. My left side is still a bit higher so I'm focusing on it more than my right. Bought the scar removing gel from his office which was a bit pricey, there are cheaper alternatives outside but since it was recommended by my doctor, I got it anyway. What's a little more since I already spent 6k? LOL
He still instructed to not wear any bras just yet but I don't want to nip in public so I got some reusable nipple pasties from target. I'm self conscious of the scars now :( hopefully they will get better. They hide really well into the folds. My next visit is in 6 weeks.

2-3 Weeks Post Op

No big changes during 2nd and 3rd week. They're softening up and the gap in between is getting smaller. I can finally raise both arms now but still get nervous when I feel the incision sites stretch. Feelings on my nipples came back but they were hypersensitive at first and became normal again in the 3rd week. The incisions are looking better but also starting to itch, which means they're healing. I can control myself from scratching in the day but I am worried that I'll do it unintentionally in my sleep D:
Sorry for the overload of pictures, they're all bras and bikinis that didn't fit so well with my previously itty bitty titties but now... everything looks amazing!

7 Weeks

Doctor said I could wear a bra now and I went to Victoria's Secret right after the checkup. I ended up at 32DD! I was only expecting D but I can't complain lol. They're pretty soft and jiggly now, not as much as the real thing but close. Still using the scar removing gels every day. My next checkup is in a year so I'll try to keep up the massages to help prevent capsular contraction until then. I hope I won't be needing any additional surgery on them for another 10 years. Maybe then I'll get them a tad bigger, but they're a perfect fit for my body for now.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I actually found my doctor from this website and even though his office is over an hour drive from my home, I still decided to go with him because of his credentials, great reviews from previous patients, gorgeous facility and professional staffs. From pictures of his work, you can already see why he is one of the top doctor on RealSelf and in Houston.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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